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List 271 - Bruniaceae - 11/14/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Berzelia abrotanoides	396	 1g14 1p10 100s18
Berzelia albiflora	463077	 1p12 100s14
Berzelia burchellii	458638	 1p10 100s16
Berzelia ecklonii	435374	 100s18
Berzelia galpinii	398	 1g12 5g50 1p4
Berzelia intermedia	399	 1g14 1p10
Berzelia lanuginosa	4	 1p4 125s8 1000s10
Berzelia squarrosa	435375	 1p12
Brassica oleracea f1 Brussels Windsor	462564	 250s16 500s23 1000s37 2500s86 10000s282 25000s658
Brunia albiflora	433	 1g21 1p17 100s8 1000s20
Brunia fragaroides	463078	 1g18 1p13 100s20
Brunia laevis	23568	 1p4 100s18
Brunia neglecta	508659	 1p12 100s19
Brunia noduliflora	435	 1p4
Brunia stokoei	68124	 1g17
Brunia stokoei x albiflora	462200	 100s17
Daucus carota ssp sativa Atomic Red	457263	 10g10 25g21 28g28 50g38 100g68 250g151 500g271 1p8 100s8 400s8
Daucus carota ssp sativa Bambino organic seed	457262	 10g9 25g18 50g31 100g54 250g121 500g216
Daucus carota ssp sativa Red Samurai	551216	 400s8
Daucus carota ssp sativa Solar Yellow	457143	 7g22 10g11 25g22 50g38 100g68 250g153 500g275 150s8 400s8
Daucus carota ssp sativa f1 Charisma	462033	 5000s13 10000s23 25000s50 50000s90 100000s165
Daucus carota ssp sativa f1 Mercurio	462031	 2500s9 5000s14 10000s25 25000s56 50000s97 100000s178
Nebelia fragarioides	23461	 100s19 1000s153

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