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List 318 - Combretaceae - 11/14/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Anogeissus latifolia	74341	 1000g67
Combretum apiculatum	22179	 1p12 100s32 1000s248
Combretum bracteosum svs	51878	 3s8 100s35 1000s274
Combretum caffrum	74521	 100s20
Combretum collinum	441665	 1p11 100s19
Combretum collinum ssp. suluense	70189	 1p12
Combretum elaeagnoides	77192	 1p12
Combretum engleri	86310	 1p11
Combretum erythrophyllum	400683	 1p12 100s15
Combretum fruticosum	447613	 10s8
Combretum hereroense	22184	 1p12 100s18
Combretum imberbe	22185	 1p12 100s20
Combretum kraussii	40790	 1p12 7s9 100s18 1000s200
Combretum microphyllum	77193	 100s28
Combretum molle	22188	 1p12 100s20 1000s203
Combretum mossambicense	442162	 1p12 25s12 100s20
Combretum obovatum	70191	 1p12
Combretum padoides	63994	 1p12
Combretum schumannii	46604	 1000g118 100s29 1000s226
Combretum vendae	442273	 1p12 5s8 100s20
Combretum zeyheri	22193	 1000g118 1p13 100s44
Commelina coelestis Sleeping Beauty	447614	 1g9 10g16 25g32 50g57 100g111 250g268 500g528 1000g1045 1p8
Conocarpus lancifolius	512968	 1000g175
Gonocarpus cordiger	407544	 1g28
Gonocarpus haloratus	407545	 1g28
Terminalia arjuna	5264	 1000g100 5000g347 10000g485
Terminalia bellirica	5265	 1000g70 5000g249 10000g348
Terminalia catappa	2699	 10g10 25g16 100g36 250g61 1000g81 20s27 1000s201
Terminalia chebula	85120	 250g25 500g40 1000g70 5000g240 10000g325
Terminalia grandiflora	442150	 5g17
Terminalia mantaly	71863	 1000g121
Terminalia phanerophlebia	35447	 1p12 10s8 100s18 1000s200
Terminalia platyptera	67809	 10g18 250g192
Terminalia prunioides	404005	 1p12 100s15 1000s200
Terminalia randii	80377	 1p12
Terminalia sambesiaca	404006	 1p12
Terminalia sericea	22196	 1p12 100s22 1000s204
Terminalia spinosa	457546	 1000g139
Terminalia tomentosa	85121	 1000g100 5000g357 10000g524

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