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List 77 - Seed of Central European Native Plants - 11/16/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Abies alba	98	 10g19 14g14 25g40 28g21 100g93 113g72 250g211 454g130 1000g255 1p17
Acer campestre d.w.	133	 1g4 2g17 10g6 20g9 25g23 100g13 113g35 250g43 454g72 500g35 1000g70 5000g254 250
Acer campestre d.w. prov. UK	448738	 10g6 100g24 500g74 1000g145
Acer campestre wings	73787	 10g10 100g17 1000g95
Acer platanoides d.w.	73906	 2g17 25g23 250g42 500g48 1000g83 5000g268 25000g978
Acer platanoides prov. UK	448739	 100g20 500g66 1000g118
Acer platanoides stratified seed	82837	 500g68 1000g128
Acer pseudoplatanus Atropurpureus wings	155	 25g27 250g147
Acer pseudoplatanus d.w.	448740	 2g17 25g26 100g21 250g50 500g71 1000g133 5000g1409
Acer pseudoplatanus select stand UK	454830	 10g8 100g35 500g127 1000g243 1p4
Acer pseudoplatanus stratified seed	71295	 1000g118
Acer pseudoplatanus wings	400151	 100g14 500g36 1000g61
Achillea atrata	23678	 0g32 1g17 10g57 1p8
Achillea distans	500482	 100s10
Achillea erba-rotta ssp moschata	14301	 0g8 0g9 0g11 1g16 2g26 5g46 10g85 1p4 112s8
Achillea macrophylla	3135	 0g19 1g17 10g64 1p8
Achillea millefolium	400622	 1g5 10g10 15g17 113g44 1000g160 2500g327 10000g936 25000g2032 1p4 5700s8
Achillea millefolium organic seeds	459909	 1g8 10g29 100g112 1000g805 1p6
Achillea nana	14302	 0g36 1g14 5g50 10g56 1p6 100s8
Achillea nobilis organic seed	80515	 1g11 10g72 100g525 1p6
Achillea ptarmica	69259	 2g10 2g11 5g13 10g16 15g31 100g116
Achyronychia cooperi	551832	 1g7 10g56 1p4
Acinos alpinus	31778	 1g15 10g107 100g782 1p8 100s8
Acinos arvensis	15486	 1g18 25g90 100g264 1000g1730 1p4 1000s9
Aconitum lycoctonum ssp lycoctonum	400624	 1g8 10g28 100g172 1p4
Aconitum napellus	24748	 1g8 2g11 5g16 10g26 15g36 50g109 100g213 250g527 500g1042 1000g1957 2500g4212 1p
Aconitum napellus ssp vulgare Albidum	457781	 1g14 10g111 100g869 1p11
Aconitum variegatum	452052	 1g8 10g40 100g320 1p4
Aconitum vulparia	407870	 1g10 2g15 5g24 10g42 100g353 1p4 184s8
Adenophora liliifolia	3174	 0g33 1g24 10g192 100g1660 1p10 50s8
Adenostyles alpina	14311	 1g7 5g24 10g36 100g260 1000g1700 1p6
Adenostyles leucophylla	86199	 0g16 1g10 5g24 10g42 100g290 1p6
Adonis flammea	440683	 25g84 100g241 1000g1598
Adonis vernalis hort. svs	5665	 1g6 10g32 25g87 100g220 1000g1683 1p6
Aesculus hippocastanum	400368	 250g21 454g54 1000g42
Aethusa cynapium ssp. cynapium	15048	 25g40 100g120 1000g789 1p4
Agrimonia eupatoria	400141	 1g6 2g10 5g8 10g8 20g22 25g23 50g42 100g40 250g308 1000g240 1p6 25s8 100s8
Agrimonia eupatoria Alba	434359	 10g38 100g284 1p10
Agrimonia procera	80516	 10g8 25g13 50g19 100g32 500g117 1000g224 1p4
Agrimonia procera organic seed	455153	 1g11 10g51 100g262 1p29
Agropyron repens	34437	 1g8 25g36 100g116 1000g748
Agrostis canina ssp canina	400769	 1g8 10g12 25g27 100g41 1000g271 1p4
Agrostis castellana comm.	51706	 2g10 10g11 100g19 250g21 500g36 1000g66
Agrostis gigantea	86330	 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g17 1000g82 1p4 96250s8
Agrostis nebulosa wild form	405993	 2g10 10g11 100g24 1000g156
Agrostis stolonifera comm.	28162	 2g10 10g11 25g27 100g12 250g22 500g38 1000g70
Agrostis stolonifera wild form	440684	 2g10 10g14 50g45 100g84 1000g706
Agrostis tenuis	28163	 25g14 50g21 100g41 1000g232 1p4
Agrostis vinealis wild form	501521	 2g10 5g13 10g14 25g17 50g28 100g49 1000g406
Ajuga genevensis	2854	 0g9 1g11 2g15 5g23 10g40 100g236 1000g1858 1p4 250s8
Ajuga reptans	37676	 0g8 0g9 1g12 2g18 5g29 10g51 25g135 50g268 100g396 1000g3900 1p4 150s8
Ajuga reptans organic seed	47586	 1g26 10g197 100g1555 1p10
Alcea pallida	80196	 1g8 10g35 100g267 1p9 25s8
Alchemilla alpina	15375	 1g9 5g44 10g72 100g600 1p6
Alchemilla conjuncta	70036	 0g24 1g10 10g80 1p8
Alchemilla xanthochlora	28264	 0g8 1g9 2g12 5g16 10g25 100g148 1000g1149 1p4 705s8
Alchemilla xanthochlora organic seeds	459908	 1g15 10g81 100g525 1000g3643 1p8
Alisma lanceolatum	64424	 25g96 100g277 1000g1812 100s10
Alisma plantago-aquatica	15504	 1g5 2g10 10g12 25g22 50g37 100g68 1000g493 1p4
Alisma plantago-aquatica v parviflorum	70038	 7g12 14g14 28g20 100g267 454g221 1p4
Alliaria petiolata	15051	 1g6 2g10 10g10 25g14 50g21 100g36 1000g264 1p4 100s8
Allium angulosum	80517	 1g8 10g47 25g141 100g353 1000g2764
Allium carinatum	551619	 1p4
Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum	28266	 1g8 2g12 5g18 10g30 100g559 1p4
Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum fa album	51928	 1g26 10g210 100g1660 1p4
Allium lusitanicum	70039	 1g8 2g11 5g15 10g23 100g129 1000g998 1p4 200s8
Allium schoenoprasum medium lvd. organic seeds	451137	 1g8 5g8 10g12 25g19 50g32 100g62 250g231 500g154 1000g299 1p8
Allium schoenoprasum thick - broad leaved	433941	 10g9 25g25 50g41 100g24 250g53 1000g160
Allium senescens	12643	 1g8 100g284
Allium senescens ssp glaucum	76986	 1g27 10g28 25g62 50g122 100g241 250g597 500g1184 1000g2122 1p9
Allium siculum hort.	36609	 0g9 0g11 1g16 3g26 10g80 100g834 1p4
Allium ursinum	15052	 2g8 5g9 10g11 10g12 20g22 25g19 50g31 100g56 250g628 1000g418 1p4 280s8
Allium ursinum organic seed	459907	 1g8
Allium victorialis	11763	 1g4 1g9 2g12 10g16 100g120 1p4
Allium vineale	401989	 10g9 10g10 25g16 50g25 100g43 1000g310 1p4
Allium vineale bulbils	12334	 10g11 25g47 100g42 1000g310
Alnus glutinosa	225	 2g17 5g26 10g15 25g34 28g21 100g28 113g55 454g109 500g101 1000g192 5000g750
Alnus glutinosa prov. n e France + mountains	462048	 100g64 500g253 1000g493 5000g2183
Alnus incana	227	 10g17 28g68 100g80 113g189 250g251 454g357 500g259 1000g508
Alnus incana prov. UK	46567	 10g17 100g81 500g308 1000g606
Alnus viridis	233	 10g19 25g34 100g90 250g225 500g346 1000g683
Alopecurus aequalis	433540	 10g10 25g16 50g25 100g43 1000g310
Alopecurus pratensis wild form	405994	 2g10 10g10 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g17 1000g106
Althaea cannabina	41358	 1g6 10g47 100g331 1p4
Althaea officinalis	15054	 10g8 25g12 50g17 100g28 250g62 1000g203 1p4 2800s8
Althaea officinalis organic seed	459904	 1g8 10g10 100g41 1000g289 1p8
Alyssoides utriculata	14328	 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g24 100g190 1p4
Alyssum aizoides	551620	 1p4
Alyssum alyssoides	34439	 1g4 5g11 10g16 100g101 1000g762 1p4
Alyssum montanum	14333	 10g9 25g14 50g22 100g37 250g85 500g193 1000g375 2500g906 1p4 2100s8
Alyssum montanum Mountain Gold / Berggold	502176	 1g8 2g10 5g16 7g23 10g29 12g34
Alyssum ovirense	439046	 1g6 1p4
Amelanchier ovalis b.s.	463418	 1g4 10g22 1p4
Amelanchier ovalis c.s.	435314	 5g10 28g36 50g50 113g98 454g189 1p4
Ammophila arenaria	3226	 1g8 10g28 100g430 250g365 1p4
Anacyclus officinarum	440687	 50s8
Anagallis arvensis	15055	 5g16 25g36 50g54 100g90 1000g676 1p4
Anagallis arvensis v caerulea	25017	 25g17 50g28 100g49 250g119 500g225 1000g441 5000g2002 10000g3747
Anchusa arvensis	80520	 10g20 25g59 100g179 1000g1167
Anchusa officinalis	23309	 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g18 25g37 50g68 100g129 250g671 1000g884 1p4 200s8
Anchusa officinalis organic seeds	551074	 1g10 10g59 100g408
Androsace alpina hort.	14338	 0g45 1g32 5g134 10g240 1p12
Androsace carnea	12648	 0g27 1g16 5g70 10g120 1p10
Androsace carnea fa alba	433471	 1p4
Androsace carnea ssp brigantiaca	12412	 1g34 10g544 1p4
Androsace carnea ssp rosea	442673	 1p4
Androsace chamaejasme hort.	34345	 1g44 1p16
Androsace lactea	82920	 0g21 1g36 1p4
Androsace lanuginosa	14347	 1g100 1p27
Androsace obtusifolia	1435	 0g33 1g24 1p10
Androsace villosa	14358	 1g92 1p4
Androsace villosa ssp tomentosa	445840	 1g36 1p14
Anemona pulsatilla cs strat	82895	 1g17 10g138 100g1247 1p10
Anemone alpina bs	456780	 1g8 1p4
Anemone alpina cs	12614	 1g8 2g44 5g80 10g23 50g84 100g163 1000g1300 1p4 200s8
Anemone alpina ssp alpina	460629	 1p4
Anemone alpina ssp apiifolia cs	456779	 0g10 1g13 2g20 5g33 10g59 100g456 1p4
Anemone alpina ssp myrrhidifolia (ssp name unresolved)	51321	 1g6 10g30 1p5
Anemone baldensis	400095	 0g9 1g12 2g27 5g48 10g90 1p4
Anemone narcissiflora	12657	 1g4 5g13 10g14 100g104 1000g800 1p4
Anemone nemorosa	12658	 1g9 2g11 5g15 10g24 50g99 100g191 1000g1751 1p4 400s8
Anemone patens c.s.	456781	 0g9 0g8 0g11 1g14 3g27 7g40 10g262 14g65 28g106 100g2073 454g1472 1p4
Anemone pratensis Rubra	436078	 1p10
Anemone pulsatilla	456787	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 25g46 50g86 100g490 1000g1966 1p4 350s8
Anemone pulsatilla Alba Bells White	456788	 25g56 50g110 100g834 1p9
Anemone pulsatilla Alba Bells White stratified seed	82896	 1g16 10g106 100g834 1p9
Anemone pulsatilla Alba b.s.	30015	 0g8 1g8 2g15 1p4
Anemone pulsatilla Perlen Glocke c.s.	459873	 1p11 20s8
Anemone pulsatilla Rubra - Rote Glocke strat.	82898	 1g23 10g193 100g1716 1p13
Anemone pulsatilla b.s.	15405	 2g11 5g16 10g26 25g56 1p4
Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis	456784	 1g12 10g90 100g697 1p8
Anemone pulsatilla ssp. grandis white form	46317	 1p4
Anemone ranunculoides	36615	 1g8 2g12 5g17 10g27 100g190 1p4
Anemone sylvestris hort.	12662	 0g9 0g11 0g15 0g24 1g41 2g76 5g145 10g283 100g4266 1p4 250s8
Angelica archangelica	3244	 5g8 10g9 20g17 25g18 50g30 100g24 250g52 500g88 1000g291 2500g708 10000g2150 40s
Antennaria carpatica	82928	 0g44 1g30 1p8
Antennaria dioica	14365	 0g8 5g32 10g58 25g139 50g274 100g500 1p4
Anthemis arvensis	15058	 10g9 15g13 25g15 50g24 100g41 250g96 1000g289 1p8
Anthemis austriaca	439693	 2g10 10g12 100g32 1000g43
Anthemis cotula	15297	 1g8 25g45 100g131 1000g857
Anthoxanthum odoratum	3255	 12g8 25g10 50g13 100g19 1000g117 1p4 14586s8
Anthoxanthum odoratum organic seed	553692	 1g8 10g29 100g163 1000g805
Anthoxanthum odoratum wild form	450771	 2g10 10g14 50g28 100g49 1000g406
Anthriscus cerefolium	23282	 10g6 25g9 50g8 50g13 100g20 500g68 1000g81 3000g110 10000g219 25000g460 1p4
Anthriscus cerefolium Chervil for micro chervil	503122	 100g23 250g44 500g72 1000g132
Anthriscus sylvestris	3256	 1g6 2g10 10g10 25g45 100g28 1000g203 1p6 200s8
Anthyllis montana Rubra	73380	 0g19 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p14
Anthyllis vulneraria	5394	 2g10 2g10 5g17 10g10 12g9 15g39 25g12 50g17 100g28 1000g192 1p9 50s8 500s8
Anthyllis vulneraria cs organic seed	462006	 1g8 10g51 100g353
Anthyllis vulneraria ssp alpestris	82932	 1g4 5g26 10g12 100g76 1p4
Anthyllis vulneraria ssp carpatica	462796	 1g6 10g12 100g76 1p4
Apera spica-venti	34443	 1g8 25g74 100g228 1000g1484
Aquilegia alpina Alba hort.	70245	 1p9
Aquilegia alpina hort	14375	 1g22 10g64 25g18 50g29 100g52 250g121 500g554 1000g1105 2500g2600 1p4 500s7 1000
Aquilegia alpina wild form hort.	77740	 1g8 10g49 1p8
Aquilegia atrata	24756	 1g4 5g24 10g36 100g320 1p4
Aquilegia vulgaris	400632	 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g15 25g31 50g55 100g103 1000g420 1p4 450s8
Aquilegia vulgaris organic seed	552385	 2g11 10g38 100g284 1000g2138
Arabidopsis thaliana	15316	 0g9 0g12 1g17 2g23 5g39 10g71 25g171 100g514 1000g3414 1p4
Arabis alpina	14389	 5g28
Arabis caerulea	439047	 1g8 10g24 1p6
Arabis pumila	38817	 1p4
Arabis soyerii ssp subcoriacea	51678	 1g16
Arabis turrita	14399	 1g4 10g10 100g78 1p4
Arctium lappa	3287	 1g4 10g6 25g45 28g23 50g17 100g20 250g63 454g123 500g107 1000g181 2270g404 11340
Arctium lappa organic	457331	 1g8 10g16 100g112 113g36 227g65 454g123 1000g445 2270g404 11340g1605 45370g5600
Arctium minus	3288	 25g36 100g97 1000g609 1p6 100s10
Arctostaphylos alpina	82934	 1g8 10g32 1p4
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi	291	 1g6 10g18 14g33 25g33 28g54 50g59 100g96 113g147 250g278 454g279 1000g600 1p6 30
Arenaria montana	14403	 0g12 0g21 0g26 1g27 2g82 5g22 10g39 25g89 100g1660 1p14
Arenaria serpyllifolia	86340	 1g8 2g10 5g13 10g25 25g84 50g76 100g145 1000g1106 1p4
Aristolochia clematitis	34445	 10g21 25g61 100g77 1000g514 1p4
Aristolochia clematitis organic seed	47589	 2g11 10g23 100g146 1000g996 1p13
Armeria alpina	14407	 0g24 1g6 2g18 5g32 10g50 1p4
Armeria maritima ssp elongata	439695	 5g15 10g23 100g129 1000g998
Arnica montana	400096	 2g11 5g17 10g28 50g171 100g234 1000g1750 1p4
Arnica montana Arbo pvp	458152	 1g22 5g61 10g117 50g236 100g466 1000g8095 1p8
Arnica montana organic seed	459902	 1g15 10g77 100g611 1p8
Arrhenatherum elatius commercial	405998	 1g8 25g45 100g123 1000g779
Arrhenatherum elatius wild form	27625	 10g10 100g17 1000g56
Artemisia absinthium	3308	 5g8 10g9 25g14 50g21 100g36 250g80 500g150 1000g253 2500g371 5000g1185 10000g143
Artemisia campestris ssp variabilis	400637	 1g8 10g58 1p4
Artemisia chamaemelifolia	14419	 1g11 2g24 5g42 10g78 1p8
Artemisia genipi	400129	 0g53 1g49 5g208 10g409 1p8
Artemisia glacialis	77975	 0g52 1g49 10g401 1p8
Artemisia scoparia	439701	 100s8
Artemisia scoparia BLBP 01	458153	 1g57 1p15
Artemisia umbelliformis	3088	 0g53 1g40 10g326 1p8 50s10
Artemisia vulgaris	3322	 10g8 25g13 50g19 100g32 1000g224 2500g610 10000g1844 1p4 56000s8
Arum alpinum	408419	 1g8 5g8 10g14 25g29 100g219 1p17
Arum maculatum	12672	 5g8 10g10 25g16 50g26 100g45 1000g312 1p4
Aruncus dioicus	3324	 1g4 7g27 10g14 25g44 50g87 100g104 250g420 500g827 1000g1643 2500g3895 1p4 500s8
Aruncus dioicus Whirlwind	458126	 1g208 10g1861 1p22
Asarum europaeum svs	12673	 1g4 10g32 25g107 100g318 1000g2097 1p4
Asparagus officinalis wild form	86342	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 25g45 100g143 1000g910 1p4
Asperula cynanchica	81953	 1g7 2g11 5g16 10g25 100g138 1000g1063 1p4
Asperula orientalis	3328	 250g86 500g160 1000g310 5000g1327 1p8
Asphodeline lutea	11814	 2g8 5g11 10g16 25g32 50g64 100g121 250g297 500g584 1000g1159 2500g2722 1p4
Asphodelus albus	12343	 1g9 2g11 5g16 10g26 20g33 100g96 1p4 40s8
Aster alpinus	14437	 2g8 10g20 50g38 100g64 250g155 500g300 1000g590 2500g1357 5000g2576 1p4 1225s8
Aster alpinus v albus	14438	 10g85 50g40 100g73 250g220 500g429 1000g848 1p4
Aster amellus	14439	 1g8 2g8 5g11 10g20 25g39 50g72 100g138 1000g1070 1p4
Aster linosyris	400130	 1g11 10g29 25g52 50g97 100g170 250g370 500g698 1000g1321 1p8
Aster pyrenaeus hort.	82936	 1g14 10g106 100g834 1p8
Astragalus centralpinus hort.	14445	 1g6 5g30 10g46 100g320 1p6
Astragalus danicus	404218	 25g98 100g301 1000g1968
Astragalus glycyphyllos	13445	 0g19
Astragalus monspessulanus	14448	 0g19
Astragalus onobrychis	439705	 1g16
Astragalus penduliflorus	13962	 1g4 10g34 100g250 1p4
Astragalus sempervirens	450076	 1g18 1p10
Astrantia major	3352	 1g9 2g11 5g15 10g23 100g129 1000g760 1p4 240s8
Astrantia maxima	3351	 1g14 3g28 10g107 100g826 1p10
Astrantia minor	14452	 1g12 5g39 10g64 100g560 1p6
Athamanta cretensis	14454	 1g4 10g18 100g140 1p4 25s8 30s8
Atriplex hastata	86343	 25g77 100g215 1000g1427
Atriplex linifolia	86345	 25g59 100g179 1000g1167
Atriplex prostrata	15062	 1g7 5g19 25g59 100g179 1000g1167 1p4
Atropa belladonna	4906	 2g11 2g8 2g14 3g28 5g9 5g18 10g11 10g12 25g21 25g124 50g74 100g64 500g504 1000g4
Atropa belladonna GA-3 treated	454843	 1g16 5g50 100s9
Aurinia petraea	86461	 10g37 100g284 1p4
Aurinia saxatilis	3224	 2g8 5g12 10g20 15g28 25g42 1000g1484 1p4
Aurinia saxatilis Goldkugel / Golden Ball	24489	 5g8 10g9 25g14 50g21 100g35 250g80 1p4
Avena fatua	86346	 10g8 100g51 1000g312 1p4
Avena fatua non-dormant biotype	86347	 25g36 100g103 1000g669
Avena ludoviciana	86348	 5g8 25g31 100g60 1000g370 1p4
Avena strigosa	34038	 25g40 100g120 1000g789
Ballota nigra	15369	 2g10 10g14 25g154 100g458 1000g3027 1p4 1920s8
Barbarea stricta	46266	 25g45 100g143 1000g910
Barbarea verna	3372	 25g8 50g9 100g11 250g19 500g31 1000g55 2500g127 10000g316 25000g660 1p4 14000s8
Barbarea verna fa praecox	461707	 500s8
Barbarea vulgaris	15427	 2g10 10g10 25g107 100g41 1000g289
Barbarea vulgaris Variegata	79318	 1g6 1g8 5g15 10g26 25g58 50g64 100g126 250g310 500g609 1000g1089 1p4 1500s8
Bartsia alpina	65427	 0g24 1g16 10g124 1p6
Bee and Butterfly Mix, UK	462165	 50g87 100g45 250g96 500g161 1000g306
Bee nectar + pollen mix	551460	 250g41 500g82 1000g121 2500g308 10000g843 25000g1842
Bellis perennis	15064	 5g8 10g10 25g18 50g29 100g52 250g129 500g246 1000g482 2500g668 10000g2440 25000g
Bellis perennis organic seeds	552386	 1g12 10g98 100g860 1p8
Berberis vulgaris	392	 1g6 10g16 100g99 250g281 1p5
Berteroa incana	78111	 5g8 10g10 100g41 1000g289
Beta vulgaris Saccharifera	34046	 28g23 113g40 227g73 454g139 100s8
Betula pendula b.s.	91	 10g10 28g25 100g27 113g66 454g131 500g98 1000g183 5000g714 1p8
Betula pendula c.s.	46288	 10g21 25g45 28g46 113g128 454g245
Betula pubescens	414	 10g11 100g49 500g183 1000g356
Bidens tripartita	15065	 25g51 100g154 1000g1013
Blackstonia perfoliata	82946	 1g15 10g240 1p12
Borago officinalis	3388	 15g6 25g11 50g18 100g17 250g21 500g36 1000g63 2500g158 10000g417 25000g913 1p4
Borago officinalis for micro borage	508109	 100g33 250g71 500g124 1000g224
Borago officinalis organic seed	448187	 10g8 25g15 50g26 100g45 250g100 1000g351
Brachypodium distachyon	451575	 25g17
Brachypodium sylvaticum	3396	 1g8 2g10 10g10 25g12 50g17 100g28 250g225 1000g293 1125g192
Brassica campestris	51844	 5g16 100g35 1000g109 500s8
Brassica kaber	33476	 25g36 100g64 1000g415
Brassica napus	33465	 50g8 100g10 250g18 500g27 1000g52 1500g64 2000g77 2500g89 1p4
Brassica napus Rape Malwira winter variety	458440	 50g8 100g10 250g18 500g30 1000g53 2500g126 10000g318 25000g688 1p4 7750s8
Brassica nigra Black / Brown Mustard	403551	 10g6 50g8 100g9 250g14 500g22 1000g37 2500g83 5000g147 10000g200 25000g419 1p4
Brassica repanda	35089	 1g6 10g32 1p5
Braya alpina	443030	 1p4
Briza media Limouzi	462488	 1p9
Briza media b.s.	24764	 10g10 25g12 50g17 100g28 1000g181 1p4 1000s8 2500s16 5000s31 10000s59
Briza media c.s.	70914	 1g12 2g10 10g14 25g17 50g28 100g49 1000g406 1p8 250s8
Bromus erectus	34456	 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g18 250g125 1000g56 1p4
Bromus hordeaceus	86354	 2g10 10g10 25g9 50g12 100g17 1000g50
Bromus ramosus	70920	 1g6 10g8 25g12 50g17 100g28 1000g1064 1p4 1400s8
Bryonia alba	86358	 25g25 50g43 100g366 1000g2407
Bryonia cretica ssp dioica	66334	 1g4 2g11 5g15 10g18 25g86 100g318 1000g2097 1p4 20s8
Buglossoides purpureocaeruleum	34458	 1g8 10g57 100g439
Bulbocodium vernum	28644	 1g12 10g32 1p8
Bunias orientalis	32463	 10g14 25g29 50g51 100g385 1000g2539 50s8
Buphthalmum salicifolium	23722	 1g8 10g18 25g17 50g27 100g47 250g110 500g208 1000g405 1p4 4200s8
Buphthalmum salicifolium Alpengold	70056	 1g12 10g90 100g697 1p8
Bupleurum chinense	70053	 10g16 50g48 100g90 1000g676 200s8
Bupleurum longifolium	70054	 1g8 2g13 5g20 1p4
Bupleurum petraeum	25424	 1g4 10g16 1p4
Bupleurum ranunculoides	70055	 1g10 10g72 100g559 1p8
Bupleurum rotundifolium	26945	 12g9 25g11 50g16 100g26 250g76 500g139 1000g160 5000g1185 1p4 2800s8
Butomus umbellatus	68596	 1g11 10g81 25g127 100g375 1000g2472 1p8
Butterfly attracting plant seed mix European	76769	 100g15 250g29 500g52 1000g96
Butterfly nectar mix	551459	 250g48
Buxus sempervirens	448	 1g6 10g14 28g33 100g62 113g89 454g173 500g233 1000g456 1p6
Cacalia alliariae	34366	 1g7 10g36 100g260 1p6
Cachrys alpina	430025	 1g8 10g32 100g250 1p4
Calamagrostis epigejos	404002	 1g14 2g12 5g18 10g29 25g107 100g170 1000g1321 1p8
Calamintha menthifolia	25427	 1p8
Calendula arvensis	86361	 10g10 25g76 100g30 250g66 500g126 1000g224 1p8 100s8
Calla palustris	12421	 1g11 3g15 7g22 10g81 14g32 28g49 100g628 75s8
Caltha palustris	465	 1g8 2g10 3g34 5g52 7g54 10g22 14g93 25g154 28g163 100g181 1000g2073 1p4
Calystegia sepium	3446	 25g83 100g247 1000g1623
Campanula alpina	64422	 5g45
Campanula barbata	400668	 1g4 5g21 10g36 100g270 1000g2200 1p4
Campanula barbata Alba	31337	 0g36
Campanula biebersteiniana	509550	 1g156 1p21
Campanula cenisia	400673	 0g47 1g32 10g280 1p8
Campanula cervicaria proteg.	401731	 1p4
Campanula cochlearifolia	3466	 1g11 2g25 5g44 10g81 100g697 1p4 2380s8 5000s38 10000s71
Campanula cochleariifolia Alba	64423	 1g27 1p9
Campanula excisa	3476	 1g49 1p14
Campanula glomerata	3547	 1g8 2g10 2g17 10g17 25g35 50g64 100g122 1000g934 1p8
Campanula latifolia	24775	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g25 50g44 100g86 250g205 500g397 1000g784 1p4 4025s8
Campanula patula	3609	 1g11 5g25 10g44 100g264 500g1074 1000g2073 1p8
Campanula persicifolia	3526	 5g8 25g16 50g25 100g44 250g103 500g236 1000g332 2500g700 10000g2554 25000g6063 1
Campanula persicifolia wild form	553605	 1g8 10g47 100g353 1p8
Campanula rapunculoides	3585	 5g14 10g21 100g122 1000g934 1p4 3600s8
Campanula rapunculus	3618	 0g8 0g9 1g12 2g18 5g30 10g53 100g318 1000g2503 1p4
Campanula rapunculus organic seed	553693	 1g27 10g209 1p8
Campanula rhomboidalis	3544	 1g8 10g35 1p6
Campanula rotundifolia	3546	 1g32 10g18 25g38 50g69 100g155 250g392 500g773 2500g4455 10000g14744 1p9 500s8
Campanula scheuchzeri	445838	 0g16 1g10 10g44 1p6
Campanula spicata	3567	 1g12 10g52 1p4
Campanula thyrsoides	3573	 1g7 1g9 2g12 5g17 10g22 100g190 1000g1960 1p4
Campanula trachelium	400690	 1g7 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g34 50g61 100g116 1000g890 1p4
Campanula wanneri	432445	 0g9 1g13 2g25 10g179 1p4
Campanula zanzegura	434453	 1g16 10g140 1p8 2000s8
Capsella bursa-pastoris	1507	 12g8 25g9 25g10 50g12 100g17 1000g95 1p4 87500s8
Capsicum annuum Rouge de la Bresse	441137	 5g30 1p8 50s9
Cardamine bulbifera	23956	 1g4 10g10 1p4
Cardamine heptaphylla	23958	 1g4 10g18 100g150 1000g1200 1p4
Cardamine hirsuta	15275	 0g8 1g10 2g13 5g20 10g33 25g112 100g271 1000g2820 1p4
Cardamine pentaphyllos no plants to USA/CDN	403479	 1g6 10g30 1p4
Cardamine pratensis	15252	 2g11 5g16 10g25 25g112 100g191 1000g2610 1p4
Cardamine pratensis organic seed	551078	 1g14 10g107 100g815 1p8
Cardaria draba	15315	 1g6 5g20 10g36 25g60 100g179 1000g1167 1p4
Carduus defloratus	439719	 1g4 10g44 1p4 100s10
Carduus nutans	15482	 2g9 5g11 10g19 100g103 1000g783 1p4
Carduus pycnocephalus	86362	 25g252 100g743 1000g4939
Carex acuta	70915	 1g8 10g47 100g353 1p8
Carex davalliana	445672	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p14
Carex flacca	70918	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g26 50g45 100g76 1000g621 1p4 2100s8
Carex leporina	406268	 5g16 10g12 50g32 100g58 1000g418
Carex muricata ssp muricata	453761	 10g10 25g11 50g16 100g26 1000g160
Carex paniculata	23906	 5g22
Carex sylvatica	81644	 1g8 10g14 50g45 100g82 1000g611
Carlina acaulis proteg. de. pas fr.	551559	 1g15 10g29 50g88 100g170 1000g1329 1p10
Carlina acaulis ssp caulescens	13556	 0g8 0g11 1g20 2g45 10g29 50g89 100g171 1000g1321 50s8 200s8
Carlina vulgaris	13557	 1g6 2g10 10g25 25g51 100g165 1000g1064 1p4
Carpinus betulus	29901	 10g8 25g18 28g15 100g30 113g36 250g68 454g74 500g49 1000g92 5000g319 25000g1260
Carpinus betulus green seed svs	445625	 28g21 113g55 454g108
Carpinus betulus prov. UK	448742	 10g9 100g40 500g146 1000g280
Carpinus betulus select EU	553555	 10g17 100g43 1000g306
Carpinus betulus stratified seed	463375	 10g8 100g34 500g121 1000g233
Caucalis platycarpos	439938	 0g9 1g11 2g19 10g55 25g130 100g381 1000g2529 1p4
Centaurea alpestris	430726	 1g8 5g21 10g35 100g267 1p4
Centaurea cyanus Blue tall wild form	460915	 5g8 10g10 15g17 20g19 25g22 50g38 100g18 250g32 500g57 1000g106 1p8
Centaurea cyanus hort.	15072	 15g6 50g11 100g15 250g29 500g52 1000g97 2500g187 10000g504 25000g1091 1p4 4000s8
Centaurea cyanus organic seed	404339	 10g7 12g8 25g10 50g14 100g22 1000g136 1p4 2000s8
Centaurea jacea ssp jacea	557	 1g6 10g10 25g52 100g47 1000g340 1p4
Centaurea montana	559	 1g5 5g20 10g18 100g57 250g136 1000g590 1p5
Centaurea montana ssp lugdunensis	460400	 1g6 10g16 100g130 1p4
Centaurea nigra	15073	 2g10 5g10 10g14 25g22 50g38 100g66 1000g556 1p8
Centaurea nigra ssp nemoralis	458708	 5g11 10g16 100g90 1000g684
Centaurea phrygia	72991	 1g8 10g41 25g124 100g318 1000g2407 1p8 50s8
Centaurea pseudophrygia	430026	 1g4 2g9 5g11 10g16 100g90 1000g684 1p4
Centaurea scabiosa	15074	 2g10 5g10 10g14 25g30 50g55 100g66 1000g556 1p8 20s8
Centaurea solstitialis	402715	 1g6 10g44 25g124 100g366 1000g2407 1p4
Centaurea stoebe	402716	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g22 50g38 100g69 1000g512 1p4 965s8
Centaurea uniflora ssp nervosa	25438	 1g4 5g20 10g9 100g80 1p4
Centaurea valesiaca	47932	 1g6 10g44 1p4
Centaurium erythraea	23909	 1g8 2g14 5g21 10g36 25g96 100g211 1000g1643 1p6 1000s10
Centaurium pulchellum	82956	 1g24 1p10
Centranthus ruber	3676	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g25 50g44 100g81 500g537 1000g1063 1p4 1200s8
Centranthus ruber Albus	15493	 1g10 2g14 5g24 10g43 15g65 50g44 100g82 1000g1063 1p4
Centranthus ruber Roseus	64627	 1g12 10g90 25g32 50g57 100g112 250g273 500g536 1000g1063 1p8
Cephalaria alpina	3703	 1g8 2g8 2g10 5g14 10g18 20g35 100g125 1000g742 1p4
Cephalaria leucantha	23912	 1g4 10g16 100g284 1p4
Cerastium alpinum v lanatum	406220	 1g53 1p4
Cerastium biebersteinii	452433	 25g16 50g26 100g46 250g108 1000g503
Cerastium fontanum ssp. vulgare	15396	 0g8 1g10 2g13 5g19 10g31 25g96 100g183 1000g1436 1p4 3460s8
Cerastium tomentosum	15447	 2g18 5g26 10g52 15g72 25g110 100g51 250g121 1p4
Cerastium uniflorum	445842	 1g24
Cerinthe glabra	25443	 1g10 10g50 1p10
Cerinthe major	440703	 1p4 10s9
Cerinthe minor	67976	 1p8
Chaenorhinum minus	511370	 25g107 100g314 1000g2081
Chaenorhinum origanifolium	76870	 1p4
Chaerophyllum aureum	402717	 10g8 25g13 50g19 100g32 1000g224
Chaerophyllum bulbosum	65816	 10g10 50g24 100g31 250g69 500g115 1000g203 50s8
Chaerophyllum hirsutum Roseum	79052	 1g27 1p10
Chaerophyllum temulum	34475	 2g10 10g15 25g82 50g53 100g100 1000g1580 100s8
Chamaecytisus albus	511499	 10g25 25g39 1p15
Chelidonium majus	15078	 1g6 5g10 10g17 25g33 100g79 1000g148 2000g413 4000g772 1p4
Chelidonium majus Flore Pleno	23008	 1g8 3g27 10g94 1p4
Chelidonium majus organic seed	459898	 1g21 10g144 100g860 1p8
Chelidonium majus v laciniatum	453749	 1p4
Chenopodium bonus-henricus	23291	 5g15 15g37 25g14 50g48 100g62 200g64 1000g246 1p4 100s10
Chenopodium capitatum Strawberry Spinach	32476	 2g8 5g9 10g11 25g21 50g35 100g64 250g153 500g296 1000g500 2500g953 10000g2973 1p
Chrysanthemum macrophyllum	69945	 1g8 10g41 100g318 1p8
Chrysosplenium alternifolium	83962	 1g18 10g104 1p10
Cicerbita alpina	66287	 1g10 10g64 1p5
Cirsium acaule	71769	 1g10 5g35 10g63 100g439 1000g3471 1p6
Cirsium arvense	15476	 0g8 0g9 0g12 1g17 2g28 5g49 10g80 10g91 25g160 100g600 10s4
Cirsium eriophorum	15484	 1g7 2g10 5g14 10g21 25g82 100g112 1000g848 1p5
Cirsium heterophyllum	400155	 1g8 1g9 2g13 5g21 10g35 100g191 1p5
Cirsium oleraceum	80578	 0g8 1g9 1g10 2g14 5g22 10g38 100g224 1000g1751 1p4 180s8 1000s30
Cirsium palustre	15478	 5g31 10g55 100g331 1000g2611
Cirsium spinosissimum	35102	 1g5 10g24 100g200 1p4
Cirsium vulgare	15483	 1g8 25g195 100g574 1000g3812
Cladium mariscus	66958	 1g4 10g16 100g120 1p4
Clematis integrifolia	401028	 1g9 2g11 5g16 10g25 100g430 1p4
Clematis recta Purpurea b.s.	69890	 2g8 5g13 10g54 100g421 1p4
Clematis recta Purpurea c.s.	455063	 10s10
Clematis recta b.s.	400889	 5g9 10g12 100g215 1p4
Clematis recta c.s.	455062	 1g5 5g8 7g20 10g8 20g18 100g60 1p5 50s8
Clematis vitalba b.s.	442381	 1p8
Clematis vitalba c.s.	27353	 0g6 2g8 10g11 25g18 50g29 100g52 250g116 500g201 1000g380 1p4
Clinopodium vulgare	15081	 1g6 2g10 2g10 5g16 10g14 25g51 50g45 100g84 1000g783 1p5 50s8 200s8
Cochlearia officinalis	23384	 0g8 1g10 2g11 5g18 10g32 1p4
Cochlearia officinalis organic seed	462007	 1g9 10g50 100g292
Colchicum autumnale	11867	 5g9 10g11 25g20 50g34 100g62 1000g461 1p4 120s8
Colpothrinax cookii	454987	 1000s230
Comarum palustre	4489	 0g8 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g25 1p4
Conium maculatum	15083	 10g30 100g160 1000g1300 1p4 100s8
Consolida regalis	86369	 5g8 10g10 25g15 50g24 100g41 1000g289 1p4 4200s8
Convallaria majalis	400076	 1g8 10g18 50g63 100g120 1p4 11s8
Convolvulus arvensis	15273	 1g5 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g22 100g148 1000g960 1p4
Coris monspeliensis	83969	 0g29
Cornus mas svs	401174	 25g17 100g50 250g57 1p4 15s11
Cornus sanguinea	724	 10g10 20g11 25g11 28g15 50g16 100g26 113g33 250g55 454g68 500g89 1000g168
Cornus sanguinea stratified seed	448743	 1000g256
Coronilla minima	25453	 1g5 10g36 1p4
Coronilla vaginalis	31819	 1p4
Coronilla varia	513283	 1g5 10g10 28g23 100g64 113g61 454g120 1000g236 1p4
Coronopus didymum	440709	 25g31 100g64 1000g392
Cortusa matthioli fa congesta	46415	 0g13 1p4
Cortusa matthioli hort.	3737	 0g13 0g20 1g35 10g739 100g5878 1p4
Corydalis cava	25455	 0g8 1g8 1g9 2g10 2g11 5g14 5g15 10g19 25g44 100g138 1000g1643 1p4 70s8 158s8
Corydalis lutea svs	15309	 0g9 0g12 1g17 2g27 5g47 10g88 100g1075 1p4 130s8
Corydalis solida	12438	 1g8 10g42 100g318 1p4
Corylus avellana svs	27355	 10g10 100g32 113g31 250g36 454g66 1000g61 1p10
Cota tinctoria	15298	 10g8 25g11 50g16 100g26 500g141 1000g170 2500g268 10000g1060 25000g2300 1p4
Cota tinctoria Alba	448766	 1g8 10g38 100g267 1p9
Cota tinctoria organic seed	550216	 1g10 10g29 100g112 1000g548 1p8
Cotoneaster integerrimus	408014	 1g8 3g9 7g12 14g18 28g19 113g51 454g101 1p4
Crataegus laevigata	401223	 1g6 5g23 10g14 100g116 1000g930 1p4
Crataegus monogyna	29902	 1g7 10g16 25g9 28g17 50g12 100g17 113g43 250g55 454g88 1000g101 1p4
Crataegus monogyna prov. U K	448744	 20g9 100g23 1000g143
Crataegus monogyna stratified seed	462799	 1000g192
Crepis biennis	408434	 10g12 25g20 50g34 100g62 1000g461 200s8
Crepis capillaris	15359	 1g8 10g21 25g107 50g65 100g124 1000g942
Crepis pygmaea	25454	 1g19
Crepis pyrenaica	430963	 1g14 10g102 100g802 1p11
Crithmum maritimum	33911	 1g8 5g30 10g26 100g421 1p4
Crocus vernus ssp albiflorus spring flg.	83970	 1g4 10g36 100g320 1p4
Cruciata laevipes	15317	 2g10 2g8 5g10 10g14 100g86 1p8
Cryptotaenia canadensis	76604	 1g8 3g10 7g13 150s8
Cucubalus baccifer	25519	 1g9 2g15 5g23 10g39 25g115 100g245 1000g2896 1p4
Cucurbita pepo Styrian	32353	 1p9
Cupressus sempervirens	806	 1g4 5g26 10g12 25g35 28g26 100g50 113g72 454g140 1000g96 1p4 1000s46 100000s2003
Cupressus sempervirens Stricta Group	5333	 1g6 5g26 10g18 25g23 28g27 100g17 113g74 250g36 454g146 500g65 1000g121 1p4
Cuscuta campestris	436571	 25g64 100g180 1000g1166 1p4
Cyclamen colchicum	514585	 6s12
Cyclamen purpurascens	1532	 15s12
Cymbalaria muralis	15085	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g24 50g42 100g78 250g190 500g367 1000g723 2500g1690 5000g3264 1
Cynoglossum montanum	462942	 20g27
Cynoglossum officinale	15086	 6g8 12g10 25g13 50g19 100g31 250g69 500g106 1000g203 1p4
Cynoglossum officinale organic seed	551208	 1g8 10g29 100g146 1000g721 1p12
Cynosurus cristatus comm.	15224	 10g10 25g34 100g18 250g20 500g34 1000g61 1p4
Cynosurus cristatus wild form	405999	 2g10 10g11 25g11 50g16 100g26 1000g183
Cyperus fuscus	64432	 25g154 100g452 1000g3000
Cytisus nigricans	435342	 1p10
Cytisus scoparius	846	 10g6 28g20 100g22 113g53 250g48 500g90 1000g168 1p4
Cytisus scoparius prov. UK	448746	 20g23 100g57 1000g420
Dactylis glomerata comm.	3765	 50g8 100g10 250g17 500g27 1000g47 1p4 35000s8
Dactylis glomerata wild form	406000	 2g10 10g9 100g11 1000g52
Dactylorhiza fuchsii	72824	 0g32 1p8 100s10
Dactylorhiza maculata hort. svs cit	73264	 1p8
Dactylorhiza majalis	402683	 1p4
Dactylorhiza praetermissa	80537	 0g10 1g43 10g313
Daphne alpina	24887	 1g18 10g122 1p13
Daphne cneorum	400491	 25g42 50g78 100g149
Daphne laureola	85	 5g29 10g8 100g64 1p4
Daphne mezereum c.s.	852	 1g8 5g20 10g15 100g105 250g434 1000g656 1p8
Daphne mezereum d.b.	460728	 5g10 10g13 25g23 50g40 100g74 1000g906 1p4
Daphne mezereum fa alba	853	 5g10 10g13 1p4
Daphne striata hort.	401247	 1g12 10g58 1p4
Daucus carota wild carrot	3756	 12g8 25g10 50g12 100g17 1000g106 1p4 7000s8
Delphinium elatum	23953	 1g10 10g81 1p4
Deschampsia cespitosa	3772	 10g7 25g9 50g12 100g18 1000g61 1p4
Descurainia sophia	86374	 1g8 10g30 1000g1267 1p4
Dianthus alpinus	28579	 1g50 10g416 100g3298 1p4 100s9 1000s42
Dianthus armeria	3778	 2g8 10g14 25g25 50g43 100g80 1000g598 1p4
Dianthus barbatus	25084	 100g35 1p4 1000s8
Dianthus carthusianorum	13636	 1g4 2g8 5g12 10g8 25g18 50g29 100g51 250g121 500g229 1000g448 1p4 100s8
Dianthus carthusianorum organic seed	462710	 1g10 10g71 100g525 1p8
Dianthus deltoides Luneburg Heath Maiden Pink wild form	445775	 1g12 10g77 100g567 1p8
Dianthus deltoides Maiden Pink	13577	 5g9 10g11 25g20 40g28 100g62 250g97 500g182 1000g355 2500g751 10000g2288 25000g5
Dianthus glacialis	73700	 1p10
Dianthus gratianopolitanus	15413	 1g9 10g64 25g23 50g39 100g72 1000g1114 1p8 100s8 500s8 1000s14 2500s30 5000s56
Dianthus monspessulanus	1364	 1g6 5g22 10g32 1p6
Dianthus pavonius	13584	 1g27 10g197 100g1557 1p10
Dianthus seguieri ssp gautieri	31822	 1g12 10g100 1p8
Dianthus spiculifolius	445776	 1g19 10g128 100g976 1p4
Dianthus superbus hort.	13592	 1g8 2g9 10g42 28g23 100g284 113g63 1p4
Dianthus superbus ssp speciosus	13593	 1g6 10g52 1p5
Dianthus sylvestris	13596	 0g9 1g11 2g8 2g16 5g26 10g19 100g140 1000g783 1p4 224s8
Digitalis grandiflora	3815	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g24 50g42 100g64 250g145 500g289 1000g568 2500g1323 1p4
Digitalis grandiflora organic seed	551210	 1g13 10g76 100g525 1p8
Digitalis lutea	3818	 10g9 15g11 25g15 50g24 100g42 250g85 500g261 1000g512 2500g1189 1p4 18000s8
Digitalis purpurea ssp purpurea organic seed	552389	 1g8 10g21 100g112 1000g432 2000g648
Dipsacus fullonum (not hooked fullers teasel)	3824	 10g8 25g12 50g18 100g30 250g94 500g177 1000g160 2500g521 10000g1876 25000g4450 1
Dipsacus fullonum organic seed	462008	 1g9 10g41 100g176 1000g721 1p8
Dipsacus laciniatus	34489	 25g41 100g83 1000g511 1p4
Dipsacus pilosus	3825	 1g9 2g10 5g16 10g15 25g30 50g54 100g101 1000g1169 1p5
Dipsacus sativus (hooked napping teasel)	3826	 2g8 5g9 10g11 25g21 50g35 100g64 250g153 500g300 1000g418 2500g798 10000g2438 25
Doronicum austriacum	83983	 1g15 10g101 100g802 1p8
Doronicum clusii	83982	 1g7 10g41 1p6
Doronicum pardalianches	80474	 10g90 100g697 1p4
Dorycnium pentaphyllum ssp germanicum	430968	 1g9 10g52 100g404 1p8
Draba aizoides	13603	 1g70 5g164 10g322 100g3879 1p4 200s8
Draba dedeana	441844	 1p9
Draba dubia	83984	 0g8 1p4
Draba lasiocarpa	551630	 1g92 10g726 1p14
Draba tomentosa	439763	 1p4
Dracocephalum moldavicum Blue Dragon	935	 10g20 50g23 100g42 500g99 1000g137 2500g255 5000g832 10000g713 200s8
Dracocephalum moldavicum organic seed	460741	 1g8 10g13 50g23 100g42 500g104 1000g198
Dryas octopetala b.s.	445541	 0g8 1g12 1p4
Dryas octopetala c.s.	13632	 0g36 1g17 10g115 100g912 1p4
Echium plantagineum b.s.	85967	 2g9 5g11 10g15 25g29 50g51 100g96 250g232 500g458 1000g1167 1p4 280s8
Echium russicum	73405	 0g11 0g19 1g14 5g57 10g107 100g834 1p9 50s8
Echium russicum organic seed	552390	 1g27 10g197 100g1557 1p12
Echium vulgare	13643	 5g5 10g9 25g15 100g36 250g72 1000g246 1p4
Echium vulgare organic seed	550309	 1g7 10g38 100g219 1p4
Eco-Roof Mix UK + European grasses 7 spp.	462779	 12g8 25g10 50g14 100g21 1000g106 10000g746 100000g7000
Eco-Roof Wildflower + Grass Mix UK + European 22+7 species	552680	 25g12 50g18 100g29 1000g206 10000g1680 100000g15800
Eco-Roof Wildflower Mix UK + European 22 species	552679	 50g48 100g89 1000g606 10000g5476
Eco-Roof mix European extensive exposed areas	551543	 100g83 1000g611 1p20
Eleocharis acicularis	69635	 3g21 7g30 14g45 28g69 1p4
Eleocharis palustris	69666	 28g57 100g282 1000g1867 1p4
Elymus hispidus	446357	 25g45 100g148 1000g962
Empetrum nigrum	2957	 1g16 100s9
Ephedra distachya ssp. helvetica	83991	 0g28 1g16 10g120 1p11
Epilobium angustifolium	439057	 1g6 3g65 7g113 10g24 14g211 25g47 28g396 50g88 100g170 1000g1751 1p4
Epilobium angustifolium Roseum	454663	 1g10 10g60 100g500 1p6
Epilobium angustifolium organic seed	459886	 1g10 10g72 100g559 1000g3880 1p8
Epilobium dodonaei	4949	 0g8 0g9 0g12 1g12 1g17 2g28 5g50 10g84 100g700 1p4 224s8
Epilobium fleischeri	460717	 0g8 0g9 0g12 5g53 10g90 100g760 1p4 1000s8
Epilobium hirsutum	39753	 1g8 2g10 10g29 25g178 100g170 1000g1321 1p4
Epilobium hirsutum organic seeds	553694	 1g10 10g71 100g559 1p8
Epilobium tetragonum	34494	 2g10 2g13 5g20 10g33 25g160 100g271 1000g3132 12800s8
Epipactis palustris cit	67513	 0g10 1g43 100s10
Erigeron acris	15088	 2g10 2g13 5g19 10g31 25g154 100g452 1000g3000 1p4
Erigeron alpinus bs	13657	 1p4
Erigeron atticus	400776	 0g19
Erigeron glabratus	440722	 1p4 100s10
Erinus alpinus	13674	 0g8 0g10 0g14 1g22 2g38 5g70 10g133 25g380 50g756 100g1507 1p4
Erinus alpinus Dr Haehnle	13676	 0g14 1g24 10g415 100g2898 1p4
Erinus alpinus pink form	46434	 0g30 1g55 2g130 5g254 10g500 1p4
Erinus alpinus v albus	13675	 0g10 0g14 1g22 10g416 1p4
Eriophorum alpinum	35273	 1g8 10g66 1p6
Eriophorum vaginatum	27619	 0g24 1p8
Eritrichium canum	430711	 1p4
Eritrichium canum Baby Blues	47904	 1g12 10g85 100g611 1p8
Eritrichium nanum	13683	 1g252 1p32
Eritrichium pectinatum	451328	 0g8 0g12 1g21 2g42 5g80 8g125 1p4
Erophila verna	440723	 0g24 1g14 2g15 5g24 10g42 100g251 1000g1966 1p4
Eryngium alpinum Album	47536	 1g27
Eryngium alpinum hort.	28408	 2g10 5g14 10g21 100g138 1p4
Eryngium campestre	4955	 2g8 25g27 50g48 100g76 1000g790 1p4
Eryngium maritimum	1544	 1g8 2g10 100g134 1p10 100s10
Eryngium maritimum organic seed	47594	 1g11 10g81 100g641 1000g4461 1p21
Eryngium planum	3896	 6g8 12g9 25g11 50g16 100g26 250g57 500g98 1000g185 2500g415 1p4
Eryngium spinalba hort.	24467	 0g8 1g9 2g12 5g17 10g22 100g180 1p4
Erysimum cheiri Wild Wallflower	15258	 1p4
Erysimum helveticum	400114	 0g8 0g10 1g13 2g25 5g44 10g81 100g1660 1p4
Erysimum hieraciifolium hort.	460783	 1p4
Erysimum pumilum	13691	 1g13 10g84 1p9
Erythronium dens-canis	11896	 1g6 10g33 100g236 1p6
Euonymus europaeus	1011	 10g12 25g18 28g16 100g32 113g41 250g81 454g83 1000g224
Euonymus europaeus c.s. prov. U.K.	448747	 20g13 100g51 1000g370
Euonymus europaeus stratified seed	450495	 1000g442
Eupatorium cannabinum	1026	 1g6 2g10 10g13 25g26 50g45 100g84 1000g740 1p4 200s8 500s8
Eupatorium cannabinum organic seed	552391	 1g14 10g94 100g629 1000g4289 1p8
Euphorbia amygdaloides	15462	 1g6 10g29 100g217 1p5
Euphorbia cyparissias	13693	 1g8 10g21 25g154 100g105 1000g2611 1p4
Euphorbia esula	86389	 25g138 100g405 1000g2691
Euphorbia exigua	439779	 10s10
Euphorbia helioscopia	15461	 1g8 25g112 100g330 1000g2820 1p4
Euphorbia lathyris	1035	 5g18 10g20 100g47 250g112 500g214 1000g452 2500g1100 5000g2168 10000g4285 1p4
Euphorbia myrsinites	1068	 1g8 5g28 10g51 25g40 50g74 100g163 250g402 500g792 1000g1575 2500g3713 1p8 6s9 1
Euphorbia nicaeensis	71311	 1g9 2g21 5g35 10g63 100g482 1p6
Euphorbia peplus hort.	86390	 100s9
Euphorbia platyphyllos	66645	 25g112 100g338 1000g2225 1p4
Euphorbia polychroma	1071	 1g8 2g10 5g13 10g19 25g40 50g74 100g146 250g356 500g837 1000g1664 1p4 300s8
Euphorbia seguieriana	1076	 1g8 10g46 1p6
Euphorbia stricta Golden Foam	438115	 1p10
Euphorbia verrucosa	552184	 1g7 10g41 1p4
Euphrasia officinalis	432619	 2g10 10g21
Euphrasia rostkoviana sp name unresolved	80580	 0g9 1g11 2g16 5g25 10g44 25g135 100g264 1000g2073 1p4 2000s8
Fagus sylvatica	1084	 20g9 25g23 28g19 100g21 113g52 250g133 454g103 1000g128
Falcaria vulgaris	34497	 2g8 5g10 10g14 10g16 25g27 25g107 50g48 100g90 1000g676
Festuca altissima	450804	 25g40 100g82 1000g499
Festuca amethystina	3904	 1g11 5g47 10g71 25g22 50g38 100g69 1p8 1000s8 2500s16 5000s30 10000s57
Festuca arundinacea comm.	3915	 2g10 10g11 25g40 100g19 1000g48
Festuca arundinacea wild form	401681	 25g8 50g9 100g11 250g21 500g35 1000g63 1p4 15908s8
Festuca cinerea	402721	 10g10 25g14 50g21 100g36 250g102 500g193 1000g246 2500g761
Festuca gigantea	3922	 1g8 2g11 10g10 25g11 50g16 100g26 1000g160 1p9
Festuca guestfalica	451246	 10g10 100g17 1000g56
Festuca ovina comm.	15226	 5g8 10g10 50g12 100g18 250g22 500g33 1000g56 2500g100 5000g190 9000g300 10000g32
Festuca ovina wild form	405988	 2g10 10g11 100g21 1000g143
Festuca pallens	439782	 10g10 25g14 50g21 100g36 1000g246
Festuca pratensis comm.	15227	 2g10 10g10 25g34 50g8 100g10 250g17 500g28 1000g50
Festuca pratensis wild form	440898	 2g10 10g11 100g24 500g81 1000g156
Festuca rubra ssp commutata comm.	28111	 2g10 10g11 100g19 1000g46
Festuca rubra ssp littoralis	15228	 50g8 100g10 250g18 500g29 1000g49 1p4
Festuca rubra wild form	401682	 2g10 10g11 100g19 250g31 500g56 1000g106
Festuca rupicola	439784	 10g10 100g18 250g19 500g31 1000g56
Festuca scoparia	441890	 1g17 10g128 100g1006 1p9
Festuca valesiaca	452051	 1g8 10g10 100g27 1000g160 1p8
Festuca valesiaca Glaucantha	71202	 1g27 10g210 100g1772 1p14 250s9 500s16 1000s28 2500s62
Filipendula ulmaria	23047	 10g10 25g15 50g24 100g41 1000g289 1p4 4375s8
Filipendula ulmaria organic seed	459887	 1g9 10g42 100g249 510g163 1000g1450 1010g251 2010g394 4010g684 1p8
Filipendula vulgaris	23048	 1g8 2g10 5g9 10g15 25g29 50g51 100g95 250g222 500g431 1000g719 1p4 100s10 300s8
Foeniculum vulgare wild form hort.	446383	 25g78 100g221 1000g1466
Fragaria moschata	404551	 1g18 10g137 1p9
Fragaria vesca organic seed	459888	 1g10 10g64 100g490 1000g3883 1p8
Fragaria vesca v vesca	71970	 1g9 10g64 100g490 1000g2913 1p8
Fragaria vesca wild form	15093	 1g8 2g22 5g38 10g42 20g131 25g154 50g205 100g254 250g366 1000g998 2500g1980 1000
Frangula alnus	27562	 5g6 6g8 10g10 12g9 25g12 50g17 100g28 250g43 1000g192 1p4 175s8
Frangula alnus prov. UK	448753	 10g16 100g71 1000g533
Frangula alnus stratified seed	439610	 1000g480
Fraxinus excelsior	27359	 10g13 25g21 28g15 113g34 250g120 454g70 1000g318
Fritillaria meleagris hort. (proteg. UK)	11913	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 25g45 50g84 100g559 1000g3906 1p4 480s8
Fritillaria tubiformis	12576	 1g6 5g29 10g44 100g360 1p6
Fumana procumbens	2972	 1g6 2g20 5g31 10g52 100g697 1p4
Fumaria officinalis	15095	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g76 100g84 1000g633 1p4 486s8
Galanthus nivalis	15446	 1g10 10g72 100g559 1p11
Galega officinalis	26612	 1g8 5g12 10g20 20g34 25g67 100g155 1000g1624 1p8 200s8
Galega officinalis Alba	66636	 1p8
Galega officinalis organic seed	550323	 1g10 10g55 100g301 1p8
Galeopsis segetum	403170	 25g68 100g196 1000g1267
Galeopsis tetrahit	15097	 10g19 25g45 100g129 1000g937
Galium album	15099	 1g8 10g10 25g40 100g32 1000g224
Galium aparine germinates in autumn in UK	15098	 25g40 100g76 1000g471
Galium aparine germinates in spring in Germany	86394	 1g6 25g45 100g131 1000g884 1p4
Galium odoratum	15507	 1g8 5g25 25g110 100g396 250g691 1000g910 1p4 50s8
Galium odoratum organic seed	459889	 1g11 10g62 100g357
Galium sylvaticum	86395	 10g16 50g45 100g84 1000g633
Galium verum	151	 1g8 2g10 5g8 10g10 15g16 20g19 25g15 50g24 100g42 250g253 1000g330 1000s8
Galium verum organic seed	552392	 1g8 10g29 100g146 1000g807
Galium verum ssp. wirtgenii	453760	 10g10 25g17 50g28 100g49 1000g353
Genista radiata	450151	 1g6 10g40 1p4
Genista sagittalis	13701	 1g8 10g55 100g421 1p8
Genista tinctoria	1194	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g24 28g64 50g42 100g77 113g180 454g340 1000g633 1p4 630s8
Gentiana acaulis	1214	 0g8 0g9 0g11 1g16 5g41 10g81 25g199 50g396 100g782 1p4 350s8 600s8
Gentiana alpina	72126	 1p4
Gentiana angustifolia	1199	 1p4
Gentiana asclepiadea	24518	 0g8 0g10 1g14 2g27 5g48 10g90 100g1660 1p4 875s8
Gentiana asclepiadea Alba	83124	 1g53 10g415 1p4 100s8
Gentiana asclepiadea Nana	460507	 1p4
Gentiana asclepiadea organic seed	551084	 1g53 10g416 1p12
Gentiana bavarica	13704	 0g44 1g10 10g92 1p8
Gentiana brachyphylla	24018	 1g30 1p12
Gentiana clusii v clusii	24016	 0g19 1g42 10g321 100g2872 1p17
Gentiana cruciata	1206	 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g15 100g170 1000g1321 1p4
Gentiana germanica	80583	 1g7 10g38 1p4
Gentiana lutea	1216	 5g25 10g13 50g70 100g69 250g338 500g666 1000g452 1p4 1750s8
Gentiana lutea organic seed	459890	 1g11 10g59 100g340 1000g2011 1p8
Gentiana nivalis c.s.	83121	 1g6 1p4
Gentiana oschtenica	459866	 1g260 1p27
Gentiana pneumonanthe	3971	 0g8 0g10 1g28 10g58 25g138 100g405 1000g2690 1p4 1125s8
Gentiana punctata	1223	 10g30 25g34 50g62 100g117 1000g1500 1p4
Gentiana purpurea	24014	 0g8 1g10 2g14 5g21 10g30 100g190 1000g1500 1p4 900s8
Gentiana terglouensis	72127	 1g30 10g250 1p12
Gentiana verna	1235	 0g8 0g9 0g12 0g17 1g25 1g27 10g170 100g117 1p4 390s8 700s8
Gentiana verna ssp. tergestina	86791	 1g100 10g907 1p17
Gentiana verna v angulosa	79424	 1p4
Gentiana verna v angulosa Alba	455092	 1g212 10g1478 1p27
Geranium dissectum	3995	 25g124 100g366 1000g2407
Geranium macrorrhizum	13724	 1p4 100s8 1000s42
Geranium molle	15513	 25g221 100g665 1000g4423
Geranium nodosum	71487	 1p4
Geranium palustre	404562	 2g21 5g35 10g64 100g385 1000g3040
Geranium phaeum	15313	 1g9 2g12 5g17 10g27 25g59 100g179 1000g1167 1p4 320s8
Geranium pratense	3996	 1g8 2g10 2g12 3g35 4g44 5g19 10g17 25g76 50g65 100g120 1000g1278 1p4 20s8 100s10
Geranium pusillum	3988	 25g124 100g366 1000g2409
Geranium pyrenaicum	3997	 2g10 2g10 5g12 10g17 100g104 1000g793 1p4
Geranium robertianum	35497	 0g8 1g9 2g11 5g16 10g26 25g221 100g211 1000g1643 1p4 308s8 560s8
Geranium robertianum Album	439980	 1p9
Geranium robertianum organic seed	553695	 1g19 10g132 100g976 1p10
Geranium sanguineum	15311	 0g10 1g14 2g21 5g35 1p4 50s8 500s63 1000s125 5000s549 10000s1097
Geranium sylvaticum	400605	 1g10 2g9 10g16 25g35 50g63 100g120 250g1069 500g2040 1000g1020 1p4
Geranium sylvaticum v albiflorum	447662	 6s10
Geum coccineum Borisii / Queen of Orange	13729	 1g18 10g158 100g1471 1p4
Geum montanum c.s.	24025	 0g8 0g9 1g12 2g47 5g27 10g40 100g286 1p4
Geum rivale	13732	 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g34 50g61 100g116 1000g891 1p4 657s8
Gladiolus communis	28651	 1g8 10g42 100g318 25s8
Gladiolus illyricus	72184	 1g10 2g13 5g19 10g71 100g611 1p4 88s8
Gladiolus imbricatus	84018	 1g8 10g47 25g112 100g338 1000g2227 1p4
Gladiolus palustris hort.	24028	 1g6 2g11 5g16 10g22 100g160 1p4
Gladiolus sp. unident. prov. s France	454374	 1p4
Glaucium corniculatum	38703	 0g8 0g10 1g14 1p4 170s8
Glebionis segetum	15079	 2g10 10g10 25g13 50g19 100g31 1000g210 1p4
Glechoma hederacea	15105	 1g10 10g72 100g525 1000g3900 1p8 100s8
Glechoma hederacea organic seed	459891	 1g20 10g150 100g1075 1000g6431 1p8
Globularia meridionalis bs	445985	 1p4
Globularia nudicaulis	13739	 0g8 0g9 0g10 0g12 0g13 1g17 1g20 2g28 2g33 5g49 10g92 100g840 1p4
Globularia punctata	400116	 1g6 5g31 10g51 100g331 1000g2611 1p4
Glyceria maxima cs	34501	 1g6 10g18 100g140 1000g2407 1p4
Grass mix special hard-wearing paths + paving gap filler	551541	 100g16 1000g65
Grasses - ornamental annuals mix	81706	 10g10 50g37 100g19 250g41 500g76 1000g107 2500g212 10000g703 25000g1655 1p8
Halimium atriplicifolium	86906	 5g18 250g295
Hedera helix	1288	 10g6 25g25 100g28 250g131 1000g306 1p4
Hedera helix organic seed	551085	 10g14 100g69 1000g376
Hedysarum coronarium c.s.	28173	 10g16 100g30 1000g67 6000g275 26000g1011 1p4
Hedysarum hedysaroides	35263	 1g6 2g18 5g29 10g46 1p4
Helenium autumnale	3146	 0g8 1g10 2g9 2g13 5g11 5g19 10g15 10g32 25g29 50g51 100g95 1000g719 1p4 1874s8 6
Helianthemum apenninum	13755	 2g10 5g14 10g20 100g284 1p4
Helianthemum nummularium	15106	 1g8 2g10 5g13 10g19 25g41 50g75 100g144 1000g1106 1p4 720s8
Helianthemum nummularium ssp. grandiflorum	13758	 1g4 2g12 5g17 10g22 100g180 1p4
Helianthemum oelandicum ssp alpestre	13759	 1g4 2g11 5g16 10g20 1p4
Helichrysum arenarium hort.	29011	 0g8 0g10 1g13 2g19 5g31 10g55 100g331 1000g2610 1p4 2240s8 2500s8
Helictotrichon pratense	405995	 5g7 25g12 50g17 100g28 1000g192
Helictotrichon pubescens	432726	 6g8 12g9 25g12 50g17 100g28 1000g192 1p4 2188s8
Helictotrichon sempervirens	28767	 1g20 5g26 20g35
Heliotropium europaeum	83696	 10g32 25g107 100g314 1000g2081 1p4
Helleborus niger hort.	1345	 1g13 10g90 100g697
Helleborus purpurascens	400117	 1g12 10g90 100g697 25s9
Helleborus viridis	1346	 1g23 2g23 1p9
Heracleum sphondylium Pink Cloud	64435	 1g17 1p12
Herbaceous mix paving gap filler	551542	 10g24 100g138 1000g1115
Hesperis matronalis	400582	 1g8 10g12 25g8 50g23 100g41 113g40 250g22 500g37 1000g67 2500g146 10000g380 2500
Hesperis matronalis Alba	4969	 25g8 50g9 100g12 250g22 500g37 1000g65 2500g159 5000g273 10000g441 25000g957 1p4
Hesperis matronalis Purpurea	32277	 50g9 100g12 250g21 500g36 1000g65 2500g159 5000g273 10000g473 1p4 15500s8
Hesperis matronalis mix purple + white	441759	 25g8 50g9 100g12 250g22 500g37 1000g65 2500g159 5000g273 10000g441 25000g957 1p4
Hieracium intybaceum	34849	 1g6 5g31 10g48 1p4
Hieracium lanatum	71991	 0g8 1g10 10g90 100g697 1p4
Hieracium spilophaeum	1395	 1g23 10g171 100g1350 1p12
Hieracium umbellatum	1399	 1g6 2g10 5g14 10g21 25g82 100g116 1000g891 1p5
Hieracium villosum	2454	 0g8 0g9 0g9 0g11 0g16 1g25 2g44 5g50 10g93 25g227 50g431 100g858 250g2138 500g39
Hippocrepis comosa	4097	 1g6 10g36 100g211 1000g1643 1p4
Holcus lanatus comm.	406001	 25g8 50g10 100g13 250g24 500g41 1000g68 1p4 43750s8
Holcus lanatus wild form	38402	 10g10 100g17 1000g74
Holcus mollis	24821	 25g31 100g60 1000g370
Homogyne alpina	12577	 1g4 1p4
Hordelymus europaeus	73459	 10g10 25g17 50g28 100g49 1000g353
Horminum pyrenaicum	12871	 0g9 0g12 1g18 2g38 5g70 1p4 150s8
Horminum pyrenaicum Album	457901	 1g79 1p4 50s8
Horminum pyrenaicum Rubrum	448843	 1g79 1p19
Hugueninia tanacetifolia ssp suffruticosa	72754	 1g19 1p10
Hyoscyamus niger	15111	 0g8 1g7 1g9 2g11 5g16 10g28 25g59 100g179 1000g1167 1p4
Hyoscyamus niger organic	550343	 1g11 10g81 1p6
Hypericum hirsutum	15112	 1g9 2g10 2g13 5g14 10g14 100g84 1p4 6000s8
Hypericum humifusum	446384	 25g82 100g240 1000g1580
Hypericum maculatum	4109	 10g12 25g87 50g32 100g58 1000g418
Hypericum perforatum	1429	 10g8 25g13 50g19 100g32 250g73 500g148 1000g289 2500g723 10000g2200 1p4 70000s8
Hypericum perforatum organic seed	459895	 1g8 10g23 100g99 1000g574
Hypericum pulchrum	13784	 1g11 10g76 100g593 1p8
Hypericum tetrapterum	15433	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g12 25g19 50g32 100g58 1000g418
Hypochaeris maculata	439823	 1g5 10g32 1p4
Hypochaeris radicata name unresolved	15115	 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g15 25g29 50g51 100g95 1000g719 1p4 1080s8
Hypochaeris uniflora	24051	 1g5 2g14 5g22 10g38 1p4
Impatiens capensis	83099	 3g31 7g55 14g95 28g164 50s8 1000s208
Impatiens noli-tangere	65806	 1g8 1p4 100s9
Inula conyzae	15418	 1g6 2g10 10g14 25g221 50g68 100g129 1000g998 1p5
Inula ensifolia	27349	 0g8 0g9 0g11 0g15 1g24 2g90 5g76 10g145 100g1217 1p4
Inula helenium	23086	 7g21 10g10 25g154 28g44 50g64 100g99 500g308 1000g568 1p4 1350s8
Inula helenium organic seeds	459910	 1g19 2g32 5g57 10g107 100g752 1p11
Inula hirta	24057	 1g11 10g71 100g559 1p8
Inula salicina	400671	 0g8 0g9 1g6 1g12 2g17 1p4 1250s8
Iris foetidissima Citrina	408036	 1g8 10g26 100g353 1p20
Iris graminea	12061	 5g10 100g219 1p4
Iris pallida	28448	 1g8 10g40 100g353 1p4
Iris pseudacorus Alba / Clotted Cream	83094	 5g25 1p9
Iris pseudacorus organic seed	407031	 1g7 10g29 100g112 1000g753 1p4
Iris pumila	12068	 1g8 10g55 100g421 1p11
Iris sibirica mix hort.	437513	 7g21 28g38 1p10 50s8
Iris sibirica wild form hort.	24965	 1g6 10g11 25g22 50g38 100g69 250g169 1000g676 1p4
Iris spuria	12055	 100g150 1p4
Iris variegata	28454	 1g9 10g71 1p4
Isatis tinctoria c.s.	83644	 2g8 5g10 10g14 25g17 50g27 100g47 1p4 306s8
Isopyrum thalictroides	81664	 1g8 10g55 100g421
Jacea phrygia	454965	 25g46 100g140 1000g908
Jacobaea alpina	400112	 1g4 10g16 1p4
Jasione crispa	75391	 1p4
Jasione crispa v tristis	457916	 1p4
Jasione montana	71963	 1g8 5g14 10g21 100g834 1p4
Juncus bufonius	86399	 1g8 25g107 100g318 1000g2099 1p4
Juncus effusus	76871	 1g12 3g26 7g36 10g12 14g56 25g107 28g88 50g34 100g62 450g1208 1000g461 1p8 100s7
Juncus inflexus	76874	 1g17 10g124 50g35 100g62 1p9
Juncus squarrosus	434542	 1g13
Juniperus communis v. saxatilis	85274	 1g4 5g17 10g8 25g15 50g24 100g30 250g351 1000g184 1p4
Juniperus sabina	25341	 1g4 5g24 25g17 50g27 100g36 250g487 1000g220 1p4
Jurinea ledebourii	437542	 1g8 10g51 100g396
Kalmia angustifolia	71129	 1g36 5g120 1p8
Kernera saxatilis	13808	 1g8 1p4
Kickxia commutata	440925	 25g200 100g586 1000g3906
Knautia arvensis	4976	 1g6 2g10 2g9 5g11 10g14 15g31 20g37 25g43 50g74 100g74 1000g850 1p5 25s8 100s10
Knautia dipsacifolia	451241	 5g19 10g31 100g183 1000g1428
Knautia macedonica	38706	 1g9 10g107 50g111 100g217 250g538 500g1065 1000g1912 5000g9467 1p4 176s8
Knautia purpurea	454664	 5g23
Koeleria glauca bs	4133	 10g14 50g40 100g73 1000g547 100s10 2500s8 5000s15 10000s26 25000s57
Koeleria glauca cs	432479	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g23 50g40 250g185 500g360 1000g708 1p4 5600s8
Koeleria pyramidata	440949	 10g10 25g11 50g16 100g26 1000g160
Koeleria vallesiana	526200	 1g20 10g128 100g869 1p8
Laburnum anagyroides	401276	 1g4 10g8 20g12 25g18 28g20 100g30 113g54 250g85 454g107 1000g206 1p4 100s11
Lactuca perennis	34518	 1g8 10g70 1p4
Lactuca serriola	1512	 10g30 25g66 50g125 100g243 1000g2320 1p4
Lactuca virosa	24078	 1g8 10g25 100g160 1000g1100 1p4
Lamium album	15121	 25g221 100g603 1000g4576 1p4
Lamium amplexicaule	86400	 25g174 100g561 1000g3543
Lamium maculatum	84288	 0g8 1g10 2g13 5g20 10g32 50g164 100g160 500g640 1000g1250 1p4 275s8
Lapsana communis	15122	 10g8 25g13 50g19 100g32 1000g224 1p4 7000s8
Larix decidua	1559	 1g6 5g24 10g21 25g49 50g83 100g159 250g540 454g650 1000g3030 1p4 100s14
Larix decidua prov. Germany select	448725	 10g78 100g384 1000g3030
Larix decidua v sudetica	5221	 5g43 250g1064 1000g3030
Larix eurolepis x (name unresolved)	407911	 10g146 25g70 100g727 1000g5780
Larix kaempferi prov. Germany	445637	 2g17 5g28 10g49 100g236 1000g1853
Laserpitium gallicum	13809	 1g8 10g10 25g15 50g24 100g30 1000g240 1p4
Laserpitium halleri	51394	 1g8 10g10 100g30 1000g240 1p4
Laserpitium siler	47539	 1g8 10g10 100g30 1000g240 1p4 30s10
Lathraea squamaria	440745	 25g120 100g350 1000g2320
Lathyrus heterophyllus	4978	 1g4 5g20 10g10 100g80 1p4
Lathyrus laevigatus	70243	 5g16
Lathyrus latifolius	1569	 3g8 7g10 14g13 14g14 25g48 28g21 56g35 100g155 113g64 454g125 1000g1000 1p4 20s8
Lathyrus latifolius Albus	432351	 5g8 10g10 25g17 50g27 100g48 250g112 500g213 1000g297 2500g563 10000g1697 25000g
Lathyrus niger	400591	 1g10 2g9 2g14 5g22 10g38 100g284 1p4
Lathyrus nissolia	15123	 2g10 5g13 10g15 25g30 50g54 100g101 1000g880
Lathyrus palustris	70242	 1g8 10g19 25g221 100g133 1000g4425 1p9
Lathyrus pratensis	400156	 2g10 5g16 10g17 25g124 50g65 100g124 1000g1751
Lathyrus sativus	84492	 12g8 250g34 500g61 1000g49 1p4 162s8
Lathyrus sativus Albus	79178	 10g9 25g15 50g24 100g42 1p4
Lathyrus sylvestris	15124	 2g10 5g29 10g16 12g27 25g31 50g56 100g91 500g365 1000g686 1p4 25s8
Lathyrus tuberosus	15406	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g22 25g37 50g68 100g129 1000g998 1p4 30s8
Lathyrus vernus	13813	 0g8 1g9 2g12 5g17 10g27 25g61 50g115 100g160 1000g1751 1p4 10s9
Lathyrus vernus strat.	82894	 100s22 1000s186
Lavatera arborea	37671	 10g20 25g45 100g129 250g574 1000g807 1p8 20s8
Lavatera arborea Variegata	65347	 5g24 1p8
Lavatera thuringiaca	39835	 1g8 10g49 25g24 50g42 100g82 250g196 500g382 1000g753
Legousia speculum-veneris	28704	 10g16 25g107 100g95 1000g719 100s10
Legousia speculum-veneris Alba	401702	 50g11 100g18 250g44 500g75 1000g149 2500g343
Leontodon hispidus ssp hispidus	15125	 2g10 10g17 25g96 50g54 100g101 1000g762 200s8
Leontodon rigens	407945	 1g12 10g88 1p4 500s12 1000s22 2500s48 5000s93
Leontodon taraxacoides	440928	 25g92 100g266 1000g1763
Leontopodium alpinum	13818	 0g8 1g9 2g11 5g15 10g23 25g50 50g94 100g269 250g665 500g1324 1000g1855 2500g3565
Leonurus cardiaca	4144	 1g6 5g8 10g9 10g10 25g15 50g24 100g41 1000g289 1p4 3500s8
Leonurus cardiaca Crispa Grobbebol	460559	 1p4 100s8
Leonurus cardiaca organic seeds	459912	 1g12 10g29 100g189 520g182 1020g393 2020g706 1p8
Lepidium campestre	66649	 1g8 10g28 100g215 1000g1427 1p4
Lepidium draba	86402	 1g6 5g15 25g59 100g179 1000g1167 1p4
Lepidium graminifolium	450819	 1g4 10g32 1p4
Leucanthemopsis alpina	23724	 0g33 1g22 10g180 100g1200 1p6
Leucanthemum adustum	527081	 1g8 10g64 100g520 1p4 100s10
Leucanthemum graminifolium	432368	 1g8 10g52 100g404 1p8
Leucanthemum maximum	66935	 1p4
Leucanthemum vulgare	25079	 1g6 2g10 10g9 15g15 25g18 50g29 100g21 1000g127 1p4
Leucojum vernum	12585	 2g8 5g10 10g14 100g76 1p4
Leymus arenarius	3851	 10g28 250g365
Ligularia sibirica hort.	24653	 1g14 10g100 100g783 1p11
Ligusticum mutellina	527254	 1g4 10g13 100g84 1p4 50s10
Ligusticum mutellinoides	527255	 1g5 10g18 1p4
Lilium martagon	400091	 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g29 25g66 50g126 100g245 1000g1968 1p4 128s8
Lilium martagon v album	12112	 1g9 2g14 5g23 10g40 100g697 1p4 96s8
Limonium vulgare	451605	 1g21 10g154 100g1212 1p11
Linaria alpina	13837	 0g9 0g12 0g17 1g28 2g49 5g91 10g175 100g2760 1p4 450s8
Linaria dalmatica	13839	 1g14 10g107 100g834 1p8
Linaria repens	400119	 1g27
Linaria supina	13841	 1p4
Linaria vulgaris	15127	 5g8 10g11 25g20 50g33 100g60 200g113 250g140 500g268 1000g525 2500g1222 5000g234
Linum alpinum	13844	 1g9 5g33 10g61 100g714 1p6
Linum austriacum	435522	 1g8 2g8 5g9 10g11 100g58 1000g410 1p4 900s8
Linum campanulatum	445021	 1p8
Linum flavum	62925	 100s8
Linum flavum Compactum	13846	 25g51 50g98 100g193 250g473 500g935 1000g1858 500s8 1000s13 2500s27 5000s52
Linum perenne	13851	 25g8 50g10 100g13 500g49 1000g78 2500g207 10000g565 25000g1226 1p4 9000s8
Linum tenuifolium	445443	 0g21
Lithospermum Starry Night	462483	 4g28
Lithospermum arvense	433004	 2g11 10g10 25g13 50g19 100g32 1000g224
Lithospermum officinale	4987	 1g8 5g23 10g35 100g245 1p4
Lloydia serotina	12375	 0g47 1g38 1p12
Loiseleuria procumbens	14496	 0g38 1g22 10g180 1p6
Lolium multiflorum	439836	 25g9 500g18 1000g27 3000g67 6000g123 26000g377
Lolium multiflorum hort.	28165	 2g11 10g12 100g9 250g15 500g24 1000g40 6000g123 10000g174 26000g315
Lolium perenne wild form	28166	 10g6 12g8 25g10 50g13 100g19 1p4 4375s8
Lonicera alpigena	25342	 1g4 2g10 5g14 10g14 20g35 25g21 100g116 250g110 1p4
Lonicera periclymenum	15367	 1g16 10g33 25g46 50g86 100g159 1000g1230
Lotus corniculatus comm.	13855	 2g10 2g9 5g13 10g10 15g31 25g59 100g17 1000g63 6000g380 26000g1440 1p8
Lotus corniculatus wild form	405996	 2g8 5g10 10g14 25g26 50g45 100g84 1p4 900s8
Lotus maritimus	1428	 1g6 5g11 10g15 100g90 1000g676 1p5
Lotus pedunculatus	462762	 5g8 10g10 25g14 50g21 100g36 1000g246 1p4 4375s8 7000s8
Lunaria annua mix	24892	 10g9 25g13 50g22 75g33 100g41 250g86 500g35 1000g63 2500g200
Luzula campestris	406279	 10g27 50g82 100g157 1000g1213
Luzula lutea	443162	 1g6 10g40 1p4
Luzula luzuloides	79414	 1g8 10g12 50g34 100g62 1000g461
Luzula nivea	4161	 1g4 5g24 10g36 100g2846 1p4 1000s8 2500s16 5000s29 10000s56
Luzula pedemontana	455113	 1g9 10g59 100g516 1p8
Luzula sylvatica	4163	 1g4 2g15 5g20 10g36 25g138 100g405 1000g2690 1p4
Lycopus europaeus	15131	 1g8 2g11 2g10 5g16 10g11 25g19 50g32 100g58 1000g418 1p6 500s8
Lycopus europaeus organic	550394	 1g8 10g45 100g352
Lysimachia nummularia	63862	 1g40 1p15
Lysimachia punctata	13869	 1g9 2g28 5g50 10g22 100g159 1p4 2000s8
Lysimachia thyrsiflora hort.	83758	 100s7
Lysimachia vulgaris	5001	 1g6 2g11 10g14 25g76 50g51 100g95 1000g891 1p5 200s8
Lysimachia vulgaris organic seed	553678	 1g8 10g47 100g353
Lythrum hyssopifolia	528677	 25g138 100g405 1000g2693
Lythrum junceum	46273	 25g82 100g232 1000g1504
Lythrum salicaria	4176	 1g6 2g10 2g10 5g16 10g10 25g17 50g27 100g47 250g200 500g390 1000g418 2500g1043 1
Lythrum salicaria organic seed	553679	 1g8 10g37 50g145 100g284 1000g2010
Malus sylvestris	1667	 10g13 25g23 28g32 100g62 113g87 250g160 454g169 500g150 1000g246 1p4
Malus sylvestris prov. UK	448749	 10g19 100g91 1000g693
Malus sylvestris stratified seed	463378	 100g98 1000g743
Malva alcea	75208	 1g7 25g82 100g232 1000g1504 1p4
Malva alcea v fastigiata	31993	 5g8 10g10 25g16 50g25 100g284 1p4 578s8
Malva moschata	15132	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g23 50g39 100g49 250g173 500g335 1000g353 2500g892 10000g2731 25
Malva moschata fa alba White Perfection	5003	 10g12 100g46 250g107 500g204 1000g360 100s8
Malva moschata fa rosea Pink Perfection	35277	 5g8 10g9 250g107 500g204 1000g360 1p4 1750s8
Malva neglecta	15385	 25g45 50g90 100g131 1000g857 1p4
Malva sylvestris	5004	 12g8 25g10 50g13 100g20 250g43 500g80 1000g153 2500g287 10000g812 25000g1763 1p4
Malva sylvestris organic seed	47597	 1g8 10g19 100g77 1000g420
Malva verticillata	404424	 1000g50 1p4
Malva verticillata Crispa	26906	 100s8
Matricaria recutita Chamomile	15135	 5g7 10g10 12g8 25g10 50g14 100g22 100g56 500g220 1000g353 2500g428 10000g1245 25
Matricaria recutita Chamomile organic seed	448188	 2g8 5g10 10g14 20g31 25g71 100g79 1000g471 2000g882 1p4 36000s8 1000000s75
Meadow mix UK game + farmland chick brood rearer	552780	 20000g260
Meadow mix pollen + nectar 65pc organic 11 spp	552774	 10000g280
Meadow mix pollen + nectar basic 5-6 spp	552772	 6000g200
Meadow mix pollen + nectar grass free 13 spp	552771	 10000g255
Meadow mix pollen + nectar traditional 12 spp.	552773	 10000g232
Meadow mix wild bird (+ game) 65pc organic seed 7spp	552777	 20000g265
Meadow mix wild bird (+ game) seed WM1	552779	 20000g260
Meadow mix wild bird (+ game) seed basic 5 spp	552775	 8000g150
Meadow mix wild bird (+ game) seed basic autumn sow 6spp	552776	 25000g290
Meadow mix wild bird (+ game) seed enhanced autumn sow 12 spp	552778	 20000g285
Medicago falcata	78132	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g23 100g73 1000g547 1p4 1000s8
Medicago lupulina hort.	405997	 10g6 25g8 50g9 100g11 250g20 500g34 1000g58 2000g126 3000g187 4000g231 5000g267
Medicago lupulina wild form	4252	 12g8 50g14 100g21 1000g138 1p4 3600s8
Melampyrum arvense	408455	 25g112 100g335 1000g2820
Melampyrum cristatum	440750	 25g74 100g219 1000g1445
Melica altissima Atropurpurea	71118	 1g8 10g51 100g413 1p8
Melica nutans	74303	 10g25 50g75 100g144 1000g1106
Melica transsilvanica Red Spire	74302	 10g12 100g69 1000g504 250s7 500s11 750s25 1000s20 2500s43
Melica transsilvanica v atropurpurea	448757	 1g21
Melica uniflora	38435	 1g8 10g46 100g353 1p8
Melilotus albus	552440	 5g4 25g8 100g17 1000g63 1p4 9000s8
Melilotus altissimus	15389	 25g51 100g165 1000g1064
Melilotus officinalis	15139	 10g6 156g11 313g16 625g25 1250g44 2500g82 5000g157 10000g263 25000g632 50000g121
Melilotus officinalis organic seed	47599	 1g8 10g20 100g77 510g133 1000g308 1010g197 2010g316 4010g527
Melilotus officinalis ssp albus	4259	 25g8 50g9 100g12 250g21 500g35 1000g65 2000g125 1p4
Melilotus sulcata	440934	 25g82 100g232 1000g1504
Melissa officinalis ssp altissima organic seed	444217	 1g36 10g262 100g1557 1p10
Melittis melissophyllum	70102	 0g9 0g12 1g17 2g28 5g50 10g94 25g220 50g434 100g680 1p4
Mentha aquatica	5005	 1g9 2g13 5g37 10g49 100g409 250g574 1p4
Mentha aquatica organic seed	462727	 1g27 10g209 100g1643 1p10
Mentha arvensis	51306	 0g8 1g10 1g10 2g14 3g28 5g21 7g40 10g36 14g66 25g82 100g187 1000g1468 1p4
Mentha longifolia	1693	 1g8 1g8 2g10 10g60 25g51 100g165 1000g1066 1p4 10000s8
Mentha pulegium	4261	 1g8 2g9 5g22 10g17 25g34 50g61 100g180 250g445 500g880 1000g1460 1p4 12000s8
Mentha spicata	4184	 1g8 5g19 10g32 50g130 100g256 250g573 450g628 500g1364 1000g2180 1p4 500s4
Mentha spicata for micro mint	86033	 5g22 10g38 50g175 100g318
Menyanthes trifoliata	63456	 0g22 1g12 10g84 1p6
Mercurialis annua	86410	 25g195 100g574 1000g3812 50s10
Mercurialis perennis	1514	 25g107 100g314 1000g2081
Meum athamanticum	4266	 1g6 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g22 50g38 100g69 1000g783 1p4 100s8
Milium effusum	38436	 100s11 250s23 500s43 1000s81
Minuartia verna	28588	 0g17 1g36 10g279 1p10
Misopates orontium	37674	 2g10 2g13 5g20 10g33 25g87 100g257 1000g1683
Molopospermum peloponnesiacum	5007	 1g11 10g81 100g628 1p17
Myagrum perfoliatum	439840	 25g107 100g314 1000g2081
Myosotis alpestris organic seed	13892	 100g99 1000g315 2000g531
Myosotis arvensis	13889	 2g10 5g12 10g14 25g17 50g27 100g47 1000g906 1p8
Myosotis pulvinaris	432395	 1p40
Myosotis scorpioides	15342	 0g8 0g10 1g14 2g23 5g39 10g72 100g439 1000g3470 1p4 836s8
Myosotis sylvatica	15343	 1g6 1g8 2g8 2g9 5g10 5g11 10g14 10g15 25g27 25g29 50g48 50g51 100g90 1000g676 1p
Myrica gale	26897	 5g36 1p8
Narthecium ossifragum	15261	 1g40 1p11
Nasturtium officinale	4201	 5g8 10g10 25g17 50g27 100g48 500g214 1000g418 2500g1207 5000g1651 1p4 14000s8
Nasturtium officinale organic seed	553696	 1g8 10g37 100g138 250g338 500g666 1000g934 2500g1787 10000g5489 1p8
Nepeta cataria	4282	 5g6 6g8 12g9 25g12 25g29 50g17 100g27 250g61 1000g359 1p4 1000s6 6750s8
Nepeta nuda	442851	 1g17 10g124 1p9
Neslia paniculata	436605	 25g87 100g257 1000g1683
Nigella arvensis	73144	 1g8 2g12 5g18 10g29 25g64 100g240 1000g1582 1p4
Odontites vernus	15264	 1g8 10g25 25g120 100g355 1000g2339
Oenanthe crocata	51133	 25g82 100g232 1000g1502
Oenanthe pimpinelloides	445712	 1g8 2g10 2g9 5g11 10g15 100g101 1000g880
Oenothera biennis	1823	 14g15 28g22 454g220 1p4 1p5 100s10
Onobrychis arenaria	444219	 1g8 10g10 25g11 50g16 100g26 1000g160 1p8
Onobrychis viciifolia comm.	4404	 1g4 2g10 10g6 25g40 100g9 113g35 250g15 454g75 500g23 1000g39 1p4
Onobrychis viciifolia wild form	453729	 2g10 10g14 25g20 50g34 100g61 1p8
Ononis spinosa	15425	 1g8 2g9 10g15 25g82 50g54 100g101 1000g998 1p4
Onopordum acanthium	1853	 6g8 10g10 12g9 25g11 50g16 100g26 1000g170 1p4
Onopordum illyricum	439846	 1p8
Ophrys apifera	71556	 0g27
Opuntia humifusa	11399	 2g8 5g9 10g11 10g12 25g22 50g38 100g56 1p4 150s8
Origanum vulgare	4406	 5g13 15g31 25g20 50g33 100g52 250g121 500g231 1000g452 2500g1024 10000g2780 2500
Origanum vulgare Album	85310	 1g8 2g11 5g19 10g32 25g73 1p8
Origanum vulgare Wild Marjoram	457366	 2g11 2g9 5g15 10g15 15g34 100g84 1000g1130
Origanum vulgare organic seeds	448195	 1g8 2g10 5g8 7g30 10g26 15g50 25g45 50g84 100g161 250g607 500g1203 1000g1129 1p4
Ornithogalum umbellatum	400092	 3bl9 1g6 1g9 2g12 5g18 10g28 100g525 1p4
Orobanche hederae	443171	 1g27 1p11
Osmunda regalis	5689	 1p10
Osmunda regalis Cristata	46499	 1p4
Oxytropis campestris	4414	 1g4 10g40 1p4
Oxytropis lapponica	13919	 1g5 5g31 10g48 1p4
Oxytropis pilosa	4286	 1g4 10g40 1p4
Paeonia officinalis	5386	 2g9 5g11 10g16 20g27 1p4 19s8
Panicum capillare	28762	 1g10 10g40 100g257 1000g1683 1p4
Panicum miliaceum	28763	 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g34 100g50 1000g340 1p4
Papaver alpinum	404913	 1g9 2g18 5g30 10g53 20g108 1p4
Papaver alpinum Rhaeticum	4425	 1g45 5g54 10g102 1p12
Papaver alpinum mixed	37226	 2g8 5g9 10g11 25g21 50g35 100g64 1000g998 1p4
Papaver dubium	13925	 10g8 25g12 25g13 50g18 100g30 1000g203 1p4 70000s8
Papaver hybridum x	436487	 25g112 100g338 1000g2225
Papaver rhoeas	13928	 10g6 12g8 25g9 50g11 100g15 250g29 500g51 1000g95 2500g277 10000g781 25000g1696
Papaver sendtneri	70847	 0g12 1g20 1p4
Papaver somniferum Planete Rouge du Jura	550721	 1g8 10g10 25g9 50g12 100g17 101g8 250g33 500g60 2000g179 5000g389 1p4 1000s6 100
Parapholis strigosa	450826	 25g87 100g256 1000g2180
Paris quadrifolia	12382	 1g6 5g22 10g37 100g783 1p6 15s9
Parnassia palustris	24582	 0g23 1g40 10g304 1p8
Paronychia kapela ssp. serpyllifolia	552185	 0g36
Pastinaca sativa	15404	 1g5 2g10 10g14 25g45 100g71 1000g392 1p4 300s8
Pastinaca sativa organic seeds	459922	 1g14 10g81 50g38 100g70 500g251 1000g491 1p9
Persicaria bistorta	13992	 1g8 2g11 5g28 10g16 50g57 100g105 500g515 1000g858 1p4 25s8
Persicaria lapathifolia	4476	 25g40 100g76 1000g471 1p4
Persicaria vivipara	13993	 1g9 2g11 5g16 10g20 1p4 160s8
Petasites albus	63447	 1g5 2g15 5g23 10g34 100g525 1p4
Petasites hybridus	73377	 1g8 10g38 25g87 100g251 1000g1635 1p8
Petasites hybridus organic seeds	459923	 1g8 10g55 100g421 1000g2912 1p8
Petrocallis pyrenaica	85314	 1g44 10g360 1p8
Petrorhagia prolifera	85315	 1g16 10g25 25g39 50g72 100g138 1000g1063
Petrorhagia saxifraga	85316	 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g15 25g30 50g54 100g101 1000g762 1p4 6000s8
Petroselinum crispum Hortense large plain leaved	33633	 25g11 28g18 50g16 75g24 100g27 250g64 500g101 1000g37 1500g108 2500g83 5000g208
Peucedanum officinale	24215	 1g11 10g72 100g559 20s10
Peucedanum ostruthium	4448	 1g6 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 10g26 25g45 50g84 100g161 1000g1323 1p6
Peucedanum ostruthium organic seeds	47602	 1g11 10g81 100g550 1p8
Peucedanum verticillare	83187	 10g21 100g215 1p4
Phleum phleoides	25516	 10g10 25g12 50g17 100g28 1000g181
Phleum pratense v pratense	15231	 5g10 25g27 100g17 1000g46 1p4
Phlomis tuberosa	24219	 1g9 10g106 100g834 1p4 60s8
Physoplexis comosa	28593	 1p10
Phyteuma balbisii	443185	 1p4
Phyteuma betonicifolium	4338	 1g549 10g210 1p9
Phyteuma hemisphaericum	13969	 10g130 1p4
Phyteuma nigrum	85820	 0g8 1g10 2g14 5g22 10g38 100g224 1000g1751 1p4 3150s8
Phyteuma orbiculare	24838	 1g8 10g50 1p4
Phyteuma spicatum	1397	 1g6 5g11 10g15 100g170 1000g1320 1p4 9900s8
Phyteuma spicatum Caeruleum	35283	 1g6 2g12 5g18 10g17 1p4
Picea abies prov. Germany select	445639	 10g34 100g168 1000g1306
Picea orientalis Nutans	462803	 1g10 10g20 1p8
Picris echioides	15148	 1g8 25g69 100g200 1000g1305 1p4
Picris hieracioides	432622	 2g10 5g13 10g19 25g83 100g103 1000g783
Pilosella aurantiaca	15108	 0g14 1g12 2g52 5g48 10g90 100g697 1p4
Pilosella officinarum	23079	 0g8 1g12 2g20 5g34 10g62 15g89 100g372 1000g2933 1p4 2205s8 2500s8
Pimpinella major	4459	 2g10 10g11 25g20 50g34 100g62 1000g461
Pimpinella major Rosea	448850	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p14
Pimpinella saxifraga	451653	 5g8 10g10 25g17 50g27 100g47 1000g676
Pimpinella saxifraga hort.	4347	 10g9 25g16 50g26 100g45 250g228 500g345 1000g684 100s8
Pimpinella saxifraga hort. organic seed	451654	 1g8 10g21 25g44 50g81 100g155 1000g1063
Pinguicula alpina	34395	 0g44
Pinguicula leptoceras	41563	 0g44 1g32 1p16
Pinus cembra	2037	 10g20 100g94 1000g718
Pinus mugo ssp. mugo	5223	 5g26 10g33 25g46 50g85 100g163 1000g1268
Pinus mugo v. pumilio	400429	 10g46 14g52 28g97 100g226 1000g1768 1p11
Pinus nigra ssp nigra. select German stand	445640	 10g24 100g118 1000g906
Pinus nigra ssp. nigra	400430	 20g12 25g12 50g18 100g29 1000g193
Pinus sylvestris	400556	 5g26 10g49 25g42 100g77 250g61 500g116 1000g224 5000g2634 1p9
Pinus sylvestris prov. Scotland select	448733	 10g190 100g944 1000g7518
Pinus uncinata	41495	 100g112 500g446 1000g882
Pinus uncinata v rotundata	535509	 10g32 100g157 1000g1218
Plantago alpina	439857	 5g20
Plantago argentea	84476	 1g4 5g20 10g10 1p4
Plantago coronopus Minutina	458154	 1g8 10g21 25g20 50g20 100g33 250g74 500g243 1000g435 1p8
Plantago coronopus Minutina organic seed	552393	 1g8 10g29 50g76 100g146 1000g805
Plantago lanceolata	4461	 12g8 25g9 50g11 100g15 250g31 500g56 1000g106 10000g530 25000g1158 1p4 5292s8
Plantago major	1515	 5g8 10g8 10g9 25g13 25g14 50g20 50g21 100g34 100g35 1000g235 1p4 29050s8
Plantago major Atropurpurea	24228	 10g25 1p9
Plantago major organic seed	459925	 1g8 10g27 100g99 1000g435 1p8
Plantago media	15151	 5g8 10g10 15g17 25g17 50g28 100g46 1000g380 1p4 7000s8
Plantago subulata	458138	 1g14 10g107 1p8
Poa annua	38431	 1g5 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g17 1000g71 1p4 49995s8
Poa chaixii	73550	 1g10 10g72 100g559 1p8
Poa compressa	38432	 10g10 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g17 1000g78 1p4
Poa nemoralis	15232	 2g10 10g10 25g40 100g11 250g20 500g33 1000g60 6000g300 26000g1140
Poa pratensis	15233	 50g8 100g10 250g18 500g29 1000g51 1p4
Poa trivialis	15234	 2g10 10g10 25g40 100g18 250g20 500g34 1000g61
Polemonium caeruleum hort.	4356	 5g17 10g9 25g18 50g30 100g54 1000g463 1p4 25000s43 50000s85 100000s165
Polygala chamaebuxus	83897	 1g27 10g207 1p10
Polygala vulgaris	76317	 1g36 10g304 1p12
Polygonatum multiflorum	400093	 1g5 5g9 10g7 10g12 25g17 50g28 100g49 1p5 50s8
Polygonatum odoratum	4361	 1g8 5g28 10g13 50g35 100g64 1000g506 1p8 15s8 50s8
Polygonatum verticillatum	4362	 1g10 5g36 10g18 100g77 1p8
Polygonum aviculare	80176	 100g154 1000g1013 1p4
Polygonum dumetorum	78113	 25g96 100g293 1000g1917
Polygonum persicaria	4477	 10g9 25g15 50g25 100g76 1000g370 1p4
Polypogon monspeliensis	400592	 25g30 100g33 250g74 500g137 1000g263 2500g613 5000g1163 1p4
Populus alba svs	37532	 5g34
Populus canescens x svs	408025	 1g85
Populus tremula prov. UK svs	462795	 1g85
Populus tremula svs	33092	 1g85
Potentilla argentea	13998	 10g12 25g22 50g38 100g69 250g187 500g364 1000g504 2500g1679 1p4
Potentilla aurea	13999	 0g8 0g10 0g9 0g14 1g12 1g21 2g17 2g35 5g28 5g63 10g120 100g879 1p4 900s8
Potentilla crantzii	70607	 1g14 10g107 100g834 1p4
Potentilla erecta	4483	 0g8 0g10 1g13 2g19 5g31 10g55 100g331 1000g2611 1p4 100s8
Potentilla grandiflora	14006	 1g15 1p4
Potentilla inclinata	439869	 1p4
Potentilla neumanniana	70608	 1g10 2g13 5g19 10g31 100g183 1000g1428 1p8
Potentilla recta	34545	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g22 50g38 100g69 1000g504 1p4 5400s8
Potentilla rupestris	15305	 1g8 10g38 100g249 1p4
Potentilla rupestris fa humilis	47540	 1g4 10g32 1p4
Potentilla supina	86424	 1g6 25g59 100g179 1000g1169 1p4
Prenanthes purpurea	408457	 1g5 10g46 1p4
Primula allionii and P. marginata mixed	536775	 35s19
Primula auricula	2165	 0g9 0g12 0g18 1g29 2g51 5g96 10g185 100g1621 1p4 20s19
Primula auricula mix striped forms	85827	 20s19
Primula elatior	14029	 1g8 2g10 5g117 10g18 100g138 1000g1500 1p4 990s8
Primula farinosa	1542	 0g33 1g25 5g107 10g208 100g1987 1p6 35s11
Primula halleri hort.	24244	 1p4
Primula hirsuta	12612	 0g27 1g18 2g50 5g93 10g164 100g1400 1p4
Primula integrifolia	66707	 0g33 1g45 1p12
Primula latifolia	2221	 1g38 10g300 1p10
Primula veris	23173	 0g8 1g8 1g9 2g9 2g11 5g12 5g15 10g18 10g23 20g40 100g79 1000g998 1p4 730s8 1250s
Primula veris Hose-in-Hose	553492	 1g37
Primula veris organic seeds	459926	 1g8 10g45 100g267 1000g1581 1p8
Primula veris select form	451657	 2g11 5g15 10g23 50g67 100g129 500g504 1000g1006
Primula vulgaris	15152	 0g12 1g8 2g21 5g36 10g66 100g697 250g2978 1p8 30s8 35s11
Pritzelago alpina	13776	 0g8 0g10 0g14 0g21 1g36 10g816 1p4 500s8
Prospero autumnale	71079	 0g8 1g10 1p4
Prunella grandiflora	14042	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 50g89 100g116 250g435 500g859 1000g891 2500g4049 1p4
Prunella grandiflora Alba	3056	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 25g46 50g89 100g176 250g435 500g859 1000g1708 2500g4029 1p4
Prunella laciniata	432425	 1g8 10g42 100g318 1p8
Prunella vulgaris	4505	 1g6 2g10 5g8 10g10 15g19 25g17 50g28 100g49 250g104 500g195 1000g353 2500g873 1p
Prunella vulgaris BLBP 01	458156	 1g8 10g34 100g249 1000g1957
Prunella vulgaris BLBP 01 organic seed	459927	 1g14 10g94 100g641 1p8
Prunella vulgaris white fld. form	454418	 10g21 400s8
Prunus avium	27363	 20g11 25g20 100g27 250g94 1000g127 1p8
Prunus avium prov. EU select	436422	 20g15 100g37 1000g256
Prunus avium stratified seed import select	463380	 1000g256
Prunus avium stratified seed prov. England	463379	 1000g330
Prunus mahaleb	2268	 20g8 25g25 100g16 250g120 1000g91
Prunus mahaleb virus free cert.	448700	 28g23 113g62 454g122
Prunus padus	2272	 10g10 100g28 250g186 1000g109
Prunus padus stratified seed	552271	 10g23 100g109 1000g830
Prunus spinosa	2279	 10g8 100g15 250g76 1000g80 1p4
Puccinellia distans	38438	 2g10 10g10 12g8 25g9 50g12 100g17 1000g84
Pulicaria dysenterica	15339	 1g14 2g10 2g10 5g13 10g19 25g112 100g251 1000g1966 1p6 200s8
Pulmonaria officinalis	35716	 0g8 1g9 2g12 5g17 10g33 25g61 50g115 100g224 1000g1750 1p4 67s8
Pulmonaria officinalis organic seeds	459928	 1g12 10g71 100g490 1000g2913
Pulsatilla grandis	461867	 1p12
Pulsatilla halleri hort.	455091	 0g8 1g9 5g16 10g20 100g160 1000g1400 1p4
Pulsatilla montana bs	12618	 1g8 2g10 5g18 1p4
Pulsatilla montana cs	456783	 0g8 1g9 2g12 5g17 10g28 100g210 1p4
Pulsatilla nigricans	72790	 0g12 1g22 2g47 5g90 10g175 1p4
Pulsatilla nigricans cs	456785	 10g313 100g2481 1p4
Pulsatilla nigricans organic seed	552394	 1g53 10g415 100g3298 1p17
Pulsatilla vernalis	456786	 1g5 10g24 100g210 1p4
Pyrola sp. unident.	460638	 1p4
Pyrus communis	2321	 10g16 100g77 250g199 1000g148 1p4
Pyrus communis stratified seed	448751	 1000g649
Quercus pubescens	25362	 250g34
Quercus robur Fastigiata svs	2354	 250g55 454g56 1000g195
Quercus robur prov. Holland svs	448752	 100g11 1000g50
Quercus robur svs	27187	 250g29 454g34
Ranunculus aconitifolius	4632	 1g10 5g39 10g72 100g589 1p6
Ranunculus acris	15153	 10g8 25g13 50g20 100g33 250g75 500g143 1000g280 1p4 4375s8
Ranunculus alpestris	83192	 1g11 10g79 1p8
Ranunculus amplexicaulis	28595	 0g8 1g9 2g16 4g30 1p4
Ranunculus arvensis	15282	 25g51 50g41 100g76 1000g1064
Ranunculus bulbosus	2372	 2g10 10g13 25g16 50g25 100g44 1000g934
Ranunculus flammula	15453	 1g9 2g11 10g210 100g1660 1p10
Ranunculus glacialis	83193	 0g8 0g10 1g8 2g19 5g31 10g56 100g460 1p6
Ranunculus lanuginosus	408464	 10g21 25g36 50g65 100g122 1000g934
Ranunculus muricatus	446387	 25g82 100g232 1000g1502
Ranunculus parnassifolius	14058	 1p4
Ranunculus platanifolius	80585	 1g8 10g64 1p4
Ranunculus pyrenaeus	2387	 1g6 10g50 1p4
Ranunculus repens	2381	 2g8 5g10 10g14 25g27 100g90 1000g676 1p4 1000s8
Ranunculus thora	12628	 1g4 5g27 10g40 1p4
Raphanus sativus Radish	15422	 10g10 100g17 1000g43
Raphanus sativus Radish Round Black	440770	 1000g48 2500g110 4573g110 10000g264 25000g554
Reseda luteola	15158	 1g8 10g10 25g42 100g36 1000g246 1p8 150s8 1000s8
Rhamnus cathartica	2399	 10g10 25g27 100g28 250g155 1000g181
Rhamnus cathartica stratified seed	463693	 1000g418
Rhaponticum scariosum ssp rhaponticum (L.) Greuter.	46482	 1g6 10g19 100g140 1000g1160 1p6 100s11
Rhinanthus alectorolophus	80586	 10g16 25g154 100g84 1000g633
Rhinanthus minor	4523	 1g8 2g9 2g10 5g14 10g15 15g33 25g36 50g76 100g78 1000g675 1p4 300s8
Rhinanthus serotinus	440774	 1g8 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 100g122 1000g934 225s8
Rhodiola rosea	3026	 0g9 0g11 0g15 1g23 10g346 25g262 50g479 100g869 1p4 800s8
Rhododendron ferrugineum	14639	 1g6 5g29 10g44 100g360 1p5
Ribes uva-crispa	84290	 1g8 10g56 1p4
Robinia pseudoacacia select prov.	458973	 10g23 100g109 1000g830
Rorippa austriaca	440941	 25g36 100g103 1000g669
Rosa arvensis	408031	 10g18 100g87 1000g656
Rosa arvensis stratified seed	463694	 1000g656
Rosa canina	2441	 1g8 10g16 25g32 100g52 1000g138 1p4 100s8 500s12 1000s20
Rosa gallica proteg.	408466	 1p9
Rosa glauca	39742	 20g11 25g27 100g46 250g133 1000g333 1p8
Rosa glauca stratified seed	435886	 1000g430
Rosa pendulina	85048	 1g4 5g20 10g10 100g84 1000g700 1p4
Rosa spinosissima c.s.	72651	 1g5 10g13 25g27 100g59 250g155 1000g430 1p5
Rosa spinosissima stratified seed	460710	 1000g480
Rubus fruticosus	2482	 10g18 25g21 100g87 250g127 1000g656
Rubus idaeus	25374	 1g14 1p4
Rubus saxatilis	85050	 1g5 10g22 100g160 1p5
Rubus ulmifolius	539767	 5g8 10g15 25g22 250g107 1p4
Rumex acetosa	4649	 10g8 25g8 50g9 50g24 100g12 100g48 500g72 1000g106 2500g215 10000g527 25000g1145
Rumex acetosella	23396	 12g8 25g10 50g14 100g21 1000g138 1p4 100s4 18000s8
Rumex alpinus	539872	 1g8 10g16 100g90 1p8
Rumex crispus	24277	 25g45 100g131 1000g859
Rumex hydrolapathum	15327	 1g10 10g72 25g51 100g165 1000g1064 1p4
Rumex longifolius	440776	 10g16
Rumex obtusifolius	27579	 2g9 5g12 10g17 25g36 100g131 1000g857 1p4 25s6 975s8
Rumex patientia	23755	 25g32 50g58 100g68 250g164 500g316 1000g444 1p4 525s8 610s8
Rumex sanguineus	15163	 2g11 2g8 5g11 7g26 10g16 25g28 50g49 100g93 250g261 500g511 1000g923 2500g2900 1
Rumex sanguineus v. sanguineus c.s.	454943	 1g10 5g9 10g16 20g27 25g28 50g50 100g103 250g252 500g493 1000g880 1p8 300s8
Rumex sanguineus v. sanguineus c.s. organic seed	552396	 1g15 10g80 100g550 1000g3815 1p12
Rumex scutatus	23186	 1g8 10g17 25g35 100s4
Rumex thyrsiflorus	539907	 5g8 10g10 100g47 1000g332 100s10
Ruscus aculeatus	3051	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g221 100g70 1000g4423 1p4 9s8 10s16
Sagina subulata	74304	 0g8 0g9 0g11 0g11 1g16 2g25 5g44 10g81 100g770 500g5000 1p4 5600s8
Salix aurita	540117	 1g52
Salix caprea svs	33093	 1g29
Salix cinerea svs	67109	 1g29
Salix helvetica svs hort.	83886	 1g18 1p6
Salix viminalis svs	77420	 1g29
Salvia coccinea x Adora Blue	460367	 1p11
Salvia glutinosa	70013	 1g4 9g25 10g20 25g107 50g91 100g156 1000g2081 1p4 50s8
Salvia nemorosa West Friesland	434147	 5g8 10g10 25g17 50g27 100g47 1p4 2800s8
Salvia pratensis	39761	 10g10 25g15 50g24 100g41 250g97 1000g289 1p4
Salvia verticillata	1408	 2g8 5g9 10g12 100g58 1000g418 1p4
Salvia viridis Blue Monday / Oxford Blue	40215	 1g6 12g8 25g10 50g14 100g21 250g72 500g133 1000g184 2500g348 10000g1025 25000g21
Sambucus ebulus c.s.	5026	 1g5 10g17 25g16 50g25 100g43 1000g4120 1p4
Sambucus nigra c.s.	27364	 1g4 10g10 25g13 28g16 50g19 100g32 113g43 250g68 454g87 1000g224 1p4
Sambucus nigra stratified seed	460874	 1000g406
Sambucus racemosa c.s.	2512	 1g6 10g8 25g11 28g18 50g16 100g26 113g48 250g81 454g96 1000g160 1p5
Sanguisorba minor Burnet	4534	 1g5 10g7 25g8 50g12 100g12 150g29 250g22 500g38 1000g67 2500g158 10000g417 25000
Sanguisorba minor organic	458173	 2g11 10g19 100g99 1000g547 1p8
Sanguisorba minor wild herb	550815	 2g11 2g8 5g9 10g14 12g11 15g20 25g15 50g24 100g41 1000g310
Sanguisorba officinalis	15169	 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g16 25g45 50g56 100g105 1000g912 1p4 450s8
Sanguisorba officinalis organic seed	459842	 1g11 10g63 100g430 1p8
Sanicula europaea	1517	 1g8 5g11 10g15 25g30 50g53 100g99 1000g1320 1p4
Sanicula europaea organic seed	47605	 1g14 10g81 100g611 1000g4245 1p11
Santolina chamaecyparissus	86917	 1g20 10g150 100g1178 1p4
Saponaria bellidifolia hort.	83111	 1p4
Saponaria caespitosa	70652	 0g8 0g9 0g11 0g15 0g10 0g23 1g18 2g38 10g313 100g2485 1p4
Saponaria lutea hort.	14094	 0g13 0g19 5g108 10g210 100g1660 1p4
Saponaria officinalis	4536	 10g8 25g13 50g20 100g34 250g77 500g162 1000g235 1p4 4200s8
Saponaria officinalis organic seed	550495	 2g12 10g36 100g146 1000g805
Saponaria pumilio	14098	 1g62 5g75 10g143 1p23
Sarracenia purpurea typical form	29955	 1g16 10g130 100g1080 1p8
Satureja hortensis Summer Savory	23302	 15g6 50g8 100g10 250g17 500g28 1000g50 1500g71 2500g125 10000g318 1p4 52500s8
Satureja montana Winter Savory	14099	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g22 50g61 100g67 250g175 500g306 1000g603 2500g1557 5000g3085 10
Satureja montana Winter Savory organic seed	458175	 1g9 10g41 100g215 1000g1518 1p8
Saussurea alpina	439065	 0g18 1g6 10g108 1p6
Saussurea alpina ssp depressa	445828	 1g12 1p6
Saxifraga aizoides	14103	 1g6 5g24 10g41 100g310 1p6
Saxifraga aspera	14112	 1g8 10g90 1p6
Saxifraga aurantiaca	83889	 1g5 5g27 10g40 100g320 1p4
Saxifraga biflora	14113	 1g10 10g90 1p5
Saxifraga cochlearis	403715	 1g57 1p4
Saxifraga cotyledon	442627	 1p4
Saxifraga cotyledon Pyramidalis	14149	 1g12 10g90 100g697 1p8
Saxifraga crustata	85844	 1p4
Saxifraga cuneifolia	14152	 1g9 10g76 1p6
Saxifraga exarata	14154	 1g53 1p14
Saxifraga granulata	77720	 0g8 0g10 1g17 2g21 5g35 10g64 100g385 1000g3041 1p8
Saxifraga hostii	14168	 1g27 10g209 1p4
Saxifraga oppositifolia	82342	 0g27 1g17 10g156 100g1300 1p8
Saxifraga oppositifolia ssp oppositifolia v latina	14202	 1g126 2g51 5g96 10g186 100g1700 1p12
Saxifraga rotundifolia	14216	 1g4 1p4
Saxifraga stellaris	82347	 0g23 1g7 1p5
Scabiosa canescens	439887	 1g12 10g88 100g696 1p8
Scabiosa columbaria	28507	 2g10 10g13 25g30 50g54 100g101 1000g1063 1p4 750s8
Scabiosa columbaria lilac	68584	 1g8 2g11 5g156 10g31 25g65 100g318 1p8
Scabiosa lucida	14248	 0g8 1g9 2g11 10g18 50g94 100g160 1p4 309s8 560s8
Scabiosa ochroleuca	550671	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 25g36 50g70 100g137 250g338 500g665 1000g1320 2500g3110 5000
Scandix pecten-veneris	26944	 1g8 1g8 2g9 5g11 10g15 25g31 50g55 100g103 1000g783 1p4 109s8 200s6
Scilla bifolia	400588	 1g4 10g19 100g490 1p4
Scilla hyacinthoides hort.	448801	 1g8 10g33 100g215
Scilla liliohyacinthus	82902	 1g10 1p4
Scirpoides holoschoenus	4541	 1g8 10g29 100g163 100s10
Scirpus sylvaticus	73548	 1g4 5g18 10g10 50g29 100g52 1000g375 1p4
Scolochloa festucacea	439890	 3g21 7g30 14g45 28g67 100s8
Scopolia carniolica	63966	 1g19 10g141 100g1109 1p4
Scorzonera austriaca	85056	 1p4
Scorzoneroides autumnalis	15357	 2g10 5g13 10g17 25g96 100g101 1000g772
Scrophularia canina ssp hoppei	400123	 1g7 10g18 1p5
Scrophularia nodosa	4677	 1g5 10g16 25g82 100g112 1000g1500 1p4 300s8
Scrophularia umbrosa	80589	 1g12 2g8 5g10 10g14 100g75 1000g568 2500s8
Scutellaria galericulata	15442	 2g13 5g19 10g31 100g183 1000g1428 1p4 200s8
Secale cereale Grazing / Forage Rye / Green Manure	80281	 10g7 100g8 250g11 500g15 1000g22 2500g35 5000g62 7500g139 10000g114 15000g175 25
Secale cereale organic	461513	 5000g48 10000g90 22700g377 24500g216 1016000g2239
Secale multicaule (sp name unresolved)	86454	 25g27 50g8 100g9 250g14 500g22 1000g37
Securigera varia	4928	 10g8 25g26 28g22 50g14 100g21 113g60 250g225 454g119 1000g62 1p4
Sedum acre	14253	 0g8 1g12 1g10 2g13 5g20 10g33 25g74 1000g2073 2500g9452 1p4 1000s12 4000s8
Sedum aizoon	454945	 1g14 2g16 5g26 10g45 100g800
Sedum album	13323	 1g17 2g17 5g28 10g49 25g115 100g385 1000g3040 1p9 500s8
Sedum anacampseros	13328	 0g22 1g19 1p12
Sedum hispanicum	404955	 1g40 10g313 100g2481 1p11
Sedum rupestre	453447	 0g8 1g10 5g21 10g36 25g82 50g158 100g264 250g742 1000g2073 1p4 7350s8
Sedum rupestre organic seed	551117	 1g19 10g141 1p8
Sedum sexangulare	437590	 1g18 5g31 10g55 100g331 1000g2611 1p10
Sedum telephium ssp maximum	14259	 1g4 2g14 5g21 10g30 100g220 1000g1800 1p4
Selinum carvifolia	80591	 1g27 2g9 5g11 10g16 100g95 1000g719
Sempervivum arachnoideum ssp. tomentosum	28608	 1g24 10g196 1p8
Sempervivum montanum	80592	 1g22 10g190 100g6338 1p8
Sempervivum tectorum	400113	 0g9 1g11 10g36 100g280 1000g2400 1p4
Senecio abrotanifolius	459003	 1p4
Senecio doria	34556	 1g4 10g24 1p4
Senecio erucifolius	439892	 25g90 100g268 1000g1737
Senecio halleri	85064	 1g14 1p8
Senecio incanus	85063	 1g10 10g243 1p6
Senecio jacobaea	66881	 1g8 25g160 100g475 1000g3130 1p4
Senecio musiniensis ex NNS 06	460665	 1p4
Senecio nemorensis	71006	 1g4 10g20 100g180 1p4
Senecio ovatus Willd.	444235	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g21 100g118 1000g891 1p8
Senecio viscosus	439895	 25g160 100g475 1000g3130
Senecio vulgaris	15174	 25g199 100g586 1000g3906 1p4
Serratula tinctoria	15436	 1g21 10g23 20g50 25g96 100g148 1000g1149 1p16 200s8
Serratula tinctoria ssp macrocephala	5033	 1g6 10g32 1p4
Seseli elatum ssp osseum	80595	 1g17 10g137 100g1127 1p9
Seseli libanotis	444237	 1g5 10g36 1p4
Sesleria nitida	434452	 1g19 10g141 100g1109 1p10
Setaria italica	23205	 5g8 25g51 100g20 250g42 500g78 1000g1064
Sherardia arvensis	76316	 0g8 1g10 2g13 5g20 10g34 25g90 100g268 1000g1739 1p4
Sideritis hyssopifolia	14266	 1g4 10g26 1p4
Silaum silaus	15175	 2g10 5g16 10g14 25g33 50g59 100g112 1000g848
Silene acaulis	13402	 0g8 0g9 0g12 0g17 1g27 10g191 1p12
Silene alpestris	13403	 0g8 0g10 0g14 0g21 1g36 10g270 100g2141 1p4
Silene armeria	4703	 25g9 50g11 100g15 250g29 500g51 1000g95 1p4 135000s8
Silene asterias	75904	 0g8 0g15 1p4
Silene dioica	15178	 5g8 10g10 15g17 25g15 50g24 100g37 250g99 1000g280 1p4 5000s8
Silene flos-cuculi	4165	 2g8 5g12 10g11 15g28 25g19 50g32 100g58 1000g418 1p4 10000s8
Silene flos-cuculi White Robin	72342	 1g19 3g53 10g124 100g972 1p4
Silene flos-cuculi organic seed	446018	 1g8 10g51 100g353
Silene flos-jovis	541867	 1p4
Silene flos-jovis Horts Variety	442832	 1p4
Silene flos-jovis Nana	404901	 1g19 10g140 100g1109 1p11
Silene gallica	454975	 25g80 100g226 1000g1505
Silene latifolia ssp alba	15176	 10g8 25g13 50g20 100g34 1000g235 1p4 8750s8
Silene noctiflora	15289	 2g10 5g8 10g9 25g14 50g22 100g37 1000g280
Silene nutans	1529	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g25 50g43 100g79 1000g590 1p4 6000s8
Silene prostrata (name unresolved)	15287	 1g6 10g24 1p5
Silene saxifraga	4706	 1g23 10g176 100g1385 1p8
Silene suecica	13858	 2g9 5g12 10g18 25g37 50g68 100g535 1p4
Silene vallesia ssp vallesia	1427	 1g16
Silene viscaria	28536	 5g8 10g11 25g18 50g29 100g52 1000g375 1p4
Silene viscaria Splendens	541899	 10g47 100g267 1p4
Silene vulgaris	15179	 1g8 2g8 5g9 10g10 15g25 25g32 100g37 1000g280 1p4
Silene waldsteinii	85072	 1p4
Sinapis arvensis	400145	 12g8 25g9 50g11 100g15 250g29 500g51 1000g95 1p4 1300s8
Sisymbrium altissimum	40172	 25g64 100g180 1000g1166
Sisymbrium irio	404324	 1g6 10g36 25g74 100g219 1000g1445 1p4
Sisymbrium officinale	15183	 100s8
Sisyrinchium montanum	2852	 1p4
Solanum americanum	5674	 1g6 10g35 25g86 100g264 1000g1718 1p5
Solanum dulcamara	5036	 1g4 5g21 10g18 25g37 50g68 100g129 1000g908 1p4 50s8 100s8
Solanum villosum	444241	 1p4
Soldanella alpina	13412	 0g35 1g16 5g77 10g134 100g1200 1p7
Soldanella montana Willd.	79127	 1g105 10g821 1p14
Soldanella pusilla	25508	 0g11 0g16 1g22 10g170 1p9
Solidago virgaurea ssp minuta	85078	 1g5 10g22 1p4
Sonchus arvensis	4722	 25g120 100g355 1000g2339 1p4
Sonchus asper	15185	 1g8 25g120 100g355 1000g2339 100s10
Sonchus oleraceus bs	74343	 1g8 25g135 100g415 1000g2737 1p4
Sorbus aria c.s.	2597	 1g4 5g27 10g12 28g54 57g101 100g215 113g197 250g592 454g371 1000g1680 1p4
Sorbus aria stratified seed	462500	 1000g1656
Sorbus aucuparia c.s.	27365	 2g8 5g9 10g11 25g19 50g32 100g96 113g64 454g126 1000g169 1p4 263s8
Sorbus aucuparia prov. Scotland stratified seed	461252	 1000g756
Sorbus aucuparia stratified seed	462499	 1000g556 1p4
Sorbus chamaemespilus d.b.	85079	 1g4 5g19 10g10 100g84 1p4
Sorbus intermedia prov. France	461621	 10g40 100g196 1000g1530
Sorbus mougeotii	400495	 5g35
Sorbus torminalis	2603	 10g29 100g165 1000g1278 1p10
Sorbus torminalis stratified seed	542770	 1000g1556
Sparganium angustifolium	454665	 1g8 10g44 1p4
Sparganium erectum	25517	 1g8 10g34 25g82 100g179 1000g1555
Spergularia bocconei	440946	 25g118 100g344 1000g2278
Spergularia rubra	13414	 1g8 2g21 5g36 10g58 1p4
Stachys germanica	34568	 100s18
Stachys officinalis	15187	 2g10 2g8 5g13 10g14 15g31 50g67 100g84 1000g706 1p4
Stachys officinalis dwarf form	46358	 50g470 100g933 1p4
Stachys officinalis organic seed	47606	 1g12 10g81 100g568 1p8
Stachys palustris	15188	 3g29 200s8 300s8
Stachys recta	34569	 1g8 10g14 25g23 100g98 1000g547
Stachys sylvatica	79129	 1g8 2g10 10g13 25g82 100g71 1000g891 1p6 100s10
Staphylea pinnata	3067	 25g21 100g36 250g113 1p4
Stellaria holostea	1519	 0g8 1g10 2g14 5g22 10g38 100g224 1000g1751 1p4 188s8
Stellaria media	73456	 1g5 10g20 25g36 100g103 1000g669 1p4
Stellaria ruscifolia	460675	 1p4
Stemmacantha rhapontica hort.	4983	 10g54 25g64 100g181 1000g1166 1p14
Stipa joannis	444244	 1g18 10g120 100g826
Stipa pennata	4737	 1g6 10g11 25g16 50g25 100g43 1p4 50s22 100s41 250s92
Stipa tirsa	440787	 1g10 10g68 100g525
Streptopus amplexifolius	12637	 1g4 10g30 1p4
Succisa pratensis	15191	 1g8 5g23 10g16 25g33 50g59 100g112 1000g1063 1p4 625s8
Succisella inflexa	80599	 1g14 10g107 100g834 1p10
Swertia perennis	14278	 0g20 1g22 10g170 100g1480 1p6
Symphoricarpos albus UK prov.	436427	 20g19 100g84 1000g633
Symphoricarpos albus prov, UK stratified seed	463695	 10g23 100g109 1000g830
Symphytum officinale	15308	 1g9 2g12 5g17 10g27 20g51 25g73 50g96 100g249 1000g1955 1p4 80s8
Symphytum officinale organic seed	459931	 1g9 10g51 100g378 1000g2955 1p4
Symphytum orientale	404115	 1p4
Tamus communis	15192	 1g4 5g23 10g14 25g41 100g120 1000g1580 1p4
Tanacetum balsamita	51091	 1g17 10g107 100g697 1000g4847 1p9 100s8
Tanacetum balsamita organic seed	550516	 1g49 10g305 100g2116 1p17
Tanacetum corymbosum	4916	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g51 100g69 1000g504 1p4 3500s8
Tanacetum macrophyllum	430729	 0g8 1g9 2g11 5g15 10g18 100g318 1p4 330s8 600s8
Tanacetum parthenium	15193	 1g8 10g9 25g14 50g21 100g35 250g79 1p4
Tanacetum parthenium organic seed	408335	 5g18 10g32 15g46 100g279 1000g324 1p4
Tanacetum vulgare	4746	 2g8 6g8 12g9 25g11 50g16 100g25 100g26 250g55 250g58 500g105 500g110 1000g203 25
Taraxacum officinale Dandelion	15194	 5g6 10g8 25g12 50g18 100g29 250g65 2500g663 10000g2010 1p4 10500s8
Taraxacum officinale White Flash	544309	 10s8
Taraxacum officinale for micro dandelion	544308	 25g27 50g48 100g86 250g189
Taraxacum officinale organic seed	459932	 1g8 10g18 100g94 1000g495
Teesdalia nudicaulis	451245	 10g15 50g46 100g85 250g210 500g355 1000g700
Telekia speciosa	4596	 0g10 1g8 5g27 10g28 100g215 1p4
Teucrium chamaedrys wild form	77089	 1g10 2g11 5g16 10g25 50g75 100g145 250g285 500g560 1000g1106 1p8
Teucrium lucidum	85082	 1p10
Teucrium montanum	13424	 1g4 2g12 5g18 10g24 100g675 1p4
Teucrium scorodonia	26935	 1g5 2g10 5g10 10g13 25g26 50g45 100g84 1000g633 1p4 300s8
Thalictrum alpinum	13427	 1g21 10g158 1p4
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium	4601	 0g17 1g6 2g25 2g63 10g27 25g55 50g104 100g202 1000g1839 1p4 500s27 1000s50
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium Album	24371	 1g22 10g188 100g1557 1p4
Thalictrum flavum ssp flavum	15196	 1g8 2g9 5g12 10g17 100g179 1000g1320 1p4 875s8
Thalictrum foetidum	71324	 1g9 10g49 100g318 1p8
Thalictrum lucidum	65416	 1g8 10g57 100g439 1p8
Thalictrum minus	15386	 1g14 10g42 25g82 100g232 1000g1502 1p8
Thalictrum minus ssp minus	458028	 1g9 10g41 100g284
Thlaspi alpestre	4608	 1p4
Thlaspi caerulescens	439915	 1g19 10g170 1p4
Thlaspi praecox	458029	 0g8 1p4
Thlaspi rotundifolium	25511	 1g105 1p4
Thymus pulegioides	15487	 2g8 5g10 10g14 25g26 50g46 100g163 1000g1278 1p4 12000s8
Thymus pulegioides organic seed	47607	 1g10 10g55 100g318 1000g2525 1p8
Thymus vulgaris Thyme-English/German Winter organic seed	404344	 2g8 5g9 10g11 25g21 50g35 100g63 250g151 500g236 1000g470 2500g1336 10000g4370 1
Thyselium palustre	432621	 2g9 5g11 10g15 10g19 50g54 100g101 500g388 1000g762
Tilia platyphyllos dry seed	2742	 5g6 25g9 28g17 30g9 50g11 100g15 113g38 250g59 454g78 1000g81
Tilia platyphyllos select Germany	553557	 10g20 100g96 1000g730
Tilia platyphyllos stratified seed	463698	 20g12 100g29 1000g190
Tofieldia calyculata	12388	 0g25 1g16 1p6
Tofieldia pusilla hort.	544995	 1p4
Torilis japonica	15198	 2g10 5g16 10g14 25g59 100g69 1000g583
Torilis nodosa	446391	 25g96 100g284 1000g1862
Tragopogon dubius	40191	 2g8 5g10 10g13 25g26 50g45 100g84 1000g633 350s8
Tragopogon pratensis	26591	 2g8 5g19 10g16 25g26 50g46 100g85 1000g640 1p4 250s8
Trifolium Aber Ace	552054	 250g33 500g51 750g72 1000g90 2500g177
Trifolium Aber Concord	552055	 250g32 500g49 750g68 1000g86 2500g167
Trifolium album	86490	 25g34 100g62 1000g393
Trifolium alpinum	24384	 1g14 2g11 10g21 100g142 1000g1063 1p4
Trifolium arvense	15306	 2g8 10g14 25g23 50g40 100g73 1000g547 1p4
Trifolium aureum	439916	 10g14 25g23 50g40 100g73 1000g547
Trifolium badium	24385	 1g6 2g10 5g14 10g21 100g142 1p4
Trifolium dubium	15199	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g23 50g40 100g73 1000g547 1p4 1750s8
Trifolium dubium Yellow Sweet Blossom	459846	 250g27 500g47 750g75 1000g85 2500g165
Trifolium hybridum Alsike Clover	28175	 50g8 100g10 250g17 500g28 1000g50 1p4 42000s8
Trifolium medium	439917	 10g14 25g23 50g40 100g73 1000g547
Trifolium ochroleucon	400146	 1g9 10g63 100g490 1p8
Trifolium pratense Pavo	440418	 100g14 250g32 500g46 1000g72
Trifolium pratense comm.	15201	 50g8 100g10 250g17 500g28 1000g50 2500g126 6000g200 10000g318 25000g688 26000g68
Trifolium pratense wild form	452165	 2g10 2g8 5g8 10g10 12g8 15g19 25g10 50g14 100g21 1000g138 1p4
Trifolium repens	15202	 1g6 10g16 100g17 1000g52 2500g126 6000g332 10000g318 25000g688 26000g1165 1p4
Trifolium repens White Clover Mix Green Manure	451135	 100g13 250g24 500g41 1000g63 2500g117 5000g200
Tripleurospermum inodorum	37673	 3g8 25g36 100g112 1000g710 1p4
Trisetum flavescens	15237	 2g10 10g10 25g82 100g18 500g53 1000g99
Trollius europaeus	15347	 0g12 1g5 2g44 5g17 10g25 20g47 100g191 1000g1323 1p5
Turritis glabra	34581	 1p4 100s4 500s20
Tussilago farfara	71938	 1g5 5g24 10g36 25g252 100g743 1000g4939 1p4
Tussilago farfara organic seed	551164	 1g17 10g94 100g559 1p8
Typha angustifolia bs	86497	 25g96 100g293 1000g1915
Typha angustifolia cs	1528	 1g12 10g89 100g697 1p8
Typha latifolia bs	77462	 25g51 100g165 1000g1064 1p8
Typha latifolia cs	72382	 5g8 10g10 25g15 50g24 100g41 1000g289 1p4 116666s8
UK Wildlife Winter Holding Cover flea beetle treated	457777	 10000g200
Ulmus carpinifolia	86162	 5g19
Ulmus glabra	2769	 10g23 100g112 1000g856
Urtica dioica	15205	 6g8 10g8 12g10 25g14 50g22 100g37 250g85 500g211 1000g289 1010g114 2010g218 4010
Urtica dioica organic seed	404342	 5g8 10g10 25g18 50g29 100g52 500g208 1000g407 1p4 16000s8 24500s8
Urtica urens	15206	 10g8 25g12 50g18 100g29 250g66 500g126 1000g246 1p4 70000s8
Vaccaria hispanica	80601	 25g82 100g232 1000g1502 1p4
Vaccinium myrtillus c.s.	69857	 0g12 1g7 10g50 100g384 1p4
Vaccinium myrtillus c.s. organic seeds	459933	 1g21 10g158 100g1247 1p8
Vaccinium vitis-idaea	2789	 1g7 10g50 100g384 1p4
Vaccinium vitis-idaea cs organic seed	459934	 1g21 10g158 100g1247 1p8
Valeriana dioica	451244	 1g6 2g14 5g21 10g30 1p4
Valeriana montana	51138	 1g4 5g18 10g24 1p4
Valeriana officinalis	4785	 2g8 5g9 10g11 25g21 50g35 100g103 250g338 500g666 1000g783 2500g1787 1p4 3333s8
Valeriana saliunca	74072	 1g4 10g30 1p4
Valeriana tripteris	24395	 1g13
Valerianella carinata	439922	 10g10 100g52 1000g375
Valerianella locusta	23329	 25g14 28g20 50g15 100g40 113g48 250g50 500g124 1000g75 2500g142 10000g367 25000g
Valerianella locusta organic	461553	 25g17 50g26 100g52 250g63 500g119 1000g208
Veratrum nigrum hort.	24397	 1g9 2g11 5g15 10g18 100g136 1p4 56s8
Verbascum blattaria fa albiflorum	33206	 10g21 100g163 1p4
Verbascum densiflorum	244	 5g8 10g9 25g14 50g21 100g36 1000g246 1p4 35000s8
Verbascum densiflorum Polyverb	403550	 5g9 10g12 25g22 50g37 100g71 500g177 1000g346
Verbascum densiflorum organic seed	553698	 1g8 10g41 1p8
Verbascum lychnitis	34585	 2g8 3g28 10g12 50g38 100g69 1000g504 1p4 17500s8
Verbascum nigrum	5043	 2g10 10g10 25g96 100g52 1000g375 1p8
Verbascum nigrum Album	71405	 1g9 10g64 100g490 1p8
Verbascum nigrum organic seed	462765	 1g14 10g81 1p8
Verbascum phlomoides	34586	 1p4
Verbascum thapsus	2793	 5g8 10g9 25g15 50g24 100g42 1000g330 1p4 35000s8
Verbascum thapsus organic	550536	 1g10 10g51 100g284 1000g1665 1p8
Vernicia montana	442831	 1000g87
Veronica austriaca ssp teucrium Royal Blue	24417	 1g8 10g50 50g30 100g54 1p8
Veronica beccabunga	15276	 0g8 1g9 2g11 5g16 10g25 100g138 1000g1063 1p4 1800s8
Veronica bellidioides	24406	 1g8 10g56 1p6
Veronica chamaedrys	15454	 0g8 1g10 2g17 5g27 10g88 1p4
Veronica filiformis	439926	 25g154 100g458 1000g3027
Veronica fruticans	13439	 1g6 2g15 5g24 10g41 1p6
Veronica hederifolia	1521	 1g6 10g24 25g59 100g179 1000g1167 1p4
Veronica longifolia	24412	 1g8 10g10 25g17 50g27 100g47 250g111 1000g1020 1p4
Veronica longifolia Alba	444253	 1g27 10g210 100g1660 1p10
Veronica ornata	47541	 1g16 1p8
Veronica prostrata	80513	 1g27 10g209 100g1660 1p4
Veronica prostrata ssp scheereri	460199	 1p8
Veronica serpyllifolia	80603	 1g4 10g28 1p4
Veronica spicata	4621	 1g5 10g20 100g98 500g450 1000g500 2500g953 10000g2892 25000g6869 1p4 300s8
Veronica urticifolia	71374	 1g4 10g24 1p4
Viburnum lantana	29904	 10g10 20g12 28g15 100g28 113g37 454g76 1000g192 100s10
Viburnum lantana prov. UK	448755	 10g9 100g38 1000g270
Viburnum lantana stratified seed	463699	 10g10 100g46 1000g330
Viburnum opulus	51793	 2g8 10g9 25g18 28g22 100g29 113g60 250g81 454g116 1000g200 1p4
Vicia cracca v cracca	15214	 10g21 25g82 50g51 100g96 1000g891 1p9
Vicia hirsuta	33131	 25g83 100g247 1000g1623
Vicia sativa Tares	15216	 10g6 62g8 125g9 250g11 500g15 1000g24 2500g50 5000g92 7500g120 10000g140 15000g1
Vicia sativa Tares green manure organic seed	552057	 100g11 250g20 500g34 1000g44 1500g72 2500g101 5000g164
Vicia sativa ssp nigra (L.) Ehre.	553727	 10g17 100g117
Vicia sepium	15495	 1g8 2g10 5g14 10g22 25g47 50g88 100g170 1000g1320 1p4
Vincetoxicum hirundinaria	432453	 1g8 10g47 100g361 25s8
Viola arvensis	15218	 2g8 5g9 25g19 50g32 100g58 1000g418 1p4 1000s8
Viola biflora	83864	 1p8
Viola calcarata	82708	 0g24
Viola cenisia	24426	 0g30 1p4
Viola elatior hort.	434214	 100g696 1p4
Viola elatior hort. strat.	459981	 200s8 1000s27
Viola odorata Alba / Reine des Neiges	15502	 1g8 10g55 100g421 1p9 50s8
Viola pumila	432471	 1g27 10g197 100g1557 1p14
Viola reichenbachiana	69565	 0g9 1g11 2g15 5g24 10g36 100g628 1p4 120s8
Viola riviniana	15247	 1g14 10g122
Viola tricolor	23307	 2g8 5g9 10g12 25g23 50g40 100g73 1000g1065 1p4 2917s8
Viscum album	457438	 1p8
Vitaliana primuliflora	14359	 0g9 0g11 0g15 1g20 10g160 1p4
Vulpia bromoides	86500	 1g8 25g68 100g200 1000g1305
Vulpia myuros	436614	 1g8 25g120 100g350 1000g2320 1p4
Wildflower Mix European Colourful all flowers	551547	 100g35 1000g224 1p17
Wildflower Mix European annuals and perennials	85462	 250g51 500g96 1000g173 2500g212 10000g936 25000g2032
Wildflower Mix European annuals med. tall	452555	 100g20 250g42 500g78 1000g147 2500g348 10000g998 25000g2166
Wildflower Mix European bee + butterfly flowers only	457774	 4500g175
Wildflower Mix European bee and butterfly with grasses	551534	 100g44 1000g289 1p17
Wildflower Mix European flowering meadow with grasses	451667	 40g22 100g37 1000g235 100000g20180
Wildflower Mix European flowering sward	551546	 100g27 1000g138
Wildflower Mix European organic seed	47939	 100g57 250g134 500g258 1000g359 2500g556
Wildflower Mix European poor and sandy soils with grasses	551536	 100g44 1000g289
Wildflower Mix European rich pasture grass with flowers	551548	 1000g144 100000g10290
Wildflower Mix European road islands and edging poor soils	551545	 100g46 1000g321
Wildflower Mix European roadside + carpark gravelly areas	551540	 100g35 1000g224
Wildflower Mix European roadside embankments	451669	 1000g127 100000g9646
Wildflower Mix European salt tolerant with grasses	451670	 1000g106 100000g7496
Wildflower Mix European shady conditions with grasses	551537	 100g46 1000g321
Wildflower Mix European traditional annual field flowers only	551539	 100g27 1000g160 1p17
Wildflower Mix European warm wild borders all flowers	451666	 100g59 1000g418 1p17
Wildflower Mix European waterside with grasses	551535	 100g48 1000g332
Wildflower Mix European wetland / watermeadow with grasses	451661	 100g29 1000g181 100000g15020
Wulfenia carinthiaca	24436	 1g24 1p4
Wulfenia carinthiaca Alba	432475	 1p19
Xanthium italicum	86502	 10g18 25g154 100g452 1000g3000 1p4
Xanthium spinosum	86501	 25g96 100g284 1000g1862
Xeranthemum annuum	17827	 1p8

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