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List 597 - Rosaceae - 11/14/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Acaena buchananii	14287	 1g14 10g98 100g761 1p8
Acaena caesiiglauca	77009	 1g15 10g111 100g868 1p8
Acaena fissistipula	33142	 1g19 10g141 100g1109 1p10
Acaena inermis	13171	 1g15 10g111 100g868 1p8
Acaena inermis Purpurea	434357	 1g19 5g33 10g39 100g1109 1p10 20s8
Acaena microphylla	13166	 2g8 5g10 10g14 25g27 50g48 100g94 250g230 500g450 1000g890 1p4 945s8
Acaena microphylla Copper Carpet	442496	 1g10 1p4
Acaena myriophylla	434358	 1g19 10g158 100g1247 1p14
Acaena novae - zelandiae	13168	 1g8 2g16 5g25 10g43 100g490 1p8
Acaena ovalifolia	31344	 1g20 1p4
Acaena pinnatifida	500339	 1p9
Acaena saccaticupula	408304	 1g19 10g141 100g1109 1p10
Acaena sericea	38157	 1g9
Agrimonia eupatoria	400141	 1g6 2g10 5g8 10g8 20g22 25g23 50g42 100g40 250g308 1000g240 1p6 25s8 100s8
Agrimonia eupatoria Alba	434359	 10g38 100g284 1p10
Agrimonia eupatoria organic seed	458734	 10g29 100g172 1000g848 1p10
Agrimonia pilosa	75566	 1g8 10g10 100g50 1p8
Agrimonia procera	80516	 10g8 25g13 50g19 100g32 500g117 1000g224 1p4
Agrimonia procera organic seed	455153	 1g11 10g51 100g262 1p29
Alchemilla alpina	15375	 1g9 5g44 10g72 100g600 1p6
Alchemilla conjuncta	70036	 0g24 1g10 10g80 1p8
Alchemilla epipsila	81496	 1g27
Alchemilla erythropoda	51128	 1g17 10g128 100g998 1p9
Alchemilla mollis	39854	 1g8 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g36 250g319 500g627 1000g1120 1p4
Alchemilla mollis Robustica	437798	 1g8 1g8 2g9 5g12 25g36 50g66 100g130 250g319 500g627 1000g1120 2500g4642 1p4 227
Alchemilla mollis Thriller - Irish Silk	70035	 0g11 0g13 1g9 1g32 2g40 2g21 5g35 10g64 100g490 1p8
Alchemilla saxatilis	70032	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p14
Alchemilla sericata Gold Strike	501646	 1g17 10g128 100g998 1p9
Alchemilla xanthochlora	28264	 0g8 1g9 2g12 5g16 10g25 100g148 1000g1149 1p4 705s8
Alchemilla xanthochlora organic seeds	459908	 1g15 10g81 100g525 1000g3643 1p8
Amelanchier alnifolia c.s.	239	 7g23 10g27 14g40 28g74 113g203 250g330 454g382 1p10
Amelanchier arborea c.s.	30973	 5g41
Amelanchier canadensis c.s.	24	 0g8 0g10 1g14 3g22 7g37 10g84 28g139 100g415 113g393 250g802 454g735 500g1646 10
Amelanchier humilis	447986	 10g27 250g330
Amelanchier laevis	241	 5g34 28g190 113g538 250g802 454g1003
Amelanchier lamarckii	35746	 5g31
Amelanchier ovalis b.s.	463418	 1g4 10g22 1p4
Amelanchier ovalis c.s.	435314	 5g10 28g36 50g50 113g98 454g189 1p4
Amelanchier sinica c.s.	403257	 10g17 250g147
Amelanchier utahensis	64046	 28g36 113g97 454g188
Aphanes arvensis	63957	 1g13 25g74 100g228 1000g1484 100s8
Aronia arbutifolia Brilliantissima	78054	 28g93 113g261 454g491
Aronia melanocarpa c.s.	308	 10g27 250g356
Aruncus aethusifolius Noble Spirits	408694	 1g27 10g210 25g57 50g113 100g219 250g542 500g1074 1000g2138 2500g5051 1p8 500s9
Aruncus aethusifolius c.s.	14428	 1g27 10g210 25g57 50g111 100g219 250g488 500g966 1000g2137 1p8 100s8
Aruncus dioicus	3324	 1g4 7g27 10g14 25g44 50g87 100g104 250g420 500g827 1000g1643 2500g3895 1p4 500s8
Aruncus dioicus Whirlwind	458126	 1g208 10g1861 1p22
Aruncus dioicus v kamtschaticus	76474	 1g14 10g107 100g834 1p8 100s10
Aruncus sinensis	14429	 1g8 10g47 100g318 1p8
Aruncus sinensis Zweiweltenkind	69918	 1g8 10g55 100g421 1p8
Cercocarpus montanus	26607	 7g11 10g19 14g16 28g26 250g212 50s8
Chaenomeles cathayensis	450922	 1p9
Chaenomeles japonica svs	603	 10g8 25g18 28g21 100g31 113g56 250g94 454g111 500g109 1000g208
Chaenomeles lagenaria	605	 10g8 100g37 250g203 1000g256
Chaenomeles sinensis	814	 28g16 113g42 454g86 25s9 30s10
Cliffortia cuneata	71808	 1p10
Comarum palustre	4489	 0g8 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g25 1p4
Consolida orientalis	444195	 25g92 100g99 1000g217 2000g394
Cotoneaster acutifolius	401186	 2g8 3g8 7g10 14g14 28g28 100g69 113g75 250g94 454g146 1000g518
Cotoneaster bullatus	401191	 10g16 25g28 50g38 100g69 250g147 1000g518 1p4
Cotoneaster coriaceus c.s.	513377	 10g24 250g265
Cotoneaster dielsianus cs	742	 10g18 25g18 100g85 250g73 1000g643
Cotoneaster divaricatus	743	 10g8 25g13 50g20 100g34 250g73 1000g235
Cotoneaster franchetii c.s.	436342	 5g19 10g16 100g77 250g435 1000g590
Cotoneaster frigidus	513384	 25g20 250g81
Cotoneaster glacialis prov. Nepal	445915	 1p4
Cotoneaster horizontalis c.s.	86166	 1g6 10g26 57g42 100g120 250g365 1000g880 1p4
Cotoneaster horizontalis stratified seed	749	 1000g1092
Cotoneaster integerrimus	408014	 1g8 3g9 7g12 14g18 28g19 113g51 454g101 1p4
Cotoneaster lacteus	401200	 10g23 100g109 1000g830
Cotoneaster microphyllus	751	 10g10 100g46 1000g330
Cotoneaster multiflorus	753	 25g18 250g77
Cotoneaster nanshan	737	 10g17 250g190
Cotoneaster niger	407931	 1p9
Cotoneaster racemiflorus	761	 5g8 28g15 113g40 454g79 1p4
Cotoneaster salicifolius	762	 10g9 25g18 100g44 250g85 1000g306
Cotoneaster spp + hyb mix	441801	 1p10
Crataegus azarolus	5554	 250g99 1p4
Crataegus calpodendron	408015	 5g17
Crataegus chlorosarca	73113	 5g26
Crataegus coccinea	458722	 25g27 250g127
Crataegus crenulata	408017	 7g10 14g14 28g22 113g59 454g117
Crataegus crus-galli	774	 25g16 28g21 50g25 100g43 113g55 250g85 454g110
Crataegus douglasii	776	 28g22 113g60 454g119
Crataegus laevigata	401223	 1g6 5g23 10g14 100g116 1000g930 1p4
Crataegus lavallei	513657	 1g8 10g20 100g160 1p6
Crataegus marshallii (unresolved name)	551788	 5g26
Crataegus mollis	778	 3g8 7g10 14g13 25g20 28g20 113g54 250g94 454g108
Crataegus monogyna	29902	 1g7 10g16 25g9 28g17 50g12 100g17 113g43 250g55 454g88 1000g101 1p4
Crataegus monogyna prov. Italy	448745	 20g11 100g27 1000g181
Crataegus monogyna prov. U K	448744	 20g9 100g23 1000g143
Crataegus monogyna stratified seed	462799	 1000g192
Crataegus persimilis	513673	 25g28 250g133
Crataegus phaenopyrum	781	 5g17 25g30 28g22 113g60 250g141 454g118
Crataegus pinnatifida	782	 5g13
Crataegus punctata	784	 25g20 28g15 113g34 250g94 454g71
Crataegus succulenta	73112	 5g18
Crataegus viridis	73111	 1g8 10g20 28g22 100g160 113g60 454g118 1p6
Crataegus vulsa	39838	 25g15 250g60
Cydonia oblonga svs	404525	 10g24 250g295
Dryas drummondii b.s.	83986	 1p4 35s12
Dryas drummondii c.s.	451951	 1g34 10g416 100g3311 1p14
Dryas octopetala Minor b.s.	457870	 0g12 1p4
Dryas octopetala b.s.	445541	 0g8 1g12 1p4
Dryas octopetala c.s.	13632	 0g36 1g17 10g115 100g912 1p4
Dryas suendermanni x b.s.	70022	 1p4
Duchesnea Harlequin variegated	442311	 3g28
Duchesnea indica	13642	 1g4 10g38 100g167 1000g285 1p4
Eriobotrya deflexa svs	972	 100s22 1000s141
Eriobotrya japonica svs	973	 28g20 113g52 454g110 1p12
Exochorda giraldii v wilsonii	2885	 5g23
Exochorda racemosa c.s.	2965	 10g19 28g40 113g111 250g186 454g214
Exochorda serratifolia	435227	 5g18
Fallugia paradoxa bs	1086	 1p8
Filipendula rubra	74554	 3g19 7g31 14g56 28g86 250s8
Filipendula ulmaria	23047	 10g10 25g15 50g24 100g41 1000g289 1p4 4375s8
Filipendula ulmaria organic seed	459887	 1g9 10g42 100g249 510g163 1000g1450 1010g251 2010g394 4010g684 1p8
Filipendula vulgaris	23048	 1g8 2g10 5g9 10g15 25g29 50g51 100g95 250g222 500g431 1000g719 1p4 100s10 300s8
Fragaria ananassa x f1 Rainbow Treasure	47979	 500s72 1000s138
Fragaria moschata	404551	 1g18 10g137 1p9
Fragaria vesca Alexandria	1158	 1g6 250g310 500g608 1000g1213 2500g2767 10000g7773 25000g20305 1p4
Fragaria vesca Alexandria Golden leaf	439847	 0g8 1g14 1g19 2g24 2g28 10g262 100g2073 1p9 100s8 200s8
Fragaria vesca Alexandria organic seed	47596	 1g19 10g133 100g1041 1p8
Fragaria vesca Attila	553551	 2500s16 5000s27 10000s49
Fragaria vesca Baron Solemacher	67573	 1000g1385
Fragaria vesca Fresca	84410	 100s16 250s34 500s64 1000s120
Fragaria vesca Loran	457226	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95
Fragaria vesca Mignonette	461548	 1000s11 2000s18 2500s16 3000s26 5000s27 10000s50
Fragaria vesca Regina	452078	 100g134 1000g1536
Fragaria vesca Roman	457228	 25s15 50s27 100s49 250s109 1000s385
Fragaria vesca Ruegen verbesserte	1162	 1g12 5g44 10g46 25g165 100g245 1p8 100s8
Fragaria vesca Tarpan	457227	 25s15 50s27 100s49 250s109
Fragaria vesca White Soul / Delight	452077	 1g12 1g31 2g25 5g46 10g87 100g2073
Fragaria vesca Wonder Red alpine	67574	 100g91 250g221 500g431 1000g770
Fragaria vesca Wonder Yellow alpine	67575	 0g13 1g12 2g25 5g44 10g82 100g116 250g284 500g557 1000g996 1p8 100s8
Fragaria vesca organic seed	459888	 1g10 10g64 100g490 1000g3883 1p8
Fragaria vesca v vesca	71970	 1g9 10g64 100g490 1000g2913 1p8
Fragaria vesca wild form	15093	 1g8 2g22 5g38 10g42 20g131 25g154 50g205 100g254 250g366 1000g998 2500g1980 1000
Fragaria virginiana	65705	 1g48 3g89 100s8
Fragaria x ananassa Temptation nearly runnerless	40319	 0g14 0g24 0g44 1g68 1p10 30s9 75s8 100s8 200s13 250s15 300s18 500s26 1000s46 500
Fragaria x ananassa Toscana	551969	 25s16 50s29 100s53 250s119
Fragaria x ananassa f1 Delician	520343	 1p4 100s21 250s48 500s89 1000s161
Fragaria x ananassa f1 Elan	461551	 50s25 100s45 250s104 500s197 1000s371
Fragaria x ananassa f1 Grandian	461550	 100s21 250s48 500s89 1000s114
Fragaria x ananassa f1 Loran	47980	 25s13 50s23 100s42 250s95
Fragaria x ananassa f1 Roman	551445	 25s15 50s25 100s45 250s104 500s197 1000s371
Geum Oranges + Lemons	460517	 1p4
Geum aleppicum	72348	 3g12 7g14 14g20 28g28 454g336 200s8
Geum calthifolium	83746	 1p4
Geum chiloense Blazing Sunset double	436513	 1g18 2g31 3g46 5g68 10g312 100g2761 1p13 1000s111 5000s549
Geum chiloense Koi	442797	 100s10 250s20 500s36 1000s68
Geum chiloense Lady Stratheden	28584	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g23 50g40 250g269 500g528 1000g1047 1p4 700s8
Geum chiloense Mrs Bradshaw	4005	 5g8 10g10 25g39 50g27 100g48 250g112 500g330 1000g650 1p4 50s8
Geum chiloense Red Dragon	444538	 5g35 10g64 25g155 50g309 100g615 250g1580 500g3050 1000g5485
Geum chiloense Sunbeam doubles mix	462847	 1000s111 5000s549
Geum chiloense Sunrise golden double	551182	 1g36 10g313 100g2761 1p13 2000s86 5000s213
Geum chiloense formula mixture	445686	 2g8 50g333 100g60 1p4
Geum coccineum	407812	 0g8 1g10 2g14 5g22 10g37 1p4 265s8
Geum coccineum Borisii / Queen of Orange	13729	 1g18 10g158 100g1471 1p4
Geum coccineum Koi	442028	 1g36 10g313 1p13 100s9 250s18 500s32 1000s60
Geum magellanicum	73286	 1g17 1p4 50s8
Geum montanum c.s.	24025	 0g8 0g9 1g12 2g47 5g27 10g40 100g286 1p4
Geum pyrenaicum	72183	 1p4
Geum reptans	46350	 0g16 1g10 10g50 100g320 1p8
Geum rivale	13732	 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g34 50g61 100g116 1000g891 1p4 657s8
Geum rivale Album	440428	 10g72 100g559 1p4
Geum rivale Islandicum	551631	 1p4
Geum triflorum	401134	 3g52 7g87 10g468 14g160 28g296 1p9 100s8
Geum urbanum	13735	 10g8 25g13 50g19 100g32 1000g243 1p4 2800s8
Geum urbanum organic seed	550326	 1g10 10g47 100g215 1000g1065 1p8
Gillenia trifoliata c.s.	4014	 0g52 1g34 10g261 100g2073 1p12
Grielum grandiflorum	52041	 1p10
Grielum humifusum	31401	 1p10
Hagenia abyssinica	86480	 1000g163
Heteromeles arbutifolia c.s.	430401	 1g8 1p4
Holodiscus discolor	3002	 28g27 113g71 454g139
Kageneckia lanceolata	439014	 1000g266
Kerria japonica	400150	 10g33 100g163 250g356 1000g1268
Leucosidea sericea	67315	 1p10 100s12
Lyonothamnus aspleniifolius	528634	 1p30
Lyonothamnus floribundus ssp aspleniifolius	65685	 1p20
Malus angustifolia	435255	 454g436
Malus baccata c.s.	27556	 10g17 28g41 113g113 250g162 454g217 1010g158 2010g257 4010g430
Malus baccata v mandshurica c.s.	1653	 28g47 113g131 454g250
Malus coronaria c.s.	65779	 28g62 113g172 454g326
Malus honanensis	51823	 10g17 250g172
Malus hupehensis	27558	 10g17 250g172
Malus ioensis	441813	 28g45 113g124 454g236
Malus mandshurica	448716	 10g24 28g47 113g131 250g251 454g250
Malus prunifolia	1662	 10g19 250g183
Malus pumila	1663	 25g18 28g18 113g49 250g68 454g97
Malus pumila Antonovka	1651	 454g164 1p4
Malus pumila Fuji	1654	 25g18 28g19 113g51 250g81 454g101
Malus robusta x	440457	 25g25 28g67 113g128 250g133 454g245
Malus rockii Rehd	435999	 28g36 113g98 454g189
Malus sargentii (name unresolved)	529024	 5g24 28g117 113g322 250g540 454g602
Malus sylvestris	1667	 10g13 25g23 28g32 100g62 113g87 250g160 454g169 500g150 1000g246 1p4
Malus sylvestris prov. Germany stratified seed	448694	 1000g580
Malus sylvestris prov. UK	448749	 10g19 100g91 1000g693
Malus sylvestris stratified seed	463378	 100g98 1000g743
Mespilus germanica vsvs	1695	 10g13 28g26 100g59 113g71 454g139 500g231 1000g450 5000g1987
Neillia rubiflora	461849	 1p4
Oemleria cerasiformis	67694	 25g25 250g143 30s10
Petrophytum caespitosum	29284	 0g8 0g10 0g14 0g22 0g13 0g38 0g25 1p4
Petrophytum cinerascens	405128	 0g9 0g16 1g30 1p4
Photinia davidiana	400617	 10g17
Photinia davidsoniae	435271	 10g17 250g178
Physocarpus opulifolius	24594	 3g12 7g14 14g20 25g24 28g22 113g60 250g113 454g118 200s8
Potentilla Etna	79112	 1p4
Potentilla Gibsons Scarlet	46519	 1p4
Potentilla argentea	13998	 10g12 25g22 50g38 100g69 250g187 500g364 1000g504 2500g1679 1p4
Potentilla arguta	65701	 1g9 3g9 7g11 10g50 14g15 28g24 454g278 1p8 1000s8
Potentilla argyrophylla Golden Starlit	462733	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p10
Potentilla argyrophylla Orange Starlit	536592	 1g17 10g119 100g879
Potentilla argyropylla Scarlet Starlit	458139	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p10
Potentilla atrosanguinea	2485	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 25g42 100g159 250g392 500g773 1000g1535 1p4
Potentilla atrosanguinea Fireball Mixed	450035	 1p4 250s10 500s13 1000s20 2000s35 4000s63 10000s153
Potentilla aurea	13999	 0g8 0g10 0g9 0g14 1g12 1g21 2g17 2g35 5g28 5g63 10g120 100g879 1p4 900s8
Potentilla calabra	70606	 1g19 10g141 1p8
Potentilla chinensis	448368	 1g34 100g314 1000g1409
Potentilla crantzii	70607	 1g14 10g107 100g834 1p4
Potentilla dickinsii	442881	 1p4
Potentilla erecta	4483	 0g8 0g10 1g13 2g19 5g31 10g55 100g331 1000g2611 1p4 100s8
Potentilla fruticosa v mandshurica	404334	 1p4
Potentilla glandulosa	438603	 1p4
Potentilla gracilis	34923	 0g8 0g10 1g13 2g19 5g31 10g56 100g438 1p4
Potentilla gracilis aff.	446077	 0g8 1g9 1p4
Potentilla gracilis v nuttallii name unresolved	438604	 1p4
Potentilla grandiflora	14006	 1g15 1p4
Potentilla hyparctica	432414	 1g20 10g150 100g1170 1p11
Potentilla hyparctica nana	446078	 1p4
Potentilla inclinata	439869	 1p4
Potentilla kurdica	460619	 1p4
Potentilla megalantha	37361	 1g8 2g5 10g42 100g318 1p4
Potentilla megalantha Gold Sovereign	450528	 1g19 10g141 1p10
Potentilla nepalensis	440765	 1p4
Potentilla nepalensis Helen Jane	65383	 1p4 250s8
Potentilla nepalensis Melton Fire	436536	 10000s36 20000s65 30000s93 50000s154 100000s305
Potentilla nepalensis Miss Willmott	33025	 1g12 2g27 25g22 50g38 100g69 250g166 500g319 1000g628 2500g1464 5000g2825 1p4
Potentilla nepalensis Ron Mc Beath	86423	 1g12 10g90 100g697 1p8
Potentilla nepalensis Roxana	453927	 10g38 100g318 1p4 200s8
Potentilla nepalensis Shogran	432413	 1g19 10g141 100g1109 1p10
Potentilla neumanniana	70608	 1g10 2g13 5g19 10g31 100g183 1000g1428 1p8
Potentilla nivea	85826	 0g7 1p4
Potentilla porphyrantha	457962	 10s12
Potentilla pulvinaris name unresolved	405139	 1p4
Potentilla pyrenaica	70609	 1g12 10g85 100g662 1p4
Potentilla recta	34545	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g22 50g38 100g69 1000g504 1p4 5400s8
Potentilla recta Warrenii	70605	 2g9 5g11 10g15 1p4
Potentilla recta v sulphurea	451460	 0g8 1g9 6g26 10g42 100g318 1p4
Potentilla rupestris	15305	 1g8 10g38 100g249 1p4
Potentilla rupestris fa humilis	47540	 1g4 10g32 1p4
Potentilla rupestris prov. Scotland	457963	 1g8 1g8 2g13 3g19 1p4
Potentilla sp. unident. BVH51	460620	 1p4
Potentilla sp. unident. BVH53	46307	 1p4
Potentilla speciosa	70610	 1g17 10g119 1p10
Potentilla supina	86424	 1g6 25g59 100g179 1000g1169 1p4
Potentilla thurberi	36295	 10g88 100g696 1p4
Potentilla thurberi Monarchs Velvet	77865	 1g14 2g32 3g27 5g57 10g107 100g834 1p4 500s17 1000s31 2500s67
Prinsepia uniflora	442396	 25g18 250g84
Prunus armeniaca	407388	 250g36
Prunus avium	27363	 20g11 25g20 100g27 250g94 1000g127 1p8
Prunus avium prov. EU select	436422	 20g15 100g37 1000g256
Prunus avium stratified seed import select	463380	 1000g256
Prunus avium stratified seed prov. England	463379	 1000g330
Prunus campanulata	537014	 5g13
Prunus cerasifera	2255	 100g12 1000g61
Prunus cerasifera virus free cert.	448699	 28g22 113g59 454g115
Prunus cerasoides svs	537018	 1000g183
Prunus dulcis	402012	 250g39
Prunus glandulosa	537046	 25g20 250g94
Prunus insititia	86165	 20g12 25g18 100g30 250g107 1000g206
Prunus laurocerasus	2267	 10g8 25g16 100g35 250g42 1000g243
Prunus laurocerasus stratified seed	47014	 100g38 1000g268
Prunus lusitanica hort.	86163	 10g14 100g65 250g225 1000g480
Prunus lusitanica stratified seed	463381	 10g14 100g68 1000g506
Prunus lyonii	435274	 113g44 1p4
Prunus mahaleb	2268	 20g8 25g25 100g16 250g120 1000g91
Prunus mahaleb virus free cert.	448700	 28g23 113g62 454g122
Prunus padus	2272	 10g10 100g28 250g186 1000g109
Prunus padus stratified seed	552271	 10g23 100g109 1000g830
Prunus persica	2274	 100g21 250g42 1000g130
Prunus serotina	2277	 25g18 100g14 250g68 1000g76
Prunus spinosa	2279	 10g8 100g15 250g76 1000g80 1p4
Prunus spinosa prov. UK	436424	 20g14 100g34 1000g230
Prunus x St. Julien	86164	 20g13 100g32 1000g220
Purshia tridentata	25121	 25g18 250g84
Pyracantha angustifolia	2313	 1000g156
Pyracantha coccinea c.s.	408028	 10g19 20g14 28g42 100g33 112g116 250g225 450g222 1000g228
Pyrus betulifolia	2319	 25g28 28g34 113g94 250g147 450g181
Pyrus calleryana	24623	 1g8 25g23 28g38 100g55 113g106 250g196 454g203 1000g392 1p4
Pyrus calleryana prov. USA	458942	 454g422
Pyrus communis	2321	 10g16 100g77 250g199 1000g148 1p4
Pyrus communis Bartlett	2322	 28g20 113g52 454g104
Pyrus communis stratified seed	448751	 1000g649
Pyrus decora	551813	 5g24
Pyrus pyrifolia	2323	 1g8 113g83 250g173 454g162 1p4
Pyrus ussuriensis	2324	 25g28 28g30 113g87 250g173 454g157
Rhaphiolepis indica	76366	 10g13 25g22 1000g324
Rhaphiolepis intermedia	450697	 10g13 25g22 1000g324
Rhaphiolepis umbellata	2392	 10g13 25g22 250g116 1000g324 1p10
Rhodotypos scandens	2405	 1g4 10g6 25g15 28g19 50g24 100g30 113g51 250g120 454g102 1p4
Rosa arkansana	32101	 3g19 7g26 14g39 28g28 113g81 454g147 75s8
Rosa arvensis	408031	 10g18 100g87 1000g656
Rosa arvensis stratified seed	463694	 1000g656
Rosa banksiae	69221	 10g11 100g49 1000g356
Rosa blanda	74940	 3g16 7g22 14g33 28g49 454g616 75s8
Rosa brunonii	80848	 25g24 250g119
Rosa canina	2441	 1g8 10g16 25g32 100g52 1000g138 1p4 100s8 500s12 1000s20
Rosa canina import	436425	 100g16 1000g95
Rosa canina stratified seed	539148	 1000g280
Rosa carolina	2448	 3g21 7g31 14g45 28g67 75s8
Rosa chinensis	51838	 5g13 10g20 25g87 50g173 100g344 250g239 500g1694 1000g2610 2500g1658
Rosa chinensis Tokyo Rose mix	550807	 2g21 5g35 10g67 25g165 50g328 100g654
Rosa chinensis v. minima Angel Wings	82779	 5g35 10g67 25g165 50g328 100g653 1p8
Rosa chinensis v. minima Fairy Rose / Angel Rose	2449	 1g9 2g16 3g23 4g28 5g33 10g45 100g312 25s8 50s8 100s14 250s30 500s55
Rosa davidii	24688	 25g30 250g155
Rosa davurica Pall	436033	 25g18 250g75
Rosa filipes Kiftsgate	436034	 1p10
Rosa gallica proteg.	408466	 1p9
Rosa glauca	39742	 20g11 25g27 100g46 250g133 1000g333 1p8
Rosa glauca stratified seed	435886	 1000g430
Rosa laxa	39739	 5g8 100g26 1000g168 1p4
Rosa longicuspis	82593	 1p4
Rosa maximowicziana	539207	 5g25
Rosa moschata	407351	 25g21 250g99 20s9
Rosa moyesii	2457	 10g24 25g24 100g118 250g119 1000g906 1p9
Rosa palustris	38656	 3g14 7g18 14g26 28g38 454g24 75s8
Rosa pendulina	85048	 1g4 5g20 10g10 100g84 1000g700 1p4
Rosa pfanders	446523	 25g24 250g113
Rosa rubiginosa	15473	 1g7 10g12 100g45 1000g181 1p4
Rosa rubiginosa stratified seed	539237	 1000g380
Rosa rugosa	2463	 10g13 20g13 25g17 28g20 100g32 113g54 250g71 454g97 1000g148 1p4
Rosa rugosa Alba	2464	 10g9 25g27 28g32 100g43 113g88 250g127 454g160 1000g306
Rosa rugosa Alba stratified seed	458944	 1000g430
Rosa rugosa Rubra	2465	 10g12 25g27 28g29 100g55 113g78 250g127 454g141 1000g406 1p8
Rosa rugosa Rubra stratified seed	539239	 1000g430
Rosa rugosa stratified seed	442622	 1000g260
Rosa sericea	407352	 25g24 250g105 1p4
Rosa setigera	83579	 3g21 7g30 14g45 28g67 75s8
Rosa soulieana	447744	 1g5 10g16 100g130 1p5
Rosa spinosissima c.s.	72651	 1g5 10g13 25g27 100g59 250g155 1000g430 1p5
Rosa spinosissima stratified seed	460710	 1000g480
Rosa virginiana	2467	 10g8 28g56 100g37 113g155 250g211 454g284 1000g260
Rosa woodsii	2469	 25g20 28g20 113g52 250g94 454g94
Rosa xanthina fa hugonis d.b.	73974	 10g17 28g21 113g57 250g181 454g154
Rubus allegheniensis	26622	 5g37
Rubus fruticosus	2482	 10g18 25g21 100g87 250g127 1000g656
Rubus fruticosus Tupi stratified seed	462936	 30s9
Rubus idaeus	25374	 1g14 1p4
Rubus ludwigii	83199	 1p10
Rubus occidentalis	539647	 5g27
Rubus odoratus	402876	 1g18
Rubus parviflorus	38355	 100s8
Rubus saxatilis	85050	 1g5 10g22 100g160 1p5
Rubus spectabilis flore plena	77454	 10s10
Rubus ulmifolius	539767	 5g8 10g15 25g22 250g107 1p4
Rubus ursinus	77455	 1p8
Sanguisorba hakusanensis	404940	 1p4
Sanguisorba menziesii	437588	 1p9
Sanguisorba minor Burnet	4534	 1g5 10g7 25g8 50g12 100g12 150g29 250g22 500g38 1000g67 2500g158 10000g417 25000
Sanguisorba minor Burnet for micro burnet	460653	 100g23 250g47 500g80 1000g139
Sanguisorba minor organic	458173	 2g11 10g19 100g99 1000g547 1p8
Sanguisorba minor ssp muricata	4658	 50g13 100g21 250g41 500g69 75s8
Sanguisorba minor wild herb	550815	 2g11 2g8 5g9 10g14 12g11 15g20 25g15 50g24 100g41 1000g310
Sanguisorba officinalis	15169	 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g16 25g45 50g56 100g105 1000g912 1p4 450s8
Sanguisorba officinalis organic seed	459842	 1g11 10g63 100g430 1p8
Sanguisorba tenuifolia Alba	445796	 1g22 10g167 100g1316 1p4
Sorbaria sorbifolia	404601	 5g24 28g27 113g72 454g142
Sorbaria tomentosa	404600	 10g30 100g240 1p4
Sorbus alnifolia	2595	 10g19 28g51 113g141 250g212 454g268
Sorbus americana c.s.	2596	 5g19 28g69 113g191 250g435 454g361
Sorbus aria c.s.	2597	 1g4 5g27 10g12 28g54 57g101 100g215 113g197 250g592 454g371 1000g1680 1p4
Sorbus aria stratified seed	462500	 1000g1656
Sorbus aucuparia c.s.	27365	 2g8 5g9 10g11 25g19 50g32 100g96 113g64 454g126 1000g169 1p4 263s8
Sorbus aucuparia prov. Scotland stratified seed	461252	 1000g756
Sorbus aucuparia stratified seed	462499	 1000g556 1p4
Sorbus chamaemespilus d.b.	85079	 1g4 5g19 10g10 100g84 1p4
Sorbus discolor	51829	 28g32 113g88 454g170
Sorbus domestica vsvs	27588	 100g237 500g782
Sorbus intermedia	73977	 10g35 100g134 250g330 1000g1030 1p4 50s8 500s35
Sorbus intermedia prov. France	461621	 10g40 100g196 1000g1530
Sorbus intermedia stratified seed	542735	 1000g1330
Sorbus mougeotii	400495	 5g35
Sorbus pohuashanensis	2602	 10g24
Sorbus reducta	78102	 5g26
Sorbus scopulina c.s.	34263	 5g19 28g48 113g133 250g435 454g254
Sorbus sitchensis	542764	 1000g178 2000g276 4000g459
Sorbus torminalis	2603	 10g29 100g165 1000g1278 1p10
Sorbus torminalis stratified seed	542770	 1000g1556
Spiraea chinensis	542986	 5g18
Spiraea henryi	542999	 100s10
Spiraea tomentosa	38657	 3g20 7g29 14g45 28g68 1000s8
Stylobasium spathulatum	16507	 25g29 250g154
Waldsteinia fragarioides	548271	 20s6

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