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List 577 - Portulacaceae - 11/14/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Acaena saccaticupula	408304	 1g19 10g141 100g1109 1p10
Anacampseros albidiflora	35554	 100s10
Anacampseros arachnoides	401419	 1p8
Anacampseros australiana	84224	 100s10
Anacampseros baeseckii Grunau	443446	 100s10
Anacampseros coahuilensis	463081	 100s14
Anacampseros decapitata (name unresolved)	463082	 10s10
Anacampseros filamentosa	19224	 20s10
Anacampseros lanceolata	20574	 1p8
Anacampseros papyracea Kinderle	408785	 100s32
Anacampseros pisina	401429	 100s20
Anacampseros telephiastrum	453903	 1p8
Anacampseros tomentosa	19589	 100s10
Avonia grisea (name unresolved)	449454	 20s12
Calandrinia ciliata Blanca	451199	 5g20 10g33 20g59 50g129 100g255
Calandrinia gilliesii	442720	 1p4
Calandrinia grandiflora	3422	 0g8 50g530 100g1053 1p4
Calandrinia ranunculina	449192	 1p4
Calandrinia umbellata Purple Moon	440272	 0g8 1g19 10g36 25g81 1p4
Calandrinia umbellata Ruby Tuesday	82211	 2g9 5g13 10g20 25g42 50g81 100g159 250g390 500g767 1000g1520 2500g3585 5000g6785
Calyptridium umbellatum	408307	 1g53 10g416 1p14
Cisanthe grandiflora	454893	 10g36 20g66 50g144 100g286
Cistanthe grandiflora	449506	 1p4
Cistanthe grandiflora Brightness	435355	 1p8
Cistanthe guadalupensis	449507	 10s14 100s27
Claytonia parviflora	462183	 1p4
Claytonia perfoliata	15141	 5g8 10g10 50g65 100g52 250g162 1000g426 2500g807 10000g2441 25000g5794 1p4
Claytonia perfoliata for micro purslane winter	436432	 25g32 50g59 100g108 250g233
Claytonia perfoliata organic seed	552113	 10g17 20g27 25g35 30g43 50g63 100g115 250s8
Claytonia virginica	72254	 3g65 7g113 75s8
Lewisia brachycalyx	36277	 1g70 10g554 1p4
Lewisia brachycalyx white form	460560	 0g9 0g12 0g18 1g30 2g68 5g130 1p4
Lewisia columbiana v columbiana	51888	 1g79 10g700 1p19
Lewisia cotyledon	76119	 1p4 500s20 1000s34
Lewisia cotyledon Alba	76371	 0g10 0g18 10g829 1p4
Lewisia cotyledon Bridal Bouquet dwarf mix	437546	 1g139 1p19
Lewisia cotyledon Elise mix	551964	 1g341 10g3186 1p40 50s16 100s29 250s65 500s57 1000s107
Lewisia cotyledon Praline Mix semi-double	76373	 1g139 1p21
Lewisia cotyledon Rainbow Hybs mix	76369	 1g92 10g778 100g6416 1p15
Lewisia cotyledon Soranda Hybrids	68963	 1000s35 2000s63 5000s156 10000s280 25000s697 50000s1391 100000s2779
Lewisia cotyledon Sunset Strain mix	35269	 1g66 10g520 100g4137 1p12 20s10 75s8 100s10 250s21 500s38 1000s70 3000s45 5000s7
Lewisia cotyledon hybrids mixed	38204	 10g313 100g2481 1p4
Lewisia cotyledon red-purple	76375	 1g105 10g829 1p19
Lewisia cotyledon yellow	77496	 1g105 10g828 1p19
Lewisia longipetala x Little Mango	551185	 1g105 1p21
Lewisia longipetala x Little Peach	442343	 1g105 10g884 1p21
Lewisia longipetala x Little Plum	408303	 10g885 1p4
Lewisia longipetala x Little Raspberry	462722	 1g105 1p21
Lewisia longipetala x Little Tutti Frutti mix	552381	 1g92 10g773 100g6566 1p18
Lewisia nevadensis	27576	 0g9 0g12 0g18 1g29 2g52 100g3311 1p4
Lewisia pygmaea	31985	 0g8 0g10 0g13 1g19 2g31 10g313 100g2485 1p4 240s8
Lewisia rediviva	36342	 1g92 10g726 1p4
Lewisia rediviva pink form	462481	 20s10
Lewisia tweedyi	68966	 0g15 0g27 1p4
Lewisia tweedyi Alba	455104	 1g156 1p40
Lewisia tweedyi Lovedream	76370	 1g92 10g821 100g7319 1p20
Lewisia tweedyi Rosea	68967	 10s12
Portulaca grandiflora Double Mixed	80919	 50g22 100g38 250g88 500g335 1000g466 2500g892 10000g2731 25000g6197
Portulaca grandiflora Extra Double Mix	80920	 1g9
Portulaca grandiflora Single Mixed	80918	 5g8 10g9 25g14 50g21 100g35 250g80 1000g393 2500g751 10000g2288 25000g5190 1p4 3
Portulaca grandiflora f1 Happy Hour Mixed multi-pellets	461865	 100s11 250s23 500s42 1000s79
Portulaca grandiflora f1 Sundial Mixed	67735	 500s7 1000s12 2500s25 5000s48
Portulaca grandiflora f2 Kariba Mixed doubles	38329	 5g13 10g19 25g46 50g91 100g180 250g445 500g880 1000g1750 2500g4662 5000g8789
Portulaca oleracea	435525	 1g8 10g34 25g56 50g25 100g41 250g88 500g153 1000g1502 1p4
Portulaca oleracea Aurea Golden Purslane	16702	 10g6 12g8 25g10 50g14 100g22 250g46 500g269 1000g178 2500g336 10000g961 25000g20
Portulaca oleracea Aurea for micro purslane golden	536570	 50g36 100g64 250g141
Portulaca oleracea v. sativa Purslane green	26936	 10g14 25g13 50g21 75g29 100g36 150g50 250g88 500g36 1000g65 2500g187 10000g504 2
Talinum caffrum	26093	 1p9 100s30
Talinum calycinum	441169	 0g8 1g105 10g932 100g8372 1p4
Talinum paniculatum	13322	 1g8 2g9 5g11 25g30 50g54 100g101 1p4 3472s8
Talinum paniculatum Limon	453542	 25s14 50s24 100s44 250s99
Talinum rugospermum	71328	 3g47 100s8

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