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List 90 - Cereals and Legumes - Food and Oilseed Plants - 12/9/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Abelmoschus esculentus Okra Red Burgundy	39229	 28g18 50g30 100g57 113g36 1000g371 50s8
Abelmoschus esculentus Texas Hill Country Red	70681	 28g20 113g40 40s8
Acacia aneura	553568	 2g17 10g28 25g23 1000g318
Acacia colei	72962	 25g23 1000g333
Acacia coriacea	20751	 2g17 25g23 1000g326 1p14
Acacia cowleana	20752	 2g17 25g22 1000g318
Acacia estrophiolata	20788	 2g17 10g31 25g26 250g384 1000g414
Acacia greggii	25051	 5g25
Acacia holosericea	20821	 2g17 25g23 1000g333
Acacia ligulata	20853	 2g17 25g23 1000g318
Acacia murrayana	20882	 2g17 25g26
Acacia notabilis	2089	 2g17 25g28 1000g642
Acacia omalophylla	38476	 2g21 25g62 1000g600
Acacia oswaldii	20896	 2g17 25g34 1000g642
Acacia stenophylla	20948	 2g17 10g14 25g43 250g247 1000g686
Acacia tenuissima	20961	 2g17 25g23 1000g348
Acacia tumida	20968	 2g17 10g22 25g31 1000g414
Acacia victoriae	20979	 2g17 10g19 25g22 250g169 1000g308
Adenanthera pavonina	191	 22g8 25g9 50g11 100g15 250g30 500g54 1000g100 1p4
Aleurites fordii	5071	 25g27 250g110
Aleurites moluccana	216	 10g8 100g65 1000g550 1p4 1000s460
Amaranthus blitoides	86333	 1g11 2g16 5g25 10g44 25g96 100g282 1000g1865 1p4
Amaranthus caudatus Coral Fountain	446571	 100g48 250g112 500g213 1000g372 2500g880 5000g1685 10000g3263 1p4
Amaranthus caudatus Emerald Tassels	444491	 1p8
Amaranthus caudatus Love Lies Bleeding	23704	 10g6 100g9 250g15 1000g40 2000g70 2500g166 3000g100 5000g157 10000g444 25000g957
Amaranthus caudatus Viridis Green Cascade	28284	 10g8 50g10 100g13 250g25 1000g93 2500g172 5000g383 10000g456 25000g992 1p4
Amaranthus cruentus	440871	 1g6 10g30 1p4
Amaranthus cruentus Amont	550718	 100g40 500g124 1000g198
Amaranthus cruentus Golden Giant organic	39377	 100g56 500g172 1000g307
Amaranthus cruentus Oeschberg	23818	 12g8 25g10 100g21 250g43 500g79 1000g145 5000g574 10000g1039 1p4
Amaranthus cruentus Red selection	37632	 10g7 20g17 30g25 50g34 100g15 250g29 500g51 1000g93 1p4
Amaranthus cruentus Velvet Curtains	446572	 50g21 100g35 250g81 500g152 1000g166 2500g398 10000g1156 25000g2500
Amaranthus cruentus x Hopi Red Dye Amaranth	32574	 10g18 1p8 300s8 500s8
Amaranthus graecizans	86332	 25g102 100g297 1000g1966
Amaranthus hybridus	86331	 1g4 25g62 100g188 1000g1230 1p4
Amaranthus hybridus Opopeo	39376	 1p8 200s8
Amaranthus hypochondriacus	51352	 1g8 10g11 20g18 30g25 50g35 100g65 100s8
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Grain d Or	447581	 100g44 500g198 1000g257 1000s8
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Grain dOr organic seed	463818	 100g53 500g245 1000g294
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Green Giant	550717	 25g14 50g26 100g44 250g91 500g163
Amaranthus hypochondriacus Green Giant organic seeds	550732	 100g53 500g245 1000g294
Amaranthus hypochondriacus x Plainsman	408091	 10g6 100g30 500g198 1000g257 1p4
Amaranthus tricolor Carnival	553137	 10000s84
Amaranthus tricolor Elephant Head organic seed	39372	 1p8 500s8
Amaranthus tricolor Josephs Coat	440873	 250s8
Anacardium occidentale red cashew	39740	 1p4 10s10 50s45 100s76 500s285 1000s200
Anacardium occidentale yellow cashew	457173	 1000s456
Anethum graveolens Etherio	461626	 50g8 100g10 250g17 500g28 1000g49 2000g92 1p4
Anethum graveolens Greensleeves organic	551433	 100g43 1000g215 1p8
Anethum graveolens Mammoth fresh or seed Dill	26895	 25g8 50g14 100g11 250g20 300g46 1000g61 2500g146 5000g230 10000g380 25000g820 1p
Anethum graveolens Mammoth organic seed	551553	 10g9 20g15 30g23 50g32 100g33 1000g190 1p8
Anethum graveolens Mariska	72514	 8g8 10g9 25g14 50g22 100g39 250g84
Anethum graveolens Monia	460318	 10g23 25g18 50g30 100g54 250g188 1000g242 1p8
Arachis hypogaea	277	 500g30 1000g54 2000g101 1p4
Arachis hypogaea Jumbo Peanut	457608	 10g22 20g30 50g55
Argania spinosa	450939	 1p4 10s10 50s30 100s50
Atriplex canescens	5049	 1g6 28g15 113g35 454g72 1000g339 1p4
Avena fatua	86346	 10g8 100g51 1000g312 1p4
Avena fatua non-dormant biotype	86347	 25g36 100g103 1000g669
Avena sativa	38401	 10g6 50g8 100g9 250g14 500g22 1000g37 4010g410 10000g161 25000g339 1p4
Avena sativa Cayuse organic seed	452856	 22700g400
Azadirachta indica vsvs	28069	 25g22 1000g217 2010g276 4010g449 1000s147
Balanites maughamii	80026	 1p13
Balsamorhiza sagittata	23413	 10g79 100g611 1p4
Bauhinia petersiana ssp. macrantha	434564	 100s30 1000s224
Bischofia javanica b.s.	458961	 1000g74 5000g216
Bischofia polycarpa	42	 1000g197 100s13 1000s47
Brachychiton populneus	14949	 10g14 25g26 250g145 1000g517 1p11
Brassica napus	33465	 50g8 100g10 250g18 500g27 1000g52 1500g64 2000g77 2500g89 1p4
Brassica napus Rape Malwira winter variety	458440	 50g8 100g10 250g18 500g30 1000g53 2500g126 10000g318 25000g688 1p4
Brassica napus Rape Zefa Rot autumn	550726	 250g23 500g39 1000g69 2000g117 5000g214
Brassica napus Rape Zefa Weiss autumn	550727	 250g23 500g39 1000g69 2000g117 5000g214
Brassica nigra Black / Brown Mustard	403551	 10g6 50g8 100g9 250g14 500g22 1000g37 2500g83 5000g147 10000g200 25000g419 1p4
Bromus carinatus	32191	 25g22 100g48 230g113 450g129 1p8
Cajanus cajan	5505	 1g8 28g16 113g32 454g61 1000g73 5000g269 10000g472 1p4 30s8 100s12 1000s58
Calodendrum capense svs	24897	 10g13 25g22 250g83 1000g137 1p13 3s12 100s35 1000s282
Camelina sativa Suneson	462700	 28g18 113g40 545g96 5000s8
Camelina sativa organic seed	550734	 10g10 100g17 250g16 500g25 1000g43
Caragana arborescens	488	 10g8 25g23 100g32 113g41 250g107 500g114 1000g220 1p4
Carthamus tinctorius	23381	 10g8 15g12 20g15 25g16 30g21 40g26 50g26 100g47 113g30 250g50 454g77 500g93 1000
Carthamus tinctorius Grenade Mixed	82368	 10g8 50g17 100g28 250g61 500g111 1000g211 2500g475 5000g880 1p4
Carthamus tinctorius Grenade Mixed orange + yellow	551582	 25g8 50g11 100g15 250g23 500g39 1000g72 2500g134 10000g410 1p4
Carthamus tinctorius Grenade Orange	34256	 10g6 25g9 50g11 100g16 250g32 500g57 1000g107 10000g534 25000g1158 1p4 400s8
Carthamus tinctorius Grenade Orange graded + filmcoated	552311	 100g51 250g123 500g235 1000g460 2500g1067 5000g2049
Carthamus tinctorius Grenade White	52141	 25g10 50g14 100g22 250g47 500g88 1000g122 2500g227 10000g713 25000g12244 1p4
Carthamus tinctorius Grenade Yellow	69296	 25g9 50g11 100g16 250g32 500g57 1000g107 2500g197 10000g534 25000g1158 1p4
Carthamus tinctorius Kinko	27347	 250s12 500s19 1000s35 2500s77 10000s118 100000s876 200000s1722
Carthamus tinctorius Nemo	550758	 10g9 15g12 25g16 50g26
Carthamus tinctorius Zanzibar	69297	 10g9 15g11 25g16 50g15 100g23 250g51 500g96 1000g353 10000s191 100000s1518 20000
Carthamus tinctorius Zanzibar graded + filmcoated	552310	 100g51 250g123 500g235 1000g460 2500g1067 5000g2049
Carthamus tinctorius Zanzibar organic	446576	 1000g182
Carthamus tinctorius organic seed	551080	 10g12 100g99 1000g574 1p4
Carum carvi	400714	 10g10 25g8 28g20 50g11 100g18 113g40 150g27 250g36 500g29 1000g51 2500g119 10000
Cedrus deodara	2901	 25g8 50g10 100g13 250g129 454g101 1000g90 5000g305 1p4 102s8
Cedrus deodara prov. India	450921	 1000g90
Celastrus paniculatus b.s.	510959	 1g11 3g15 7g23 1p4
Cephalotaxus harringtonia v. drupacea svs	561	 25g36 250g199
Cercidium torreyanum	458812	 28g20 1p4
Chenopodium album	3681	 3g8 7g10 14g13 25g22 50g38 100g70 250g170 500g332 1000g625 1p4
Chenopodium berlandieri Huazontle	32708	 7g18 28g28 1p4
Chenopodium berlandieri v nuttaliae	68223	 800s8
Chenopodium polyspermum	86366	 25g44 100g124 1000g807
Chenopodium quinoa	24644	 1g6 10g25 20g9 250g300 1p4
Chenopodium quinoa Brilliant Rainbow	444685	 28g24 100s8
Chenopodium quinoa Carmen	550282	 1000g79
Chenopodium quinoa Cherry Vanilla	401950	 28g36 400s8
Chenopodium quinoa Cochabamba	460981	 25g59 400s8
Chenopodium quinoa organic	550280	 500g37 1000g63
Cicer arietinum	404477	 1000g7
Cicer arietinum Ares	405161	 100g13 200g18 500g33 1000g55 6000g200 30000g850
Cicer arietinum Chick Pea sprouting organic seed	432708	 250g23 500g27 1000g59 1500g65 2000g72 2500g106 5000g157 1p4
Cicer arietinum Garbanzo Green Channa chick pea	431156	 454g57 50s11
Cicer arietinum Garbanzo Kala Channa chick pea	35669	 250g25 454g57 500g42 1000g75 5000g275 10000g390 50s11
Cicer arietinum Principe	437935	 100g13 200g18 500g33 1000g55 6000g200 30000g850 1p9
Citrullus ecirrhosus	68444	 100s31 1000s224
Cleome gynandra	80090	 1p10 100s15
Cnicus benedictus	23404	 10g9 20g18 50g31 100g35 250g78 500g149 1000g290 2270g751 11300g3556 45400g11812
Cnicus benedictus organic seed	457332	 1g8 10g28 100g53 454g161 1000g250 2270g530
Coix lacryma-jobi v. lacryma-jobi	3728	 50g8 100g11 250g22 500g38 1000g70 2500g389 1p4 100s8 10000s387
Coriandrum sativum	4924	 1g4 10g8 100g8 100g15 250g28 500g34 1000g52 2500g66 5000g125 10000g167 25000g352
Coriandrum sativum Calypso	461113	 25g10 50g16 100g28 250g59 500g102
Coriandrum sativum Cilantro Santo	37686	 25g8 50g10 100g14 250g27 300g35 500g48 1000g82 1p4
Coriandrum sativum Cilantro Santo organic seed	552156	 12g8 25g10 50g14 100g24 150g35 250g51 500g87 1000g193 1p8
Coriandrum sativum Jantar 2x oil	403505	 10g8 12g8 100g15 250g30 500g53 1000g97 1p4
Coriandrum sativum Leisure leaf	73519	 50g10 100g14 200g24 250g28 300g35 500g48 1000g82 10000g672 1p8 100s8
Coriandrum sativum Lemon Coriander	448190	 250g58 500g111 1000g153 2500g287
Coriandrum sativum Marino organic seed	552243	 25g15 50g23 100g35 1000g150 1p8
Coriandrum sativum Moroccan	26896	 75s8
Coriandrum sativum Spice Coriander for seed	458922	 100g43 1000g201 1p8
Coriandrum sativum Spice Coriander for seed organic	461660	 25g18 50g30 100g37 1000g179 10000g1094 1p8
Crambe hispanica ssp. abyssinica	29087	 10g6 100g8 1000g45 1p4
Cucurbita ecuadorensis	514211	 10s10 100s14 1000s64
Cucurbita ficifolia	32385	 1g6 5g16 10g24 50g102 250g468 1p4
Cucurbita maxima Crown (N.Z.)	74105	 100g35 250g80 500g150 1000g289 2500g690 5000g1350 10000g2436
Cucurbita maxima Lakota	460965	 25g20 100g27 250g59 500g112 25s11
Cucurbita maxima Mammoth Pumpkin	457149	 1p8 10s8 100s12 250s26 500s46 1000s85
Cucurbita maxima Sibley	553512	 28g26 113g60 25s8
Cucurbita pepo Kakai pumpkin	448553	 1p9
Cucurbita pepo Lady Godiva	462816	 25g17 50g27 100g48 250g113 500g216 1000g300 2500g572 10000g1726
Cucurbita pepo Styrian	32353	 1p9
Cuminum cyminum	400473	 10g8 25g11 28g18 50g9 75g24 100g12 113g44 250g23 500g39 1000g70 2500g158 10000g4
Descurainia sophia	86374	 1g8 10g30 1000g1267 1p4
Desmanthus illinoensis	24741	 7g8 14g10 28g13 56g19 113g31 227g55 454g104 1p4
Digitalis purpurea Berggold high digitalin organic seed	403512	 1g9 10g38 100g215 1000g1237 1p8
Dioon spinulosum cit	37183	 100s281 1000s924 10000s3580
Dysphania ambrosioides	21844	 1g14 25g59 100g168 1000g1107 200s34 1000s8
Dysphania ambrosioides Oaxaca Red	517314	 5g20 1p8
Echium vulgare	13643	 5g5 10g9 25g15 100g36 250g72 1000g246 1p4
Elaeis oleifera	73822	 100s78 1000s60
Eleusine coracana	3837	 5g10 10g15 1p4 250s6 1000s16
Eragrostis tef	28769	 18g8 25g11 50g15 100g23 250g49 500g92 1000g176 1p4
Eucalyptus nitens	16856	 10g43 25g75 100g1091 1000g1496 1p4
Eucalyptus polybractea	16968	 10g21 25g38 1000g1055 1p15
Eucalyptus radiata b.s.	16868	 10g20 25g31 1000g613 1p12
Eurya japonica	448686	 5g23
Fallugia paradoxa bs	1086	 1p8
Festuca glauca	3907	 6g8 12g9 25g12 50g18 100g30 250g68 500g130 1000g246 2500g862 5000g1608 1p4
Foeniculum vulgare Best Bulber bulbing fennel	403511	 7g22 100s8
Gahnia aspera	315	 10g13 25g22 250g192 1000g324
Game and wild bird cover Raphanus sativus Radish Fodder	454083	 500g37 750g30 1000g60 1500g54 2000g98 2500g113 3000g100 6000g165 15000g350 30000
Game cover Camelina sativa Gold of Pleasure	67794	 157g11 313g15 625g23 5000g134 10000g218 20000g420 1p4
Game cover Chenopodium quinoa Sandoval Mixture	25527	 10g8 250g19 500g32 1000g58 2000g108 10000g408 20000g800 40000g1575 1p4
Game cover Panicum miliaceum Poacher Millet Mix	47004	 1250g29 2500g52 5000g97 10000g143 25000g332
Game cover Panicum miliaceum Poacher Red Millet	454069	 1250g29 2500g52 5000g97 10000g143 25000g332 50000g613
Game cover Panicum miliaceum Poacher White Millet	454068	 1250g29 2500g52 5000g97 10000g143 25000g332 50000g613
Game cover Panicum miliaceum Tanka Millet Mix	47003	 1250g38 2500g70 5000g134 10000g218 25000g519 50000g988
Game cover Polygonum fagopyrum Buckwheat	39775	 10g6 100g9 250g14 500g21 1000g34 2500g75 5000g112 7500g144 10000g169 15000g241 2
Game cover Sorghum bicolor Giant Sorghum	454071	 2500g48 5000g89 10000g170 20000g326 50000g750
Game cover Sorghum bicolor Milo	454070	 2500g48 5000g89 10000g170 20000g326 50000g750
Game cover Sorghum bicolor Sorghum Mix	47005	 2500g48 5000g89 10000g170 20000g326 50000g750
Game cover Summer Blend hardy mix	454085	 1000g61 2500g145 5000g260 12500g586
Game feed crop Triticum x Triticale spring var.	46284	 3125g33 6250g60 12500g112 25000g216 50000g380 100000g660
Game feed crop Triticum x Triticale winter var.	46283	 3125g35 6250g64 12500g121 25000g233 50000g415 100000g730
Glaucium flavum	15104	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g24 25g25 50g42 50g43 100g79 1p4
Glycine max	1256	 5g8 25g12 50g12 250g25 2500g121 5000g172 10000g238 25000g512 1p4 280s8
Glycine max Fiskeby V	438123	 25g8 50g10 100g13 250g24 500g41 500g42 1000g75 2500g180 5000g329 10000g554 1p4
Gossypium barbadense	21891	 2g10 10g15 100g75 30s15
Guibourtia coleosperma	70942	 1p4 10s6 100s24 1000s215
Guizotia abyssinica	29616	 25g31 100g60 1000g370
Helianthus annuus Autumn Beauty mix	41706	 10g8 25g15 28g18 2500g115 10000g280 25000g574 1p8 100s8
Helianthus annuus Bismarckianus	452505	 10g6 50g8 100g10 250g17 500g27 1000g47 2500g110 10000g264 25000g554 1p4
Helianthus annuus Chocolat semi-dwarf	445824	 2g8 5g11 10g19 25g37 50g66 10s8
Helianthus annuus Crimson Queen	433859	 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g18 250g38 500g70 1p4 350s8
Helianthus annuus Double Sunking	85403	 2g8 5g9 10g9 10g12 25g14 25g23 50g21 50g40 100g35 250g79 500g137 1000g240 1p4 40
Helianthus annuus Evening Sun	32498	 1000g47 2000g88 2500g115 10000g280 25000g589
Helianthus annuus Garden Statement semi-dwarf	454922	 100g62 250g151 500g289 1000g328 2500g789 5000g1548 10000g3046
Helianthus annuus Giant Single Head	38311	 50g12 100g15 250g39 500g19 1000g31 3000g83 10000g216 1p8
Helianthus annuus Giant Single Head organic seed	552302	 100g41 250g47 500g88 1000g122 2500g247 10000g627 1p8
Helianthus annuus Henry Wilde	71717	 500g26 1000g45 2500g105 10000g248 25000g629
Helianthus annuus Henry Wilde organic seeds	552374	 500g170 1000g332
Helianthus annuus Holiday bush	38317	 1p8
Helianthus annuus Kong pollen free to 4 metres tall	457229	 100s9 250s19 500s32 1000s60
Helianthus annuus Lemon Queen	71718	 100g17 250g33 500g59 1000g108 2500g230 5000g420 10000g688 25000g1494 1p8
Helianthus annuus Mammoth Grey Stripe	439689	 113g32 454g65 40s8
Helianthus annuus Mongolian Giant extra tall	454923	 10g8 16g8 25g12 50g17 100g27 1p4 60s8
Helianthus annuus Moonshine	76160	 1p8
Helianthus annuus Music Box Mix cream-mahogany	38305	 1p4 100s9 250s15 500s25 750s37 1000s47 2500s100
Helianthus annuus Orange Sun double	71719	 250g74 500g137 1000g240 1p8
Helianthus annuus Ring of Fire	432599	 1p9 50s8 100s7 200s19 250s14 300s27 500s26 1000s47 2500s100
Helianthus annuus Sungold Dwarf / Teddy Bear double	85402	 100g42 250g91 500g31 1000g56 2000g105 2500g120 10000g353 25000g822
Helianthus annuus Sungold tall double	71720	 500g78 1000g74 2500g247 10000g689 25000g1494
Helianthus annuus Sunshine	85404	 250g53 500g100 1000g174 2500g403 5000g776 10000g1500
Helianthus annuus Sunspot dwarf single large fl.	71722	 250g21 500g35 1000g64 2500g117 10000g341 25000g795
Helianthus annuus Superted double	550812	 50s9 100s17 250s36 500s66
Helianthus annuus Taiyo	32499	 250g36 500g66 1000g121 2500g260 5000g480 10000g883
Helianthus annuus Teddy Bear	550337	 25g15 30g24 100g42 250g91 1p8
Helianthus annuus The Sun	38319	 500g59 1000g112 2500g241 5000g439 10000g689 25000g1494
Helianthus annuus Titan	85405	 12g8 20g8 25g10 50g14 100g21 250g44 500g81 1000g140 2500g321 5000g612 10000g1173
Helianthus annuus Valentine	41707	 10g31 1p9 50s8 100s8 250s11 500s20 750s35 1000s35 2500s76 5000s146
Helianthus annuus Vanilla Ice	450763	 5g9 10g15 15g21 25g30 50g54
Helianthus annuus Velvet Queen	71721	 12g8 25g9 50g11 100g16 250g33 500g59 1000g108 2500g230 5000g420 10000g1724 1p4 2
Helianthus annuus dwarf form	454066	 1000g39 2500g86 5000g161 100s12 250s25 500s45 1000s82
Helianthus annuus f1 Buttercream pollenfree semi-dwarf	454919	 1p4 50s8 100s9 250s14 250s15 500s40 1000s38 2500s87 5000s172 10000s306 25000s731
Helianthus annuus f1 Claret graded seed	438156	 1000s39 2500s89 5000s172 10000s306 25000s752 50000s1464 100000s2937
Helianthus annuus f1 Copper Queen graded seed	438153	 1000s39 2500s90 5000s177 10000s310
Helianthus annuus f1 Dorrit	552313	 25g22 50g38 100g69 250g166 500g321 1000g632 2500g1115 5000g2845
Helianthus annuus f1 Full Sun Improved earlier	444540	 10000s329 50000s1584 100000s3160
Helianthus annuus f1 Harlequin Mixed bicolours pollenfree	454921	 1p4 50s8 100s9 250s15 500s23 1000s39 2500s89 5000s174 10000s307 25000s751
Helianthus annuus f1 Little Dorrit graded seed	438151	 1p4 50s8 100s9 250s14 250s15 500s22 500s23 1000s38 1000s39 2500s87 5000s172 1000
Helianthus annuus f1 Magic Roundabout mix pastels graded seed	438159	 1p8 1000s36 2500s88 5000s172 10000s306 25000s750
Helianthus annuus f1 Mezzulah semi-dwarf graded seed	438152	 1000s38 2500s88 5000s172 10000s306 25000s750
Helianthus annuus f1 Orange-Mahogany Bicolour graded seed	438154	 1000s38 2500s88 5000s172 10000s306 25000s750
Helianthus annuus f1 Ruby graded seed	438158	 1p4 50s8 100s9 250s14 250s15 500s22 500s23 1000s38 1000s39 2500s88 5000s172 1000
Helianthus annuus f1 Shock-o-Lat tall branching pollenfree graded seed	552533	 1000s38 2500s88 5000s172 10000s306 25000s750
Helianthus annuus f1 Solar Power graded seed	446586	 1000s38 2500s88 5000s172 10000s306 25000s750
Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Gold pollenless ayr	445285	 100s17 250s37 500s25 1000s44 2000s81 2500s277 10000s381 100000s3662
Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Lemon	83912	 50g112 100g221 1000g1517 2500g2912 100s17 250s37 500s25 1000s44 2000s81 2500s277
Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Lemon Summer earlier	461398	 5000s218 10000s429 50000s2088 100000s4146
Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Lime	462851	 500s25 1000s44 2000s81 10000s381 100000s3662
Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Limoncello Summer early	462849	 5000s218 10000s429 50000s2088 100000s4146
Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Orange DMR	462850	 1000s54 2000s101 5000s248 10000s485 50000s2368 100000s4705
Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Orange Summer earlier	461081	 100s20 250s43 500s79 1000s146 5000s218 10000s429 50000s2088 100000s4146
Helianthus annuus f1 Sunrich Orange market standard cut	83913	 5g17 10g26 15g38 20g48 50g93 100g221 1000g1517 2500g2912 100s16 250s35 500s25 10
Helianthus annuus f1 Tiffany	438155	 1000s37 2000s67 10000s311 100000s2963
Helianthus annuus f1 Zohar pollenless organic seed	462852	 25g34 50g61 100g119 250g290 500g570 1000g800 2500g1533
Helianthus annuus for sunflower shoots	438614	 500g35 1000g57 5000g61 10000g276
Helianthus annuus single tall	22468	 250g11 500g16 1000g25 2000g65 2500g55 3000g82 4000g103 5000g103 10000g198 20000g
Helianthus annuus sprouting seed	32748	 100g10 250g18 500g30 1000g53 2500g95 5000g152
Helianthus debilis ssp cucumerifolius New Hybrids	449036	 100g33 250g74 500g137 1000g240 2500g579 5000g1108 10000g2158
Hibiscus cannabinus	5094	 25g51 100g165 500g38 1000g70 2000g133 5000g282 1p10 25s8 50s8 100s24 1000s184
Hordeum vulgare Barley	2958	 125g8 250g9 500g12 1000g17 2500g32 5000g56 10000g103 25000g245 1p4
Hordeum vulgare Barley organic seed	462988	 500g25 1000g44 2500g79 5000g147 10000g200 25000g419
Jatropha curcas	24548	 10g10 50g20 100g35 454g77 1000g70 5000g505 1p4 1000s95 100000s3312
Lablab purpureus	922	 10g10 25g8 50g9 100g12 250g23 500g40 1000g77 2000g144 2500g328 10000g938 25000g2
Lablab purpureus Antaque Rouge	431862	 10s8
Lablab purpureus red leaved form	28184	 28g23 20s9
Lablab purpureus ssp uncinatus	431751	 1p10
Lablab purpureus white fls. green leaves + pod	37154	 10g8 100g15 250g24 500g42 1000g76
Lathyrus sativus Cicerchia Marchigiana	437932	 100g14 200g21 500g40 1000g65 6000g250 26000g945
Lavandula multifida	458923	 1g33 10g208 1p8 100s8 5000s43 10000s80 100000s780
Lens culinaris Della Val di Nievole	437934	 100g15 200g22 500g39 1000g64 6000g318 26000g1095
Lens culinaris Lentillon Rose de Champagne	86105	 250g13
Lens culinaris Lentils	448532	 10g6 100g8 250g11 500g16 1000g26 2500g54 5000g100 10000g194 25000g419 1p4
Lens culinaris della Val di Nievole organic seed	552824	 50g10 250g25 500g42
Limnanthes douglasii	13835	 50g53 113g60 1000g178 2500g342 5000g670
Linum usitatissimum Flax	23101	 50g26 100g15 454g53 500g30 1000g39 1500g56 2000g134 2500g83 5000g135 6250g80 100
Linum usitatissimum organic seed	550378	 2500g132 10000g329 25000g688
Linum usitatissimum seed treated against fleabeetle	454065	 25000g312
Lotus tetragonolobus	1611	 10g8 25g13 28g25 50g22 75g33 100g19 113g67 250g40 454g130 500g74 1000g140 2500g3
Lupinus luteus	4234	 10g6 500g23 1000g40 2500g121 3000g96 10000g296 25000g620 1p4
Lupinus sp commestible a seme grosso	437933	 100g14 200g21 500g32 1000g74 6000g198 26000g720
Macrotyloma uniflorum	28189	 5g8 50g10 100g13 250g24 454g91 1000g78 2000g126 5000g289 10000g606 1p4
Madia elegans	4246	 50s10
Moringa oleifera	29274	 100g16 250g30 1000g70 1p4 10s6 100s25
Myristica fragrans	407368	 1010g179 2010g237 4010g410 8010g582 100s109
Myrtus communis	1776	 2g8 5g13 10g24 20g43 25g45 45g157 90g293 100g110 1000g281 1p8 100s11
Nigella damascena	64994	 25g8 50g9 100g11 250g20 500g34 1000g61 2500g142 10000g361 25000g755 1p4
Nigella hispanica	30072	 12g8 25g47 250g48 500g90 1000g224 2500g536 10000g1549 25000g3510 1p4
Nigella sativa	23335	 25g11 28g23 100g24 250g69 500g45 1000g82 1p8 250s8 1000s8
Nigella sativa organic seed	458164	 10g8 25g12 50g17 100g27 500g53 1000g97 1p4 3500s8
Nolina microcarpa	39870	 100s16 1000s77
Onopordum acanthium	1853	 6g8 10g10 12g9 25g11 50g16 100g26 1000g170 1p4
Oryza sativa Black Madras	451080	 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g18 250g38 500g70 1p4 360s8
Oryza sativa Dinorado Red Rice	461079	 10g8 25g16 100g48 500g210 1p4
Oryza sativa Wild Red Rice	86412	 25g36 100g97 1000g609
Oryzopsis hymenoides	442416	 1g8 10g20 14g9 28g11 57g15 100g77 113g23 227g39 454g72 500s8
Oryzopsis hymenoides Rimrock	47951	 1g8 10g21 100g77
Panicum miliaceum	28763	 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g34 100g50 1000g340 1p4
Panicum miliaceum ssp ruderale	86414	 5g11 10g16 25g33 50g59 100g112 250g272 500g537 1p4
Papaver rhoeas	13928	 10g6 12g8 25g9 50g11 100g15 250g29 500g51 1000g95 2500g277 10000g781 25000g1696
Papaver rhoeas Shirley Double Mix	25483	 5g8 10g13 15g17 25g13 50g20 75g30 100g17 125g45 250g34 500g62 1000g148 2500g277
Papaver rhoeas Shirley Single Mix	31243	 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g17 113g56 250g34 500g62 1000g88 2500g170 10000g545 25000g127
Papaver somniferum	436486	 5g8 25g38 100g98 1000g781 1p4
Papaver somniferum Breadseed Blue Hungarian	82853	 200s4 500s8 1000s12
Papaver somniferum Breadseed White Persian	32454	 250g77 500g144 1000g256 2500g610
Papaver somniferum Pepperbox	30084	 25g20 50g42 250g78 1000s8
Papaver somniferum Planete Rouge du Jura	550721	 1g8 10g10 25g9 50g12 100g17 101g8 250g33 500g60 2000g179 5000g389 1p4 1000s6 100
Papaver somniferum Queens Poppy pink and white	443176	 1p8
Papaver somniferum Zeno Morphex low morphine	460746	 5g9 10g11 25g21 50g36 100g69 500g169 1000g329 1p4 500s10
Papaver somniferum mix organic seed	550433	 1p8
Papaver somniferum mixed	13933	 1p8
Papaver somniferum white to red to near black supermix	432986	 5g24 1p8
Pea Bean	80079	 100g19 200g32 300g46 500g64 1000g113 25s8
Peganum harmala	32453	 10g8 25g12 50g17 100g27 250g60 500g113 1000g217 4000g488 8000g789 1p4
Pennisetum glaucum	28145	 25g82 100g232 1000g1504
Pennisetum glaucum Jade Princess	462498	 1p11
Pennisetum glaucum Jester	451076	 1g75 10g670 25s15 50s27 100s49 250s110 500s210 1000s400
Pennisetum glaucum Purple Baron	451077	 1g75 10g670 25s15 50s27 100s50 250s112 500s209 1000s399
Phaseolus acutifolius Blue Speckled	32586	 10g12 50g23
Phaseolus acutifolius Brown Speckled	32587	 10g12
Phaseolus lunatus Christmas Lima	442365	 454g61 25s10
Phaseolus lunatus Hopi Grey	32603	 18g10
Phaseolus lunatus prov. India	535368	 1000g69 5000g166 10000g231
Phaseolus vulgaris Alaric prov. Tarbais	448258	 500g42 1000g92 7500g371 10000g416 25000g754 100000g2549 250000g5035
Phaseolus vulgaris Blue Lake Pole Bean organic seed	461680	 100g40 1000g195 1p10
Phaseolus vulgaris Blue Lake Stringless French climbing bean	66016	 100g9 200g23 250g16 454g60 500g25 1000g43 2000g77 2270g150 2500g92 3000g106 4000
Phaseolus vulgaris Borlotto Lingua di Fuoco organic seed	552145	 100g20 200g32 300g48 500g67 1000g120
Phaseolus vulgaris Borlotto Lingua di fuoco French climber	66502	 100g13 200g22 250g26 500g28 1000g47 1500g83 2000g101 2500g107 5000g194 6000g235
Phaseolus vulgaris Borlotto Lingua di fuoco nano	66497	 100g10 200g21 250g18 500g29 1000g51 2500g164 6000g179 26000g648
Phaseolus vulgaris Borlotto di Vigevano nano	66495	 100g13 200g21 500g34 1000g51 6000g179 26000g648 1p8
Phaseolus vulgaris Canadian Wonder French dwarf bean	439037	 250g18 500g29 1000g51 2000g74 3000g101 4000g121 5000g137 1p8
Phaseolus vulgaris Cannellino o Lingot	66496	 100g13 200g21 500g34 1000g51 6000g179 26000g648
Phaseolus vulgaris Cannellino organic	82603	 250g31 500g47 750g66 1000g82 2500g160
Phaseolus vulgaris Coco Sophie ameliore climbing bean	439035	 500g44 1000g77 10000g517
Phaseolus vulgaris Compass organic seed	39303	 250g63 500g113 1000g219 2500g516 5000g1000 10000g1387 25000g2690 100000g8302 250
Phaseolus vulgaris Dragon Tongue Wax	458792	 113g32 454g65 40s11
Phaseolus vulgaris Flajoly flageolet vert	39281	 500g42 1000g75 10000g446
Phaseolus vulgaris Geant de Heinrichs	550446	 500g26 1000g45 2500g103 10000g231 25000g460 100000g1357 250000g2885
Phaseolus vulgaris Gold of Bacau	458794	 113g40 454g85 25s13
Phaseolus vulgaris Helda organic seed	552147	 100g23 200g37 300g56 500g79 1000g142 2500g316 10000g938 25000g2032
Phaseolus vulgaris Lamon	66505	 100g15 200g23 500g39 1000g62 6000g235 26000g880
Phaseolus vulgaris Markant organic seed	552148	 100g26 200g44 300g63 500g91 1000g163
Phaseolus vulgaris Processor white haricot	66014	 500g24 1000g42 2500g94 5000g157 10000g206 25000g476 100000g1220 250000g2536
Phaseolus vulgaris Spagna Bianco / Corona haricot	66504	 100g15 200g23 500g39 1000g61 6000g235 10000g490 26000g880
Phaseolus vulgaris Yin Yang wax bean	438339	 25g8 50g9 100g12 250g22 250g23 500g38 500g39 1000g70 1000g71 2500g170 5000g292 1
Pinus pinea vsvs	460285	 6g8 12g9 25g12 50g18 100g29 1000g193 1p4 5s8
Pisum sativum 4018 for pea shoots leafy type	70762	 2500g74 5000g114 10000g173 25000g380
Pisum sativum Vada	70764	 500g25 1000g44 2500g99 10000g221 25000g449 100000g1304 250000g2751
Pisum sativum Weggisser mangetout	70765	 1000g66 5000g210
Pithecellobium flexicaule	32862	 113g56 10s8 100s24 1000s153
Plukenetia volubilis	72130	 1p4 10s4 50s22
Polygonum aviculare	80176	 100g154 1000g1013 1p4
Polygonum fagopyrum	443166	 100g8 250g13 500g20 1000g34 2500g77 5000g103 7500g130 10000g153 15000g217 25000g
Pongamia pinnata	24609	 10g15 25g25 30g13 100g35 250g236 1000g125
Portulaca grandiflora Single Mixed	80918	 5g8 10g9 25g14 50g21 100g35 250g80 1000g393 2500g751 10000g2288 25000g5190 1p4
Portulaca oleracea Aurea Golden Purslane	16702	 10g6 12g8 25g10 50g14 100g22 250g46 500g269 1000g178 2500g336 10000g961 25000g20
Portulaca oleracea v. sativa Purslane green	26936	 10g14 25g13 50g21 75g29 100g36 150g50 250g88 500g36 1000g65 2500g187 10000g504 2
Proboscidea louisianica	2246	 10s9
Proboscidea parviflora v parviflora multiclawed	32688	 1p8
Proboscidea parviflora v. hohokamiana Hopi	440828	 25s10
Proboscidea parviflora v. parviflora	401047	 15s10
Prosopis juliflora	2247	 50g8 100g11 250g19 500g31 1000g56 2500g130 5000g250 10000g354 1p4
Prosopis uniflora	458972	 25g18 250g72
Psophocarpus tetragonolobus blue fld. form	5336	 28g30 50g55 100g78 113g102 454g197 1p4
Psophocarpus tetragonolobus day length neutral var.	441138	 10g14 100g94 1p8
Psophocarpus tetragonolobus red fld. form	460926	 10g8 25g15 50g26 100g47 250g105 500g186
Pueraria montana v lobata	2307	 10g17 250g190 1p10
Raphanus sativus Fodder / Green Manure	551302	 500g29 1000g52 2500g123 10000g303 25000g634
Rhus glabra	2413	 5g12 28g17 113g46 250g84 454g93 1p4
Ridolfia segetum	36546	 1p8 100s10
Rosa rugosa	2463	 10g13 20g13 25g17 28g20 100g32 113g54 250g71 454g97 1000g148 1p4
Salvia azurea	83486	 3g28 6g25 7g40 1p4
Salvia columbariae	3271	 25g32 100g83 220g193 450g274 1p8 50s10
Salvia hispanica Chia	34865	 1g8 100g35 250g25 500g43 1000g78 1p4
Salvia hispanica organic seed	550488	 1g8 10g16 100g34 1000g150
Salvia officinalis Extrakta high oil	76306	 50g31 100g59 500g147 1000g286 1p4
Salvia officinalis Extrakta high oil organic seeds	434339	 1g8 10g21 100g112 1000g650
Sapium sebiferum d.b.	2515	 28g15 113g32 454g67 1000g75 5000g275 10000g400
Schotia afra	5578	 1p12 5s13 100s36
Schotia brachypetala	2535	 10g13 25g22 1000g348 1p12 3s10 100s20 1000s205
Secale cereale Grazing / Forage Rye / Green Manure	80281	 10g7 100g8 250g11 500g15 1000g22 2500g35 5000g62 7500g139 10000g114 15000g175 25
Secale cereale organic	461513	 5000g48 10000g90 22700g377 24500g216 1016000g2239
Sesamum indicum	23387	 10g8 25g12 50g18 100g43 1000g201 1p4
Sesamum triphyllum	80360	 1p10 100s13 1000s209
Sesbania cannabina	16463	 10g24 250g237
Setaria italica	23205	 5g8 25g51 100g20 250g42 500g78 1000g1064
Simmondsia chinensis	24495	 10g14 25g23 28g27 56g47 100g60 113g88 250g120 454g170 1000g313 1p9 7s8
Sinapis alba White Mustard / Salad Mustard	432710	 50g8 100g9 250g14 500g21 1000g36 2500g75 5000g113 10000g173 15000g244 25000g366
Sorghum bicolor	5508	 25g51 100g16 250g24 500g43 1000g80 1p4
Sorghum bicolor African Black	551892	 100s8
Sorghum bicolor African White	51902	 100s8
Sorghum bicolor Black Falcon	438392	 250g32 500g57 1000g107 2500g197 10000g561 25000g1158
Sorghum bicolor Coloured Uprights ornamental mix	446411	 28g20 100s8
Sorghum bicolor Nigrum	463543	 1p8
Sorghum bicolor Red Broomcorn Mix	463544	 28g20 1p9
Sorghum bicolor Tepehuan Popping	458503	 28g24 100s8
Sorghum bicolor hybrid	552829	 1000g43 6000g197 26000g590
Sorghum dochna	442268	 25s8
Spinacia oleracea Spinach d Ete, prickly seeded	457706	 250g10 500g14 1000g22 2500g48 5000g90 10000g174 25000g366 100000g1266
Stanleya pinnata	36306	 1g8 7g20 1p4
Trachyspermum ammi (ajowan)	35668	 100g62 1000g320 1p8 1000s8
Triadica sebifera c.s.	458947	 10g13 25g18 250g68 1000g156 5000g584
Trigonella foenum - graecum	26894	 10g6 50g8 100g9 250g14 500g32 1000g50 2500g76 5000g115 10000g176 15000g247 25000
Trigonella foenum-graecum organic seed	436484	 1g6 10g21 100g11 250g21 454g60 500g36 1000g62 2000g95 2270g177 3000g133 5000g186
Tripsacum dactyloides	37344	 28g14 454g94 75s8
Triticale spring	454075	 25000g218 50000g385
Triticale winter	454076	 25000g240 50000g429
Triticum aestivum Baart	70807	 25g15
Triticum aestivum White Sonora	70809	 25g15
Triticum aestivum organic seed	461672	 100g42 1000g135 1p8
Triticum aestivum summer wheat	47001	 5000g58 10000g108 25000g258
Triticum aestivum v spelta Black Tip Wheat	81202	 1000g89 2500g160
Triticum aestivum v spelta Blacky	81200	 100g11 250g21 500g38 1000g71 2500g158 5000g256
Triticum aestivum winter wheat	74150	 10g4 125g8 250g10 500g13 1000g20 2500g33 5000g58 10000g108 25000g258 1p4
Ulmus pumila d.w.	2772	 25g27 28g16 113g43 250g141 454g87
Verbena hastata	24402	 2g11 3g26 5g17 7g21 10g23 14g13 25g62 28g16 100g116 227g84 454g162 1p4
Verbena hastata Rosea / Pink Spires	407001	 4g27 10g106 100g834 1p4 750s8
Vicia faba Aquadulce Claudia	66506	 1000g42 2500g71 5000g105 7500g133 10000g158 25000g343 1p8
Vicia faba Aquadulce Super	66507	 250g21 500g29 1000g45 2000g93 3000g131 5000g182 6000g139 10000g298 30000g550
Vicia faba Aquadulce Super organic	552134	 1000g61 2000g94 3000g131 5000g182 10000g300
Vicia faba Aquadulce Supersimonia	66509	 250g21 500g29 1000g45 6000g139 30000g550
Vicia faba Aquadulce broad bean	34732	 100g8 250g12 500g17 1000g28 2500g59 5000g110 10000g167 25000g349 100000g1024 250
Vicia faba Aquadulce broad bean organic seed	448129	 250g25 500g36 1000g55 2500g99 5000g157 10000g252
Vicia faba Bunyards Exhibition long pod broad bean	34733	 500g27 1000g41 2500g69 5000g101 7500g127 10000g149 25000g323 1p8
Vicia faba Crimson Flowered	462551	 2500g72 5000g107 7500g136 10000g160 25000g350
Vicia faba Duet broad bean	3269	 250g25 500g36 1000g56 2500g100 5000g160 10000g252
Vicia faba Early Violet	70771	 25g8 50g9 100g11 250g19 500g32 1000g48 2500g87 1p4 23s8
Vicia faba Express broad bean	65079	 1p8
Vicia faba Express organic seed	553750	 250g28 500g43 750g60 1000g75 2500g141
Vicia faba Extra a grano bianco, precoce	66512	 250g21 500g29 1000g45 6000g139 30000g550
Vicia faba Extra a grano violetto precoce	66511	 250g21 500g29 1000g45 2500g95 5000g152 6000g139 10000g240 30000g550
Vicia faba Giant Exhibition	66515	 2500g69 5000g101 7500g127 10000g150 25000g324
Vicia faba Green Windsor broad bean	65081	 100g8 250g13 500g19 1000g32 2500g69 5000g103 10000g149 25000g323 1p4 40s8
Vicia faba Imperial Green Longpod	439040	 500g27 1000g42 2500g69 5000g101 7500g127 10000g149 25000g323 1p9
Vicia faba Karmazyn a grain rouge	47010	 50g8 100g10 250g18 500g30 1000g52 1500g67 2500g92 5000g147 10000g635 25000g1239
Vicia faba Listra early	457712	 1000g53 2500g123 10000g287 25000g567 100000g1700 250000g3691
Vicia faba Masterpiece Green Longpod broad bean	34735	 500g27 1000g41 2500g69 5000g101 7500g127 10000g149 25000g323 1p9 25s11
Vicia faba Monica fast maturing broad bean	461086	 50g9 100g10 250g18 500g29 1000g51 2000g76 2500g92 3000g105 5000g143 10000g225
Vicia faba Sciabola Verde	551486	 50g8 100g10 250g21 500g29 1000g45 6000g139 30000g550 1p4
Vicia faba Scorpio	440062	 500g23 1000g39 2000g94 2500g88 5000g139 10000g215 25000g470 100000g1529 250000g3
Vicia faba Stereo broad bean mangetout	439041	 1000g54 2000g77 3000g106 5000g144 10000g228
Vicia faba The Sutton dwarf broad bean	26976	 100g8 250g13 500g20 1000g33 2500g76 5000g114 7500g147 10000g173 25000g376 1p4
Vicia faba Triple White	551314	 500g18 1000g28 2500g58 5000g106 10000g143 25000g309 100000g949 250000g1791
Vicia faba Windsor broad bean organic seed	66513	 100g37 1000g179 1p9
Vicia faba Witkiem	463673	 1000g33 2500g71 5000g132 10000g170 25000g344 100000g1003 250000g2025
Vicia faba Witkiem Major	551312	 1000g45 2500g106 10000g240 25000g478 100000g1422 250000g3019
Vicia faba Witkiem Manita	66514	 250g13 500g20 1000g33 2500g74 5000g110 7500g140 10000g166 25000g362 1p8
Vicia faba Witkiem Manita organic seed	451101	 25g8 50g10 100g13 250g26 1000g56 2500g102 5000g164 10000g264 1p4 10s8
Vicia faba hilum black	457711	 1000g32 2500g70 5000g132 10000g170 25000g344 100000g1003 250000g2025
Vicia faba hilum green	551316	 2500g72 5000g135 10000g174 25000g349 100000g1024 250000g2079
Vicia faba hilum white	457710	 5000g108 10000g146 25000g314 100000g986 250000g1844
Vicia faba trois fois blanche	457713	 1000g30 2500g65 5000g125 10000g161 25000g325 100000g938 250000g1891
Vigna angularis Adzuki Bean	29578	 250g24 500g24 1000g41 2500g93 5000g149
Vigna angularis Adzuki Express 118 days	82600	 100g25
Vigna radiata Mung Bean	29579	 250g25 500g32 510g124 1000g51 1010g197 1500g67 2010g316 2500g93 4010g488 5000g14
Vigna unguiculata	68266	 25g40 100g54 1000g70 5000g240 10000g325 1p4
Vigna unguiculata Cowpea Rattlesnake	451225	 113g32 454g65 50s11
Vigna unguiculata Cowpea Whippoorwill	69115	 28g18 25s13
Vigna unguiculata Fagiolo dell occhio	3262	 100g13 200g18 500g28 1000g52 6000g175 30000g750
Vigna unguiculata Red Pod organic seed	461679	 10g15 100g88 1000g538 1p19
Vigna unguiculata Torkuviahe	461675	 1p12
Vigna unguiculata ssp unguiculata dell ochio	437931	 100g13 200g21 500g34 1000g51 6000g179 26000g648
Vigna unguiculata ssp. cylindrica green soya sprouting seeds	63792	 500g28 1000g47 2500g104 10000g256 25000g554
Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis	547394	 10s8
Vigna unguiculata ssp. sesquipedalis red / brown beans	38395	 10g16 100g15 200g24 250g23 500g40 750g74 1000g71 2500g166 6000g301 10000g409 250
Wild Bird Seed Basic Mix autumn sowing	46285	 5000g65 10000g120 25000g288 50000g526
Wild Bird Seed Mix basic	30932	 2000g66 4000g95 8000g141 16000g250 40000g595
Wild Bird Seed Mix longer term	46286	 5000g75 10000g141 20000g271 40000g516
Xanthium sibiricum	431210	 10g22 250g239
Xanthium sibiricum organic seeds	47609	 2g11 10g13 100g64 1000g308 1p8
Xanthium strumarium	40151	 25g96 100g284 1000g1862
Zea mays Baby Fingers Pink	438527	 100g33 250g74 500g137 1000g242 2500g579 5000g1108 10000g2165
Zea mays Black Aztec	551888	 227g55 1p4 25s8
Zea mays Bloody Butcher flour corn	440808	 227g55 1p4 50s9
Zea mays Bloody Butcher organic seed	463566	 10g15 50g33 100g60 1000g339 1p8
Zea mays Brown Tones	552453	 227g55 50s9
Zea mays Earth Tones flour corn	440807	 1p4
Zea mays Economical game feed and cover	454074	 50000s190
Zea mays Everta popcorn	30815	 30g8 100g16 250g32 500g50 1000g85 5000g290 10000g543
Zea mays Fiesta Multicolour ornamental (+ edible)	408098	 40s8 250s13 500s19 1000s30 2500s66 10000s199
Zea mays Glass Gem multicoloured organic seed	463455	 10g12 50g33 100g60 1000g322 1p8
Zea mays Golden Bantam	32341	 10g4 100g8 250g12 500g17 1000g28 2500g63 5000g117 5000g118 10000g225 25000g473 1
Zea mays Hopi Blue flint / flour corn	32644	 227g50 1p4
Zea mays Hopi Blue organic seed	550547	 10g14 100g60 1000g339 1p8
Zea mays Indian Berries multicoloured ornamental	438530	 100g33 250g74 500g137 1000g240 2500g556 5000g1082 10000g2119
Zea mays Kings Maize game cover crop + feed	454072	 25000s96 50000s184 100000s343 250000s806
Zea mays Late Cob Maize game cover + feed	462108	 10000s48 25000s110 50000s205 100000s386 250000s918
Zea mays Little Jewels mini multicolour mix ornamental	408095	 100g23 250g51 500g96 1000g153 2500g287 10000g812 25000g1763
Zea mays Multicolour Hybrids ornamental mix	74974	 10g6 50g8 100g9 250g16 500g25 1000g44 2000g79 2500g110 10000g264 25000g254 1p4 2
Zea mays Pennsylvania Dutch Butter popcorn organic seed	440805	 28g18 113g40 75s9
Zea mays Poacher Maize Blend longer term game feed	462106	 10000s46 25000s106 50000s203 100000s381 250000s911
Zea mays Poacher Maize quality game cover crop + feed	454073	 10000s46 25000s105 50000s200 100000s380 250000s893
Zea mays Strawberry Corn organic seed	32346	 10g14 100g60 1000g339 1p8
Zea mays True Gold Sweet su organic	448302	 100g42 1000g206 10000g1296 1p9
Zea mays and Helianthus annuus Sun Maize Mix game bird feed	462167	 3250g67 6500g125 13000g236 26000g450
Zea mays f1 Careli forage maize treated seed	551301	 500g51 1000g96 2500g175 10000g466 25000g1011
Zea mays f1 Challenger super sweet	461485	 10g9 25g16 30g18 50g26 100g45 250g92 500g160 1000g284 5000g1211 10000g2365
Zea mays f1 Earlibird sh2	448304	 250s14 500s20 1000s32 2500s72 5000s112 10000s213
Zea mays f1 Early Extra Sweet sh2	86946	 100g36 250g82 500g157 1000g219 2500g371 10000g1111 25000g2408 1p8 40s8
Zea mays f1 Early King / Earliking	401111	 100g31 250g70 500g133 1000g184 2500g348 10000g998 25000g2066 250s12 500s18 1000s
Zea mays f1 Goldcrest	462627	 100s9 250s16 500s26 750s30 1000s47 2500s88
Zea mays f1 Golden Eagle	462069	 250s13 500s20 1000s31 2500s63 10000s181
Zea mays f1 Golden Fleece sh2	461143	 100s8 250s12 500s19 1000s30 2500s59 10000s169
Zea mays f1 Golden Gate	462070	 100s8 250s13 500s20 1000s31 2500s63 10000s181
Zea mays f1 Golden Hind sh2	461141	 100s8 250s12 500s19 1000s30 2500s59 10000s169
Zea mays f1 Golden Lion sh2	461144	 100s8 250s12 500s19 1000s30 2500s59 5000s103 10000s169
Zea mays f1 Golden Phoenix sh2	461145	 250s12 500s17 1000s27 2500s60 5000s95 10000s173
Zea mays f1 Incredible se	440045	 250s12 500s19 1000s30 2500s59 5000s93 10000s170
Zea mays f1 Indian Summer	551579	 40s9
Zea mays f1 Lark sh2	448309	 250s16 500s25 750s32 1000s40 2500s82 10000s247
Zea mays f1 Luscious se organic seed	440040	 250s20 500s34 1000s55 2500s118 10000s366
Zea mays f1 Plomyk Popcorn	448568	 250g44 500g81 1000g112 2500g207 10000g565 25000g1226
Zea mays f1 Popcorn Simona	551219	 50g14 100g21 250g44 500g81 1000g112 2500g207
Zea mays f1 Royalty sweetcorn and shoots	448566	 50g14 100g22 200g38 300g55 500g74 1000g128
Zea mays f1 Sweet Nugget sh2	401783	 1p8
Zea mays f1 Swift et	552121	 100s10 250s17 500s26 750s38 1000s49 2500s93
Zea mays f1 Tasty Gold sh2	401784	 100g27 200g44 300g61 500g83 1000g146 1p8
Zea mays f1 Tasty Sweet	86947	 100g41 250g96 500g181 1000g252 2500g478 10000g1430 25000g3240
Zea mays f1 Wagtail sh2	448308	 250s15 500s23 1000s37 2500s75 5000s211 10000s211
Zea mays mix Poacher Sun Maize game cover + feed	462107	 3250g66 6500g123 13000g226 26000g441 65000g1000
Zea mays sprouting seed	463644	 250g34 500g52 1000g90 5000g326
Zea mays v sinensis	463440	 1g8 100g60 1000g139

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