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List 292 - Caprifoliaceae - 11/14/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Heptacodium miconioides	442395	 1g23
Kolkwitzia amabilis	1546	 3g9 7g11 14g16 28g26 56g45 113g84 250g186 454g163 1000g427 1p4 164s8
Leycesteria crocothyrsos	73305	 1g21 3g27 1p12
Leycesteria formosa	4985	 1g6 3g25 10g28 100g869 1p4 30s8 250s8
Leycesteria formosa Gold Leaf	454644	 1g26 1p10
Lonicera alpigena	25342	 1g4 2g10 5g14 10g14 20g35 25g21 100g116 250g110 1p4
Lonicera caerulea	435980	 1g6 10g44 400g667 800g1189 1600g2069 1p5
Lonicera chrysantha	435981	 1g25
Lonicera ciliosa	77450	 5g32 30s8
Lonicera etrusca	25346	 5g26 250g546
Lonicera ferdinandi	527869	 1g6 10g36 100g260 1p4
Lonicera fragrantissima	441099	 1g8 3g9 3g10 7g12 7g13 14g19 28g30 113g82 250g199 454g159 1p4 430s8 438s8
Lonicera implexa	447695	 5g26 250g546
Lonicera involucrata	77451	 100s8
Lonicera maackii	35318	 25g30 250g127
Lonicera periclymenum	15367	 1g16 10g33 25g46 50g86 100g159 1000g1230
Lonicera tatarica	1607	 25g21 250g102
Lonicera tatarica Arnold Red	450662	 1p4
Lonicera xylosteum	2456	 1g5 10g14 25g24 50g41 100g75 250g314 1000g568 1p5
Sambucus canadensis c.s.	540445	 1g8 3g9 7g11 7g12 10g17 14g17 28g27 113g73 250g173 454g143 1p4 880s8
Sambucus ebulus c.s.	5026	 1g5 10g17 25g16 50g25 100g43 1000g4120 1p4
Sambucus glauca cs	3054	 7g8 14g11 25g23 28g15 113g40 250g120 454g81 1p8
Sambucus nigra Black Frills	551574	 1p10
Sambucus nigra Laciniata	80289	 5g23
Sambucus nigra c.s.	27364	 1g4 10g10 25g13 28g16 50g19 100g32 113g43 250g68 454g87 1000g224 1p4
Sambucus nigra stratified seed	460874	 1000g406
Sambucus racemosa c.s.	2512	 1g6 10g8 25g11 28g18 50g16 100g26 113g48 250g81 454g96 1000g160 1p5
Sambucus sachalinensis (name unresolved)	439996	 1p11
Symphoricarpos albus UK prov.	436427	 20g19 100g84 1000g633
Symphoricarpos albus c.s.	2649	 10g18 28g25 100g84 113g69 250g186 454g135 1000g630 1p4
Symphoricarpos albus prov, UK stratified seed	463695	 10g23 100g109 1000g830
Symphoricarpos albus ssp laevigatus	2651	 28g74 113g206 454g389
Symphoricarpos orbiculatus c.s.	24708	 3g19 7g26 10g19 14g39 28g39 113g107 250g186 454g205 75s8
Triosteum perfoliatum	69879	 3g16 7g22 15s8
Viburnum acerifolium	2795	 28g26 113g69 454g134
Viburnum betulifolium	80883	 25g28 250g173
Viburnum cassinoides c.s.	2796	 25g28 28g26 113g70 250g147 454g138
Viburnum cylindricum	446527	 25g20 250g81
Viburnum dentatum	2798	 25g18 28g15 113g39 250g81 454g80
Viburnum dilatatum	2799	 25g23 28g20 113g51 250g94 454g101
Viburnum ichangense	24723	 25g18 28g15 113g29 250g81 454g60
Viburnum japonicum	443020	 28g27 113g76
Viburnum lantana	29904	 10g10 20g12 28g15 100g28 113g37 454g76 1000g192 100s10
Viburnum lantana prov. UK	448755	 10g9 100g38 1000g270
Viburnum lantana stratified seed	463699	 10g10 100g46 1000g330
Viburnum lentago	2802	 28g20 113g56 454g125 50s8
Viburnum opulus	51793	 2g8 10g9 25g18 28g22 100g29 113g60 250g81 454g116 1000g200 1p4
Viburnum opulus Xanthocarpum	31034	 1g8 10g11 100g73
Viburnum opulus stratified seed	82470	 10g9 100g43 1000g306
Viburnum prunifolium	2804	 25g16 250g75
Viburnum rhytidophyllum	27196	 20g10 25g18 28g19 100g24 113g43 250g81 454g103 1000g156
Viburnum sargentii	2806	 25g20 28g20 113g46 250g94 454g108
Viburnum setigerum	2807	 28g23 113g60 454g118
Viburnum sieboldii d.b.	27197	 25g18 28g16 113g42 250g81 454g84
Viburnum tinus	281	 20g12 25g18 28g19 100g31 113g42 250g81 454g100 1000g206
Viburnum trilobum	2812	 3g28 7g40 14g66 25g21 28g20 113g56 250g105 454g129 10s8 15s8 100s10
Viburnum utile	547184	 1p9
Viburnum veitchii	436058	 1p12
Viburnum wrightii	2813	 1p9
Weigela florida	31037	 14g38 28g70 113g197 454g372
Weigela florida Versicolor	459605	 1p9

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