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List 369 - Ebenaceae - 11/16/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Diospyros abyssinica	461981	 1000g158
Diospyros austroafricana	451698	 1p12 100s22 1000s231
Diospyros batocana	440485	 1g10 10g80 1p4
Diospyros bussei	461980	 1000g120
Diospyros crassiflora	516664	 5s25 25s110 100s375
Diospyros dichrophylla	29387	 1p4 10s10
Diospyros digyna	911	 1000s172
Diospyros glabra	51916	 1p12 10s8 100s18 1000s216
Diospyros kaki svs	902	 1g4 10g15 25g29 28g21 113g56 454g111 1000g539 1p4
Diospyros lotus prov. USA svs	435965	 28g24 113g64 454g125
Diospyros lotus svs	903	 1g4 10g8 28g17 100g46 113g46 454g92 1p4
Diospyros lycioides ssp. lycioides svs	904	 1p12 100s16
Diospyros lycioides ssp. nitens	444882	 1p12
Diospyros lycioides svs	69352	 1p12 100s16 1000s166
Diospyros melanoxylon svs	2882	 25g26 250g108 1000s75 100000s2084
Diospyros mespiliformis	40736	 1000g256 1p12 100s20 1000s232
Diospyros natalensis	431738	 100s27 1000s205
Diospyros preussii	553258	 1s5
Diospyros quiloensis	46614	 1p4 100s22 1000s231
Diospyros ramulosa	71822	 1p10 100s30 1000s239
Diospyros rhombifolia	82481	 28g22 113g60 454g118
Diospyros scabra	461982	 1000g140
Diospyros scabrida	406772	 1p4 100s30 1000s239
Diospyros simii	907	 1p12 10s5 100s22
Diospyros squarrosa	46615	 100s31 1000s231
Diospyros villosa svs	430378	 1p4
Diospyros virginiana svs	908	 113g50 1p10 10s11
Diospyros whyteana	909	 1p12 10s8 100s22
Euclea crispa	86325	 1p12 100s16
Euclea divinorum	86326	 1p12 100s20 1000s231
Euclea natalensis	998	 1p12 10s9 100s17
Euclea pseudebenus	68478	 100s20
Euclea schimperi	450230	 1p12
Euclea tomentosa	406695	 100s30 1000s231
Euclea undulata	77219	 100s20
Idesia polycarpa	24544	 1g10 28g33 113g91 454g176 1p6
Phaseolus coccineus x Tenderstar runner bean hybrid	461913	 250g25 500g44 1000g82 2500g156 5000g264 10000g450

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