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B & T World Seeds
Ornamental Plant Seed Catalogues

19 "Everlasting" and Dried Flower Seeds, Australian and Other

31 House and Container Plant and Seed List

39 Climbing Plant Seeds, and some Plants
Passiflora boenderi B & T World Seeds Passifloraceae List.
To join the Passion Flower newsgroup just eMail Christian FEUILLET ([email protected]) with PASSIF: as the first word in the subject line.
California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc. Passiflora edulis info.

43 Herbaceous Border Plant Seed List
American Cottage Gardener
American Dianthus Society

44 Cut-flowers, Commercial and other Recommended Varieties

53 Bedding Plant Seed List

55 Fragrant or Aromatic Flower or Foliage Plant Seeds

56 Aquatic and Semi-aquatic Plant Seed List, and some Plants
( Hydrophytes and Helophytes ).
Daydreamer Perennial Gardens' site is wonderful and they specialize in water garden plants.
The Aquatic Gardener, published by the Aquatic Gardeners Association
Water Plants in aquariums, the Krib
Hakone Botanical garden of wetlands (in Japanese)
The Aquatic Gardeners' Association
Aquatic Plant Database

139 "Hanging Basket" Container Plant Seed List

146 "Standard" Trainable Plants

151 "Terrarium" Plant Seeds

177 Shrubs and Trees For Autumn Colour

PlantSeeker: Buy, sell, and trade plants from around the world. PlantSeeker is a free site devoted to horticulture where you can exchange, sell, and buy plants by posting and managing your own classified ads.

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plus some Botanical drawings.

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