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Acacia phlebophylla (Buffalo Sallow Wattle) in profile


B and T World Seeds' reference: 39098

Acacia phlebophylla  (Buffalo Sallow Wattle), Mimosaceae.

Common Names:
Buffalo Sallow Wattle.

Yellow, rod-like, about 4 centimeters long.

7 centimeter by 0.8 cm brown, glabrous pods, slightly constricted between seeds.

Phyllodes, 10 to 15 cm x 3 to 6 cm, roughly oval, leathery, prominent nerves and reticulated veins, dark green.

3 to 6 meters (x 2 to 4 meters).

Evergreen shrub.

Aphrodisiac, Economic, Entheogenic, Ornamental.

Minimum Temperature:
USDA zone: 9
Frost and drought tolerant when established.

Acacia umbellata (Umbrella Wattle), Mimosaceae.

Acacia phlebophylla seed count
roughly 30 seeds per Gram.

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Acacia phlebophylla (Buffalo Sallow Wattle)
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This has worked for us:

Treat with boiling water and leave to soak (about 24 hours), sow about 1/2" deep - temperatures varying between about 20 C and 33 C in the growing room, with high air humidity.
Watering, from the top, probably every 2 days with our normal tap water which is slightly alkaline.
Staggered germination (usually in less than 3 weeks).

Once the seeds have germinated and the first true leaves start to emerge Acacia phlebophylla seedlings are liable to damp-off with high humidity.
The mountains that they come from are rarely humid and are highly exposed on mostly pure rock- the seeds germinate in the cracks.
It is also a place of extreme temps with the night temp. going down to -7 or -10C. Alternatively the daytime temp. can be really hot with the rock absorbing heat as the day goes on reaching up to 40C or 50C on the faces themselves.
We have been up there in the summer and the forest is quite cool. When you walk out onto the rocks though it is a different story with the heat. The air is very clean as is the environs.
A free-draining, but moisture retentive sterilized medium and more air flow/less humidity is worth trying for growing on.

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