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List 154 - Plants for Salty Conditions - 12/9/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Acacia acuminata	20703	 10g25 25g56 250g295 1p4
Acacia ampliceps	400434	 2g17 25g38 1000g870
Acacia harpophylla svs	29656	 2g17 10g40 25g31 250g476 1000g539
Acacia simplex	72972	 10s12 25s23 100s64 1000s455
Actinostrobus pyramidalis	17876	 5g23
Allocasuarina decaisneana	16032	 2g17 10g28 25g23 250g323 1000g348
Allocasuarina distyla	16034	 2g17 10g19 25g23 250g200 1000g348 1p4
Althaea officinalis	15054	 10g8 25g12 50g17 100g28 250g62 1000g203 1p4
Armeria pseudarmeria Ballerina Red	458294	 1g139 1p18
Atriplex amnicola	33902	 2g17 10g18 25g22 250g192 1000g230
Atriplex bunburyana	15711	 2g17 10g21 25g23 250g222 1000g339
Atriplex canescens	5049	 1g6 28g15 113g35 454g72 1000g339 1p4
Atriplex cinerea upright form	15712	 2g17 25g34
Atriplex confertifolia	339	 2g17 25g22 250g104 1p9
Atriplex halimus	5563	 10g8 25g9 50g11 1000g339 1p4
Atriplex hortensis	23363	 2g8 5g9 5g10 10g12 10g13 25g23 25g25 50g43 100g79 1000g301 2500g572 1p4 525s8
Atriplex hortensis Aurora mix	447841	 7g23 28g47 50s8
Atriplex hortensis Magenta Magic	453093	 7g46 50s8
Atriplex hortensis Plume Copper	440243	 10g8 25g12 50g18 100g30 250g67 500g122 1000g233 10000g1465 1p4
Atriplex hortensis Plume Formula Mix	28934	 50g16 100g25 250g54 500g96 1000g181 5000g797 10000g1458 1p8
Atriplex hortensis Plume Gold	28931	 100s8
Atriplex hortensis Plume Green	28932	 25g28 100g26 250g58 500g110 1000g234 5000g970 10000g1788 100s8
Atriplex hortensis Plume Green graded seeds	461568	 1000g325 5000g1460 10000g2721
Atriplex hortensis Plume Red	28933	 10g8 100g25 250g54 500g96 1000g180 5000g776 10000g1425 1p4
Atriplex hortensis Plume Red graded seeds	82126	 100g39 250g89 500g168 1000g327 5000g1460 10000g2721
Atriplex hortensis Purple Savoyed	447842	 7g41 28g63 50s8
Atriplex hortensis Red Flash	448972	 10g18 100g114 500g95 1000g166 2500g480 1p8
Atriplex hortensis Scarlet Emperor	452350	 5g8 10g12 25g21 50g38 100g27 250g60 500g114 1000g206 1p8
Atriplex hortensis v. rubra	436444	 25g30 100g48 250g113 500g216 1000g301 2500g572 100s8 150s8
Atriplex hortensis v. rubra c.s. organic seed	47584	 1g8 10g38 100g172 1000g1150
Atriplex hortensis v. rubra purple-violet	408087	 100s9
Atriplex isatidea	15713	 2g17 25g22 1000g324
Atriplex lentiformis	29674	 2g17 10g19 25g22 250g215 1000g324
Atriplex linifolia	86345	 25g59 100g179 1000g1167
Atriplex nummularia	406151	 2g17 10g22 25g22 250g231 1000g139
Atriplex oblongifolia	439709	 25g82 100g235 1000g1555
Atriplex patula	15403	 25g51 100g154 1000g1013
Atriplex polycarpa	344	 1p8
Atriplex prostrata	15062	 1g7 5g19 25g59 100g179 1000g1167 1p4
Atriplex pseudocampanulata	75185	 10g14 250g154
Atriplex semibaccata	15719	 2g17 5g20 25g28 250g220 1000g231
Atriplex stipitata	406148	 2g17 25g29 1000g495
Atriplex undulata	16611	 10g8 100g40 1000g324 1p4
Atriplex vesicaria b.s.	400169	 2g17 25g22 1000g324
Augea capensis	52597	 1p6
Baccharis halimifolia	32284	 1g10 10g71 1p6
Bolboschoenus maritimus	401700	 1g6 10g28 25g107 100g163 1000g2097 1p4
Cakile maritima	66675	 15s10
Calocephalus sp. Bed Head	463823	 50s11 100s20 250s44 500s82
Casuarina glauca v obesa	25297	 10g15 25g25 250g307 1000g465
Chamaemelum nobile	3711	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g23 50g39 100g72 250g175 500g339 1000g667 2500g1315 5000g2548 10
Clematis cirrhosa	445909	 1p10
Coleonema album	71810	 1p10 100s16
Crithmum maritimum	33911	 1g8 5g30 10g26 100g421 1p4
Cynodon dactylon	5272	 25g12 100g16 250g25 500g43 1000g78 5000g300 6000g333 10000g445 30000g1466 1p4
Cynodon dactylon La Paloma	461905	 100g17 250g32 500g57 1000g106 6000g475
Dictyosperma album svs	12901	 1p18 1000s115 10000s760
Didelta carnosa v tomentosa	406770	 1p10
Disphyma crassifolium	403076	 1p9
Dorycnium pentaphyllum	441928	 100s10
Drosanthemum marinum	406473	 1p9
Einadia nutans ssp nutans	15997	 1g19
Elaeagnus angustifolia	952	 5g8 25g26 50g46 100g64 1000g330 1p4
Enchylaena tomentosa	15998	 10g16 25g28 1000g495
Eschscholzia californica	3878	 28g20 100g41 113g50 220g110 250g25 450g129 454g104 500g44 1000g82 2500g277 10000
Eucalyptus rhodantha	403865	 10g50 25g96 1p17
Ficus lutea	77222	 100s14
Gleditsia triacanthos	1109	 12g8 14g9 25g10 100g21 250g40 500g74 1000g130 1p4 40s8
Glehnia littoralis	442283	 520g153 1020g236 2020g374 4020g645 30s9
Goniolimon speciosum	85766	 1g40 10g313 100g2481 1p14
Halosarcia pergranulata b.s.	67463	 10g21 250g236
Haloxylon persicum	66692	 28g45 113g124 454g240
Ipomoea pes-caprae ssp. brasiliensis	552429	 1p4
Juncus kraussii prov. WA	83266	 25g45 1000g1055
Juncus maritimus	82223	 1g24 5g51 100s15
Kosteletzkya virginica	37251	 1g8 10g46 100g353 1p12 10s8
Lathyrus maritimus hort.	84493	 1g9 1g8 2g12 3g10 5g17 7g14 10g28 100g215 1p4
Leptochloa fascicularis	440929	 25g82 100g232 1000g1502
Leucaena leucocephala	94	 50g9 100g12 250g23 500g40 1000g72 4010g723 5000g245 10000g340 1p4 775s8
Leymus arenarius	3851	 10g28 250g365
Leymus condensatus	65654	 5g20 1000s26 20000s440
Limonium vulgare	451605	 1g21 10g154 100g1212 1p11
Maireana brevifolia	16224	 10g21 250g222
Medicago arborea	435257	 10g19 250g201
Melaleuca ericifolia nana	15018	 1g16 10g15 25g26 1000g465
Melaleuca halmaturorum	16254	 10g15 25g26 1000g495 1p17
Mesembryanthemum digitatum	19267	 1p9 100s20
Nitraria billardieri (name unresolved)	16327	 10g15 25g26 250g194 1000g613
Parapholis strigosa	450826	 25g87 100g256 1000g2180
Pennisetum clandestinum	86418	 25g87 100g25 250g43 500g79 1000g150 6000g708 25000g2838
Phlomis fruticosa	5012	 1g5 10g32 1p4
Phragmites australis	4455	 1g15 25g154 100g452 250g1132 1000g3000 1p4
Pittosporum tobira	5206	 10g14 25g23 28g20 113g53 250g120 454g106 1000g407 1p9
Plantago maritima	407458	 0g8 1g9 3g12 14g28 25g155 28g49 100g458 113g135 454g257 1000g3027 1p4 1900s8
Puccinellia distans	38438	 2g10 10g10 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g17 1000g84
Retama raetam	16708	 10g13 25g22 250g207 1000g324 1p4
Rhizophora mangle svs	23628	 1000s348
Rhynchelytrum repens	2425	 1g20 7g16 14g26 28g45 112g105 450g242 1p8 100s6
Salicornia quinqueflora	83295	 100s13 1000s46
Salsola soda	540366	 10g6 50g12 100g17 250g32 500g46 1000g75 1p4
Salvia africana-lutea	2803	 1p10 10s8 100s10 1000s198
Salvia chamelaeagnea	440623	 10s8 100s10
Scabiosa cretica b.s.	540699	 1p10
Scabiosa cretica silvery leaved form	457053	 1p10
Schoenoplectus pungens	37267	 3g21 7g30 14g45 28g67 454g917 250s8
Scirpus paludosus	40054	 25g96 100g293 1000g1915
Scirpus pendulus	552515	 3g16 7g22 14g33 28g47 454g627 2000s8
Senecio cineraria	85062	 1g10 2g18 1p4
Teucrium marum	32324	 250s8
Thespesia acutiloba	30776	 1p10 100s20 1000s201
Thymus capitatus	447765	 1g17 1p4 500s10
Triglochin maritima	406282	 25g107 28g53 100g318 113g135 454g257 1000g2099 200s8
Vitex agnus-castus hort. c.s.	2819	 1g8 10g18 25g25 28g25 100g112 113g68 250g120 454g134 1000g780 1p10 100s8

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