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List 390 - Fagaceae - 2/23/2019


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Castanea henryi	434111	 28g20 113g52 454g104
Castanea mollissima	5233	 113g26 454g55
Castanea pumila	510759	 10g12 28g27 113g72 454g141
Castanea pumila Ashei	510758	 454g218
Castanea sativa svs	525	 100g14 250g27 500g39 1000g68
Castanea seguinii	439061	 28g21 113g56 454g111
Castanopsis cuspidata	431262	 25g25 250g107
Castanopsis tribuloides	510781	 100s36 1000s167
Fagus grandifolia	1083	 25g38 28g24 113g64 250g133 454g127
Fagus orientalis	31013	 25g21 250g99 1000g225
Fagus sylvatica	1084	 20g10 25g23 28g18 100g22 113g49 250g133 454g75 500g77 1000g140 1p8
Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea	1085	 20g14 28g24 100g34 113g64 454g125 500g121 1000g238 1p10
Fagus sylvatica Purpurea Nana	431284	 25g22 250g107
Fagus sylvatica UK source identified	459659	 20g10 100g22 500g77 1000g140
Fagus sylvatica atropurpurea stratified seed	431282	 1000g256
Fagus sylvatica stratified seed	431281	 1000g177
Lithocarpus elegans	527613	 100s95 1000s521
Nothofagus cunninghamii	24578	 10g42 25g80 100g277 1000g2488 1p17 100s12 1000s26 10000s114
Nothofagus gunnii	404388	 1p24 1000s844
Nothofagus obliqua	33135	 1000g1496
Nothofagus procera	33136	 10g39 100g184 500g724 1000g1437
Quercus acutissima Gobbler svs	553718	 113g26 454g56 1p4
Quercus acutissima svs	2327	 250g68 454g53
Quercus agrifolia svs	25013	 250g68 454g67 4540g393 22700g1395
Quercus alba svs	2328	 250g68 454g53 1p18 1000s500
Quercus aliena svs	80842	 250g94
Quercus bicolor svs	24744	 113g27 250g68 454g57
Quercus buckleyii svs	553651	 250g68
Quercus canariensis svs	33138	 250g120
Quercus cerris svs	2329	 250g12 454g58 500g30 1000g50
Quercus chenii svs	448703	 250g120
Quercus chrysolepis svs	2331	 113g35 250g68 454g72
Quercus coccifera svs	400494	 250g20
Quercus coccinea svs	2333	 100g27 113g26 250g68 454g56 500g94 1000g177 1p20 1000s748
Quercus dentata svs	2335	 250g120
Quercus douglasii svs	2336	 113g27 250g68 454g56
Quercus durata svs	68102	 250g107
Quercus ellipsoidalis svs	73397	 113g29 250g68 454g61
Quercus faginea svs	431430	 250g36
Quercus falcata svs	400474	 113g26 454g55
Quercus gambelii svs	537822	 113g34 250g68 454g71
Quercus garryana svs	51482	 113g31 250g68 454g64
Quercus garryana v. breweri svs	401657	 250g68
Quercus georgiana	41761	 454g240
Quercus gilva svs	448704	 250g120
Quercus glauca svs	82218	 250g81
Quercus hemispherica svs	31021	 250g81
Quercus humboldtii	537830	 100s180
Quercus ilex svs	2342	 100g15 250g31 454g70 500g47 1000g84 1p17 1000s330
Quercus ilicifolia svs	68103	 113g42 454g83
Quercus imbricaria svs	41762	 113g27 250g68 454g57
Quercus kelloggii svs	2341	 250g68 454g77 4540g496
Quercus lanata svs	448705	 250g81
Quercus laurifolia svs	3111	 250g68 454g85
Quercus libani svs	403813	 250g94
Quercus lobata svs	25014	 250g68 454g67 4540g393
Quercus lyrata svs	38244	 250g68 454g55
Quercus macrocarpa svs	24625	 113g28 250g55 454g60
Quercus macrocarpa x gambelii svs	458955	 113g31 454g64 1p4
Quercus marilandica svs	74149	 250g107
Quercus michauxii svs	2345	 250g55 454g55
Quercus muehlenbergii svs	31022	 113g27 250g68 454g58
Quercus nigra svs	2347	 250g68 454g53
Quercus nuttallii svs	2348	 113g27 250g63 454g58
Quercus pagoda svs	537855	 113g26 250g68 454g55
Quercus palustris svs	2349	 100g22 250g36 454g53 500g84 1000g155 1p18 1000s344
Quercus petraea Import	431440	 500g33 1000g51
Quercus petraea svs	27186	 100g11 250g29 1000g50
Quercus phellos svs	2351	 250g68 454g56
Quercus polymorphus svs	442408	 250g68
Quercus prinoides svs	73398	 250g120 454g240
Quercus prinus svs	3108	 250g68 454g53 1p4
Quercus pubescens	25362	 250g34
Quercus pyrenaica svs	431441	 250g42
Quercus robur Fastigiata svs	2354	 250g55 454g55
Quercus robur Import svs	448752	 100g11 500g33 1000g51
Quercus robur prov. Australia, NZ svs	453720	 1p18 1000s606
Quercus robur svs	27187	 100g11 250g29 454g53 500g33 1000g51
Quercus rotundifolia	537866	 250g36
Quercus rubra	2353	 100g11 250g31 454g51 500g33 1000g51
Quercus shumardii	400476	 250g68 454g56
Quercus stellata	31023	 113g31 250g68 454g64
Quercus suber	5217	 113g36 250g36 454g69 4540g410 22700g1479
Quercus texana	537878	 113g26 454g56
Quercus vaccinifolia	401658	 250g81
Quercus variabilis	39897	 250g120
Quercus velutina	2357	 250g68 454g53
Quercus virginiana	2358	 250g81 454g56 100s42 1000s122
Quercus wislizenii	34328	 250g68 454g97

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