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List 103 - Plants of Europe West - 1/20/2019


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Allium ampeloprasum v babingtonii bulbils	85911	 8bl9
Alpinia mutica	74401	 10s14 100s21 1000s60 10000s431
Alpinia nigra	502047	 10s14 100s21 1000s47
Alpinia nutans	464104	 10s15 100s24 1000s71 10000s527
Alpinia oxymitra	502048	 10s16
Alpinia sp. Silver	502051	 10s38
Amomum verum	502387	 10s14 100s21 1000s56
Amomum villosum v. xanthioides	502398	 10s14 100s23 1000s67
Androsace carnea ssp rosea	442673	 1p8
Anthericum ramosum	12665	 1g12 2g13 10g22 100g129 1000g998 1p6
Arbutus unedo c.s. svs	83685	 2g17 5g20 10g59 25g36 50g218 100g434 250g149 500g292 1000g578 1p10 100s8 1000s21
Astragalus danicus	404218	 25g98 100g301 1000g1968
Bellis perennis	15064	 2g15 5g8 10g10 25g18 50g29 100g52 250g129 500g246 1000g375 2500g668 5000g1673 10
Bellis perennis organic seeds	552386	 1g12 10g98 100g860 1p8
Buglossoides purpureocaeruleum	34458	 1g8 10g57 100g439
Calluna vulgaris b.s.	5661	 5g8 10g10 100g52 1000g375 1p9
Calluna vulgaris c.s.	31779	 0g8 1g7 2g15 5g23 10g39 100g186 500g725 1000g1448 1p6
Calluna vulgaris cs organic seed	47590	 1g16 10g115 100g912 1p8
Calluna vulgaris stratified seed	82893	 1g143 10g1280 100g11502 1p21
Cardamine heptaphylla	23958	 1g4 10g18 100g150 1000g1200 1p3
Cardamine pentaphyllos no plants to USA/CDN	403479	 1g6 10g30 1p4
Carex arenaria	66955	 1g10 10g16 25g27 50g48 100g90 1000g676 1p8
Carex pendula b.s.	457896	 p4 1p4
Carex pendula c.s.	3655	 1g5 2g10 5g8 10g9 11g27 25g16 50g25 100g44 1000g343 1p4 3000s81 10000s269 100000
Cautleya gracilis	510887	 10s15 100s25 1000s84 10000s654
Centaurea calcitrapa	64428	 25g75 100g209 1000g1348
Centaurium scilloides hort	37077	 1p8
Cirsium eriophorum	15484	 1g8 2g10 2g10 5g14 10g13 25g82 100g74 1000g858 1p6
Coronilla minima	25453	 1g5 10g36 1p4
Crambe maritima	15084	 1g8 2g8 5g10 10g14 25g27 50g48 100g92 250g130 500g440 1000g870 2500g2039 5000g38
Crambe maritima organic seed	47593	 1g8 10g42 100g299 1000g1482 1p21
Crepis biennis	408434	 10g12 25g19 50g32 100g57 1000g428 200s8
Crepis capillaris	15359	 1g8 10g21 25g107 50g65 100g123 1000g944
Crepis pygmaea	25454	 1g19
Crithmum maritimum	33911	 1g8 10g55 100g421 1p4 30s10
Edible Flower Garden Mix	83933	 100g47 250g110 500g210 1000g420 2500g918 5000g1805 10000g3559
Elaeagnus rhamnoides	71560	 1g8 5g8 10g9 25g16 28g19 50g25 100g44 113g51 454g101 500g90 1000g318 5000g653 25
Elaeagnus rhamnoides prov. France stratified seed	46271	 100g47 500g174 1000g336
Elaeagnus rhamnoides prov. UK	459660	 20g15 100g63 500g240 1000g470
Elaeagnus rhamnoides prov. UK stratified seed	464329	 10g16 100g70 500g271 1000g520
Erinus alpinus v albus	13675	 0g8 0g9 0g11 0g16 1g25 10g416 1p10
Eryngium maritimum	1544	 1g8 2g10 10g18 100g134 1p9 100s10
Eryngium maritimum organic seed	47594	 1g11 10g81 100g641 1000g4460 1p21
Euphorbia seguieriana	1076	 1g8 10g46 1p6
Euphorbia verrucosa	552184	 1g7 10g41 1p6
Fuchsia magellanica	76614	 0g26 1g45 1p11 100s30
Fumana procumbens	2972	 1g8 2g20 5g31 10g59 100g697 1p6
Geranium pyrenaicum	3997	 2g10 2g10 5g12 10g17 100g96 1000g729 1p4
Gladiolus illyricus	72184	 1g9 1g10 2g13 5g19 10g32 25g73 50g140 100g611 1p4 100s10
Glaucium flavum	15104	 1g6 2g10 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g24 50g42 100g77 1p6
Glaucium flavum organic seed	521472	 1g20 10g141 1p8
Glaucium flavum v fulvum	70276	 1g15 10g107 100g834 1p8 50s8
Helichrysum stoechas	13764	 1g12 5g39 10g72 1p8
Heracleum sphondylium Pink Cloud	64435	 1g17 10g141 1p12
Hieracium spilophaeum	1395	 1g23 10g171 100g1350 1p12
Hyacinthoides non-scripta	1511	 1g8 2g10 2g10 5g16 7g27 10g16 15g53 25g24 50g42 100g77 1000g985 1p8 50s8 100s8
Hypericum androsaemum	1425	 2g11 5g18 10g29 25g160 100g163 1000g3130 1p8
Hypericum hirsutum	15112	 2g10 2g8 5g10 10g13 100g82 1p4
Hypericum humifusum	446384	 25g82 100g240 1000g1580 1p8
Hypericum maculatum	4109	 10g12 25g87 50g33 100g59 1000g428
Iberis amara	13793	 2g10 10g13 50g32 100g58 250g295 1p8 200s8
Inula conyzae	15418	 1g6 2g10 10g14 25g221 50g57 100g113 1000g900 1p5
Inula salicina	400671	 0g8 0g9 1g12 5g27 10g47 100g273 1000g2138 1p4
Iris foetidissima	12048	 10g8 100g56 1000g418 15s4
Iris foetidissima Citrina	408036	 1g8 10g47 100g353 1p20
Iris pseudacorus	12036	 1g5 2g10 10g8 25g15 50g23 100g39 250g94 1000g248 1p6 100s24 1000s64
Iris pseudacorus Alba / Clotted Cream	83094	 5g25 1p9
Iris pseudacorus organic seed	407031	 1g8 10g29 100g112 1000g753 1p12
Koeleria vallesiana	526200	 1g20 10g128 100g869 1p8
Lamium amplexicaule	86400	 0g11 1g15 2g23 5g40 10g73 25g174 100g561 1000g3543 1p8
Lamium purpureum	15324	 1g8 2g10 10g29 25g154 100g215 1000g3000 1p8
Laserpitium latifolium	5383	 10g14 100g41 1000g291 1p4
Lathyrus heterophyllus	4978	 1g6 5g20 10g13 100g95 1p6
Lathyrus linifolius	28749	 1g12 2g20 5g80 10g130 20g210 30g280 1p4
Lathyrus maritimus hort.	84493	 1g8 3g10 7g14 10g29 14g22 28g38 100g215 113g103 454g199 1p10
Lathyrus nissolia	15123	 2g10 5g13 10g15 25g30 50g54 100g101 1000g880
Linum bienne	15337	 1g8 2g11 2g10 5g13 10g19 100g150 1p4
Lotus maritimus	1428	 1g6 5g11 10g16 50g48 100g90 1000g676 1p6
Luzula nivea	4161	 0g9 1g4 1g11 2g15 5g24 10g36 100g2846 1p3 2500s16 5000s29 10000s56
Meconopsis cambrica	400231	 0g10 0g8 1g10 1g10 2g10 2g13 4g22 5g20 10g33 25g102 50g203 100g404 1p8
Meconopsis cambrica mixed	457928	 1p4
Molinia caerulea ssp. arundinacea	32999	 1g8 5g29 10g29 100g215 1p9
Myrrhis odorata	4391	 1g8 2g10 2g11 5g17 6g25 10g14 25g40 100g42 1000g330 1p15 10s8 30s8
Myrrhis odorata organic seed	459917	 1g12 10g63 100g344 1p21
Narthecium ossifragum	15261	 1g40 1p11
Nicotiana rustica Kessu	462666	 1g38 250s11
Ononis natrix	36509	 1g8 10g57 100g750 1p6
Ononis spinosa	15425	 1g8 1g8 2g10 2g9 5g11 10g15 25g73 50g54 100g101 1000g1116 1p6
Onopordum acanthium	1853	 2g11 5g8 10g10 12g9 25g12 50g17 100g27 1000g180 1p6
Ophrys apifera	71556	 0g8 0g27 1g57 10g421
Phalaris minor	67905	 25g36 100g103 1000g669
Pinguicula grandiflora	13977	 0g50 1g36 1p12
Pinus sylvestris prov. Scotland	445110	 28g168 113g465 454g868
Plantago maritima	407458	 0g8 1g9 3g26 7g37 14g26 25g155 28g45 100g458 113g124 454g236 1000g3027 1p4
Populus nigra svs	408026	 5g34
Potentilla neumanniana	70608	 1g10 2g13 5g19 10g31 100g184 1000g1438 1p8
Potentilla rupestris	15305	 1g8 10g38 100g249 1p8
Prospero autumnale	71079	 1p4
Quercus pubescens	25362	 250g34
Rosa spinosissima c.s.	72651	 1g8 10g14 25g27 100g63 250g155 1000g470 1p8 100s23 1000s71 10000s484
Rosa spinosissima stratified seed	460710	 10g16 100g70 1000g520
Rubus ulmifolius	539767	 25g22 250g107 1p4
Sagina subulata	74304	 0g13 0g8 0g22 0g9 0g39 0g11 1g60 1g16 2g25 5g44 10g81 25g194 50g387 100g772 250g
Salvia verbenaca	15165	 2g10 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g23 100g72 1000g553 1p4
Sarracenia purpurea typical form	29955	 1g16 10g130 100g1080 1p8
Saxifraga hirsuta	404949	 1p8
Scilla latifolia	446120	 100s26 1000s90
Scilla verna	15464	 1p4
Sedum forsterianum Oracle	457225	 500s9 1000s16 2500s35 5000s66
Sedum forsterianum ssp elegans Silver Stone	452028	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p10
Sedum rupestre	453447	 0g11 0g8 1g13 1g10 5g85 10g44 25g82 50g158 100g265 250g742 1000g2083 1p8
Sedum rupestre organic seed	551117	 1g19 10g141 1p8
Silaum silaus	15175	 2g10 5g16 10g13 25g33 50g60 100g113 1000g858
Silene acaulis	13402	 0g8 0g9 0g12 0g17 1g27 2g54 10g191 1p8
Sisyrinchium angustifolium	12466	 0g8 0g10 1g10 1g14 2g22 3g24 5g19 7g55 10g68 14g95 20g138 28g187 40g270 100g525
Solidago virgaurea ssp minuta	85078	 1g7 10g26 1p6
Sparganium angustifolium	454665	 1g10 10g50 1p6
Teesdalia nudicaulis	451245	 10g28 100g164 1000g1331
Thymus praecox	13429	 1g10 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g34 50g61 100g115 1000g717 1p8
Trifolium repens Microclover Pirouette	461903	 25g10 50g13 100g19 250g38 500g61 1000g106 6000g475
Trifolium repens Minus	2753	 50g27 100g47 250g110 500g210 1000g420
Ulex europaeus	400570	 3g8 7g10 10g23 14g13 25g18 28g20 56g33 100g101 113g59 250g94 454g117 500g440 100
Verbascum lychnitis	34585	 2g8 3g28 10g12 50g38 100g69 1000g504 1p4
Veronica fruticulosa	24408	 0g8 0g9 1g6 1g11 5g24 10g42 1p6
Vicia sepium	15495	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g22 25g47 50g88 100g170 1000g1320 1p4
Viola odorata	26963	 1g9 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g15 25g29 50g51 100g95 250g385 500g760 1000g1065 2500g1350 10
Viola odorata Alba / Reine des Neiges	15502	 1g11 10g72 100g460 1p8 50s8
Viola reichenbachiana	69565	 0g9 1g4 1g11 2g15 5g24 10g36 100g628 1p3

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