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List 592 - Rhamnaceae - 2/23/2019


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Alphitonia excelsa b.s. reveg. grade svs	402913	 25g22 1000g300
Alphitonia excelsa c.s. svs	15735	 2g17 25g18 1000g241 100s25 1000s60
Alphitonia petriei svs	28068	 2g17 100s26 1000s54
Berchemia discolor	77185	 1000g130 1p12 100s25 1000s370
Berchemia zeyheri	34429	 100s20
Ceanothus americanus	53	 3g16 7g17 14g27 28g47 454g627 1p10 75s8
Ceanothus cordulatus	532	 90s10
Ceanothus integerrimus	535	 7g13 14g20 28g33 113g91 454g175
Ceanothus ovatus	83578	 3g19 7g31 14g56 28g86 1p4 106s8
Ceanothus prostratus	537	 28g51 113g141 454g268
Ceanothus pumilus	510925	 60s12
Ceanothus sanguineus	538	 1g8 7g13 14g20 28g33 113g90 454g174 1p8
Colletia spinosa	81831	 0g38
Colubrina asiatica	40252	 1p9
Colubrina decipiens	47435	 1000g122
Cryptandra arbutiflora	15936	 0g28 2g28 5g66 10g127 25g310 100g1238 1000g8496
Cryptandra connata	439396	 15g25 25g37 100g134 1000g1512
Frangula alnus	27562	 6g8 10g10 12g9 25g12 50g17 100g28 250g43 1000g192 1p4
Frangula alnus prov. UK	448753	 10g16 100g71 1000g533
Frangula alnus stratified seed	439610	 10g16 100g70 500g265 1000g519
Frangula californica	538122	 10g17 250g183
Frangula purshiana	520392	 25g22 250g131
Helinus integrifolius	83168	 1p10
Hovenia dulcis	1409	 25g25 28g22 57g37 113g67 250g133 454g131 1p8 100s23 1000s62 10000s437
Maesopsis emini prov. Kwamkoro Tanzania	457516	 1000g118
Maesopsis eminii	461986	 1000g137
Maesopsis eminii prov. Amani Tanzania	51788	 1000g118
Noltea africana	408644	 1p10 100s16 1000s212
Paliurus hemsleyanus	448007	 10g20 250g211
Paliurus ramosissimus	450709	 10g20 250g197
Paliurus spina-christi	3023	 1g5 10g8 100g36 250g85 1p5
Phylica axillaris	408641	 1p10
Phylica cephalantha	552730	 1p10
Phylica imberbis	406672	 100s25 1000s193
Phylica litoralis	446259	 1p10
Phylica oleaefolia	71852	 p10 100s15
Phylica paniculata	408642	 100s25 1000s193
Phylica pinea	454697	 100s25 1000s193
Phylica pubescens	1993	 1p10 100s28 1000s210
Pomaderris apetala	74596	 5g32
Pomaderris kumeraho	400858	 1g23 5g17 1p8 100s14
Pomaderris myrtilloides	16398	 5g27
Pomaderris rotundifolium	67779	 5g27
Rhamnus alaternus	86249	 5g20 250g378
Rhamnus californicus	2398	 28g65 113g147 454g348 4540g3137
Rhamnus caroliniana	38245	 25g25 28g20 113g51 250g160 454g102
Rhamnus cathartica	2399	 10g10 25g27 100g28 250g155 1000g181
Rhamnus cathartica stratified seed	463693	 10g15 100g70 1000g520
Rhamnus humboldtiana	538136	 100s69
Rhamnus lycioides ssp lycoides	86250	 5g23 250g504
Rhamnus prinoides	5495	 1p10 100s14
Rhamnus pumila	85044	 1g14 1p10
Rhamnus purshianus - not to N Z	69456	 7g24 25s8
Rhamnus schneideri v mandshurica	436027	 15s8
Rhamnus tomentella	530086	 25g20 250g96
Rhamnus ussuriensis	538162	 25g22 250g131
Scutia myrtina	74314	 1p10 100s16
Spyridium globulosum	16483	 15g27 25g40 100g146 1000g889
Trymalium floribundum	407639	 5g20 10g24 25g54 100g199 1000g1259
Trymalium ledifolium	16557	 5g29 10g29 25g65 100g246 1000g1567
Trymalium spathulatum	16559	 25g24 100g78 1000g437
Ventilago viminalis	16565	 25g24 100g81 1000g460
Ziziphus abyssinica	75419	 1000g118
Ziziphus jujuba b.s.	2868	 10g13 25g19 28g20 113g54 250g24 454g108 500g42 1000g77 5000g212 10000g306 3s8 8s
Ziziphus jujuba v. spinosa b.s.	436063	 28g20 113g54 454g108 40s8
Ziziphus jujuba v. spinosus de-hulled seed	450868	 28g36 113g98 454g189
Ziziphus mauritiana	457553	 1000g123 100s32
Ziziphus mauritiana v. spontanea	2869	 1000g137 1000s80 100000s1745
Ziziphus mucronata	2871	 10g13 25g22 1000g121 1p12 100s25 1000s99
Ziziphus oenopolia L.	548742	 100s36
Ziziphus zeyheriana	552770	 1p12

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