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List 158 - Plants of Puerto Rico - 11/15/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Annona reticulata	252	 1p11 100s37 1000s129
Antidesma bunius	3138	 10s6 100s29 1000s76
Brunfelsia lactea	39106	 1g14
Cajanus cajan	5505	 1g8 28g16 113g32 454g61 1000g73 5000g269 10000g472 1p4 30s8 100s12 1000s58
Calophyllum inophyllum svs	464	 250g83 1000g251
Citrus aurantifolia svs	30832	 250g122 1000g407 1000s156
Coccothrinax alta	67874	 1000s100
Couroupita guianensis	772	 20s45
Crescentia cujete	5141	 1p9 5s11 1000s148
Dillenia indica	893	 5g8 250g154 1000g78 5000g298 10000g368 1p4 100000s892
Eryngium foetidum Mexican Coriander	32491	 1g8 2g8 5g10 5g20 10g14 10g18 25g28 50g50 100g91 1000g610 1p4
Garcinia mangostana svs	1183	 100s94 1000s184
Genipa americana	38276	 100s38 1000s303
Guazuma ulmifolia	5433	 1000s86
Hymenaea courbaril	5434	 3s9
Mammea americana	3082	 1s9
Manilkara zapota	27165	 10s9 25s15 100s53 1000s115 100000s2755
Melicoccus bijugatus	5537	 1000s300
Phyllanthus acidus	1994	 10s8
Plumeria alba	5105	 5s10
Sabal causiarum	12968	 100s35 1000s207
Spondias dulcis	2617	 3s8 1000s235
Spondias dulcis dwarf form	462394	 1000s268
Tabebuia heterophylla	2678	 1000s129
Thespesia populnea	5056	 25g20 250g30 500g54 1000g99 5000g372 10000g562 1p4

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