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List 27 - Acacia Seeds - 12/9/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Acacia abyssinica	80012	 1000g137
Acacia acinacea	20701	 1g10 10g22 25g31 1000g392 1p4
Acacia acinacea hardy NZ	430480	 10g22 25g31 100s15
Acacia acuminata	20703	 10g25 25g56 250g295 1p4
Acacia adsurgens	20705	 2g17 25g22 1000g318
Acacia adunca	400433	 2g17 25g23 1000g348
Acacia alata	20708	 5g21 1p4
Acacia amoena	33879	 2g17 25g26 1000g478
Acacia ampliceps	400434	 2g17 25g38 1000g870
Acacia ancistrocarpa	20712	 2g17 25g22 1000g318
Acacia aneura	553568	 2g17 10g28 25g23 1000g318
Acacia angustissima	73789	 1p4 100s22 250s48 1000s115
Acacia aphylla	29648	 5g30
Acacia arenaria	74008	 1p10 100s13
Acacia aspera	38027	 2g17 5g30 25g29 1000g642
Acacia ataxacantha	400455	 1p10 10s8 100s16 1000s89
Acacia aulacocarpa	47400	 2g17 25g38 1000g723
Acacia auriculiformis	20717	 1g7 10g22 25g33 1000g213 5000g428 1p4
Acacia auriculiformis prov. India	458957	 1000g80 5000g298
Acacia baileyana	28065	 1g7 25g22 100g201 1000g274 1p4
Acacia baileyana Aurea	74910	 1p26
Acacia baileyana Purpurea	24967	 3g9 7g12 14g31 25g38 28g29 100g321 113g118 250g446 1000g686 1p4 100s8 101s8
Acacia baileyana Purpurea hardy N Z	430482	 5g34 10g27 25g37
Acacia baileyana hardy N Z	430481	 5g34 10g21 25g29
Acacia bakeri	407399	 10g31 250g352
Acacia bancroftiorum	20718	 2g17 5g21 25g24 250g446 1000g370
Acacia beckleri	21065	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia betchei	400435	 2g17 25g25 1000g370
Acacia bidwillii	21041	 2g17 25g29 1000g642 1p26
Acacia binervata	21006	 2g17 25g26 1000g539
Acacia binervia	67043	 2g17 10g22 25g23 250g246 1000g412
Acacia bivenosa	20723	 2g17 25g39
Acacia blakei	21058	 2g17 25g25 1000g370
Acacia boormanii	20725	 2g17 10g25 25g26 250g292 1000g495
Acacia borlea	434410	 1p10 10s8 100s20
Acacia brachybotrya	20727	 2g17 25g23 1000g339
Acacia brachystachya	434467	 2g27 25g29 1000g642 1p14
Acacia brevispica	450343	 1000g139 100s20
Acacia brownii	20731	 2g17 25g26 1000g723
Acacia brunioides ssp. granitica	402730	 2g17 25g22 1000g295
Acacia burkei	39995	 1p12 100s17 1000s97
Acacia burkei small form prov. KZN	462963	 1p12
Acacia burrowii	20733	 2g17 25g29 1000g642 1p4
Acacia buxifolia	20734	 2g17 25g25 250g323 1000g458 1p4
Acacia caffra	21054	 1p9 100s16 1000s87
Acacia calamifolia	20736	 2g17 25g23 1000g296
Acacia cambagei	20737	 2g17 25g110 1000g442
Acacia cardiophylla	20738	 2g17 25g23 250g215 1000g412 1p4
Acacia cardiophylla hardy N Z	430483	 2g10 5g13 10g20 25g29 1p4
Acacia caroleae	21042	 2g17 25g19 1000g642
Acacia catechu	71768	 25g8 50g10 100g13 250g77 1000g80 5000g278 1000s71
Acacia catenulata	453709	 2g17 25g29 1000g642 1p14
Acacia cavenia	82327	 25g9 50g12 100g18 250g38 500g69 1000g129 1p4
Acacia chinchillensis	33885	 5g30
Acacia chisholmii	20741	 2g17 25g26
Acacia cincinnata	20744	 2g17 25g41 1000g1055
Acacia cognata	403048	 2g20 25g95 1000g1275
Acacia colei	72962	 25g23 1000g333
Acacia colletioides	20747	 2g17 25g31 1000g642
Acacia complanata	29652	 2g17 25g33 1000g348 1p4 10s8
Acacia concinna	63783	 250g51 500g96 1000g183
Acacia concurrens	21057	 2g17 10g22 25g23 250g200 1000g392
Acacia conferta	20749	 2g17 10g22 25g23 250g200 1000g377
Acacia confusa	75216	 1p4
Acacia continua	72485	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia cookii Cockspur	551656	 1000s67
Acacia coriacea	20751	 2g17 25g23 1000g326 1p14
Acacia covenyi	74911	 2g14 25g34 100g64 500g420 1000g642 1p4 10s8
Acacia cowleana	20752	 2g17 25g22 1000g318
Acacia crassa	21066	 2g17 25g22 1000g429
Acacia crassicarpa	21007	 2g17 25g31 1000g486
Acacia cretata	437764	 2g17 25g25 1000g451
Acacia cultriformis	20754	 2g17 10g22 25g23 250g200 1000g339
Acacia cultriformis hardy N Z	430484	 1g8 5g22 10g34 25g41 1p4
Acacia curranii	72758	 10g32 250g360
Acacia cyclops	20761	 5g8 25g15 50g24 100g41 250g188 1000g274 1p4 161s8
Acacia davyi	37517	 1p4 20s7 100s16
Acacia dawsonii	21067	 2g17 25g36 1000g473
Acacia dealbata	20762	 1g8 7g42 25g23 100g58 1000g292 1p4 50s6 100s10 1000s74
Acacia dealbata hardy N Z	430485	 2g10 5g13 10g19 25g26 1p4
Acacia dealbata prov. India	458958	 1000g104 5000g445 1000s74
Acacia deanei	20763	 2g17 25g23 1000g318
Acacia decora	20764	 2g17 10g17 25g26 250g246 1000g465
Acacia decurrens	20765	 3g8 7g9 14g12 25g23 113g47 454g95 1000g138 1p4 1000s74
Acacia decurrens hardy N Z	430486	 10g21 25g26 1p4 25s8 100s20
Acacia dictyoneura	400438	 10g28 250g323
Acacia dictyophleba	20771	 2g17 25g23 1000g309
Acacia disparrima	500166	 2g17 25g28 1000g576
Acacia doratoxylon	20776	 2g17 25g23 1000g318
Acacia drepanolobium	72286	 1000g134
Acacia drummondii	20781	 5g37 25s8
Acacia drummondii ssp. elegans lemon	400439	 2g17 25g45
Acacia elata	20783	 5g8 10g12 25g22 40g35 1000g339 1p4
Acacia elata hardy New Zealand	550991	 25g45 100s14
Acacia elatior	500173	 1000g137
Acacia elongata	20784	 2g17 10g31 25g29 250g384 1000g392
Acacia erioloba	26847	 1p12 100s16 1000s247
Acacia erubescens	20991	 1p12 100s16
Acacia estrophiolata	20788	 2g17 10g31 25g26 250g384 1000g414
Acacia excelsa	72761	 2g17 25g34 1000g723
Acacia exuvialis	406713	 1p4 100s18
Acacia falcata	20792	 2g17 10g17 25g23 250g166 1000g377
Acacia falciformis	20793	 2g17 25g23 1000g309
Acacia falciformis hardy N Z	430487	 5g26 10g21 25g29
Acacia farnesiana (not to Australia)	20794	 2g17 10g22 25g23 100g13 250g25 500g42 1000g75 5000g260 1000s32 100000s1057
Acacia fasciculifera	29654	 2g17 25g26 1000g632
Acacia feddeana	439016	 1000g333
Acacia filicifolia	20796	 2g17 25g23 1000g318
Acacia fimbriata	20797	 2g17 10g25 25g23 250g261 1000g340
Acacia fimbriata hardy N Z	430488	 2g9 5g14 10g21 25g30 1p4
Acacia flavescens	20798	 2g17 25g29 1000g569
Acacia fleckii	74009	 1p12 100s18
Acacia flexifolia	20799	 2g17 25g35
Acacia floribunda	400441	 2g17 10g22 25g31 250g223 1000g287
Acacia floribunda hardy N Z	430489	 1g8 10g21 25g31 1p4 10s4
Acacia galpinii	21008	 1000g105 1p12 100s18 1000s95
Acacia genistifolia	20801	 2g17 25g31
Acacia georginae	20802	 2g17 25g25 1000g340
Acacia gerrardii	20992	 1000g137 1p12 100s17
Acacia gladiiformis	20803	 2g17 25g29 1000g480
Acacia glaucocarpa	21072	 2g17 25g31 1000g392
Acacia glaucoptera	20804	 2g17 25g81 20s8
Acacia gnidium	20805	 1p4
Acacia gonoclada	20807	 2g17 25g23 1000g392
Acacia grandicornuta	74010	 1p12 100s18
Acacia greggii	25051	 5g25
Acacia gregorii	20811	 5g39 250g998
Acacia gunnii	403049	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia haematoxylon	68324	 100s22 1000s236
Acacia hakeoides	20813	 2g17 10g19 25g23 250g200 1000g318
Acacia harpophylla svs	29656	 2g17 10g40 25g31 250g476 1000g539
Acacia hebeclada ssp chobiensis	406715	 1p12 100s17
Acacia hebeclada ssp. hebeclada	86295	 25s9 25s10 50s12 50s14 100s18 100s24
Acacia hereroensis	406716	 1p12 100s18
Acacia holosericea	20821	 2g17 25g23 1000g333
Acacia horrida	500201	 1000g139
Acacia horridula	20822	 1g20
Acacia howittii	20823	 2g17 25g38 1000g686
Acacia hubbardiana	67066	 2g17 25g31 1000g679
Acacia implexa	20825	 2g17 25g31 1000g642
Acacia implexa hardy N Z	430490	 2g9 5g14 10g21 25g29 1p4
Acacia irrorata	28066	 2g17 25g26 1000g421
Acacia iteaphylla	20828	 2g17 25g22 1000g311
Acacia ixiophylla	400444	 2g17 25g23 1000g414
Acacia ixodes	20831	 10g13 25g22 1000g311
Acacia jennerae	20833	 2g17 25g22 1000g517
Acacia jucunda	402731	 2g17 25g22 1000g311
Acacia julifera	21073	 10g17 25g31 250g261 1000g480
Acacia juncifolia	20836	 2g17 10g22 25g22 250g246 1000g318
Acacia karoo	20838	 1p4 10s7 100s16 1000s238
Acacia kirkii	77177	 1000g134
Acacia kybeanensis	400445	 2g17 25g23 1000g465
Acacia lahai	500214	 1000g134
Acacia lanigera	20842	 2g17 25g25 1000g486
Acacia lasiocalyx	20843	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia lasiocarpa v. lasiocarpa	20844	 10g27 250g280
Acacia leiocalyx	20847	 2g17 25g23 1000g348
Acacia lenticularis	85094	 1000g104 1000s89
Acacia leptocarpa	31378	 25g45 1000g116
Acacia leptostachya	76017	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia leucoclada ssp leucoclada	20852	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia ligulata	20853	 2g17 25g23 1000g318
Acacia linearifolia	20854	 10g22 250g215
Acacia lineata	20855	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia longifolia	14997	 2g17 7g21 25g23 250g145 1000g370 25s8
Acacia longissima	21013	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia luederitzii	86296	 1p13 100s18
Acacia luederitzii v. retinens	451676	 1p12
Acacia mabellae	20865	 2g17 10g31 25g25 250g384 1000g384
Acacia macracantha	439017	 1000g412
Acacia macradenia	20866	 2g17 25g25 1000g340
Acacia maidenii	21075	 1g6 5g18 10g32 100g60 1000g539 1p4 100s9
Acacia maitlandii	20867	 2g17 10g28 25g28 250g323 1000g517
Acacia mangium	27049	 2g17 5g27 25g38 250g630 1000g100 5000g396
Acacia mangium tropical prov.	20868	 1000g119
Acacia mearnsii	72287	 1g7 3g8 7g10 25g25 113g50 454g100 1000g362 1p4 280s8
Acacia mearnsii hardy N Z	430492	 5g34 10g21 25g29
Acacia mearnsii prov. India	458959	 1000g107 5000g435
Acacia melanoxylon	71424	 5g4 20g8 25g10 50g14 100g21 113g48 454g97 1000g158 1p4
Acacia melanoxylon hardy N Z	430493	 1g8 25g30 1p4
Acacia melanoxylon prov. India	458960	 1000g102
Acacia melanoxylon prov. Shume Tanzania	457458	 1000g168
Acacia melleodora	21033	 2g17 10g28 25g26 250g353 1000g605
Acacia mellifera	71793	 1000g153 1p4 15s10 100s31 1000s236
Acacia melvillei	453710	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia moirii ssp. moirii	459510	 1p4
Acacia montana	20878	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia montis-usti	401067	 1p12 100s17 1000s236
Acacia mucronata	20879	 10g31 250g393
Acacia murrayana	20882	 2g17 25g26
Acacia myrtifolia	20883	 2g17 10g28 25g29 250g353 1000g642
Acacia myrtifolia hardy N Z	430494	 10g21 25g29
Acacia nanodealbata	500245	 10g22 250g246
Acacia natalitia	406717	 1p12 100s17
Acacia neriifolia	20886	 2g17 25g25 1000g384
Acacia neurophylla ssp. neurophylla	20888	 1p4
Acacia nigrescens	21985	 1p12 100s18 1000s102
Acacia nigricans	21014	 10g28 250g323
Acacia nilotica L. Delile	21015	 10g8 100g20 113g34 454g70 1000g75 1p4 100s12 1000s81
Acacia nilotica ssp. tomentosa	71767	 1000g150
Acacia notabilis	2089	 2g17 25g28 1000g642
Acacia nubica	500250	 1000g134
Acacia obtusifolia	21016	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia omalophylla	38476	 2g21 25g62 1000g600
Acacia oshanesii	402908	 2g17 25g23 1000g451
Acacia oswaldii	20896	 2g17 25g34 1000g642
Acacia oxycedrus	20897	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia pachycarpa	29663	 1p4
Acacia paradoxa	209	 2g17 10g28 25g29 250g322 1000g576
Acacia parramattensis	20901	 2g17 10g28 25g22 250g323 1000g318
Acacia parvipinnula	67083	 2g17 25g29 1000g465 1p26
Acacia pendula	20903	 10g22 25g26 250g246 1000g539 1p4 50s8
Acacia penninervis	20904	 2g17 25g25 1000g370
Acacia penninervis hardy N Z	430495	 10g21 25g29
Acacia pentagona	500258	 1p9 100s30 1000s221
Acacia perangusta	29664	 2g17 25g26 1000g642
Acacia peregrina	461582	 10g28 1000g448
Acacia planifrons	85095	 1000g84 1000s81
Acacia podalyriifolia	14998	 2g17 25g23 1000g333
Acacia polyacantha	450344	 25g18 250g62 1000g139 1p12 100s18
Acacia polybotrya	20908	 2g17 10g28 25g22 250g323 1000g318
Acacia polyphylla	500261	 1000g436
Acacia pravissima	20909	 1g6 250g246 1000g348 1p4 100s6
Acacia pravissima hardy N Z	430499	 2g8 10g21 25g30 1p4
Acacia prominens	400450	 2g17 25g89
Acacia pruinocarpa	20911	 2g17 25g22 1000g311
Acacia pruinosa	20912	 10g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia pubescens	447984	 25g32 250g154 1000g105 1000s75
Acacia pubifolia	20913	 2g17 10g31 25g22 250g384 1000g311
Acacia pulchella	553569	 2g17 10g27 25g23 250g292 1000g340
Acacia pycnantha	20917	 1g6 25g22 250g154 1000g281 1p4
Acacia pycnantha hardy NZ	550992	 25g45 100s14
Acacia ramulosa	400451	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia redolens low form	20921	 5g44
Acacia redolens upright form	442043	 2g17 10g31 25g31 250g384 1000g348
Acacia reficiens	401069	 1000g158 1p12 100s18
Acacia rehmanniana	37518	 1p12 100s18
Acacia retinodes	20922	 2g17 10g20 12g29 25g23 250g194 1000g348
Acacia retinodes blue leaf form	67087	 10g23 250g251
Acacia retivenia ssp. retivenia	20923	 2g17 25g22 1000g326
Acacia rhodoxylon	402910	 2g17 10g23 25g53 250g239 1000g789
Acacia riceana	20926	 10g40 250g476
Acacia rigens	402911	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia robusta	21097	 1p10 100s14 1000s82
Acacia rubida	20929	 2g17 10g22 25g23 250g200 1000g333
Acacia rubida hardy N Z	430500	 10g21 25g29 1p4 20s10 100s30
Acacia salicifolia	453711	 2g17 25g22 1000g370
Acacia saliciformis	33892	 10g28 250g323
Acacia salicina	20931	 2g17 25g29 1000g613
Acacia saligna	20932	 5g8 28g16 113g42 454g89 1000g180 1p4 576s8
Acacia schweinfurthii	434411	 10s11 100s20
Acacia sclerophylla	20934	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia semilunata	20937	 2g17 25g23 1000g326
Acacia semirigida	20938	 2g17 25g23 1000g377
Acacia senegal	40316	 10g19 100g73 1000g92 1p9 20s8 100s14 1000s89
Acacia senegal prov. Lubungo Tanzania	461972	 1000g148
Acacia senegal v. rostrata	401070	 1p12
Acacia sentiformis	453712	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia seyal	461963	 1000g139
Acacia shirleyi	400453	 2g17 25g31 1000g686
Acacia siculiformis	67089	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia sieberiana	21001	 28g33 113g90 454g175 1000g158 1p10 100s12
Acacia sieberiana v. woodii	21018	 10g17 25g29 1000g642 10s8 100s24
Acacia silvestris	20943	 2g17 25g22 1000g326
Acacia simplex	72972	 10s12 25s23 100s64 1000s455
Acacia simsii	20944	 2g17 25g22 1000g370
Acacia sophorae	20945	 2g17 25g23 1000g318
Acacia sparsiflora	407420	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia spectabilis	20946	 2g17 10g25 25g22 250g292 1000g318 1p4
Acacia spinosissima Robusta Crown of Thorns	442044	 5g33
Acacia spongolitica	446535	 25s9
Acacia stenophylla	20948	 2g17 10g14 25g43 250g247 1000g686
Acacia stipuligera	20949	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia stowardii	74925	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia stricta	2095	 5g8 10g14 25g22 1000g339 1p4
Acacia stricta hardy N Z	430501	 10g21 25g29
Acacia suaveolens	20952	 2g17 10g28 25g29 250g323 1000g480
Acacia suaveolens hardy NZ	550993	 25g45 100s14
Acacia swazica	442169	 1p12 100s18
Acacia tenuissima	20961	 2g17 25g23 1000g348
Acacia terminalis	20775	 3g9 10g22 250g231 1000g318 1p4
Acacia terminalis hardy N Z	430502	 10g20 25g28 100s14
Acacia tetragonophylla	20965	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia tetraptera	434470	 1g17
Acacia tortilis	21002	 1000g80 5000g279 1p10 100s13 1000s67
Acacia torulosa	29668	 2g17 10g28 25g26 250g323 1000g392
Acacia trachycarpa	20966	 2g17 10g31 25g29 250g384 1000g642
Acacia trachyphloia	29669	 2g17 25g23 1000g348
Acacia trigonophylla	67091	 10g28 250g323
Acacia trineura	21051	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia triptera	21022	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia tumida	20968	 2g17 10g22 25g31 1000g414
Acacia ulicifolia	20969	 2g17 25g36 1000g760 1p26
Acacia umbellata	20971	 2g17 25g25 1000g642
Acacia uncinata	400454	 2g17 25g25 1000g436
Acacia venulosa	20975	 2g17 25g23 1000g436
Acacia verniciflua	20976	 2g17 10g25 25g25 250g292 1000g436
Acacia verniciflua hardy NZ	550994	 25g45 100s15
Acacia verticillata	20977	 2g17 10g31 25g44 250g384 1p8
Acacia vestita	20978	 2g17 10g22 250g246 1000g348 1p4
Acacia victoriae	20979	 2g17 10g19 25g22 250g169 1000g308
Acacia viscidula	2098	 2g17 25g29 1000g642
Acacia visco	439018	 1000g393
Acacia wilhelmiana	20984	 5g22 250g476
Acacia xanthophloea	20986	 1000g197 1p4 100s15 1000s137
Acacia xanthophloea prov. Kigwe Tanzania	461973	 1000g158
Acacia zanzibarica	500328	 1000g153
Faidherbia albida	21085	 1000g201 1p12 100s22 1000s187
Lannea greenwayii	463046	 8s12
Vachellia borleae	500138	 10s8 100s17

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