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List 11 - Bonsai - 1/30/2015


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Abies concolor	104	 1p8 5g10 25g18 50g30 100g54 112g99 450g186 1000g450
Abies firma	127	 28g38 112g105 450g201
Abies homolepis	108	 28g71 112g199 450g373
Abies veitchii	121	 1p8 10g10 28g86 112g240 450g450
Acacia burkei	39995	 1p8 100s18 1000s88
Acacia davyi	37517	 1p8 80s10 100s16
Acacia erioloba	26847	 1p8 100s19
Acacia erioloba x haematoxylon nat hyb	450206	 1p8
Acacia erubescens	20991	 1p9 100s16
Acacia farnesiana	20794	 1g8 1p9 10g16 500g42 1000g75 5000g260 100000s1057
Acacia galpinii	21008	 1p9 1000s95 1000g105
Acacia karoo	20838	 1p8 24s8 100s15
Acacia longifolia	14997	 1p8 25g14 50g20 100g33 112g51 250g70 450g115 500g176 1000g200
Acacia mellifera	71793	 1p8 100s20
Acacia nigrescens	21985	 1p8 100s20 1000s82
Acacia nilotica	21015	 1p8 100s8 28g14 112g30 1000g62 1000s81
Acacia paradoxa	209	 1p8 10g19 25g24 250g147 500g314 1000g507
Acacia podalyriifolia	14998	 1p8 100s10 25g16 50g24 100g41 250g88 450g148 1000g270
Acacia rehmanniana	37518	 1p8 100s13
Acacia robusta	21097	 1p8 100s13 1000s70
Acacia sieberiana v woodii	21018	 1p8 10s9 100s18 10g19 25g32 250g188 500g350 1000g667
Acacia tortilis	21002	 1p8 100s8 1000g62 5000g151
Acer argutum	400111	 100s9
Acer buergerianum	132	 1p8 10g8 28g22 100g34 112g58 450g113 1000g230
Acer buergerianum small leaved form	500395	 28g28 112g75 450g145
Acer campestre dw	133	 1g8 1p8 10g8 100g14 112g30 1000g55
Acer campestre prov UK	448738	 10g8 100g17 1000g103
Acer campestre wings	73787	 10g9 100g20 500g46 1000g84
Acer elegantulum	73788	 28g21 112g54 450g105
Acer japonicum dw	143	 28g115 112g325 450g606
Acer palmatum	461585	 1p13 10g17 25g30
Acer palmatum Atropurpureum dw dry seed	148	 10g11 1p12 28g44 100g92 112g123 450g223 1000g698
Acer palmatum large seed dw	122	 10g11 28g31 112g85 450g163 1000g665
Acer palmatum large seed prov USA	461587	 10g11 100g89 1000g665
Acer palmatum small seed dw	72450	 28g36 112g100 450g191
Acer palmatum small seed prov USA	458930	 10g11 28g38 100g94 112g106 450g200 1000g715
Acer palmatum ssp palmatum small leaved form	72459	 28g52 112g120 450g281
Acer palmatum stratified seed	46557	 28g46 112g107 450g249 1000g837
Acer palmatum v dissectum Atropurpureum Group dw	149	 10g15 20g30 30g45 50g75 112g153 450g289
Acer palmatum v dissectum Dissectum Viride Group dry	2498	 10g15 28g52 100g135 112g146 450g276 1000g1032
Acer rubrum northern prov dw	46559	 28g21 112g56 450g109
Acer rubrum northern prov ww	46560	 28g18 112g46 450g91
Acer rubrum southern prov dw	46561	 28g20 112g50 450g97
Acer rubrum southern prov ww	46562	 28g17 112g41 450g82
Acer species mixed	433828	 1p15
Acer spp Japanese Mixed	443058	 1p13
Acer tataricum ssp ginnala Flame dw	82821	 1p11 28g25 112g64 450g124
Acer tataricum ssp ginnala dw	138	 1p8 3g9 28g15 112g37 450g74 1000g298
Acer truncatum dw	24571	 28g22 112g59 450g116
Acer truncatum northern prov dw	448811	 28g22 112g59 450g116
Acer truncatum southern prov dw	448812	 28g26 112g69 450g134
Adansonia digitata	9	 1p9 10s11 100s25 500g65 1000g130
Adansonia grandidieri	80014	 10s10 100s59 1000g130
Adansonia gregorii	14947	 1p10 25g17 250g102 1000g326
Adansonia za	70151	 1000g130
Adenium obesum	192	 20s8 1p13 100s25 1000s206 1000g1591
Adenium obesum Multiflorum	31343	 10s8
Adenium obesum pink fl	452967	 10s8 20s10 50s20 100s30
Adenium obesum ssp somalense	401402	 10s11 100s85 10000s3131
Agonis flexuosa prov south coast WA	47404	 1p8 25g34 250g169 500g413 1000g595
Agonis flexuosa prov west coast WA	14948	 1p8 1000s26
Albizia tanganyicensis	72731	 1p12
Alectryon diversifolius	407429	 1p8.50
Allocasuarina littoralis	25293	 1p8 10g16 25g20 250g111 1000g360
Allocasuarina monilifera	16043	 1p8 25g26 250g143 1000g490
Allocasuarina nana	14959	 1p8 10g20 25g32 250g177 1000g621
Allocasuarina paludosa	16048	 1p8 10g22 25g26
Allocasuarina pusilla	16052	 1p8 10g19
Allocasuarina torulosa	16058	 1p8 10g19 25g30 250g186 1000g659
Allocasuarina verticillata	16054	 1p8 25g25 250g158 1000g549
Angophora costata	14993	 1p8 10g20 25g47 250g301 1000g1122
Angophora floribunda	14994	 1p13 10g26 25g47 250g327 1000g1226
Anisodontea scabrosa	39757	 1p8 15s8 100s14
Banksia ericifolia ssp ericifolia	15	 1p13 1000s81
Banksia integrifolia	15001	 1p9 100s13 1000s71
Banksia marginata	15002	 1p8.50 100s13 1000s85
Banksia serrata	14991	 10s9 1p10 100s35 1000s246
Banksia spinulosa ssp spinulosa	15003	 1p8.50 100s13 1000s56
Bauhinia natalensis	31044	 1p9 100s18
Bauhinia rufescens	27057	 1p10
Bauhinia tomentosa	376	 1p8 15s9 100s16
Beaufortia cyrtodonta cs	15738	 1p8.50 1g13
Betula chinensis	74433	 28g25 112g64 450g126
Bolusanthus speciosus	22868	 1p9 100s16
Bombax ceiba	425	 1p10 10g14 25g22 1000s54 1000g90 5000g350 10000s449 10000g550 100000s2681
Bonsai deciduous (mainly) mix	78104	 1p13
Boscia albitrunca	5059	 1p8
Brachychiton acerifolius	15004	 1p10 10g16 28g22 56g38 112g69 250g95 450g161 1000g298
Brachychiton acuminatus	15791	 1p10 25g20 250g126 1000g423
Brachychiton discolor	15006	 1p8.50 10s9 10g16 25g21 28g39 112g66 250g119 450g154 1000g391
Brachychiton gregorii	15007	 1p8.50 10g19 250g262 1000g968
Brachychiton populneus	14949	 1p8.50 10g14 25g18 50g25 100g44 112g68 250g102 450g157 1000g322
Buddleja saligna	64463	 1p8 100s8
Bursera fagaroides	5601	 20s10
Bursera hindsiana	407536	 20s10 100s43
Buxus sempervirens	448	 1g8 10g8 28g25 100g59 113g64 454g126 1000g435
Buxus sinica	82537	 28g26 112g71 450g138
Buxus sinica v insularis	447	 28g31 112g85 450g163
Caesalpinia decapetala	45	 1p11
Caesalpinia pulcherrima pink	73115	 1p9 10g12 25g22 50g38 250s49 100g70 500s91 1000s97
Calliandra haematocephala	457	 1000s82
Calliandra surinamensis	458	 25s10 1p13 1000s133
Callistemon citrinus bs	14951	 1p8 2.50g8 5g11 10g16 25g27 250g142 1000g483
Callistemon citrinus cs	46569	 1g8 1p8 10g18 25g51 1000g80 5000g297
Callitris columellaris	15032	 1p8.50 10g16 25g38 250g227 1000g828
Callitris rhomboidea	14954	 1p8.50 10g20 25g33 250g204 1000g729
Cananga odorata	485	 1p8 1000s75 10000s599
Carissa macrocarpa	509	 1p8 10s8 100s14 1000s40
Carpinus betulus	29901	 1p8 28g13 100g19 112g34 450g66 1000g108
Carpinus betulus green seed svs	445625	 28g15 112g38 450g77
Carpinus betulus prov UK	448742	 30g12 100g27 1000g179
Carpinus betulus select EU	553555	 20g8 100g29 1000g197
Carpinus caroliniana	514	 28g25 112g69 450g133
Carpinus cordata	76144	 28g23 112g63 450g122
Carpinus henryana	403259	 28g24 112g66 450g126
Carpinus koreana name unresolved	552812	 28g128 112g364 450g742
Carpinus laxiflora v macrostachys	80724	 28g23 112g63 450g122
Carpinus orientalis	25311	 1p8 28g20 112g54 450g106
Carpinus spp mixed	551098	 1p9
Carpinus turczaninovii	76145	 1p9 28g24 112g64 450g125
Cassia brewsteri	15016	 1p9 10g14 25g25 250g141 1000g483
Castanospermum australe svs	25274	 1p20 1000s697
Casuarina cunninghamiana	14957	 1p9 10g16 25g20 28g33 112g89 1000g121 250g126
Casuarina glauca	14958	 1p8.50 5g11 10g15 25g23 50g50 250g132 1000g444
Cedrus atlantica	545	 10g15 28g22 56g38 112g69 450g134 1000g1019
Cedrus libani	29009	 1g8 1p10 10g13 28g26 56g46 112g86 450g165 500g373 1000g713
Celtis africana	553	 1p9 100s14.50
Celtis sinensis	3092	 28g27 112g66 450g141
Chaenomeles japonica svs	603	 1p8 28g18 100g31 112g49 450g96 1000g212
Chaenomeles lagenaria	605	 20g10 100g36 1000g253
Chaenomeles spp and vars mix	451933	 50s8 1p10
Chionanthus retusus	31001	 1p10.50 10g16 28g23 250g37 500g68 1000g127
Coleonema pulchellum	51876	 1p8 10s8 100s15
Conifers Mix hardy spp	551109	 1p13
Coprosma repens	18025	 1p8 100s15 20g30 25g51
Corymbia citriodora bs	71206	 1p8.50 10g17 28g22 112g59 450g117 1000g121
Corymbia citriodora cs	400140	 1g8 1p9 5g15 10g29 1000g135 5000g571
Corymbia citriodora hardy N Z	430518	 100s14 25g44
Corymbia ficifolia bs	75378	 1p9 2g10 10g18 25g47 250g245 1000g898
Corymbia ficifolia cs pure seed	400893	 1p8.50 2g12 10g34 25g69 250g559 1000g2155
Corymbia ficifolia hardy N Z	430532	 2g10 50s14 10g33 25g48
Corymbia intermedia	1718	 1p13 10g19 25g32 250g206 1000g744
Corymbia maculata bs	14942	 1p9 10g16 25g22 250g133 1000g451
Corymbia maculata cs pure seed	67339	 1p9 1000s15 10g16 250g208 1000g752
Corymbia maculata hardy N Z	430547	 1p8 2g10 5g16 10g25 25g31
Crassula sarcocaulis ssp rupicola	406579	 1p9
Crataegus azarolus	5554	 5g8 20s8 10g10 25g17 50g28 100g50
Crataegus crus-galli	774	 50s11 28g18 112g49 450g96
Crataegus laevigata	401223	 1g8 30g11 100g22 1000g141
Crataegus mollis	778	 28g18 25g20 112g48 450g94
Crataegus monogyna	29902	 1g8 100g14 113g42 1000g65
Crataegus monogyna prov. Italy	448745	 30g11 100g24 1000g149
Crataegus monogyna prov. U K	448744	 30g9 100g21 1000g131
Crataegus phaenopyrum	781	 28g18 112g47 450g93
Crataegus punctata	784	 28g14 112g32 450g64
Crataegus viridis	73111	 28g20 112g52 450g102
Cryptomeria japonica	788	 1p8 10g8 250s8 28g21 1000s41 112g56 1000g90 250g108 5000g349 100000s1734
Cupressus funebris	799	 1p13 10g14 25g24 250g138 1000g467
Cycas revoluta cit	14985	 1p13 10s22 1000s533 10000s6970
Dacrycarpus dacrydoides bs svs	17883	 50s16 25g44
Dalbergia armata	86317	 1p9
Diospyros lycioides ssp lycioides svs	904	 1p9 10s9 100s18
Diospyros lycioides svs	69352	 100s11
Diospyros natalensis	431738	 1p9
Diospyros whyteana	909	 1p9 10s9 100s15
Elaeocarpus obovatus	83118	 1p10 10g18 1000s75
Elaeocarpus reticulatus	962	 1p10 25g17 1000s75 250g98 1000g312
Elaeocarpus sphaericus	75168	 1p10 1000g88
Erica frigida	446351	 1p9
Erythrina caffra	984	 1p9 100s20
Erythrina humeana	23575	 100s15
Erythrina lysistemon	24956	 1p10 10g14 100s18 25g33 250g105 1000g334
Eucalyptus erythronema red fl	15024	 1p9 10g16 250g210 1000g759
Eucalyptus nicholii	15042	 1p8 1000s21 10g26 25g78 250g381 1000g1443
Eucalyptus nicholii hardy N Z	430554	 2g10 100s14 10g36 25g51
Eucalyptus saligna	16873	 1p9 5g10 10g13 25g22 250g123 1000g410
Eucalyptus saligna hardy N Z	430578	 1p8 2g10 100s14 10g33 25g44
Eucalyptus saxatilis	459539	 1p9 5g24
Eucalyptus sideroxylon Rosea	15008	 1p9 1000s20
Eucalyptus sideroxylon Rosea hardy NZ	551003	 100s14 25g44
Eucalyptus torquata	15025	 1p9 10g16 25g25 28g52 250g161 1000g560
Eucalyptus woodwardii	15026	 1p9 10g17 25g26 250g161 1000g563
Eucalyptus woodwardii hardy N Z	551004	 100s14 25g49
Ficus benghalensis	1129	 1p10 10g14 25g24 1000s26 1000g75 10000s203
Ficus benjamina	1131	 1p13 1000s15 10g19 25g33 500g72 10000s118 1000g135
Ficus benjamina v nuda	73055	 1p13 10g19 25g33 250g209 1000g752
Ficus burtt-davyi	69364	 25s8 100s12
Ficus craterostoma	80061	 1p9
Ficus ingens	64466	 1p9
Ficus microcarpa v hillii	1136	 1p13 10g22 25g38
Ficus natalensis	52223	 1p9 25s9 100s16
Ficus obliqua	21243	 1p13 10g19 25g33 250g209 1000g752
Ficus platypoda	24511	 1p13 10g19 25g32
Ficus sycomorus	40738	 100s15
Ficus virens	16802	 1000g84
Firmiana simplex	1148	 1p10 28g16 112g41 450g81
Galpinia transvaalica	1181	 100s8 1p9 1000s50
Ginkgo biloba	39790	 1p8 10g10 50g12 100g20 113g38 454g82 1000g124 1000s265
Gleditsia japonica	400089	 20g10 100g36 1000g245
Grewia occidentalis	1265	 100s8 1p9 15s9
Hakea cucullata	15012	 1p9 1g14 10g155 25g285
Hakea victoriae	15013	 1p9 1g10 10g168 25g331 1000g1450 4000g5712
Hymenosporum flavum	15011	 10s11
Ilex aquifolium cs	1441	 1p8 20g11 10g16 28g23 100g41 112g62 450g121 1000g290
Juniperus chinensis	1499	 28g38 250g54 500g102 1000g193
Juniperus communis cs	24549	 1p8 10g11 25g11 50g16 100g26 112g75 450g145 500g212 1000g255
Juniperus communis v saxatilis	85274	 1p8 10g8 100g35
Juniperus monosperma	1505	 28g33 112g90 450g172
Juniperus oxycedrus ssp oxycedrus cs	438588	 1g8 1p8 10g10 100g58
Juniperus scopulorum	2455	 1p8 7g11 28g17 112g83 450g119
Kunzea baxteri	15014	 1p9 10g13 100s14 25g43 250g142 1000g437
Lagunaria patersonii	14963	 1p9 10g18 25g32 250g181 1000g643
Larix kaempferi	1562	 1p9 28g40 112g111 450g211
Lavandula angustifolia	13814	 2.50g8 400s8 1p9 5g11 10g18 50g24 100g41 250g93 500g175 1000g290 2500g710 10000g
Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Blue	13815	 1g8 1p8 100s8 2250s8 2.50g9 500s11 5g12 10g17 25g35 2500s41.30 50g64 5000s79.80
Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Promise compact	553863	 5g24 10g42 25g100 50g199 100g395 250g983 500g1955 1000g3255
Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Superior select	433946	 1p8 1g14 10g107 100g834
Lavandula angustifolia Lady	65842	 20s8 1p9 1g20 10g126 100g856
Lavandula angustifolia Mini Blue Lavender	63448	 1p15 1g82 10g503
Lavandula angustifolia Munstead	4136	 3000s8 1g9 5g9 10g12 25g22 50g38 100g69 250g164 350g220 500g317 1000g525 2500g10
Lavandula angustifolia Munstead organic	550359	 1p8 1g9 10g63 100g490
Lavandula angustifolia Nana Alba	442574	 1p8
Lavandula angustifolia Pink Perfume	452177	 1p10 1g19 4000s78 10g141 10000s191 100g1109
Lavandula angustifolia Provence Blue	445011	 1p8 100s8 2.50g16 5g27 7.50g39 10g46 25g108
Lavandula angustifolia Rosea	40002	 20s8 1p9 2.50g10 5g16 1g19 10g28 100g1109
Lavandula angustifolia organic seed	451651	 1g6 1p8 10g23 25g39 50g71 100g136 250g405 1000g828
Lavandula cvs dwarf mixed	26889	 100s8
Lavandula dentata	23349	 1p12 1g36 10g287
Lavandula multifida	458923	 1p8 100s8 1g33 5000s42 10000s78 2.50g81 5g158 10g208 25g777 50g1553 100g3104
Lavandula multifida Spanish Eyes	29988	 1p10 250s11 500s19 1000s35 2500s78 10000s360 100g3104
Lavandula pedunculata ssp pedunculata	35498	 0.25g8 1p8 100s8 2.50g9 5g12 10g15 25g38 50g70 100g133 500g902 1000g1020
Lavandula stoechas	13817	 1p8 100s8 10g12 25g28 50g50 100g93 250g415 1000g711 2500g2464
Lavandula stoechas Bandera	550363	 100s15 250s33 500s61 1000s115
Lavandula stoechas Purple Ribbon	457555	 100s14 1p15 10g27 500s57 25g59 1000s92 50g102 100g202 10000s652
Lavandula viridis	34236	 1p8 50s8 1g13 10g65
Leptospermum juniperinum	15023	 1p9 10g14 25g19 250g131 1000g443
Leptospermum laevigatum	14966	 1p9 25g13 250g60 28g65 1000g158
Leptospermum luehmannii	81837	 1p9 10g26 25g47
Leptospermum microcarpum	81838	 1p9 10g20
Leptospermum minutifolium	14967	 1p9 10g19
Leptospermum petersonii	14968	 1p13 10g14 25g24 250g132 1000g443
Leptospermum polygalifolium	15041	 1p9 10g14 25g22 250g118 1000g391
Leptospermum polygalifolium ssp transmontanum	434521	 1p9 25g18
Leptospermum rupestre	27961	 1g8 1p8 2.50g10 10g19
Leptospermum rupicola	442114	 1p9 25g22
Leptospermum scoparium	33	 1p8 1000s8 5g11 10g16 25g33 250g140 1000g479
Leptospermum scoparium prov NZ	75067	 1p8 2.50g10 100s14 5g15 10g23 15g30 25g44
Leptospermum spinescens	1497	 1p9 25g26
Leptospermum trinervium	14964	 1p9 25g26
Leucosidea sericea	67315	 1p9 100s9
Ligustrum lucidum cs	448003	 50s8 28g28 112g64 450g148 1000g177
Ligustrum lucidum db	400180	 1000g132
Lophomyrtus obcordatus	18231	 100s14 10g61
Lophostemon confertus	15035	 1p9 10g14 25g16 250g88 1000g270
Malus sylvestris	1667	 20g12 28g27 100g49 112g74 450g143 500g147 1000g255
Malus sylvestris prov U K	448749	 10g10 100g84 1000g640
Melaleuca bracteata	14971	 1p9 10g17 25g29 250g161 1000g560
Melaleuca decussata	14972	 1p13 10g16 25g27 250g141 1000g484
Melaleuca ericifolia	15019	 1p13 10g14 100s14 25g24 250g149 1000g514
Melaleuca ericifolia nana	15018	 1p9 10g16 25g27 250g141 1000g483
Melaleuca halmaturorum	16254	 1p9 10g16 25g27 250g149 1000g514
Melaleuca halmaturorum prov. WA	75106	 1p8.50 25g26 250g172 1000g605
Melaleuca hypericifolia	400139	 1p9 100s14 10g19 25g33
Melaleuca incana	15021	 1p9 10g25 25g29 250g161 1000g563
Melaleuca styphelioides	15017	 1p9 100s14 10g16 25g26 250g134 1000g454
Melicytus obovatus	68364	 1p9
Mespilus germanica svs	1695	 20g9 28g23 100g33 112g61 450g119 1000g222
Metasequoia glyptostroboides	74	 10g13 25g84 100g103 112g251 450g590 1000g786
Metasequoia glyptostroboides select 80pc	46527	 14g79 28g151 112g426 450g794
Morus alba	1716	 1p8 20g11 28g24 100g46 113g64 454g125 1000g326
Morus nigra	401131	 1g8 1p8 100s8 10g19 20g21 25g29 28g44 100g87 113g123 454g232 1000g741
Muehlenbeckia astonii (name not yet approved)	85993	 5g22
Murraya paniculata svs	1725	 1p10 1000s37 1000g107 5000s203 5000g362 10000g607 100000s1077
Myrciaria cauliflora	1771	 40s11 100s22
Myrtus communis	1776	 1p8 2.50g8 10g19 20g37 28g53 113g123 1000g281
Myrtus communis Compacta	1777	 28g38
Nandina domestica	27175	 20s8 14g16 28g16 56g26 112g45 1000s50 450g93
Nandina domestica Richmond	1781	 1p9
Nothofagus cunninghamii	24578	 1p9 100s11 1000s38 10g46 25g88
Olea europaea	27563	 1p9 28g18 113g46 454g90
Olea europaea ssp africana	24901	 100s8 1p9
Olea europea v oleaster bs	457599	 1p10
Olea exasperata	74569	 1p10 100s15
Olearia pinifolia cs pure seed	453866	 1p9 1g10
Pachira aquatica	1869	 100s107
Pachycormus discolor	404743	 100s15 500s47 1000s83
Paraserianthes lophantha	33801	 1p8 25g13 50s14 250g58 1000g150
Phytolacca dioica	2002	 25s8 1g15 5g40
Picea jezoensis	2012	 28g29 112g80 450g153
Picea pungens Glauca Arizona Apache	454829	 1p8.20 10g9 28g62 100g74 112g172 450g323 1000g551
Picea pungens Glauca Arizona Kaibab	448727	 10g15 28g74 100g127 112g207 450g389 1000g973
Picea pungens Glauca prov Colorado	2019	 20g14 25g18 50g30 100g54 112g172 450g323 1000g414
Picea pungens Glauca prov Rio Grande	448726	 10g11 100g92 1000g690
Picea smithiana	2023	 28g23 112g61 450g115 1000g121
Pinus aristata	2031	 1p10 20g14 100g59 1000g435
Pinus banksiana	2034	 1000g2537
Pinus contorta v contorta	2039	 10g20 100g183 1000g1424
Pinus contorta v contorta Xmas tree select	432354	 1p8 5g32 10g53 25g133 50g260 100g514 250g1025 500g2043 750g3063 850g3470 950g387
Pinus contorta v contorta prov north Canada	448731	 10g23 100g211 1000g1651
Pinus densiflora	74946	 20g13 100g57 1000g407
Pinus mugo ssp uncinata	41495	 10g10 25g26 50g45 100g83 1000g627
Pinus mugo v pumilio	400429	 2.50g8 1p10 5g10 10g14 100g122 1000g943
Pinus parviflora	2071	 10g31 100g291 1000g2284
Pinus strobus	2088	 10g18 100g158 1000g1221
Pinus thunbergii	30954	 20g14 28g18 56g30 112g53 1000g452
Pistacia chinensis	2108	 1p9 100s10 10g19 28g20 500s38 112g54 1000s61 450g104 1000g698
Pithecellobium flexicaule	32862	 1p10 10s12 112g50
Podocarpus elatus bs db vsvs	14975	 1p12 100s41 1000s187
Prunus cerasifera	2255	 100g12 1000g60
Prunus persica	2274	 100g14 1000g68
Prunus spinosa	2279	 1p8 10g8 100g12 500g51 1000g70
Pseudocydonia sinensis	814	 25s8 30s8 28g15 112g38 450g76
Punica granatum	2308	 1p8 100s9 100g15 10g16 1000s25 250g26 500g46 1000g85 5000g305 10000g460 100000s9
Punica granatum Nana	27559	 25s8 1p9 30s10 1g13 10g20 2.50g26 28g26 56g45 113g84 454g197 1000g859
Punica granatum Nana Orange Pygmy	29198	 5g44 10g82 25g199 50g395 100g785 250g1957 500g3903 1000g7018
Pyracantha coccinea cs	408028	 20g9 100g33 112g98 450g186 1000g222
Quercus ilex	2342	 100g15 1000g78
Quercus robur	27187	 100g11 1000g49
Quercus robur prov Holland	448752	 100g11 1000g50
Quercus suber	5217	 112g34 450g69
Rosenia humilis	539270	 1p9
Rosmarinus officinalis	14065	 1g8 150s8 2.50g17 5g28 10g39 25g72 50g141 100g277 250g684 500g956 1000g1903 2500
Rosmarinus officinalis Rosita	552187	 5g27 10g48 25g112 50g200 100g375 250g875
Rosmarinus officinalis Rosy	51214	 25g91 50g175 100g344 250g854 500g1697 1000g2827 2500g7053 10000g25252
Rosmarinus officinalis organic seeds	448197	 1p8 0.50g10 1g13 2.50g29 5g51 10g94 25g214 100g729 250g1185 500g2359 1000g3255
Santolina chamaecyparissus	86917	 1p8 1g20 10g149 100g1178
Santolina chamaecyparissus Santa	79197	 1p11 1g36 10g312
Santolina pinnata	83920	 100s8
Santolina rosmarinifolia	26917	 1p8 1g19 10g140 100g1109 1000g7772
Santolina villosa	3057	 0.25g8 1p11 0.50g14 1g23 5000s27 10000s48 2.50g52 15000s68 10g312
Sciadopitys verticillata	2536	 10g63 28g186 112g528 450g981 1000g4823
Sequoia sempervirens	401180	 1p8 10g21 25g54 28g84 50g102 100g198 112g235 450g440 1000g1550
Sequoiadendron giganteum	72	 1p8 270s8 2g10 5g10 7g14 14g21 25g37 28g91 112g206 224g244 450g480 1000g1752
Sideroxylon inerme	29415	 1p9 100s11
Sophora longicarinata	433022	 50s16 25g34
Sophora microphylla	39749	 50s16 25g27 20g36
Sophora microphylla v longicarinata	430593	 50s14 25g34
Sophora prostrata	18214	 50s14 10g29 25g55
Sophora tetraptera	47	 1p9 50s16 25g28 10g35
Sorbus aucuparia	27365	 1g8 1p8 10g9 25g14 28g21 50g22 100g37 112g56 250g83 450g108 500g122 1000g169
Stewartia monadelpha	2629	 28g58
Styrax japonicus	2643	 1p8 20g11 28g17 112g43 450g86 1000g336
Styrax japonicus v rubricalyx	458791	 1p8
Sutera halimifolia	440533	 1p9
Taxodium distichum cs	27366	 1p10 10g10 25g32 112g53 450g120 1000g629
Taxodium huegelii	2685	 25g8 50g12 100g19 250g40 1000s48 500g75 1000g135 100000s882
Taxus baccata	29903	 1p9 20g9 25g14 28g19 50g21 100g36 112g50 1000s86 450g99 1000g247
Taxus cuspidata	400550	 1p8 100s9 500s30 28g33 1000s51 112g90 450g173
Taxus cuspidata Capitata	2689	 28g47 112g131 450g248
Teucrium chamaedrys	29282	 1g8 1p8 100s8 2.50g10 5g14 10g22 20g43 25g53 50g102 100g138 250g499 500g988 1000
Teucrium chamaedrys wild form	77089	 1p8 1g10 10g20 50g62 100g117 250g290 500g530 1000g1044
Teucrium marum	32324	 250s8 1g15 5g31
Teucrium polium	24377	 1p8 1g12 10g88 100g696
Teucrium scorodonia	26935	 1g4 2.50g8 300s8 5g9 10g12 25g22 50g37 100g70 250g165 500g277 1000g547
Thymus Fragrantissimus	26933	 1g8 1p9 2.50g13 5g18 10g32 25g70
Thymus mastichina	400875	 1p8 125s8
Thymus pulegioides	15487	 1g8 500s8 2.50g13 10g14 25g26 50g46 100g88 250g186 500g363 1000g684 2500g1679 10
Thymus pulegioides organic	47607	 1p8 1g13 10g80 100g473 1000g3335
Thymus vulgaris Thyme - English/German Winter	4609	 1g8 10g8 200s8 1000s8 50g19 20g28 25g31 100g35 250g79 500g147 1000g284 2500g681
Thymus vulgaris Thyme-English/German Winter organic	404344	 10g10 25g17 50g27 100g48 250g151 500g237 1000g468
Thymus vulgaris Thyme-French Summer / Provence	26934	 300s8 5g9 10g17 25g23 50g38 100g73 250g175 500g339 1000g546 2500g1077 5000g2608
Thymus vulgaris Thyme-French Summer / Provence organic	551560	 1p8 1g12 10g63 100g352 1000g2096
Thymus vulgaris organic	453440	 200s5 1g8 10g28 100g163 1000g933
Thymus zygis	51075	 200s8 1p11 1g19 10g140 100g1109
Tristania suaveolens	77002	 1p11 10g19 25g26 250g92 1000g265
Tsuga canadensis	38246	 28g61 112g166 450g312
Tsuga heterophylla	2758	 10g21 28g47 112g131 450g248 1000g1550
Ugni molinae	83848	 1p8 100s8
Ulmus parvifolia	400572	 1p13 28g20 10g22 112g52 450g102
Ulmus pumila	2772	 1p12 28g15 112g39 450g77
Widdringtonia nodiflora	2829	 1p9 10s9 100s15
Widdringtonia schwarzii	24725	 10s9 100s15
Wisteria floribunda	2831	 10s8 28g34 112g42 224g78 450g150
Wisteria sinensis	2837	 1p8 20g12 10s17 56g19 100s29 112g32 224g58 450g110 500s113 1000s195 1000g366
Wisteria sinensis Alba	2838	 1p8 10g20 28g28 56g50 112g95 250g189 450g196 1000g667
Zelkova serrata	2867	 10g8 1p10 25g19 50g31 100g56 500g101 112g122 1000g194
Zelkova sinica	31419	 28g25 112g68 450g131

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