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List 227 - Annonaceae - 2/23/2019


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Ambavia gerrardii	458631	 100s27 1000s195
Annickia chlorantha	502967	 1s5
Annona Atemoya x	358	 25s27
Annona acutiflora	502968	 100s612
Annona amazonica	502969	 100s333
Annona aurantiaca	28092	 100s636
Annona cherimola	25	 5s20 12s14 100s36 1000s172
Annona dioica	502980	 70s486
Annona glabra	5611	 100s38 1000s206
Annona hayesii	502987	 1s2
Annona herzogii	455206	 100s636
Annona hypoglauca	502990	 100s352
Annona montana	38439	 5s8 100s35
Annona muricata	251	 28g38 113g108 10s10 100s52 1000s167 10000s1219
Annona parviflora	455210	 100s633
Annona purpurea	503009	 100s38 1000s286
Annona reticulata	252	 8s10 100s37 1000s280
Annona rugulosa	503010	 100s634
Annona senegalensis	36	 100s848
Annona spinescens	503012	 100s633
Annona spraguei	503013	 1p4 1s2
Annona squamosa	24496	 10g8 28g17 50g16 100g25 113g45 454g91 1000g92 5000g294 10000g456 1p4 10s12 25s27
Annona stenophylla	503014	 100s975
Annona ubatubensis	503015	 100s634
Anonidium mannii	553852	 1s5
Artabotrys brachypetalus	440469	 1p10
Artabotrys harmandii	551555	 100s155
Artabotrys hexapetalus	400615	 1000g148 5000g591 100s35 1000s271
Artabotrys monteiroae	451991	 1p10 100s26 1000s197
Artabotrys siamensis	551675	 100s46 1000s307
Asimina triloba Improved svs	30771	 28g21 113g56 454g111
Asimina triloba svs	328	 25g26 113g48 250g120 454g97 1p10
Cananga odorata	485	 1p4 10s36 100s27 1000s77 10000s590
Desmos chinensis	515811	 100s89 1000s634
Duguetia confinis	464172	 100s623
Duguetia furfuracea	517256	 100s1064
Duguetia lepidota	517258	 1s15 100s1191
Duguetia marcgraviana	517259	 100s847
Duguetia peruviana	464171	 100s760
Duguetia phaeoclados	455673	 100s849
Duguetia uniflora	517260	 100s1064
Goniothalamus laoticus	502975	 100s159
Guatteria recurvisepala	522001	 100s44 1000s322
Melodorum fruticosum	530532	 100s26 1000s96
Mitrephora tomentosa	530531	 100s30 1000s212
Monanthotaxis caffra	430426	 100s16
Monodora angolensis	553262	 1s5
Monodora brevipes	553270	 1s3
Monodora junodii v junodii	530617	 1p12
Monodora myristica	530616	 1s2
Polyalthia cerasoides	536274	 100s42 1000s157
Polyalthia debilis	536275	 100s44
Polyalthia longifolia Pendula vsvs	26987	 10g14 25g24 1000g110
Polyalthia longifolia vsvs	82915	 1000g107
Rollinia dolabripetala	539100	 100s636
Rollinia exsucca	539101	 100s636
Rollinia mucosa	2424	 1p4 100s36 1000s215
Rollinia xylopifolia	539110	 100s636
Uvaria grandiflora	546227	 10g8 25g13 50g20 100g34 1p4 100s113
Uvaria littoralis	546232	 100s61
Uvaria lucida	458683	 1p10
Uvaria rufa	21375	 100s111

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