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List 266 - Bombacaceae - 11/16/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Adansonia digitata	9	 10g12 28g26 1000g129 1p4 10s10 100s22 500s195
Adansonia fony	435372	 1000g130
Adansonia gregorii	14947	 10g31 25g25 250g384 1000g576 1p4 10s8
Adansonia madagascariensis	435371	 1000g130
Adansonia perrieri	47431	 1000g130
Adansonia suarezensis	403516	 1000g130
Adansonia za	70151	 1000g130
Bombax ceiba L.	425	 25g22 1000g90 5000g350 10000g550 1p17 5s24 100s18 1000s54 10000s449 100000s2681
Bombax rhodognaphalon prov. RSA	463275	 5s13 10s23 20s42
Ceiba pentandra	548	 25g28 28g18 100g20 113g48 250g35 454g97 500g60 1000g90 5000g333 5s24 100s53 1000
Ceiba speciosa svs	447994	 1p12
Ceiba ventricosa	461976	 1000g175
Chiranthodendron pentadactylon	881	 1p15
Chorisia insignis	5558	 100s37 1000s306
Chorisia speciosa	625	 10g19 25g82 250g169 1000g178 1p17 100s15 1000s607
Fremontodendron californicum	400070	 5g30 28g60 10s8
Lagunaria patersonia	14963	 5g26 10g18 25g31 250g330 1000g619
Ochroma pyramidale	72129	 100s25 1000s67
Pachira aquatica	1869	 1000s852

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