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List 75 - Plants of Asia Minor - 2/19/2019


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Abies cilicica	2877	 7g12 14g17 25g29 28g28 113g75 250g155 454g146
Abies nordmanniana prov. Ambrolauri	38236	 10g15 100g69 500g260 1000g200
Abies nordmanniana ssp. equi-trojani	101	 1g8 3g9 7g12 14g17 25g30 28g28 113g75 250g155 454g146 1p4
Acer platanoides d.w.	73906	 25g29 250g42 500g48 1000g83 5000g268 25000g978 1p16
Achillea filipendulina	23679	 2g10 5g13 10g20 1p8
Acinos arvensis	15486	 25g78 100g226 1000g1477 1p4
Aconitum orientale	407999	 1p9
Aconitum variegatum	452052	 0g19 1g10 10g43 100g353 1p8
Adonis annua	3184	 0g8 1g9 2g10 2g11 5g16 10g26 1p4
Adonis flammea	440683	 25g84 100g241 1000g1598
Aegilops ovata bs	70913	 25g46 100g140 1000g908
Aethionema antitaurii	408545	 1g45 10g348 100g2761 1p12
Aethionema grandiflorum	82908	 1g36 10g279 100g2210 1p10 40s9
Aethionema grandiflorum Tibet	553946	 5g27 10g48 25g100 50g199 100g395
Aethionema kotschyi	408546	 1g42 10g326 100g2589 1p12
Aethionema membranaceum	408547	 1g45 10g348 1p12
Aethionema saxatile	14317	 0g44 1g21 1p10
Aethionema schistosum	408548	 70s10
Alcea pallida	80196	 1g6 10g35 100g267 1p9 25s8
Alcea spp. and vars. singles mix	25396	 2g11 3g28 5g18 10g21 25g65 100g129 1p8
Allium atroviolaceum	435829	 60s10
Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum	28266	 0g11 1g10 1g15 2g23 5g39 10g72 100g559 1p8
Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum fa album	51928	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p14
Allium cristophii	12639	 1g8 10g20 50g62 100g353 1p8 25s10 50s9
Allium cristophii prov. Persia (Iran)	501738	 25s10
Allium karataviense	12322	 1g8 10g51 100g353 1p8
Allium siculum ssp dioscoridis hort.	51937	 0g8 1g9 2g17 5g31 1p8
Allium stipitatum	28631	 1g10 10g71 100g559
Allium tripedale	432059	 1p8
Alopecurus pratensis comm.	15221	 2g10 10g11 12g8 25g10 50g13 100g19 250g155 1000g118
Alopecurus pratensis wild form	405994	 2g10 10g10 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g17 1000g106
Alyssoides utriculata	14328	 1g8 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g29 100g213 1p3
Alyssum wulfenianum	77949	 1g11 10g72 100g560 1p8
Amberboa moschata ssp suaveolens	2905	 100g21 250g44 500g81 1000g158 2500g298 10000g843 25000g1830
Ammi majus	242	 10g17 12g8 25g10 50g13 100g19 250g39 500g71 1000g107 2500g197 5000g490 10000g534
Amsonia orientalis	80317	 1g14 10g107 1p14 8s9
Anaphalis triplinervis Pearly Everlasting	82387	 1g21 10g158 1p9
Anchusa officinalis	23309	 1g8 1g8 2g12 2g9 5g12 10g20 100g129 250g671 1000g884 1p8
Anchusa officinalis organic seeds	551074	 1g10 10g58 100g408
Androsace villosa	14358	 1g92 1p18
Anemone narcissiflora	12657	 1g8 5g13 10g19 100g120 1000g893 1p8
Angelica archangelica	3244	 5g8 10g9 20g17 25g18 50g30 100g54 250g128 1000g291 2500g716 10000g2205 p4
Anthemis cotula	15297	 1g8 25g45 100g131 1000g857
Arabis alpina ssp caucasica Praecox White	28545	 10g8 25g13 50g20 100g35 250g79 1p4
Arbutus andrachne	68246	 5g23 250g624
Arbutus unedo c.s. svs	83685	 2g17 5g20 10g59 25g36 50g218 100g434 250g149 500g292 1000g578 1p10 100s8 1000s21
Arctium lappa	3287	 10g8 25g12 100g28 500g107 1000g181 1p8 100s8
Arctium lappa organic seed	457331	 1g10 10g29 28g454 100g112 1000g445 1p4
Arenaria ledebouriana	434360	 1g70 10g485 100g3861 1p14 100s10
Armeria Bees Ruby	451275	 1p4
Armeria maritima b.s.	307	 1g8 2g17 5g30 10g54 25g30 50g53 100g100 250g243 500g476 1000g729 5000g3253 10000
Armeria maritima c.s.	437482	 1g16 2g10 10g31 50g120 100g234 250g981 500g1949 1000g2997 5000g14197 1p8
Arnebia pulchra	445881	 1g32 10g214 100g1707 1p32
Artemisia annua	31869	 1g18 5g74 10g158 1000g217 2000g355 4000g566 8000g977 1p4 1000s8
Artemisia annua organic seed	461512	 1g32 10g213 100g1483 1p8
Arum alpinum	408419	 2g11 5g8 10g14 25g29 100g219 1p8
Arum concinnatum	39701	 10g26 25s8
Arum dioscoridis	73557	 p4 1p4
Asparagus verticillatus	11812	 1g8 10g37 100g277 1p19 10s9 15s9
Asphodelus aestivus	36489	 1p4
Asphodelus fistulosus	5077	 1g8 5g26 10g21 25g22 100g71 1000g286 1p6 100s21 1000s53
Aster amellus x blue	442704	 50g43 100g79 250g191 500g371 1000g568
Atriplex hortensis	23363	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g23 100g183 250g113 500g216 1000g301 2500g572 1p4
Aurinia saxatilis	3224	 2g8 5g12 10g20 15g28 25g42 1000g1484 1p4
Aurinia saxatilis Goldkugel / Golden Ball	24489	 2g8 5g8 10g9 15g29 25g14 50g21 100g35 250g80 500g143 1000g234 5000g931 10000g162
Avena sterilis	28766	 25g15 50g8 100g10 250g17 500g29 1000g50 2000g92 5000g183 10000g303 1p4
Betula medwediewii	74441	 1g18
Betula pendula b.s.	91	 10g12 28g23 100g27 113g62 454g122 500g98 1000g183 5000g714 1p8
Betula pendula c.s.	46288	 2g17 10g21 25g48 28g43 113g118 454g225 4540g2478 100s11 1000s14 10000s25
Bruckenthalia spiculifolia	72397	 1g49 10g381 1p10
Buglossoides purpureocaeruleum	34458	 1g8 10g57 100g439
Butomus umbellatus	68596	 1g11 10g81 25g127 100g375 1000g2472 1p8
Calamagrostis epigejos	404002	 1g14 2g12 5g18 10g29 25g107 100g170 1000g1321 1p8
Campanula alliariifolia	24769	 1g6 4g28 5g10 10g13 100g77 1p6
Campanula glomerata	3547	 1g8 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g21 25g35 50g64 100g122 1000g934 1p4
Campanula rapunculoides	3585	 1g8 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 100g123 1000g944 1p6
Campanula saxifraga	78963	 1g49 10g382 100g2997 1p14
Campanula saxifraga ssp aucheri	77983	 1g53 10g416 1p14
Capparis spinosa	403258	 1g11 2g11 5g18 10g32 25g68 100g460 1000g3417 1p10
Capparis spinosa v. inermis	29271	 1g10 2g17 10g46 100g302 1p4
Cardamine bulbifera	23956	 1g4 5g20 10g10 1p4
Carduus nutans	15482	 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g15 25g31 50g55 100g104 1000g793 1p4
Carduus pycnocephalus	86362	 25g252 100g743 1000g4939
Carpinus betulus	29901	 10g8 25g18 28g14 100g30 113g34 250g68 454g71 500g49 1000g92 5000g319 25000g1260
Carpinus betulus green seed svs	445625	 28g20 113g51 454g102
Carpinus orientalis	25311	 25g25 28g22 113g59 250g133 454g116
Carthamus tinctorius	23381	 10g8 15g12 20g15 25g16 30g21 40g26 50g26 100g47 113g30 250g50 454g77 500g93 1000
Carthamus tinctorius organic seed	551080	 2g11 10g16 100g99 1000g572 1p8
Cedrus libani	29009	 1g8 3g9 7g12 10g21 14g17 25g25 28g28 56g50 100g101 113g94 250g120 454g182 1000g7
Cedrus libani ssp stenocoma	71113	 28g32 113g88 454g170
Centaurea cyanus hort.	15072	 1g6 2g10 10g9 25g0 50g11 100g15 250g29 500g52 1000g86 2500g187 10000g504 25000g1
Centaurea cyanus organic seed	404339	 2g11 10g10 12g8 25g10 50g14 100g22 1000g148 1p8
Centaurea cyanus wild form	453684	 5g8 10g10 15g17 20g19 25g9 50g12 100g18 1000g116 100s8
Centaurea pulcherrima	28387	 1g17 10g128 100g1006 1p17
Cercocarpus betuloides	511277	 40s10
Chorispora tenella	436573	 0g9 1g11 2g16 10g46 25g107 100g318 1000g2097 1p4
Circaea lutetiana	15331	 1g5 5g18 10g24 20g55 100g180 1p4
Cirsium acaule	71769	 1g10 5g35 10g64 100g440 1000g3481 1p6
Cistus laurifolius	66288	 1g15 10g26 100g800 250g302 1p8 100s11 1000s14 10000s20
Clematis alpina b.s.	669	 1p4
Clematis alpina c.s.	460731	 1g19 10g141 1p10
Clematis flammula c.s.	5086	 2g12 10g38 100g284 1p13
Clinopodium vulgare	15081	 1g8 2g10 2g11 5g16 10g13 25g51 50g44 100g82 1000g793 1p8 50s8 200s8
Cnicus benedictus	23404	 10g12 20g17 25g18 50g30 100g35 250g78 454g192 500g149 1000g290 2270g751 11300g35
Cnicus benedictus organic seed	457332	 1g8 10g29 100g146 113g45 227g84 454g161 2270g605 11340g2617 45400g9240 1p8
Colchicum macrophyllum	70886	 10g89 100g696 1p12
Colutea orientalis	435197	 5g16 250g366
Coluteocarpus vesicaria	460445	 40s10
Conium maculatum	15083	 10g30 25g69 100g176 1000g1300 1p9 100s8
Consolida orientalis	444195	 25g30 50g53 100g99 1000g217 2000g394
Coronilla orientalis c.s.	459059	 1p4
Cortusa turkestanica	78042	 1p4
Cotoneaster racemiflorus	761	 28g15 113g40 454g79 1p8
Crambe hispanica ssp. abyssinica	29087	 1000g45 1p4
Crambe maritima	15084	 1g8 2g8 5g10 10g14 25g27 50g48 100g92 250g130 500g440 1000g870 2500g2039 5000g38
Crambe maritima organic seed	47593	 1g8 10g42 100g299 1000g1482 1p21
Crepis aurea	37078	 0g16 1p8
Crocus kotschyanus ssp kotschyanus autumn flg.	11878	 1p9
Cucubalus baccifer	25519	 0g8 1g8 2g47 2g15 5g23 10g39 25g115 100g245 1000g2896 1p8
Cyclamen alpinum	36596	 15s10
Cyclamen cilicium	28647	 1g40 5g180 10g313 1p9 10s4 100s15
Cyclamen cilicium Album	51726	 1p11
Cyclamen coum	28648	 0g16 0g29 0g9 0g52 0g12 1g28 1g17 2g28 5g50 10g240 100g2137 1p12 20s11
Cyclamen coum ssp coum fa albissimum	460822	 1p4 10s12
Cyclamen graecum	31936	 1g30 10g280 1p4 20s12 100s16
Cyclamen hederifolium / neapolitanum	11851	 0g10 0g16 0g16 0g38 1g19 1g25 2g30 2g44 5g82 10g158 100g1402 1p8
Cyclamen hederifolium Album	12359	 1p4 15s11
Cyclamen intaminatum	405193	 1p4 15s10
Cyclamen mirabile (Tile Barn Ann)	36589	 1g53 1p23 12s12
Cyclamen mirabile Tile Barn Jan	463829	 8s11
Cyclamen mirabile Tile Barn Mix Jan and Nicholas	463830	 9s12
Cyclamen mirabile Tile Barn Nicholas	462476	 10s11 12s12
Cyclamen mirabile fa niveum	457850	 15s12
Cyclamen pseudibericum	400712	 1g40 10g313 1p23 15s11
Daphne gnidium	69947	 5g28 250g660
Daphne oleoides	78976	 25g39 50g72 100g138
Daphne pontica	27874	 1g10 5g15 10g20 20g40 100g127 1p10
Delphinium hybridum	515463	 1p4
Deschampsia cespitosa	3772	 1g8 2g10 10g10 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g18 1000g61 1p8
Deschampsia flexuosa	3773	 1g8 2g10 10g10 25g10 50g14 100g22 250g225 1000g138 1p9
Dianthus anatolicus	69781	 1p8
Dianthus armeria	3778	 1g10 2g8 10g14 25g25 50g43 100g80 1000g600 1p9
Dianthus pinifolius	28582	 1g27 10g209 1p10
Dictamnus albus Fraxinella	5382	 1g16 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g24 50g41 100g76 250g295 500g579 1000g1148 1p9
Dictamnus albus Ruber	887	 2g16 5g26 7g26 10g46 15g72 25g107 1p8 25s8
Dictamnus albus v purpureus Fraxinella organic seed	551209	 1g11 10g72 100g525
Digitalis cariensis	443098	 1p11
Digitalis trojana	404844	 1g15 10g107 1p8 200s8
Dionysia teucrioides	430967	 1p27
Diospyros lotus prov. USA svs	435965	 28g22 113g59 454g117 100s27 1000s72
Diospyros lotus svs	903	 1g6 10g11 28g16 100g58 113g43 454g87 1p6 12s7 25s10
Draba atlantica	449163	 80s10
Draba bruniifolia ssp olympica	405025	 1g92 10g735 1p15
Draba rosularis	407795	 1g70 1p10
Dryas octopetala b.s.	445541	 0g8 1g12 1p8
Dryas octopetala c.s.	13632	 0g36 1g17 10g114 100g912 1p8 10s9
Elymus hispidus	446357	 25g45 100g148 1000g962
Ephedra campylopoda	518100	 10s14
Ephedra major	407917	 5g29 250g603
Erodium pelargoniiflorum Sweetheart	35015	 1g23 1p8 250s36 500s65 1000s128 5000s634 10000s1141
Eryngium giganteum Silver Ghost	85882	 1g8 2g11 5g15 10g24 100g430 1p8
Erysimum sp. unident. orange-yellow	405045	 1p4
Euonymus latifolius	83225	 5g20
Falcaria vulgaris	34497	 2g8 5g10 10g14 25g27 50g48 100g90 1000g676 1p4
Ferula communis	23731	 1g8 2g13 5g20 10g34 50g104 100g550 1p10 25s8
Festuca glauca	3907	 5g21 6g8 10g10 25g49 100g36 250g68 500g130 1000g246 2500g862 5000g1608 1p15 2500
Ficus carica	1133	 1g8 10g63 1p7
Frangula alnus	27562	 6g8 10g10 12g9 25g12 50g17 100g28 250g43 1000g192 1p4
Frangula alnus prov. UK	448753	 10g16 100g71 1000g533
Frangula alnus stratified seed	439610	 10g16 100g70 500g265 1000g519
Fraxinus excelsior	27359	 10g13 25g21 28g14 50g8 100g14 113g33 250g120 454g68 1000g68
Fraxinus ornus	24515	 10g13 25g18 50g13 100g16 113g31 250g55 454g65 1000g85
Fritillaria acmopetala	11917	 0g8 0g10 1g13 2g27 5g48 10g90 1p8
Fritillaria michailovskyi	36677	 1p4
Fritillaria pontica	36682	 1g17 10g141 1p9 12s9
Fritillaria raddeana	65316	 1p4
Galega officinalis	26612	 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g20 20g34 25g67 100g155 1000g720 p5 1p8 200s8
Galega officinalis Alba	66636	 2g9 5g12 10g20 20g34 1p8
Galega officinalis organic seed	550323	 1g10 10g55 100g301 1p8
Galium verum	151	 1g8 2g10 5g8 10g9 15g16 20g19 25g15 50g24 100g42 250g253 1000g330 1000s8
Galium verum organic seed	552392	 1g8 10g28 100g147 1000g807
Gentiana asclepiadea	24518	 1g16 2g27 10g209 100g1660 1p8 200s8
Gentiana asclepiadea organic seed	551084	 1g53 10g416 1p12
Gentiana dahurica	1207	 1g8 1g8 2g10 5g13 10g19 25g41 50g76 100g150 250g370 500g728 1000g1445 1p8
Gentiana gelida	52414	 1p4
Gentiana lutea	1216	 1g8 1g27 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g22 50g38 100g69 250g319 500g436 1000g452 5000g3145 1p6
Gentiana lutea organic seed	459890	 1g11 10g59 100g340 1000g2011 1p8
Geranium albanum	404560	 2g27 10s8 500s54 1000s102 5000s500 10000s898
Geranium asphodeloides	71502	 0g23 1g40 10g313 100g2481 1p31
Geranium asphodeloides Starry Night white	462479	 8s1
Geranium gracile	79067	 3g26
Geranium ibericum	72045	 1g36 1p27
Geranium molle	15513	 2g11 25g221 100g665 1000g4423
Geranium pratense	3996	 1g8 2g10 2g12 3g35 4g44 5g19 10g17 25g76 50g64 100g121 1000g1288 1p8 20s8 100s10
Geranium psilostemon	71491	 1g27 10g210 1p21 10s10
Geranium pusillum	3988	 25g124 100g366 1000g2409
Geranium robertianum	35497	 0g8 1g9 1g9 2g11 5g16 10g26 25g123 50g109 100g212 1000g1653 1p8 160s10
Geranium robertianum organic seed	553695	 1g19 10g133 100g976 1p10
Geranium sanguineum	15311	 0g12 0g10 1g22 1g14 2g21 5g35 10g67 p8 1p9 10s9 500s63 1000s125 5000s549 10000s1
Geranium sylvaticum	400605	 1g10 2g9 10g15 25g35 50g63 100g120 250g1069 500g2040 1000g1020 1p3
Geum aleppicum	72348	 3g12 7g14 14g20 28g28 454g336 200s8
Geum coccineum Borisii / Queen of Orange	13729	 1g27 10g214 100g1815 1p9
Geum rivale	13732	 1g6 1g8 2g10 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g34 50g61 100g116 1000g901 1p5
Gladiolus illyricus	72184	 1g9 1g10 2g13 5g19 10g32 25g73 50g140 100g611 1p4 100s10
Gladiolus imbricatus	84018	 1g8 2g15 10g47 25g112 100g338 1000g2227 1p8
Glaucosciadium cordifolium	552887	 1p8
Gleditsia caspica	1248	 25g21 250g99
Glyceria maxima c.s.	34501	 1g8 10g25 25g124 100g366 250g125 1000g2407 1p8
Goniolimon speciosum	85766	 1g40 10g313 100g2481 1p14
Goniolimon tataricum b.s.	434107	 6g8 10g23 12g10 25g13 50g19 100g32 250g72 500g130 1000g225 5000g845 10000g1473 2
Goniolimon tataricum c.s.	13836	 0g8 1g12 10g81 250g383 500g754 1000g148 2000g228 4000g381 5000g10810 1p9 10000s3
Gypsophila elegans White	85332	 1p4
Haplophyllum suaveolens	440429	 1g14 10g102 100g783 1p8
Hedysarum tauricum	551007	 1g10 10g67 100g525 25s9
Helianthemum apenninum	13755	 1g5 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 100g284 1p4
Helianthemum nummularium	15106	 1g8 1g8 2g10 5g13 10g19 25g41 50g76 100g145 1000g1116 1p6
Helichrysum plicatum	431463	 1g27 10g210 1p8
Heliotropium europaeum	83696	 1g8 10g32 25g107 100g314 1000g2081 1p6
Hepatica nobilis	24042	 1g9 5g32 10g58 1p6
Herniaria glabra	2338	 0g13 0g8 0g21 0g9 1g34 1g12 2g17 5g27 10g48 25g111 50g220 100g438 1p11
Hyoscyamus niger	15111	 1g6 2g11 5g16 10g26 25g59 100g179 1000g1167 1p4
Hyoscyamus niger organic seed	550343	 1g11 10g81 1p6
Hypericum androsaemum	1425	 2g11 5g18 10g29 25g160 100g163 1000g3130 1p8
Hypericum calycinum	1421	 0g12 0g19 1g6 2g75 5g27 10g47 28g154 50g793 100g267 1p5 10000s33 50000s140
Hypericum hirsutum	15112	 2g10 2g8 5g10 10g13 100g82 1p4
Hypericum perforatum	1429	 1g8 2g10 5g16 10g8 25g13 50g19 100g32 250g73 500g140 1000g273 2500g723 10000g220
Hypericum perforatum organic seed	459895	 1g8 10g23 100g99 1000g574
Hypericum polyphyllum Grandiflorum	1433	 0g13 0g8 0g22 0g10 1g41 2g89 10g55 25g128 50g253 100g503 250g1413 500g2815 1000g
Hypochaeris radicata name unresolved	15115	 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g15 25g29 50g51 100g96 1000g729 1p4
Incarvillea olgae	4116	 1g27 5g102 10g197 100g1557 1p14
Inula acaulis b.s.	403848	 1p4
Iris bucharica	28441	 1g8 10g47 100g353 1p10 10s9
Iris orientalis	24059	 1g6 10g29 100g163 1p14
Iris pseudocaucasica	432364	 1g21 10g163
Iris pumila	12068	 1g8 10g55 100g421 1p11
Isatis glauca	81663	 1g10 10g71 100g559 1p8
Isatis tinctoria b.s.	4124	 5g10 10g9 25g13 50g19 100g32 250g71 500g135 1000g261 2500g638 5000g1265 10000g25
Isatis tinctoria c.s. organic seed	459911	 1g33 10g171 1p12
Jasminum fruticans	435245	 1p10
Juniperus communis	24549	 1g5 10g8 25g12 28g30 50g18 100g30 113g82 250g278 454g159 1000g205 1p8
Juniperus excelsa	83226	 25g20 250g107
Juniperus oxycedrus ssp. oxycedrus c.s.	438588	 10g27 25g22 50g38 100g69 250g304
Juniperus sabina	25341	 1g8 5g24 25g17 50g27 100g47 250g487 1000g267 1p8
Jurinea ledebourii	437542	 1g8 10g51 100g396
Lactuca serriola	1512	 10g30 25g66 50g125 100g243 1000g2320 1p8
Lallemantia canescens	79221	 1p4
Lathyrus belinensis	84498	 10g33 25g74 50g145 100g503 250g714 500g1418 1000g2180
Lathyrus chloranthus	74457	 2g9 5g12 10g18 25g38 50g70 100g135 250g332 500g650 1000g998 1p4 12s9
Lathyrus niger	400591	 1g8 1g10 2g14 5g22 10g38 100g284 1p8 15s8
Lathyrus pratensis	400156	 2g10 10g17 50g65 100g124 1000g1751
Leucanthemum vulgare	25079	 1g6 2g10 10g10 12g8 15g15 25g9 50g27 100g25 500g69 1000g132 5000g501 10000g828 2
Leymus arenarius	3851	 2g11 10g28 100g267 250g365
Ligularia altaica	433719	 1g21 10g158 100g1247 1p14
Lilium kesselringianum	439103	 1g17 10g114 100g783 1p4 25s10
Lilium monadelphum	37205	 1p4 15s9
Lilium pyrenaicum	79729	 0g9 1g8 1g11 2g16 5g26 10g46 1p8 10s9
Linaria dalmatica	13839	 1g14 10g107 100g834 1p8
Lomelosia Blue Mound	459594	 1p9 6s9
Lonicera tatarica	1607	 10g16 25g16 50g25 100g43 250g102 500g265 1000g519
Lonicera xylosteum	2456	 1g5 10g14 25g24 50g41 100g75 250g314 500g338 1000g568 1p5
Luzula sylvatica	4163	 1g4 2g15 5g20 10g36 25g138 100g405 1000g2690 1p3
Lysimachia punctata	13869	 0g8 1g6 1g9 2g11 5g15 10g23 100g159 1p6
Malva verticillata	404424	 25g18 50g28 100g50 250g107 1p4
Malva verticillata Crispa	26906	 100s8
Marrubium vulgare	4249	 2g11 5g12 10g8 15g42 20g53 25g11 50g16 100g26 250g56 500g96 1000g254 1p6
Marrubium vulgare organic seed	550396	 1g8 10g37 100g215 1000g1150
Medicago lupulina hort.	405997	 2g10 10g10 25g8 50g9 100g11 250g20 500g34 1000g58 2000g126 3000g187 4000g231 500
Medicago lupulina wild form	4252	 2g10 10g10 12g8 50g14 100g21 1000g138 1p4
Melica ciliata	4255	 1g6 1g8 2g9 10g16 50g51 100g95 1000g719 1p5 5000s77
Melica transsilvanica Red Spire	74302	 10g12 50g38 100g69 250g332 500g650 1000g504 5000g4683 250s7 500s11 750s25 1000s2
Melica transsilvanica v. atropurpurea	448757	 1g21
Melilotus altissimus	15389	 25g51 100g165 1000g1064
Melilotus officinalis ssp. albus	4259	 10g10 25g8 50g9 100g12 250g21 500g35 1000g65 2000g125 3000g165 1p4
Melissa officinalis	24832	 1g8 2g8 5g10 6g8 10g10 12g10 25g13 50g20 100g33 250g76 500g99 1000g161 2500g617
Melissa officinalis for micro lemon balm	529848	 25g33 50g60 100g110 250g244
Mespilus germanica vsvs	1695	 10g15 28g25 100g59 113g66 454g130 500g231 1000g450 5000g1987
Michauxia campanuloides	404908	 1g139 1p18
Milium effusum	38436	 10g16 50g46 100g85 1000g643 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81
Molinia caerulea	24828	 1g8 10g8 25g12 50g18 100g30 1000g203 1p8
Moluccella laevis	30062	 5g8 10g13 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g18 250g37 500g67 1000g127 2500g298 5000g738 10000g
Muscari macrocarpum	36729	 5s8
Nepeta cataria	4282	 2g7 5g12 6g8 10g13 12g9 25g12 50g17 100g27 250g61 1000g190 5000g813 1p6
Nigella orientalis Transformer	25548	 5g12 13g8 250g47 500g88 1000g122 2500g227 10000g608 25000g1360 1p8
Omphalodes nitida	448341	 1p10
Onopordum acanthium	1853	 2g11 5g8 10g10 12g9 25g12 50g17 100g27 1000g180 1p6
Origanum majorana	4405	 5g8 10g8 25g11 50g15 100g24 113g109 250g52 454g267 500g97 1000g134 2500g304 1000
Origanum onites	26974	 2g10 5g16 7g22 10g28 25g61
Origanum onites organic seed	552155	 2g12 5g19 7g28 10g36 15g49 25g76
Origanum vulgare	4406	 2g10 2g8 5g9 10g11 15g31 25g20 50g33 100g52 250g121 500g231 1000g452 2500g1024 1
Ornithogalum pyrenaicum	12599	 1g8 2g10 5g12 10g17 25g36 100g124 1p8
Ostrya carpinifolia	1863	 10g16 100g73 500g281 1000g544 1p4
Ostrya carpinifolia c.s.	436421	 28g31 113g85 454g165
Pachyphragma macrophyllum	443174	 1p8
Paeonia peregrina	25477	 2g11 10g29 100g215 1p8 4s12
Papaver commutatum Ladybird	24188	 2g9 5g8 10g10 15g32 20g35 25g18 30g51 50g29 100g52 250g123 500g236 1000g393 2500
Papaver nudicaule Pastel Shades mix semi dwarf	552289	 50g37 100g68 250g164 500g317 1000g442 2500g550 10000g1989 25000g4719
Papaver nudicaule mix o.p.	24835	 1g10 10g71 100g525 1p8
Papaver pilosum ssp spicatum	24196	 1g53 10g416 100g3298 1p14
Papaver somniferum	436486	 25g45 100g123 1000g781 1p8 750s8
Papaver somniferum mix organic seed	550433	 1p8
Papaver triniifolium	63504	 1p11
Pastinaca sativa	15404	 1g8 2g10 10g10 25g45 100g33 1000g234 300s8
Pastinaca sativa organic seeds	459922	 1g14 10g81 100g473 1p9
Pelargonium endlicherianum	75324	 1g45 10g348 100g2761
Periploca graeca	83894	 1g16
Periploca laevigata	435267	 1g20 100s21
Perovskia atriplicifolia	51234	 1g68 10g1208 1p9
Perovskia atriplicifolia Blue Steel	463881	 25s12 50s21 100s39 250s87
Phalaris arundinacea	4333	 1g8 10g10 50g9 100g12 250g23 500g39 1000g69 2500g130 5000g254 10000g458 1p4 1000
Phlomis armeniaca	460427	 1p10
Phlomis russeliana	24666	 1g6 1g8 2g10 5g14 6g24 10g21 25g79 100g155 1p6 25s9
Phlomis samia	70019	 0g18 1g11 10g71 100g559 1p8
Picea orientalis	2018	 10g19 25g70 28g31 56g45 100g91 113g84 250g212 454g162 1000g239 1p17
Pimpinella anisum	4346	 50g8 100g10 250g18 500g30 1000g53 1500g74 2500g123 10000g303 25000g634
Pimpinella anisum for micro anise	535453	 50g22 100g40 250g86 500g151
Pimpinella anisum organic seed	451136	 1g8 10g17 50g44 100g82 1000g456
Pinus brutia	5222	 10g13 14g20 28g34 113g90 454g175
Pinus nigra ssp. dalmatica	461732	 14g34 28g61 113g169 454g320
Pinus nigra ssp. pallasiana	70884	 28g20 113g52 454g104
Poa compressa	38432	 10g10 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g17 1000g78 1p4
Poa trivialis	15234	 2g10 10g10 25g8 50g9 100g11 200g18 250g20 500g34 1000g61
Polygonatum hirtum	76534	 1g8 10g28 100g163 1p9
Polygonatum verticillatum	4362	 1g10 5g36 10g18 50g42 100g77 1p8
Populus canescens x svs	408025	 1g85
Potentilla anserina	77721	 1g32 10g214 100g1471 1000g11813 1p17
Potentilla kurdica	460619	 1p4
Potentilla pulvinaris name unresolved	405139	 1p4
Primula amoena	459871	 1g53 10g416 1p14
Primula veris ssp columnae	66718	 1g16 5g25 10g114 1p9
Primula veris ssp macrocalyx	437521	 1g13 2g11 5g15 10g23 100g697 1p8 100s8
Prospero autumnale	71079	 1p4
Prunella vulgaris	4505	 1g6 2g10 5g8 10g10 15g19 25g17 50g28 100g50 250g104 500g195 1000g363 2500g873 1p
Prunella vulgaris BLBP 01	458156	 1g8 10g34 100g249 1000g1957
Prunella vulgaris BLBP 01 organic seed	459927	 1g14 10g93 100g641 1p8
Prunella vulgaris white fld. form	454418	 10g20 400s8
Prunus cerasifera	2255	 100g13 1000g67 100s30 1000s124 10000s603
Prunus cerasifera virus free cert.	448699	 28g21 113g55 454g108
Prunus dulcis	402012	 28g15 113g37 250g39 454g77
Prunus laurocerasus	2267	 10g8 25g16 100g36 250g42 500g130 1000g250 100s28 1000s76 10000s446
Prunus laurocerasus stratified seed	47014	 100g41 500g150 1000g287
Psylliostachys suworowii b.s.	51011	 50g18 100g29 250g65 500g119 1000g183 5000g737 10000g1268 25000g3011
Psylliostachys suworowii c.s.	17852	 0g8 1g11 2g22 5g39 25g38 50g74 100g137 250g336 500g659 1000g960 2500g2295 5000g4
Pterocarya fraxinifolia	400610	 10g10 100g43 1000g290 1p6 100s28 1000s73
Pulsatilla albana	457976	 1g21 10g158 1p11
Pyracantha coccinea c.s.	408028	 10g19 20g14 28g39 100g33 113g107 250g225 454g205 500g127 1000g228 100s11 1000s17
Pyrus communis	2321	 10g16 100g77 250g199 500g289 1000g148 1p4
Quercus cerris svs	2329	 250g12 454g58 500g30 1000g50
Quercus libani svs	403813	 250g94
Quercus robur Import svs	448752	 100g11 500g33 1000g51
Quercus robur svs	27187	 100g11 250g29 454g53 500g33 1000g51
Ranunculus acris	15153	 2g10 5g8 10g8 15g18 25g13 50g20 100g33 250g75 500g143 1000g280 1p4
Rhamnus cathartica	2399	 10g10 25g27 100g28 250g155 1000g181
Rhamnus cathartica stratified seed	463693	 10g15 100g70 1000g520
Rosa arvensis	408031	 10g19 100g85 500g326 1000g641
Rosa arvensis stratified seed	463694	 1000g715 500s347
Rosularia rechingeri	407681	 1g161 1p12
Rubia tinctorum	23351	 5g23 250g554 50s9
Ruta chalepensis	40836	 25g17 50g27 100g47
Sagittaria sagittifolia	70014	 5g36 25g121 100g330 1000g2488
Salvia candidissima	85840	 10s9
Salvia cyanescens	407732	 1g16 10g107 100g834 1p11 10s8
Salvia forsskaolei	24288	 3g24 1p9
Salvia napifolia	432992	 1g14 10g102 100g825 1p8 50s8
Salvia napifolia Baby Blue	456835	 1g14 10g102 100g826 1p8 5000s93 10000s182
Salvia officinalis	2506	 10g10 50g27 100g42 250g62 500g118 1000g280 2500g649 5000g1350 10000g1903 25000g4
Salvia officinalis for micro sage	540404	 25g32 100g115 250g233 500g347
Salvia recognita	79122	 1g14 10g99 100g778
Salvia sclarea v turkestanica Piemont	453435	 1p10
Salvia sclarea v. turkestanica	78887	 0g8 1g8 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g29 25g12 100g215 1p9
Salvia verticillata	1408	 1g8 2g8 5g9 10g12 100g59 1000g428 1p8
Sambucus racemosa c.s.	2512	 1g8 10g8 25g11 28g17 50g16 100g26 113g45 250g81 454g91 500g155 1000g160 1p6
Sanguisorba officinalis	15169	 1g6 1g8 2g11 2g9 5g11 10g15 25g31 50g56 100g105 1000g912 1p3
Sanguisorba officinalis organic seed	459842	 1g11 10g64 100g430 1p8
Santolina chamaecyparissus ssp tomentosa organic seed	551937	 1g36 10g313 100g2795 1p12
Saponaria pumilio	14098	 1g62 5g75 10g143 1p23
Satureja spicigera	83922	 1g14 10g93 1p8 100s8
Satureja subspicata organic seed	83923	 1g22 10g171 100g1342 1p9
Saxifraga sempervivum	82345	 1g79 10g623 1p14
Scilla bifolia	400588	 1g6 10g23 1p2
Scilla luciliae	28642	 1g8 10g20 1p8
Scilla sardensis	11839	 1g8 10g21 1p8
Scutellaria orientalis	28509	 1g22 10g167 1p12
Scutellaria pontica	85851	 1g10 10g72 100g559 1p8 100s8
Sedum hispanicum	404955	 1g40 10g312 100g2481 1p11
Sedum montanum ssp orientale	459882	 1g34 10g262 100g2073 1p12
Sedum ochroleucum	541188	 1g34 10g262 1p12
Sedum sediforme	13363	 1g24 10g209 100g1660 1p11
Sedum spurium Coccineum	25505	 0g8 1g17 1g10 2g14 5g22 10g39 25g89 50g173 100g344 250g854 500g1697 1000g2610 1p
Sedum stoloniferum	404954	 1g21 10g157 100g1247 1p11
Seseli gummiferum	70030	 1g19 10g141 100g1170 1p11
Setaria verticillata	86455	 25g59 100g179 1000g1167 1p4
Setaria viridis	27238	 25g45 100g131 1000g857 1p9
Setaria viridis Caramel	456837	 250s9 500s15 10000s45 20000s83 50000s203
Sibbaldia procumbens	13401	 1g53 1p8
Silene nutans	1529	 2g11 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g25 50g43 100g80 1000g600 1p8
Silene viscaria	28536	 5g8 10g10 25g18 50g30 100g53 1000g385 1p8 100s10
Silybum marianum	24859	 5g28 10g9 25g8 50g10 100g13 250g25 500g61 1000g79 1p8
Silybum marianum organic seed	457328	 1g8 10g29 57g14 100g36 113g22 227g38 454g69 1000g149 2270g223 11340g779 45370g23
Solanum americanum	5674	 1g6 10g35 25g86 100g264 1000g1718 1p5
Sorbaria tomentosa	404600	 10g35 100g267 1p6
Sorbus aucuparia c.s.	27365	 1g6 2g8 5g9 10g11 25g19 28g22 50g32 100g58 113g60 454g118 1000g169 1p6
Sorbus aucuparia prov. Scotland stratified seed	461252	 100g97 500g375 1000g740
Sorbus aucuparia stratified seed UK	462499	 100g76 500g289 1000g568 1p4
Sorbus domestica vsvs	27588	 10g23 100g129 500g782 1000g998
Sorbus torminalis	2603	 10g27 50g86 100g165 250g304 500g937 1000g1278 1p10
Sorbus torminalis stratified seed	542770	 100g221 500g871 1000g1730
Stachys citrina	433143	 1p8
Stachys macrantha	14274	 1g10 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g72 100g559 1p8
Stachys palaestina	4588	 1g9 2g11 5g8 10g10 15g44 25g17 50g28 100g49 250g119 500g225 1000g440 5000g2318 1
Stachys sylvatica	79129	 1g8 2g10 10g13 25g23 50g39 100g71 1000g891 1p6 100s10
Stachys thirkei	403194	 1p10
Staphylea pinnata	3067	 1g8 10g9 25g21 100g47 250g113 1p7
Stellaria holostea	1519	 0g9 0g8 1g14 1g10 2g14 5g22 10g38 100g224 1000g1751 1p4
Stellaria media	73456	 25g36 100g103 1000g669 1p4 400s8
Tanacetum balsamita	51091	 1g17 10g107 100g697 1000g4849 1p8 100s8
Tanacetum balsamita organic seed	550516	 1g49 10g305 100g2116 1p17
Taraxacum officinale Dandelion	15194	 2g11 10g8 25g13 50g48 100g33 250g130 500g250 1000g234 2500g663 10000g2010 1p4
Taraxacum officinale White Flash	544309	 10s8
Taraxacum officinale for micro dandelion	544308	 25g27 50g48 100g86 250g189
Taraxacum officinale organic seed	459932	 1g8 10g18 100g94 1000g495 1p4
Telekia speciosa	4596	 1g8 5g18 10g29 100g215 1p9
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium	4601	 0g17 1g6 2g25 2g63 10g23 25g40 50g73 100g139 1000g1245 1p6 100s8 250s15 500s27 1
Thalictrum flavum ssp. flavum	15196	 1g8 2g10 2g9 5g12 10g17 100g171 1000g1331 1p4
Thalictrum foetidum	71324	 1g9 10g49 100g318 1p8
Thalictrum isopyroides	404979	 1p4
Thalictrum lucidum	65416	 1g8 10g57 100g439 1p8
Thalictrum minus	15386	 1g8 10g42 25g82 100g232 1000g1502 1p8
Thymbra spicata	71530	 5g23 1p18 50s8
Thymus capitatus	447765	 1p10
Tilia caucasica	436415	 25g20 250g94
Tilia platyphyllos dry seed	2742	 25g18 28g14 30g13 100g18 113g36 250g59 454g75 500g57 1000g104 1p4
Tilia tomentosa dry seed	2743	 25g16 28g15 100g15 113g38 250g60 454g77 500g45 1000g79 1p4
Trifolium aureum	439916	 10g14 25g23 50g40 100g73 1000g547
Tulipa sprengeri (15)	12242	 1g11 2g25 4g28 5g44 10g82 1p8 15s9 25s9
Tulipa turkestanica (15)	36839	 1g10 1p8
Turritis glabra	34581	 1p4 500s8
Typha laxmannii c.s.	72383	 1g17 1p9
Typha minima c.s.	23261	 1g79 1p14
Ulmus glabra	2769	 10g24 100g109 500g424 1000g837
Verbascum blattaria fa. albiflorum	33206	 1g8 10g20 100g163 1p8 30s8 1000s9
Verbascum bombyciferum Polarsommer	4788	 1g9 2g11 5g16 10g25 25g55 50g109 100g215 250g529 500g1048 1000g2096 1p8 1000s9 2
Verbascum densiflorum	244	 5g8 10g9 25g14 50g21 100g36 1000g246 1p4
Verbascum densiflorum Polyverb	403550	 5g9 10g12 25g22 50g37 100g71 500g177 1000g346 1p4
Verbascum densiflorum organic seed	553698	 1g8 10g41 1p8
Verbascum epixanthinum	436476	 3g26 1p8
Verbascum olympicum	5044	 10g20 25g17 50g27 100g47 250g112 500g214 1000g418 2500g966 5000g1851 1p8 5p18 10
Verbascum olympicum Album	550535	 1g27 1p8
Verbascum phoeniceum New Hybrids mix	32883	 2g9 5g15 7g21 10g8 25g13 50g20 100g34 250g76 500g139 1000g235 2500g740 5000g1413
Verbascum phoeniceum wild form	435530	 1g10 10g55 100g327 1p8
Verbena officinalis	15209	 1g15 5g13 10g16 25g45 50g48 100g90 1000g676 1p6 500s8
Verbena officinalis organic seed	459935	 1g14 10g94 100g550 1p8
Veronica beccabunga	15276	 1g13 100g138 1000g1063 1p9
Veronica gentianoides	71337	 0g8 0g10 0g14 0g13 0g23 0g19 0g35 1g27 2g97 5g103 10g200 100g1557 1p8
Veronica gentianoides Little Blues	462001	 1g70 10g622 1p14
Viburnum opulus	51793	 2g8 10g9 25g18 28g21 100g29 113g56 250g81 454g111 500g155 1000g200 1p6
Vicia cracca v cracca	15214	 2g10 10g14 25g82 50g51 100g96 1000g891 1p9
Vincetoxicum nigrum	83694	 8s8

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