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List 638 - Strelitziaceae - 11/14/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Ravenala madagascariensis	5582	 1p14 100s34 1000s67
Strelitzia juncea	2638	 1p4 25s11 50s16 100s25 250s55 500s104 1000s200 5000s823
Strelitzia juncea x reginae yellow	553448	 1p11 100s24
Strelitzia nicolai	2637	 1000g110 1p4 100s18 1000s70
Strelitzia reginae	401253	 6g8 10g9 12g9 500g104 1000g177 2000g294 2500g1408 4000g427 1p4 100s12 1000s79
Strelitzia reginae Mandelas Gold	68119	 1p4 25s8 100s26 4000s792
Strelitzia reginae yellow flg. form	440531	 100s99 1000s686

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