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List 232 - Apocynaceae - 9/20/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Acokanthera oblongifolia	74395	 3s8 100s45 1000s268
Acokanthera oppositifolia	68325	 1p10 3s10 100s13 1000s239
Acokanthera rotundata	500595	 1p8
Acokanthera schimperi	461964	 1000g156
Adenium multiflorum	31343	 6s12
Adenium obesum	192	 1000g1590 1p4 100s30 1000s342
Adenium obesum mixed	446721	 10s25
Adenium obesum purple fl.	452967	 1p4 10s6
Adenium obesum ssp somalense	401402	 25s28
Adenium obesum white fl.	463088	 10s19 100s160
Adenium sp. unident. Grumby	500788	 5s10 10s19
Allamanda cathartica	217	 25s26
Allamanda cathartica Grandiflora	406217	 100s25
Allamanda schottii	218	 1p17 100s81 1000s280
Alstonia scholaris b.s.	76904	 25g22 1000g105 5000g423 1p4 1000s37 10000s281
Alyxia buxifolia	67115	 5g17
Amsonia ciliata	3229	 1g4 10g14 100g90 1p4
Amsonia hubrichtii	82919	 1g10 10g68 100g525 1p12
Amsonia illustris	79279	 1g9 3g16 7g22 10g63 14g33 28g49 100g490 60s8
Amsonia orientalis	80317	 1g14 10g107
Amsonia tabernaemontana	71416	 1g8 10g47 100g353 1p12
Amsonia tabernaemontana v salicifolia	433832	 1p9
Apocynum androsaemifolium	65716	 200s8
Apocynum cannabinum	22981	 1g14 75s8 100s8
Araujia sericIfera	355	 1g25
Asclepias curassavica	32	 5g8 10g9 28g25 100g42 113g60 250g343 1000g436 1p4 700s8
Asclepias curassavica Apollo Orange	444495	 50g50 100g93 250g227 500g442 1000g793 1p8 5000s88 25000s431 100000s1511
Asclepias curassavica Red Butterfly	82102	 25g57 50g111 100g288 250g714
Asclepias curassavica Silky Deep Red c.s.	437457	 1p4 100s8 250s13 500s24 1000s44 2500s97
Asclepias curassavica Silky Gold c.s.	73401	 100s8 250s13 500s24 1000s45 2500s98
Asclepias exaltata	404992	 30s8
Asclepias fascicularis	452382	 5g21 50s8
Asclepias incarnata	28375	 1g8 3g12 7g16 10g21 14g23 25g23 28g34 50g39 100g72 454g394 1p4 50s8 10000s112 25
Asclepias incarnata Ice Ballet / Ice Follies	433811	 1g8 10g55 100g421 10s8
Asclepias incarnata Milkmaid white form	69116	 1g8 50g37 100g68 10000s53
Asclepias incarnata Soulmate	82116	 1g8 10g38 50g39 100g72 1p10 10000s53 25000s122 50000s233
Asclepias sp. unident. bristly capsules	402549	 1p8
Asclepias speciosa	41485	 1g9 5g21 10g61 30s8 50s8
Asclepias sullivanti	74934	 1g9 3g26 7g36 10g61 14g56 55s8
Asclepias syriaca	325	 1g8 3g10 7g13 14g19 28g31 56g55 100g99 227g200 250g241 454g394 500g472 1000g933
Asclepias syriaca organic seed	550222	 1g10 10g72 100g559
Asclepias tuberosa	326	 1g8 2g17 3g21 5g18 7g21 10g30 14g45 25g24 28g44 50g41 100g75 113g118 250g180 450
Asclepias tuberosa Gay Butterflies Mix	28376	 1g14 10g89 100g697 1p14 25s9 10000s435
Asclepias tuberosa Oro organic	461226	 1000g1055
Asclepias tuberosa organic seed	550223	 1g14 10g90 100g697 1000g5535 1p11
Asclepias tuberosa ssp. interior	551167	 1g11 10g72 100g525
Asclepias verticillata	40167	 0g19 1g17 3g26 5g65 7g31 14g56 28g86 100s8
Asclepias viridis	86785	 3g31 50s8
Baseonema gregorii	463729	 4s10
Beaumontia grandiflora	381	 1p4 8s11 100s28 1000s46 5000s193 100000s1448
Calotropis gigantea	5135	 100s35 1000s241
Caralluma flava Albiflora	510181	 5s30
Carissa bispinosa	51869	 100s23 1000s174
Carissa carandas	508	 100s32 1000s99
Carissa haematocarpa	51872	 1p10 100s16
Carissa macrocarpa	509	 1p10 10s8 25s8 100s17 1000s63
Carissa wyliei	454687	 100s25 1000s195
Cassia rotundifolia	403519	 1000g115
Catharanthus roseus	2815	 10g10 12g8 25g9 50g11 100g15 250g29 500g52 1000g96 2500g213 5000g376 10000g602 1
Catharanthus roseus Albus	34285	 1000s52
Catharanthus roseus Little Blanche	68433	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g26 50g46 100g123 250g302 500g592 1000g830 2500g1052 10000g3908
Catharanthus roseus Little Bright Eyes	68434	 1g6 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g26 50g46 100g123 250g299 500g588 1000g830 2500g1588 10000g
Catharanthus roseus Little Linda deep rose	68437	 1g6 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g26 50g63 100g123 250g302 500g542 1000g830 2500g1052 10000g
Catharanthus roseus Little Mix dwarf o p	68439	 25g25 50g46 100g116 250g284 500g558 1000g783 2500g1497 10000g4686 25000g10900
Catharanthus roseus Little Pinkie	68436	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g26 50g46 100g123 250g302 500g592 1000g830 2500g1052 10000g3908
Catharanthus roseus Pacifica Mixed new colours	74960	 250s11 500s20 1000s29 2500s80
Catharanthus roseus f1 Victory Mixed	552034	 250s12 500s19 750s27 1000s35 2500s68
Catharanthus roseus f1 Vitesse Mixed	453545	 100s11 250s23 500s42 1000s79
Catharanthus roseus tall mix o p	68432	 100g50 250g118 1000g559 2500g1335 10000g4020 25000g9557
Ceropegia haygarthii	406918	 5s16
Ceropegia nilotica v simplex	462269	 5s16
Ceropegia sandersonii	511347	 5s15 8s9
Ceropegia stapeliformis	405611	 5s11
Ceropegia variegata	463010	 1p4 5s12 10s18
Ceropegia woodii	601	 10s10 20s9
Chonemorpha macrophylla	511801	 1000s75
Cryptostegia grandiflora	79	 100s17 1000s108
Cryptostegia grandiflora darker fld. form	553210	 1p10
Cryptostegia madagascariensis	83523	 5s30 100s25 1000s195
Cynanchum pachycladon	514696	 3s8
Cynanchum schistoglossum aff.	463730	 1p10
Cynanchum sp. unident. Madagascar	77550	 100s12
Cynanchum vincetoxicum	69946	 1g4 10g20 1p4
Desmidorchis acutangula	515654	 10s14
Diplorhynchus condylocarpon	70908	 1p12 100s25
Dregea sinensis	62896	 1p4
Edithcolea grandis	450300	 10s10
Elytropus chilensis	434372	 1p10
Fockea crispa	436853	 10s36
Gomphocarpus cancellatus	319	 1p10 100s18 1000s194
Gomphocarpus fruticosus	441676	 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g36 50g66 100g130 250g319 500g627 1000g1120 1p4 224s8
Gomphocarpus fruticosus Super Puffs	463035	 100s12
Gomphocarpus physocarpus	323	 1g12 5g21 10g89 100g697 1p4 1000s13 2500s36 5000s66 10000s97 50000s628 100000s10
Gonioma kamassi	446285	 1p12
Hoodia gordulata (name unresolved)	523376	 5s18
Hoodia pilifera ssp pilifera	434652	 100s92
Mandevilla laxa	1671	 28g289 113g986 1p4
Marsdenia verrucosa	529316	 100s18
Microloma sagittatum	1703	 1p10
Microloma tenuifolium	86270	 1p9
Nerium oleander hort.	5099	 1g8 10g17 25g29 100g284 250g351 1000g576 1p9
Orbea variegata	19666	 1p4
Orthanthera jasminiflora	551125	 100s11
Oxypetalum coeruleum Heavenborn cut-flower	443216	 1p4
Pachycarpus appendiculatus	435420	 1p10
Pachypodium geayi	12941	 100s16 1000s77
Pachypodium lamerei	12943	 1p4
Parsonsia heterophylla	33189	 5g28 100s11
Periploca graeca	83894	 1g16
Periploca laevigata	435267	 1g20
Plumeria alba	5105	 5s10
Plumeria hybrid	535944	 1000s418
Plumeria obtusa Singapore White	63676	 1000s172
Plumeria obtusa v. sericifolia	462393	 1000s172
Plumeria rubra Celadine	63679	 1000s172
Plumeria rubra red form	86067	 1000s204
Plumeria rubra white form	86066	 1000s172
Quaqua mammilaris	80921	 1p9
Raphionacme hirsuta	77655	 10s10
Rauvolfia caffra	2394	 1p12
Rhytidocaulon fulleri (name unresolved)	463797	 1s20
Sarcostemma viminale	77657	 1p9
Stemmadenia donnell-smithii	62674	 1000s62
Stephanotis floribunda	30743	 1p4
Stomatostemma monteiroae	454724	 1p10 100s15 1000s211
Strophanthus amboensis	543595	 10s12
Strophanthus boivinii	543598	 5s8
Strophanthus gerrardii	543609	 100s28 1000s211
Strophanthus petersianus	442209	 1p12 100s26 1000s211
Strophanthus speciosus	2642	 15s8 100s28 1000s210
Tabernaemontana coffeoides	451033	 1p12
Tabernaemontana divaricata	63715	 1p12 1000s60 10000s449
Tabernaemontana elegans	80258	 100s27 1000s200
Tabernaemontana ventricosa	434600	 1p10
Tabernanthe iboga	86070	 1p4 5s8 10s12 25s24 100s85 300s251
Tacazzea apiculata	444909	 100s25 1000s196
Tavaresia grandiflora	463692	 4s10
Thevetia ahouai	544823	 1000s163
Thevetia peruviana	21391	 113g43 250g25 454g87 500g40 1000g70 1p4 1000s148
Trachelospermum jasminoides	63662	 1p4 25s10 50s14 100s24 250s41
Vinca Pacifica Mixed	461889	 250s11 500s19 1000s36 2500s81
Vincetoxicum fuscatum	462002	 1g10 10g68 100g525 50s9
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria	432453	 1g8 10g47 100g361 25s8
Voacanga africana	72983	 1000g84 10000g480 1p4 10s6 50s10
Voacanga thouarsii	405954	 1p12 100s27 1000s222
Whitesloanea crassa	459300	 1s42
Wrightia natalensis	450374	 1p10 100s22 1000s106
Wrightia tinctoria	5269	 10g21 250g248 20s8

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