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List 540 - Paeoniaceae - 11/14/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Paeonia anomala	2847	 1g12 10g68 100g525 1p4
Paeonia cambessedesii	79983	 1g27 10g210 1p11
Paeonia daurica ssp mlokosewitschii	70174	 1g9 3g11 7g15 14g24 28g42 100g650 113g115 454g220 1p4 8s13 10s12 100s100 500s750
Paeonia delavayi	65366	 25g25 250g120 1p11 10s12
Paeonia delavayi hybrids mix	432399	 5s12
Paeonia delavayi v angustiloba fa angustiloba	459656	 1p4 10s8
Paeonia lactiflora	28471	 25g25 28g26 113g70 250g120 454g138 10s8
Paeonia ludlowii	65367	 1g4 2g11 10g10 15g22 25g19 50g31 100g44 250g251 1p4
Paeonia mascula	46501	 5g20 1p4
Paeonia mascula ssp mascula hort.	28472	 5g16 10g25 25g62 1p4
Paeonia obovata	28473	 1g4 5g31 10g10 1p4
Paeonia officinalis	5386	 2g9 5g11 10g16 20g27 1p4 19s8
Paeonia officinalis ssp banatica	70173	 10g35 100g267 1000g2097 1p4
Paeonia ostii	407984	 10s10 25s23 100s45 1000s315
Paeonia peregrina	25477	 2g11 10g29 100g215 1p12
Paeonia rockii hybrids mixed	407987	 100g697 1p4
Paeonia spp. mixed	447716	 1p12
Paeonia suffruticosa	24728	 3g9 25g23 28g23 56g39 113g71 250g129 454g140 1p4
Paeonia tenuifolia	28474	 1g14 10g102 100g783 1p27 4s16
Paeonia veitchii	70172	 2g13 5g24 10g45 25g95 50g185 1p4 1p8
Paeonia veitchii v woodwardii	403931	 2g8 10g21 15g29 1p4

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