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List 261 - Betulaceae - 2/23/2019


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Alnus acuminata	73791	 1000g267 100s12 1000s14 10000s33
Alnus cordata	223	 10g17 25g34 28g36 100g61 113g98 250g251 454g189 500g240 1000g467 5000g2065
Alnus cremastogyne	73837	 28g20 113g46 454g92
Alnus glutinosa	225	 2g17 10g16 25g25 28g20 100g28 113g51 454g103 500g101 1000g192 5000g750
Alnus glutinosa prov. Scotland	454831	 10g24 100g115 500g446 1000g880
Alnus glutinosa prov. n e France + mountains	462048	 100g64 500g253 1000g493 5000g2183
Alnus hirsuta	76467	 28g20 113g54 454g108
Alnus incana	227	 10g18 28g62 100g82 113g173 250g251 454g327 500g259 1000g508
Alnus incana prov. UK	46567	 10g18 100g82 500g314 1000g617
Alnus incana ssp. rugosa	73840	 3g40 7g65 14g114 28g36 113g98 454g189 150s8
Alnus incana ssp. tenuifolia	34657	 28g33 113g90 454g174
Alnus japonica	400470	 10g17 28g20 113g52 250g133 454g104
Alnus jorullensis svs	5566	 2g17 25g28 1000g643
Alnus nepalensis	229	 25g18 28g18 113g48 250g107 454g97 100s20 1000s55
Alnus nitida	73838	 10g13 25g20 28g18 100g59 113g45 250g94 454g91 500g221 1000g430
Alnus rhombifolia	232	 5g29 28g54 113g149 454g265 4540g2355
Alnus rubra	231	 10g26 25g34 28g44 100g129 113g122 250g295 454g233 500g504 1000g997 1p9 100s13
Alnus rubra prov. Canada	459658	 10g28 100g129 500g500 1000g997
Alnus rubra prov. U K	448741	 10g28 100g129 500g504 1000g997
Alnus viridis	233	 10g20 25g34 100g94 250g225 500g363 1000g715
Betula albo-sinensis	51819	 10g20 28g28 113g74 250g239 454g144
Betula alleghaniensis	41751	 10g27 28g36 113g97 250g304 454g188
Betula alnoides	74432	 10g17 28g24 113g67 250g120 454g131
Betula chinensis	74433	 10g20 28g27 113g69 250g141 454g138
Betula costata	400852	 10g19 28g29 113g76 250g173 454g152
Betula dahurica	41752	 10g19 28g28 113g78 250g173 454g151
Betula ermanii	400851	 10g16 28g39 100g101 113g106 250g166 454g203 500g389 1000g768
Betula glandulosa	74434	 10g24 250g173
Betula lenta b.s.	405	 28g32 113g87 454g169
Betula lenta c.s.	74435	 10g19 28g41 113g113 250g225 454g217
Betula luminifera	507812	 5g16
Betula mandschurica v. kamtschatika	400855	 5g26
Betula maximowicziana	407	 5g34 28g146 113g412 454g771 1p9
Betula medwediewii	74441	 1g18
Betula neoalaskana	51019	 25g25 250g120
Betula nigra	408	 25g28 250g133 1p9
Betula nigra northern prov. b.s.	46287	 28g28 113g75 454g146
Betula nigra northern prov. c.s.	448858	 28g59 113g164 454g311
Betula occidentalis	409	 10g17 28g27 113g71 250g160 454g146
Betula papyrifera b.s.	41	 28g24 113g66 454g130 1p8
Betula papyrifera c.s.	74437	 2g17 10g28 25g23 28g58 100g137 113g158 250g120 454g290 500g534 1000g1057 1p8
Betula pendula UK select stand	3575	 10g37 100g176 500g692 1000g1375
Betula pendula b.s.	91	 10g12 28g23 100g27 113g62 454g122 500g98 1000g183 5000g714 1p8
Betula pendula c.s.	46288	 2g17 10g21 25g48 28g43 113g118 454g225 4540g2478 100s11 1000s14 10000s25
Betula pendula prov. Scotland	454833	 10g18 100g79 500g301 1000g592
Betula platyphylla	412	 28g27 113g74 454g145
Betula platyphylla v. japonica	413	 28g53 113g148 454g282 1p9
Betula populifolia	416	 28g22 113g60 454g119
Betula pubescens	414	 10g12 100g51 500g192 1000g373
Betula pubescens prov. France west	462169	 100g76 500g300
Betula pubescens prov. Scotland	454832	 10g18 100g82 500g314 1000g617
Betula raddeana	74439	 10g22 28g31 113g86 250g199 454g167
Betula szechuanica	3099	 5g23
Betula tianschanica	507829	 10g17 28g28 113g78 250g160 454g151
Betula utilis	417	 5g18 28g50 113g140 454g266
Betula utilis v jacquemontii	27351	 25g122
Carpinus betulus	29901	 10g8 25g18 28g14 100g30 113g34 250g68 454g71 500g49 1000g92 5000g319 25000g1260
Carpinus betulus EU select stand	553555	 10g17 100g43 500g155 1000g299
Carpinus betulus green seed svs	445625	 28g20 113g51 454g102
Carpinus betulus prov. UK	448742	 10g10 100g42 500g155 1000g300
Carpinus betulus prov. UK stratified seed	464326	 100g51 500g192 1000g373
Carpinus betulus stratified seed	463375	 10g8 100g34 500g121 1000g233
Carpinus caroliniana	514	 25g28 28g27 113g74 250g147 454g145
Carpinus cordata	76144	 25g25 28g25 113g68 250g133 454g133
Carpinus henryana	403259	 10g19 28g26 113g71 250g173 454g138
Carpinus japonica	81546	 5g42
Carpinus koreana Nakai name unresolved	552812	 28g142 113g405 454g827
Carpinus laxiflora v macrostachys	80724	 28g25 113g68 454g133
Carpinus orientalis	25311	 25g25 28g22 113g59 250g133 454g116
Carpinus polyneura	76147	 10g19 28g30 113g82 250g199 454g159
Carpinus turczaninovii	76145	 25g25 28g26 113g70 250g147 454g136
Carpinus viminea	76146	 10g19 25g28 28g30 113g83 250g147 454g161
Corylus americana b.s.	440452	 28g14 113g32 454g67
Corylus americana c.s.	732	 28g19 113g51 250g81 454g101
Corylus avellana UK native stratified seed	513316	 100g40 500g82 1000g156
Corylus avellana hybrid prov. UK stratified seed	440406	 100g13 500g38 1000g65
Corylus avellana svs	27355	 10g10 100g32 113g30 250g36 454g64 500g35 1000g62 1p10 100s65
Corylus avellana svs prov. UK	440407	 20g10 100g22 500g73 1000g142
Corylus chinensis svs	435202	 25g25 28g16 113g43 250g120 454g87
Corylus colurna	734	 1g8 10g10 20g8 25g18 28g15 100g16 113g39 250g63 454g80 500g52 1000g93 1p8
Corylus cornuta b.s. svs	23945	 113g33 250g71 454g80
Corylus heterophylla	39944	 25g22 250g107
Corylus sieboldiana v mandshurica	408121	 25g25 250g120
Ostrya carpinifolia	1863	 10g16 100g73 500g281 1000g544 1p4
Ostrya carpinifolia c.s.	436421	 28g31 113g85 454g165
Ostrya japonica c.s.	81548	 25g23 28g18 113g46 250g133 454g94 1p4
Ostrya virginiana c.s.	1864	 28g46 113g127 454g243

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