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List 591 - Restionaceae - 2/20/2019


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Anarthria scabra	442051	 5g23
Apodasmia similis	82225	 1g20 5g51 10g150 100g1170 1p11 100s12 1000s21
Askidiosperma andreaeanum	460010	 1p8
Askidiosperma insigne aff	441739	 0g36
Baloskion tetraphyllum	16803	 100s11 1000s14 10000s23
Cannomois grandis smaller seed form	86186	 1p10 50s15 100s18
Cannomois sp. unident.	451829	 1p10
Cannomois sp. unident. aff. virgata	458508	 1p10
Cannomois virgata	462768	 1g9 10g63 100g482 1p32
Elegia aggregata	458507	 1p10
Elegia capensis	964	 1g20 1p10 50s11 100s15
Elegia cuspidata	5473	 1g79 10g622 1p10 100s11
Elegia deustum	458506	 1p10 100s15
Elegia elephantina	440633	 1g24 10g932 1p10 100s11
Elegia filacea	70923	 1p10 100s13
Elegia fistulosa	408752	 1p10
Elegia grandis	73988	 1g40 10g352 1p21
Elegia grandispicata	71825	 1p10
Elegia juncea	451830	 1p10 100s15
Elegia macrocarpa	70909	 1p10
Elegia racemosa	405974	 1p10 100s16
Elegia stipularis	442271	 1p10
Elegia tectorum	26853	 1g24 10g1380 1p10 100s10 1000s18 10000s105
Elegia tectorum Fishhoek form	86179	 1g24 1p10
Elegia vaginulata	458504	 1p10
Hydrophilus rattrayii	71833	 1g30
Loxocarya cinerea	439490	 1g19 5g87 10g169 25g415 100g1647 1000g13618
Nevillea obtusissima	463283	 1p9
Restio bifarius	70992	 1p10 100s13
Restio egregius	538098	 1p10
Restio festucaeformis	434432	 1p10 100s12
Restio leptostachys	458510	 1p10 100s16
Restio sieberi Kunth.	86182	 50s11
Restio subverticillatus	538099	 50s11
Restio tetragonus	458511	 100s19 1000s165
Rhodocoma arida	70993	 1p10 50s12 100s14
Rhodocoma capensis	86283	 1p10 100s12
Rhodocoma gigantea	52264	 1p10 100s13
Rhodocoma sp. unident.	86184	 50s12
Staberoha banksii	451853	 1p10
Thamnochortus cinereus	67817	 1g79 10g623 1p10 100s12 1000s74
Thamnochortus erectus	408667	 1p10 100s16
Thamnochortus fraternus	437754	 50s11
Thamnochortus insignis	35047	 1p10 100s13
Thamnochortus lucens	86190	 1p10
Thamnochortus paniculatus	408664	 1g30
Thamnochortus platypteris	77929	 1p10 100s14
Thamnochortus rigidus	73999	 1p10 100s14
Thamnochortus spicigerus	74001	 1g79 10g623 1p10 100s12
Tremulina tremula	16433	 1p19
Willdenowia incurvata	68642	 1p10 100s15

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