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List 193 - Acanthaceae - 11/14/2018


Acanthaceae (Justiciaceae, Thomandersiaceae) Mostly herbaceous perennials, some aquatics, climbers, shrubs, trees, and epiphytes. Leaves are opposite (decussate) exstipulate and sometimes spiny. Cystoliths very commonly present (showing as streaks in the lamina). Reproductive type, pollination. Plants hermaphrodite. Inflorescence, floral, fruit and seed morphology. Inflorescences commonly dichasial cymes, becoming monochasial in the ultimate branches, and frequently condensed in the leaf axils. Flowers tetracyclic. Corolla imbricate (ascending cochlear or quincuncial), or contorted (left or right), or with open aestivation (only in Acanthus?); bilabiate, or unequal but not bilabiate (the upper lip sometimes suppressed). Fruit non-fleshy; dehiscent; a capsule. Capsules loculicidal. Fruit elastically dehiscent. Dispersal unit the seed. Seeds non-endospermic. Peculiar feature. The seeds on elongated, indurated, hook-shaped funicles (‘retinacula’). Geography, cytology. Holarctic, Paleotropical, Neotropical, Cape, and Australian. Temperate to tropical (mainly tropical). Centred on Indomalaysia, Africa, Brazil and central America. Taxonomy. Subclass Dicotyledonae; Tenuinucelli. Dahlgren’s Superorder Lamiiflorae; Scrophulariales. Cronquist’s Subclass Asteridae; Scrophulariales. APG (1998) Eudicot; core Eudicot; Asterid; Euasterid I; Lamiales. Economic uses, etc. A few cultivated ornamentals: Acanthus, Aphelandra, Fittonia, Beloperone, Justicia, etc.

Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Acanthopsis hoffmanseggianum	463731	 1p10
Acanthus hungaricus	400579	 5g18 10g30 100g267 1p4
Acanthus mollis	13	 7g9 14g12 28g18 56g30 113g53 227g99 454g191 1000g762 2500g2525 1p4 26s8
Acanthus spinosus	71294	 1g9 5g24 10g63 100g525
Andrographis paniculata	73369	 25g9 50g11 100g16 250g31 300g36 500g56 1000g105 5000g575 10000g995 1p4
Asystasia gangetica	26977	 1p10
Barleria albostellata	406726	 1p10 100s12
Barleria crassa	451684	 1p10
Barleria delagoensis	454683	 1p4
Barleria elegans	430340	 15s8 100s12 1000s30
Barleria gueinzii	458637	 100s26 1000s219
Barleria obtusa	368	 1g23 1p4 100s12 1000s40
Barleria repens	431174	 1g20
Barleria rotundifolia	552575	 1p10
Barleria saxatilis	83416	 1p10
Blepharis procumbens	507987	 1p10 100s16
Crossandra greenstockii	69137	 1p10
Crossandra infundibuliformis	785	 1000g472 1000s15 100000s557
Duvernoia aconitiflora	86323	 1p9
Duvernoia adhatodoides	23574	 1p10 10s8 100s16
Flemingia congesta	85194	 1000g75
Hypoestes aristata	52058	 1p12
Hypoestes phyllostachya Confetti Mixed	445154	 25s8 250s15 500s27 1000s50 2500s111
Hypoestes phyllostachya White Splash Improved	65576	 1000s36
Justicia campylostemon	430417	 10s8 100s16
Mackaya bella	400204	 1p10 5s8 100s18
Metarungia longistrobus	401298	 1p11 10s8 100s9 1000s23
Micranthus alopecuroides	400596	 1p10
Micranthus plantagineus	68786	 1p10
Pinus clausa Choctawatchee	3102	 25s9
Rhinacanthus gracilis	451746	 1p10
Ruellia humilis	71748	 3g26 7g26 14g46 28g86 1p27 50s8 100s8
Ruellia strepens	449128	 0g14 1g21 3g36 7g55 14g95 100s8
Ruellia tuberosa	401791	 30s8 100s25 1000s178
Ruttya ovata	5501	 1p10
Sclerochiton caerulea	460091	 1p9
Strobilanthes atropurpureus	85878	 5g26 1p10
Strobilanthes attenuata	439999	 5g32
Thunbergia alata	452542	 10g21 25g170 28g23 113g58 250g95 500g179 1000g245 2500g469 10000g1369 25000g2972
Thunbergia alata African Sunset Mixed	438432	 50g117 100g228 250g560 500g1115 1000g2000 25s20 50s36 100s66 250s151
Thunbergia alata Alba	446609	 1000s42 100000s1779
Thunbergia alata Alba Oculata	81205	 25g38 50g70 100g156 1000g1065 2500g2037
Thunbergia alata Amber Eyes	553158	 1000s44 2000s81 5000s199
Thunbergia alata Aurantiaca Oculata	81207	 25g38 50g70 100g137 250g337 500g663 1000g1189
Thunbergia alata Aurea	438430	 25g38 50g70 100g137 250g337 500g663 1000g1186
Thunbergia alata Aurea Oculata	81206	 25g38 50g70 100g115 250g337 500g663 1000g775 2500g1658
Thunbergia alata Blushing Susie	456841	 250s59 500s112 1000s218 2000s433
Thunbergia alata Golden Eyes	553159	 1000s44 2000s82 5000s199
Thunbergia alata Orange Wonder	550813	 5g8 10g10 25g16 50g25 100g43 250g97 500g184 1000g366 2500g884 10000g3425 1p4 140
Thunbergia alata Spanish Eyes	445034	 250s59 500s112 1000s217 2000s432
Thunbergia alata Sunrise Mixed formula	441056	 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g34 50g61 1p4 35s8
Thunbergia alata Sunrise Orange	441057	 1g8 2g10 5g13 10g19 25g41 50g75 1p4 40s8
Thunbergia alata Sunrise White	441061	 1g8 2g10 5g13 10g19 25g41 50g75 1p4
Thunbergia alata Sunrise Yellow	441059	 1g8 2g10 5g13 10g19 25g41 50g75 1p4
Thunbergia alata mixed o. p.	2729	 10g8 100g30 250g67 500g184 1000g282 2500g535 10000g1608 25000g3644 1p4 280s8
Thunbergia coccinea	407155	 1g16 1000s130
Thunbergia grandiflora	2732	 1000s132
Thunbergia grandiflora Alba	39788	 1g16
Thunbergia natalensis	74509	 1p10

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