Mother Seeds in Resistance
from the Lands of Chiapas
Offering Sanctuary to a Mayan Birthright

Natural Corn

GMO-free corn seed is made available to people-of-conscience by the autonomous, indigenous Zapatista communities of Chiapas, Mexico in cooperation with Schools for Chiapas in order to promote friendship, solidarity, and understanding with the Mayan peoples of Chiapas as well as to provide sanctuary to the natural corns of Chiapas. "Mother Seeds in Resistance from the Lands of Chiapas" understands that most growers will grow this corn for personal consumption, but hopes that some growers will maintain pure lines of seed true to their origin and free of all forms of genetic contamination for future return to the indigenous communities of Chiapas.

Seed is available under the following terms:
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  1. Growers agree to never patent nor abuse in any way the genetic material and life force provided by "Mother Seeds in Resistance from the Lands of Chiapas".

  2. Growers agree to donate when possible to help cover costs of the Mother Seeds program; especially to help purchase field test kits to investigate genetic contamination in Chiapas. Each kit costs about $6.50 US and the suggested donation is one field test kit per package of seed.

  3. Growers agree that "Mother Seeds" and their descendants will be grown and consumed in solidarity by trusted friends and family of the original grower.

  4. Growers will provide pictures and / or written descriptions of the planting, growing, harvesting, storage, and consumption process of these seeds sent via email to [email protected] throughout the growing season as possible.

Seeds will be shipped in packets with detailed growing instructions. Each package will contain about 60 seeds, enough for about 20 square yards or 180 square feet of land.

Please indicate the number and varieties you prefer. 

Purple ~ Number of packages with 60 seeds each _____. 

Yellow ~ Number of packages with 60 seeds each _____. 

White  ~ Number of packages with 60 seeds each _____. 

Pinto  ~ Number of packages with 60 seeds each _____. 
Suggested donation is one GMO field testing kit (@ $6.50) per package of seed we welcome donations over a period of months throughout the growing season.
____________________________________________________ _________________________ Printed name of the participating sanctuary grower Date Signature: Amount of donation: $ _______ Monthly?: Yes / No _____________________________________________________________________________ Address of the participant City and Zip Code Country _____________________________________________________________________________ Phone(s) Email(s) Make checks payable to Grass Roots Events, Inc. a tax exempt corporation or by credit card: / / / ( / ) Circle one: Visa Master-Card Exp ( Mo / Yr ) CREDIT CARD DONATIONS ENCOURAGED !
Please return this signed agreement and donations (online or by mail) to:

Schools for Chiapas / Escuelas para Chiapas
Grass Roots Events, Inc,
1631 Dale St.,
San Diego, CA 92102

[email protected] - -

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