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Acacia maidenii in profile


B & T World Seeds reference: 21075

Common names and Synonyms: Maiden's Wattle

Flower: pale YELLOW heads, clusters of 2 or 3

Fruit: 15cm long, narrow - hairy

Foliage: to 20 x 2.5cm, curved

Height: to 15 x 10 meters

Uses (see also sublists): Ornamental, psychotropic (entheogenic tryptamines).

Minimum Temperature: USDA zone: 9 (10 to 20F, down to about -6C)

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Germinates best between 70 and 80F.
Free draining seed compost.
Soak seeds in hot water for 12 - 24 hours.
Drench with just boiled water and leave to cool (see above).
If possible plant out before the sapling becomes pot-bound.

Seed count: about 70 seeds per gram

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