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List 337 - Cycadaceae - 2/23/2019


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Cycas armstrongii cit	29093	 100s680
Cycas cairnsiana cit	29092	 100s684 1000s4959
Cycas chamaoensis	514520	 100s703
Cycas circinalis cit	17912	 1p20 1000s1056
Cycas clivicola	514524	 100s445
Cycas clivicola ssp. lutea	514525	 100s209 1000s1304
Cycas couttsiana	514527	 100s1114
Cycas cupida	514528	 100s1329
Cycas debaoensis	514529	 100s811
Cycas elephantipes	514535	 100s239 1000s1820
Cycas elongata	514536	 100s445
Cycas ferruginea	514539	 100s985
Cycas guizhouensis cit	67891	 100s534
Cycas maconochiei	514549	 100s832
Cycas micholitzii	514552	 100s789
Cycas multipinnata	514554	 100s3909
Cycas pectinata cit	81326	 1000g104 100s97 1000s275 10000s6126
Cycas petraea	443095	 100s252
Cycas platyphylla cit	408514	 100s770
Cycas pranburiensis	514560	 100s727
Cycas pruinosa blue cit	68792	 100s1544
Cycas revoluta cit	14985	 1p20 100s106 1000s549
Cycas revoluta x C. debaoensis f1	514564	 100s424
Cycas sexseminifera cit	514565	 100s609
Cycas siamensis cit	81596	 100s136 1000s678
Cycas siamensis dwarf form	514568	 100s123 1000s635
Cycas silvestris	514566	 100s1929
Cycas simplicipinna cit	514567	 100s534
Cycas sp. unident. Silver Thai	514570	 100s151
Cycas terryana	514573	 100s660
Cycas terryana Silver	514571	 100s918
Cycas thouarsii cit	462094	 100s338

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