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List 275 - Burseraceae - 2/23/2019


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Boswellia neglecta	450211	 10s18 25s40
Boswellia sacra	508164	 1p28
Brassica oleracea f1 Kale Yurok	463934	 100s13 250s24 500s38 1000s60 2500s120 10000s379
Bursera aptera	441624	 100s112 1000s851
Bursera fagaroides	5601	 1p4
Bursera hindsiana	407536	 10s32
Bursera simaruba	37296	 1p4 100s26 1000s53 10000s367
Canarium madagascariensis	70223	 1000g122
Canarium ovatum vsvs	403655	 100s110
Commiphora africana v. glaucidula	550973	 10s22
Commiphora baluensis	461977	 1000g156
Commiphora edulis ssp. boiviniana	512918	 10s22 100s217
Commiphora edulis ssp. holosericea	406748	 10s22 100s217
Commiphora guillaumini	430860	 1000g125
Commiphora holtziana ssp. holtziana	446250	 10s28 100s116
Commiphora longipedicellata	438762	 10s23 100s227
Commiphora mollis	441666	 100s32 1000s241
Commiphora pyracanthoides	71811	 100s30
Dacryodes edulis	514990	 1s3
Protium serratum	536988	 100s65
Protium serratum Red	536989	 100s88

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