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List 29 - Temperate Forest and Woodland Tree and Shrub Seeds - 11/30/2015


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Abies alba	98	 10g12 1p17 28g24 113g66 454g127 1,000g255
Abies amabilis	99	 10g11 28g45 100g82 113g115 250g145 454g205 1,000g624
Abies balsamea	400000	 1p9 10g9 28g35 100g78 113g97 250g178 454g185 1,000g583
Abies balsamea Cooks Blue Improved	72652	 28g50 113g140 454g264
Abies balsamea prov. New England	551736	 28g26 113g72 454g139
Abies balsamea v phanerolepis	446433	 5g27 250g660
Abies borisii-regis	72653	 20s9 28g26 113g72 454g141
Abies bornmuelleriana	447884	 25g18 28g24 112g62 250g84 450g121
Abies cephalonica	103	 1p4 5g8 7g11 10g12 14g15 350s20 28g23 113g62 454g123
Abies chensiensis	51595	 10g21 28g35 113g94 454g179
Abies cilicica	2877	 25g25 28g27 113g74 250g131 454g143
Abies concolor	104	 1p4 45s8 5g10 10g12 25g23 50g39 1,600s69 100g72 113g107 250g154 454g210 1,000g53
Abies concolor Swifts Silver	66637	 15s13 10g17 100g148 1,000g1,148
Abies fabri	31416	 25g25 28g26 113g70 250g119 454g137
Abies fargesii	73780	 10g24 28g36 113g100 454g189
Abies fraseri	105	 5g16 1p17 10g20 20g40 28g62 100g169 113g170 450g321 1,000g1,315
Abies fraseri prov. NC	551738	 10g20 100g170 1,000g1,315
Abies grandis	106	 1p4 10g8 75s8 5g10 25g24 1,000s30 100g78 250g131 454g225 1,000g590
Abies grandis coastal strain	73781	 28g22 113g59 454g115
Abies grandis prov. Vancouver Island BC	458502	 10g13 100g99 1,000g756
Abies grandis prov. Washington State se	458716	 10g13 100g106 1,000g812
Abies holophylla	107	 1p4 60s8 3.50g9 25g25 28g30 113g78 250g119 454g150
Abies homolepis	108	 10g26 28g78 113g217 250g319 454g407
Abies koreana	11	 1p4 25s8 10g18 28g72 100g154 454g378 1,000g1,190
Abies lasiocarpa	73778	 10g24 28g68 113g187 250g190 450g351
Abies lasiocarpa ssp arizonica	112	 10g14 28g32 113g87 454g167 1,000g855
Abies magnifica	114	 10g9 1p10 25g25 28g25 113g63 454g122 1,000g724
Abies magnifica v shastensis	113	 28g22 113g59 454g114
Abies nordmanniana	116	 10g9 1p10 28g24 100g60 113g60 1,000g200
Abies nordmanniana Ambrolauri	38236	 10g9 28g32 100g60 113g89 454g172 1,000g200
Abies nordmanniana ssp equi-trojani	101	 28g24 113g65 454g126
Abies phanerolepis	500058	 28g136 113g384 454g716
Abies pindrow	2878	 25g15 1p17 28g18 1,000s41 113g46 250g84 454g91 100,000s1,800
Abies pinsapo	117	 1p17 25g22 28g25 113g66 250g119 454g128 1,000g1,265
Abies procera	119	 1p9 20g10 100g36 113g104 250g178 454g199 1,000g255
Abies procera Danish Blue Bidstmp	445635	 10g11 100g82 1,000g618
Abies procera Glauca	73784	 28g38 112g105 454g201
Abies procera blue strain Scotland	553558	 20g9 100g34 1,000g235
Abies recurvata	73783	 10g24 28g38 113g103 454g196
Abies recurvata v ernestii	39923	 10g19 28g30 113g88 454g171
Abies sibirica	3429	 28g62 113g173 454g325
Abies spectabilis	86673	 1p17 10g23 25g34 1,000g422
Abies squamata	82404	 10g21 28g43 113g119 250g225 454g226
Abies veitchii	121	 5g25 28g93 113g254 454g491
Acer buergerianum	132	 1p8 10g9 25g20 28g24 100g39 113g65 250g100 454g128 1,000g270
Acer buergerianum small leaved form	500395	 28g28 113g76 454g149
Acer campestre dw	133	 1g8 1p8 10g8 28g15 100g15 113g32 250g44 500g44 1,000g58 5,000g254 25,000g984
Acer campestre prov. UK	448738	 10g8 100g19 1,000g118
Acer campestre wings	73787	 10g9 100g20 500g48 1,000g84
Acer carpinifolium	34221	 1g18
Acer caudatifolium	403938	 5g34
Acer circinatum dw	136	 25g31 28g60 113g165 250g182 454g312
Acer cissifolium	72467	 1p11
Acer coriaceifolium dw	39925	 25g37 250g200
Acer davidii dw	137	 1p14 10g20 28g24 113g64 454g125
Acer davidii ssp grosseri dw	142	 1p8 10g15 28g25 113g69 454g136
Acer diabolicum	3902	 5g21
Acer elegantulum	73788	 28g23 113g62 454g122
Acer fabri	75562	 10g25 250g262
Acer glabrum dw	28829	 28g19 113g51 250g86 454g101
Acer grandidentatum dw	500411	 1p10 25g26 28g31 113g84 250g129 454g163
Acer griseum dw	141	 1g8 10g10 1p12 28g32 100g69 113g87 454g168 1,000g630
Acer grosseri dw	433714	 1p9 28g20 113g52 454g104
Acer henryi dw	34628	 25g32 250g154
Acer longipes dw	82401	 28g28 113g76 454g149
Acer macrophyllum dw	145	 28g15 113g39 250g74 454g80
Acer mandschuricum dw	73899	 10g19 28g30 113g79 454g153
Acer maximowiczianum dw	462363	 28g57 113g158 454g300
Acer mono dw	34601	 28g23 113g62 454g122
Acer monspessulanum dw	5569	 1g7 10g11 25g29 100g41 500g128 1,000g246 5,000g1,050
Acer negundo dw	146	 1g6 50g12 28g14 1p17 25g20 100g20 113g35 500g46 454g62 1,000g80 5,000g250
Acer oblongum	34858	 2g11 10g14 25g22 1,000s65 250g96 1,000g100
Acer oliverianum dw	51818	 28g28 113g83 454g161
Acer opalus	73900	 25g32 100g41 500g137 1,000g260 5,000g1,112
Acer opalus Granatensis	453669	 10g31 250g353
Acer palmatum	461585	 1p17 10g19 25g33 1,000g838
Acer palmatum Atropurpureum dw dry seed	148	 1p14 10g16 25g30 28g55 100g143 113g152 454g289 1,000g751
Acer palmatum Beni Otake	551742	 5g39
Acer palmatum Dissectum Viridis dup	30965	 5g34
Acer palmatum Osakazuki	72461	 5g21
Acer palmatum Waterfall	551749	 5g25
Acer palmatum large seed dw	122	 10g14 28g35 113g97 454g187 1,000g798
Acer palmatum large seed prov USA	461587	 10g14 100g107 1,000g798
Acer palmatum mixed varieties and cultivars	451890	 1p14
Acer palmatum small seed dw	72450	 10g25 28g41 113g115 454g219
Acer palmatum small seed prov. USA	458930	 10g13 28g44 100g113 113g121 454g230 1,000g860
Acer palmatum ssp palmatum small leaved form	72459	 28g60 113g138 454g326
Acer palmatum stratified seed	46557	 28g53 113g123 454g289 1,000g1,008
Acer palmatum v dissectum Atropurpureum Group dw	149	 1p4 10g15 20g30 30g45 50g75 390g200 5,500s200 454g336
Acer palmatum v dissectum Dissectum Viride Group dry	2498	 10g18 28g73 100g162 113g205 1,000g1,245
Acer palmatum v dissectum dw	462364	 28g60 113g169 454g320
Acer palmatum v matsumurae	70414	 5g46
Acer pectinatum ssp maximowiczii	82835	 5g46
Acer pensylvanicum dw	458931	 25g25 28g26 113g70 250g119 454g137
Acer platanoides dw	73906	 10g14 1p17 25g23 250g42 500g48 1,000g83 5,000g268 25,000g978
Acer platanoides prov. UK	448739	 100g18 1,000g104
Acer pseudoplatanus Atropurpureus wings	155	 25g32 250g169
Acer pseudoplatanus dw	448740	 10g15 1p17 100g19 250g54 1,000g108 5,000g1,409
Acer pseudoplatanus select stand UK	454830	 1p4 50s12 50g20 100g27 1,000g175
Acer pseudoplatanus wings	400151	 100g16 1,000g92
Acer pseudosieboldianum dw	34602	 1p4 3g8 85s9 700s25 28g28 113g76 454g147
Acer rubrum dw	72452	 1p11 20g13 25g33 28g38 100g52 113g89 250g200 454g206 1,000g368
Acer rubrum northern prov. dw	46559	 28g23 113g63 454g123
Acer rubrum northern prov. ww	46560	 28g19 113g51 454g102
Acer rubrum southern prov. dw	46561	 28g21 113g55 454g109
Acer rubrum southern prov. ww	46562	 28g17 113g45 454g91
Acer rubrum v drummondii	407951	 28g16 113g43 454g87
Acer rufinerve dw	157	 1p11 10g28 250g292
Acer saccharinum	158	 25g23 28g31 113g70 250g123 454g159
Acer saccharum northern prov. dw	159	 28g17 113g45 454g91
Acer saccharum northern prov. ww	73907	 1p11 113g33 454g69
Acer saccharum ssp nigrum	31824	 10g22 250g231
Acer shirasawanum Palmatifolium	73910	 5g27
Acer shirasawanum dw	431229	 28g53 113g147 454g280
Acer sieboldianum Sode-no-uchi	16	 28g53 113g147 454g278
Acer sinense	39930	 10g28 250g246
Acer spicatum dewinged	46558	 28g20 112g48 450g95
Acer stachyophyllum	75564	 5g36
Acer tataricum dw	17	 28g14 113g36 250g55 454g75
Acer tataricum ssp ginnala Flame dw	82821	 1p12 28g27 113g72 454g141
Acer tataricum ssp ginnala dw	138	 1p9 20g11 28g15 25g20 113g40 454g81 1,000g298
Acer tataricum ssp semenovii	34627	 5g30
Acer tegmentosum dw	171	 10g22 28g25 113g69 454g136
Acer triflorum dw	24981	 28g24 113g64 450g126
Acer truncatum dehulled	24571	 25g23 28g29 113g78 250g108 454g152
Acer truncatum southern prov. dehulled	448812	 28g29 113g70 454g152
Aesculus californica	72394	 112g25 450g53
Aesculus carnea x	30969	 250g28
Aesculus flava	39837	 250g49 450g52
Aesculus glabra	3085	 250g49
Aesculus hippocastanum	400368	 250g18 1,000g39
Aesculus indica svs	198	 1,000g73 1,000s408
Aesculus pavia	199	 250g49 450g54
Aesculus turbinata	30971	 250g60
Alnus cordata	223	 1p8 10g9 28g30 100g61 113g82 454g159 500g240 1,000g467 5,000g2,065
Alnus cremastogyne	73837	 28g20 113g48 454g94
Alnus glutinosa	225	 10g11 1p14 28g20 100g28 113g53 500g101 1,000g192 5,000g750
Alnus glutinosa prov. Scotland	454831	 10g13 100g95 1,000g722
Alnus glutinosa prov. n e France + mountains	462048	 100g64 500g253 1,000g493 5,000g2,183
Alnus hirsuta	76467	 100s9 28g21 113g56 454g112
Alnus incana	227	 10g13 28g65 100g93 113g181 500g259 454g343 1,000g508
Alnus incana prov UK	46567	 10g13 100g93 1,000g706
Alnus incana ssp rugosa	73840	 150s8 3.50g35 28g37 113g102 454g196
Alnus incana ssp tenuifolia	34657	 1p9 3.50g13 7g18 28g32 113g94 454g181
Alnus japonica	400470	 10g19 28g20 113g54 454g107
Alnus nitida	73838	 28g17 113g46 454g94
Alnus rhombifolia	232	 5g33 28g56 113g156 454g297
Alnus rubra	231	 1p9 100s13 10g14 25g33 28g46 100g111 113g128 454g211 1,000g844
Alnus rubra prov U K	448741	 10g11 100g93 1,000g703
Alnus viridis	233	 10g9 100g64 250g190 1,000g473
Amelanchier alnifolia cs	239	 1p8 3.50g13 7g16 10g24 28g26 113g155 454g213
Amelanchier arborea cs	30973	 5g41
Amelanchier asiatica v sinica cs	403257	 10g14 250g131
Amelanchier canadensis cs	24	 1p9 10g23 28g116 100g200 113g322 454g600 1,000g1,565
Amelanchier humilis	447986	 10g24 250g295
Amelanchier laevis cs	241	 5g30 28g191 112g430 250g718 450g800
Amelanchier lamarckii cs	35746	 5g27
Amelanchier ovalis cs	435314	 1p8 1g9 10g25 28g34 113g92 454g178
Amelanchier spicata	5211	 1p10
Amelanchier utahensis	64046	 1p8 3.50g13 7g14 28g21 113g92 454g165
Ammopiptanthus mongolicus	448670	 10g21 250g190
Aralia chinensis	448673	 1p4 28g25 1,000s36 113g66 454g130 100,000s1,716
Aralia elata cs	5073	 5g24 250g568
Aralia racemosa	28372	 1p8 100s8 1g10 3.50g34 7g54 10g67 14g93 28g163 100g439
Aralia spinosa cs	31381	 1p8 250s9 1g10 28g25 113g69 454g135
Arbutus unedo bs svs	287	 1p10
Arbutus unedo cs svs	83685	 1p9 100s9 10g20 1,000s26 25g36 50g174 100g331 1,000g515
Arctostaphylos nevadensis	68191	 10g17 250g178
Arctostaphylos viscida	68189	 28g22 112g60 450g116
Aronia arbutifolia Brilliant cs	78054	 28g77 112g215 450g403
Aronia melanocarpa cs	308	 10g24 250g319
Artemisia cana	51307	 1p8 10g26
Asimina triloba svs	328	 1p10 28g16 112g42 450g84
Berberis fendleri	507626	 1p8
Berberis gagnepainii	387	 10g15 100g131 250g366 1,000g1,006
Berberis julianae	388	 10g11 100g93 250g237 1,000g703
Berberis thunbergii	400783	 10g8 100g54 250g237 1,000g394
Berberis thunbergii fa atropurpurea	400785	 1p4 100g58 250g342 1,000g419
Betula albosinensis	51819	 1p10 10g17 28g28 112g77 450g147
Betula alleghaniensis	41751	 10g24 28g29 112g79 450g152
Betula alnoides	74432	 10g14 28g23 112g62 250g107 450g120
Betula chinensis	74433	 10g17 28g25 112g64 250g119 450g126
Betula costata	400852	 10g14 28g27 112g71 450g139
Betula dahurica	41752	 10g17 28g27 112g72 450g138
Betula ermanii	400851	 10g13 28g35 112g97 250g154 450g185 1,000g776
Betula glandulosa	74434	 10g21 250g154
Betula lenta bs	405	 28g29 112g80 450g154
Betula lenta cs	74435	 10g17 28g47 112g126 250g201 450g245
Betula mandschurica v kamtschatika	400855	 5g23
Betula maximowicziana	407	 1p8 5g30 28g99 112g280 450g523
Betula medwediewii	74441	 1g16
Betula neoalaskana	51019	 28g21 112g54 450g106
Betula nigra	408	 1p8 25g25 250g119
Betula nigra northern prov bs	46287	 28g18 112g69 450g133
Betula nigra northern prov cs	448858	 28g53 112g149 450g280
Betula occidentalis	409	 10g14 28g17 112g42 450g83
Betula papyrifera bs	41	 1p8 28g25 113g69 454g135
Betula papyrifera cs	74437	 1p9 100s13 10g17 25g20 28g58 250g107 113g160 454g304 1,000g1,120
Betula pendula bs	91	 1p8 20g14 28g24 100g27 113g64 500g98 1,000g183 5,000g714
Betula pendula cs	46288	 100s9 28g33 113g90 454g175
Betula pendula prov. Scotland	454833	 10g10 100g85 1,000g645
Betula platyphylla	412	 28g28 113g77 454g150
Betula platyphylla ssp mandshurica	413	 1p9 28g56 113g155 454g295
Betula populifolia	416	 28g48 113g62 454g123
Betula pubescens	414	 10g10 100g58 1,000g415
Betula pubescens prov. France west	462169	 100g76 500g300
Betula pubescens prov. Scotland	454832	 10g13 100g90 1,000g676
Betula raddeana	74439	 10g19 28g38 113g105 250g178 454g203
Betula szechuanica	3099	 5g20
Betula utilis	417	 5g16 28g63 113g175 454g332
Betula utilis v jacquemontii	27351	 25g143
Buddleja davidii Butterfly Hybrid Mixture	437885	 500s10 1,000s18 2,500s38 5,000s72 20,000s105 50,000s260 100,000s518
Buddleja davidii Butterfly Violet	437883	 20,000s105 50,000s259.50 100,000s518
Buxus sempervirens	448	 10g8 28g23 113g55 454g112 500g253 1,000g435
Buxus sinica	82537	 28g26 112g71 450g138
Callicarpa bodinieri	451577	 1p4
Callicarpa bodinieri v giraldii Profusion	431258	 1p10
Callicarpa dichotoma cs	46	 10g23 28g42 113g116 454g221
Calocedrus decurrens	463	 10g15 28g32 113g95 454g163 1,000g956
Calycanthus chinensis	51841	 25s8 1p10 25g25 28g27 113g66 454g128
Calycanthus fertilis	509415	 25g20 250g107
Calycanthus floridus	467	 25s8 1p12 28g18 113g45 454g88
Caragana arborescens	488	 1p8 50s8 28g15 50g15 100g25 113g40 250g55 454g82 1,000g156
Caragana grandiflora	435800	 10g19 250g200
Caragana pygmaea	81824	 5g18
Carpinus betulus	29901	 1p8 28g13 100g19 113g32 500g49 454g67 1,000g92 5,000g319 25,000g1,260
Carpinus betulus green seed svs	445625	 28g14 113g37 454g77
Carpinus betulus prov UK	448742	 30g12 100g27 1,000g179
Carpinus betulus select EU	553555	 20g8 100g29 1,000g197
Carpinus caroliniana	514	 25g25 28g25 112g69 250g131 450g133
Carpinus cordata	76144	 25g22 28g23 112g63 250g119 450g122
Carpinus henryana	403259	 10g17 28g24 112g66 450g126
Carpinus japonica	81546	 5g37
Carpinus laxiflora v macrostachys	80724	 28g23 112g63 450g122
Carpinus orientalis	25311	 1p8 28g20 112g54 450g106
Carpinus polyneura	76147	 10g17 28g28 112g75 450g145
Carpinus spp mixed	551098	 1p9
Carpinus turczaninovii	76145	 1p9 25g22 28g24 112g64 450g125
Carpinus viminea	76146	 10g17 25g25 28g28 112g76 250g131 450g146
Carya cathayensis	517	 112g38 250g72 450g77
Carya cordiformis	30997	 250g60
Carya illinoinensis	518	 250g49 454g55
Carya laciniosa	519	 113g26 250g37 454g53
Carya ovata	52	 113g26 250g49 454g55
Carya texana	30999	 250g72
Carya tomentosa	39839	 250g60
Castanea henryi	434111	 28g18 112g49 450g96
Castanea sativa	525	 1p4 100g20 200g24 500g60 700g70
Castanea seguinii	439061	 28g20 112g52 450g102
Castanopsis cuspidata	431262	 25g25 250g107
Catalpa bungei	431264	 10g25 250g246
Catalpa ovata	528	 10g25 250g184
Catalpa speciosa	529	 10g22 28g40 113g109 454g210
Ceanothus americanus	53	 75s8 1p10 3.50g17 7g26 14g39 28g58 454g759
Ceanothus ovatus	83578	 1p4 125s8 3.50g27 7g40 14g65 28g106
Cedrus atlantica	545	 1p4 3.50g9 7g11 14g15 28g24 56g42 113g78 454g152 250g225 1,000g1,228
Cedrus atlantica Argentea	546	 1p15 10g20 25g36
Cedrus atlantica Glauca bs	547	 10g17 500g203
Cedrus atlantica prov. France	450920	 10g18 100g159 1,000g1,228
Cedrus brevifolia	69299	 5g30
Cedrus deodara	2901	 1g8 1p10 20g11 28g18 100g41 113g47 1,000g84 5,000g305
Cedrus deodara prov. India	450921	 1,000g129
Cedrus libani	29009	 1p4 3.50g9 7g12 14g18 28g29 56g52 113g98 250g138 454g190 1,000g920
Cedrus libani ssp stenocoma	71113	 28g35 113g87 454g155
Celastrus scandens	551	 1p4 30s8 3.50g15 10g21 14g32 28g44 113g123 454g235
Celtis australis	554	 25s10 20g11 1p17 28g17 100g39 113g46 454g92 1,000g273
Celtis koraiensis	446504	 10g25 250g231
Celtis occidentalis northern prov.	555	 20g10 28g22 100g36 113g58 454g114 1,000g250
Celtis occidentalis southern prov.	38662	 28g38 113g89 454g206
Celtis planchoniana	551778	 5g24
Celtis reticulata	2928	 10g25 250g277
Celtis tenuifolia	511010	 5g18
Cephalotaxus fortunei	59	 25g29 28g30 113g60 454g119
Cerasus cerasoides svs	537018	 1,000g183
Cercidiphyllum japonicum	596	 1p4 100s8 1,000g500
Cercis canadensis	24732	 20g12 1p17 28g17 100g42 113g44 454g90 1,000g292
Cercis canadensis Alba	551780	 5g55
Cercis canadensis v mexicana	551781	 5g55
Cercis chinensis	597	 25s8 1p10 28g21 113g54 454g107
Cercis glabra	511272	 5g24
Cercis occidentalis	598	 28g26 113g70 454g137
Cercis racemosa	46545	 10g28 250g292
Cercis siliquastrum	599	 1p4 30g12 100s15 28g16 100g28 113g42 250g77 454g85 1,000g188
Cercis siliquastrum v alba	400896	 1p4
Cercocarpus montanus	26607	 1p8 50s8 7g15 10g17 28g25 250g190
Chaenomeles cathayensis	450922	 1p8
Chaenomeles japonica svs	603	 1p8 20g9 25g15 28g18 100g31 112g49 250g84 450g96 1,000g212
Chaenomeles spp and vars mix	451933	 50s8 1p10
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana	73170	 1p4 5g9 10g11 20g15 25g24 28g26 100g59 113g69 454g135 1,000g402
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Alumii	448795	 1p10 10g28 28g53 113g148 454g281
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Argentea	609	 1p14 10g14 25g24
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Pyramidalis	613	 1p14 10g15 25g26
Chamaecyparis pisifera	616	 1p4 25g26 28g26 113g70 250g123 454g137
Chamaecytisus albus	511499	 1p17 10g31 25g50
Chamaecytisus rochelii	511511	 1g8 1p8 10g20
Chimonanthus praecox svs	62	 1p4 16s8 20g11 25g26 28g26 100g45 113g72 250g138 454g140 1,000g322
Chimonobambusa angustifolia vsvs	47457	 100g80 1,000g416
Chimonobambusa gaolinensis vsvs	537781	 100g109 1,000g594
Chimonobambusa ningnanica Hsueh + Gao vsvs	47456	 100g80 1,000g416
Chimonobambusa opienensis vsvs	511674	 100g86 1,000g482
Chimonobambusa pachystachys vsvs	511675	 100g95 1,000g505
Chimonobambusa szechuanensis vsvs	511679	 100g95 1,000g505
Chimonobambusa tuberculata vsvs	47458	 100g95 1,000g505
Chimonobambusa utilis vsvs	47455	 100g80 1,000g416
Chimonocalamus delicatus	511680	 100g95 1,000g505
Chimonocalamus pallens vsvs	47459	 100g95 1,000g505
Chionanthus retusus	31001	 1p11 10g14 25g24 28g26 113g70 250g123 454g127 1,000g460
Chionanthus virginicus	622	 28g20 113g49 454g98
Cladrastis lutea	666	 1p7 1g9 5g18 7g19 10g24 28g29 112g97 450g186
Clethra acuminata	73594	 1p20 1.75g26 7g73
Clethra alnifolia cs	58	 1g18 28g136 112g387
Clethra barbinervis	28841	 1p20 1.75g84 7g154
Colutea media x	442530	 1p4 1g8 5g12
Colutea orientalis	435197	 5g16 250g366
Conifers Mix hardy spp.	551109	 1p13
Cornus alba	708	 20g12 1p15 10g17 25g18 28g23 100g44 113g62 250g92 454g123 1,000g307
Cornus alba Sibirica	71	 20g14 25g29 28g29 100g55 113g78 454g151 1,000g399
Cornus alba prov. UK	454834	 20g12 100g39 1,000g307
Cornus alternifolia	709	 28g16 113g42 454g87
Cornus amomum	711	 1p8 28g15 25g20 113g37 454g77
Cornus canadensis	712	 1g9 1p9 10g36 28g141 100g326 113g397 454g742 1,000g2,570
Cornus controversa	714	 1p8 20g14 28g23 100g53 113g62 454g123 1,000g385
Cornus florida	401798	 10g11 28g17 113g46 454g92 1,000g568
Cornus florida Rubra	717	 1p16 10g17 28g21 113g58 454g115 1,000g697
Cornus florida southern provs.	552813	 28g18 113g48 454g91
Cornus kousa	86077	 10g17 100g139 1,000g1,075
Cornus kousa prov. Korea	445627	 10g28 28g58 113g160 454g304
Cornus kousa v angustata	24449	 25g26 250g138
Cornus kousa v chinensis	24686	 1p11 28g25 113g67 454g132
Cornus kousa v chinensis Milky Way	446507	 10g25 28g37 113g74 454g144
Cornus macrophylla	80741	 10g28 250g261
Cornus mas	401174	 1g8 1p8 10g9 20s10 28g16 113g42 250g62 454g82
Cornus nuttallii	721	 1p12 10g25 28g47 113g107 454g247
Cornus obliqua	86926	 25g23 250g108
Cornus officinalis	722	 1p4 28g23 113g61 250g108 454g121
Cornus racemosa	723	 1p4 10g8 28g17 113g46 250g58 454g92
Cornus sanguinea	724	 2g8 10g9 28g14 50g16 100g28 113g32 250g62 450g67 500g94 1,000g185
Cornus sanguinea prov USA	448859	 28g14 112g30 450g62
Cornus sanguinea prov. Hungary	448743	 50g16 100g28 1,000g184
Cornus sericea	725	 25g29 28g30 113g79 250g154 454g154
Cornus walteri	72998	 25g18 250g77
Cornus wilsoniana	80742	 25g22 28g22 113g60 250g107 454g119
Corylopsis sinensis	27577	 10g21 28g27 112g73 450g141
Corylus americana	732	 28g15 112g39 250g72 450g78
Corylus americana bs	440452	 28g13 112g31 450g63
Corylus avellana hybrid England	440406	 1,000g53
Corylus avellana prov England	440407	 100g21 1,000g121
Corylus avellana svs	27355	 1p10 28g14 112g26 250g32 1,000g53
Corylus chinensis svs	435202	 28g16 112g40 450g80
Corylus colurna	734	 1p8 10g9 28g14 100g15 112g37 250g56 450g75 1,000g83
Corylus cornuta svs	23945	 112g30 250g60 450g60
Corylus heterophylla	39944	 25g22 250g107
Corylus sieboldiana v mandshurica	408121	 25g22 250g107
Cotinus coggygria	735	 1p4 10g8 20g11 28g20 100g40 113g50 454g100 1,000g275
Cotinus coggygria Purpureus	76139	 1p4 5g15 28g70 112g195 450g365
Cotinus obovatus	431272	 1g23
Cotoneaster acutifolius	401186	 10g8 25g18 28g24 100g59 113g60 250g84 454g125 1,000g437
Cotoneaster acutifolius v lucidus	551785	 15s9
Cotoneaster bullatus	401191	 1p4 20g12 25g25 100g50 250g131 1,000g361
Cotoneaster cordifolius	551104	 1p9
Cotoneaster coriaceus cs	513377	 10g11 112g58 450g133 1,000g652
Cotoneaster dielsianus cs	742	 30g13 100g31 250g65 1,000g210
Cotoneaster divaricatus	743	 30g12 100g27 250g65 1,000g182
Cotoneaster franchetii cs	436342	 10g8 100g57 1,000g125
Cotoneaster multiflorus	753	 1p9 25g15 250g65
Cotoneaster racemiflorus	761	 1p4 15g8 25g15 112g40 450g79
Cotoneaster salicifolius	762	 20g11 25g15 100g44 250g72 1,000g306
Crataegus azarolus	5554	 1p4 5g8 20s8 10g10 25g17 50g28 250g84
Crataegus calpodendron	408015	 5g13
Crataegus chlorosarca	73113	 5g20
Crataegus coccinea	458722	 25g22 250g107
Crataegus crenulata	408017	 28g20 112g52 450g101
Crataegus crus-galli	774	 50s11 25g15 28g18 112g49 250g72 450g96
Crataegus douglasii	776	 28g20 112g52 450g102
Crataegus laevigata	401223	 1g8 30g11 100g22 1,000g141
Crataegus marshallii (unresolved name)	551788	 5g20
Crataegus mollis	778	 25g18 28g18 112g48 250g84 450g94
Crataegus monogyna	29902	 1g8 25g14 100g14 113g42 250g49 1,000g65
Crataegus monogyna prov. Italy	448745	 30g11 100g24 1,000g149
Crataegus monogyna prov. U K	448744	 30g9 100g21 1,000g131
Crataegus phaenopyrum	781	 5g13 28g18 112g47 450g93
Crataegus pinnatifida	782	 5g13
Crataegus punctata	784	 28g14 112g32 450g64
Crataegus succulenta	73112	 5g18
Crataegus viridis	73111	 1p8 1g9 10g20 28g22 113g58 454g115
Crataegus vulsa	39838	 25g15 250g60
Cunninghamia lanceolata	792	 100s8 10g14 28g19 113g50 454g100
Cupressus arizonica	71565	 1p8 2g11 10g14 20g14 100s14 25g23 28g31 100g52 113g83 454g162 1,000g368
Cupressus arizonica v glabra	249	 10g14 1p15 25g23 1,000g445
Cupressus bakeri	798	 1p4 1g12 5g46 28g95
Cupressus sempervirens	806	 1g6 1p8 10g15 28g26 1,000s46 100g59 113g69 1,000g96 100,000s2,003
Cupressus sempervirens Stricta Group	5333	 1p4 10g17 25g26 28g26 113g72 1,000g121 454g140
Cydonia oblonga svs	404525	 10g24 250g295
Cytisus scoparius Gypsy mix	431670	 1p10 5g13 10g22 15g32 20g41 25g47 50g87
Daphniphyllum macropodum	404098	 10g19 250g190
Davidia involucrata	401250	 5s10 1p16 10g17 28g22 100g46 113g61 454g120 1,000g328
Dendrocalamus maximuslamina svs	47462	 50g101 100g198 250g436 500g757 750g985 1,000g1,128
Dendrocalamus radicosus svs	47464	 100g198 1,000g1,128
Desmodium glutinosum	82979	 15s8 3.50g25 7g35 14g55
Diospyros lotus fa ducloixii svs	435965	 28g23 113g62 454g122
Diospyros rhombifolia	82481	 20s10 28g23
Diospyros virginiana svs	908	 1p9 10s9 113g40
Elaeagnus angustifolia	952	 1p8 10g8 100s11 28g14 100g25 113g34 500s38 250g54 1,000s63 454g71 1,000g132
Elaeagnus commutata	953	 28g23 113g63 454g123
Elaeagnus pungens	956	 10g25 250g246
Elaeagnus umbellata cs	450880	 10g19 250g184
Eleutherococcus gracilistylis organic seed	435903	 1p11
Eleutherococcus lasiogyne	30769	 5g27
Eleutherococcus senticosus	5087	 1p18 100g111 1,000g606
Elsholtzia stauntonii	51311	 100s8 1p9 1g13 200s13 10g163 100g1,281
Eucommia ulmoides	24499	 8s10 28g30 113g81 454g158
Euonymus alatus cs	445053	 5g13 250g307
Euonymus americanus	1009	 5g23
Euonymus atropurpureus	245	 28g17 112g48 450g95
Euonymus bungeanus	431275	 5g18
Euonymus europaeus	1011	 10g9 28g14 30g16 50g19 100g35 112g37 250g72 450g74 500g115 1,000g225
Euonymus hamiltonianus	431277	 10s11
Euonymus latifolius	83225	 1p8 5g18
Euonymus maackii	435966	 25g20 250g96
Euonymus maximowiczianus	447486	 5g16
Euonymus oxyphyllus	431278	 5g23
Euonymus phellomanus	435223	 1p8
Euonymus planipes	46437	 1p4 5g16
Euonymus sachalinensis db	1013	 25g20 28g30 112g61 250g100 450g118
Euptelea pleiosperma	80766	 10g24 250g295
Exochorda giraldii v wilsonii	2885	 5g23
Exochorda racemosa cs	2965	 10g17 28g34 112g94 250g166 450g179
Exochorda serratifolia	435227	 5g18
Fagus grandifolia	1083	 28g22 112g60 450g116
Fagus orientalis	31013	 25g18 250g84 1,000g209
Fagus sylvatica	1084	 28g17 112g46 450g90 1,000g148
Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea	1085	 28g22 112g59 450g115
Fagus sylvatica UK source 1d	459659	 100g16 1,000g93
Fallugia paradoxa bs	1086	 1p8 7g17 28g28
Fargesia fungosa svs	47475	 5g32 50g50 100g95 250g206 500g332 750g451 1,000g505
Fargesia gaolinensis svs	47471	 50g54 100g104 250g221 500g372 750g495 1,000g559
Fargesia huaningensis svs	47476	 100g109 1,000g579
Fargesia papyrifera svs	47472	 50g54 100g104 250g221 500g372 750g495 1,000g559
Fargesia similaris svs	47473	 100g104 1,000g559
Fargesia songmingensis svs	47474	 50g57 100g109 250g236 500g401 750g518 1,000g594
Fargesia yunnanensis svs	47477	 50g77 250g326 500g575 750g704 1,000g865
Fortunearia sinensis	82127	 25g18 28g19 112g50 250g96 450g98
Frangula alnus	27562	 1p4 100g31 250g37 500g99 1,000g202
Frangula alnus prov UK	448753	 20g12 100g49 1,000g351
Fraxinus americana dw	1165	 28g14 1p15 10g19 113g33 454g69
Fraxinus americana ww	46556	 113g30 454g64
Fraxinus angustifolia	5092	 1p15 25g15 250g72 1,000g315
Fraxinus angustifolia ssp oxycarpa	551795	 1p15 10g15 25g26 1,000g525
Fraxinus anomala	64546	 28g18 113g48 454g110
Fraxinus bungeana	39956	 10g17 250g166
Fraxinus chinensis	1166	 10g19 250g166
Fraxinus excelsior	27359	 10g13 28g14 1p15 25g22 113g33 454g69 1,000g315
Fraxinus latifolia	77448	 28g34 113g77 454g179
Fraxinus mandshurica ww	1169	 25g20 28g22 113g60 250g96 454g119
Fraxinus micrantha	74882	 113g29 454g62
Fraxinus ornus	24515	 1p8 10g13 25g15 113g32 250g49 454g66 1,000g315
Fraxinus pennsylvanica dw	1172	 10g13 1p15 28g15 113g39 454g81 1,000g315
Fraxinus pennsylvanica v subintegerrima dw	435229	 25g18 250g48
Fraxinus pennsylvanica v subintegerrima ww	435230	 113g30 454g63
Fraxinus pennsylvanica ww	447995	 113g30 454g63 1,000g139
Fraxinus sieboldiana	431289	 10g14 250g154
Fraxinus uhdei	1174	 250g13 113g56 1,000g104
Fraxinus velutina	5093	 1p8 10g13 25g22 113g83 250g131 454g147 1,000g315
Genista cinerea	520827	 5g23
Gigantochloa brevisvaginata	47479	 50g64 100g124 250g263 500g461 750g607 1,000g683
Gigantochloa longusvaginata	47480	 50g64 100g124 250g263 500g461 750g607 1,000g683
Gigantochloa nigrociliata	47481	 50g64 100g124 250g263 500g461 750g607 1,000g683
Gigantochloa takserah	47482	 50g64 100g124 250g263 500g461 750g607 1,000g683
Ginkgo biloba	39790	 1p8 10g11 50g13 10s15 25g19 100g22 113g41 250g74 454g91 1,000g138 1,000s258
Gleditsia aquatica	405794	 10g14 250g166
Gleditsia caspica	1248	 25g18 250g84
Gleditsia japonica	400089	 20g10 100g36 1,000g245
Gleditsia sinensis	83543	 25g18 250g84
Gleditsia triacanthos	1109	 1p4 100g20 250g42 450g72 1,000g124
Gleditsia triacanthos v inermis	1251	 1p4 10g10 25g15 28g19 112g28 450g57
Griselinia littoralis	18049	 5g18 20g111 250g453
Gymnocladus dioicus	1272	 1p8 10s8 25g15 100s20 112g31 450g63 500s91 1,000s177
Halesia carolina dw	1274	 1p10 28g14 112g38 450g75
Halesia monticola	400102	 10g21 250g248
Hamamelis intermedia x	1285	 28g31 113g70 454g144
Hamamelis japonica	1281	 10g32 100g307 1,000g2,400
Hamamelis mollis	1282	 1p14 28g26 113g72 454g142
Hamamelis vernalis	400106	 28g26 113g72 454g140
Hamamelis virginiana	1284	 100s9 1p10 10g13 28g22 113g59 454g117 1,000g867
Hebe elliptica	78115	 100s14 1g23 5g49
Hebe parviflora	406300	 1p30
Holodiscus discolor	3002	 5g16
Hovenia dulcis	1409	 1p4 25g22 28g23 112g62 250g119 450g120
Hydrangea heteromalla Bretschneideri Group	401483	 28g89 112g184
Hydrangea paniculata	1419	 1p16 28g58
Idesia polycarpa	24544	 1p8 250s8 1g11 28g27 113g74 454g144
Ilex aquifolium cs	1441	 1p8 20g12 25g24 28g26 100g47 113g70 250g133 454g137 1,000g332
Ilex cornuta	1443	 28g16 112g43 450g85
Ilex crenata	1444	 5g25 250g648
Ilex glabra cs	1447	 5g37
Ilex mitis svs	23437	 15s8 1p9 100s12 1,000s135
Ilex montana	74128	 28g20 112g53 450g103
Ilex myrtifolia	448000	 25g25 250g119
Ilex opaca	1448	 28g16 112g42 450g83
Ilex verticillata	1451	 25g25 28g30 112g79 450g152
Ilex vomitoria	1452	 25g20 28g20 112g54 250g100 450g105
Illicium anisatum	27554	 5g23
Isatis glauca	81663	 1p8 1g10 10g72 100g559
Itea virginica bs	71130	 1p23 1.75g28 7g53
Juglans ailanthifolia	1493	 100g24 112g32 250g35 450g65 1,000g149
Juglans ailanthifolia v cordiformis	1494	 112g28 450g55
Juglans cinerea	1495	 112g24 250g42 450g50
Juglans mandshurica	1496	 250g49
Juglans nigra northern prov.	23689	 1,000g46
Juglans nigra southern prov.	24629	 454g53
Juglans regia	1498	 250g23 1,000g50
Juglans regia hardy carpathian prov	5292	 112g28 450g57
Juniperus chinensis	1499	 10g21 28g38 112g104 450g197
Juniperus communis cs	24549	 1p8 10g11 28g28 50g30 100g57 112g75 450g145 500g212 1,000g255
Juniperus excelsa	83226	 25g18 250g96
Juniperus monosperma	1505	 10g17 28g33 112g90 450g172
Juniperus oxycedrus ssp oxycedrus cs	438588	 1g8 1p8 10g10 100g58 250g272
Juniperus rigida	1509	 10g19 250g201
Juniperus scopulorum	2455	 1p8 7g11 10g17 28g17 112g83 450g119
Juniperus sibirica	435973	 100g52 250g118 500g225 1,000g384
Juniperus virginiana	1513	 1p4 3.50g8 337s8 7g10 10g10 14g13 28g19 113g58 250g107 454g115
Juniperus virginiana northeast coastal form	443013	 28g40 113g106 454g204
Kalmia angustifolia	71129	 1p18
Kalmia latifolia	24552	 1p8 1g9 10g66 28g74 112g206 450g636
Kalmia latifolia Rubra	1531	 1p9
Kalmia latifolia white flg form	400148	 1p18
Kalopanax septemlobus	400149	 10g17 250g154
Kerria japonica	400150	 10g19 28g27 112g73 450g140 250g319 1,000g1,269
Keteleeria davidiana	76363	 5g20
Keteleeria evelyniana	51815	 10g24 28g29 112g80 450g154
Laburnum anagyroides	401276	 1p8 2g9 100s9 10g11 30g12 28g20 100g30 113g52 250g89 454g104 1,000g197
Laburnum watereri x	461249	 100s16.50 1,000s34
Laburnum watereri x Vossii	1111	 10g14 25g23 1,000g387
Lagerstroemia indica Little Chief Mixture formula	438197	 5,000s283 10,000s562.50 25,000s1,261 50,000s2,520 100,000s5,035
Lagerstroemia indica Little Chief Pink	438193	 5,000s283 10,000s563 25,000s1,261 50,000s2,520 100,000s5,035
Lagerstroemia indica Little Chief Purple	438194	 5,000s283 10,000s563 25,000s1,261 50,000s2,520 100,000s5,035
Lagerstroemia indica Little Chief Red	438195	 5,000s283 10,000s563 25,000s1,261 50,000s2,520 100,000s5,035
Larix decidua	1559	 1g8 1p8 100s14 10g17 20g33 25g68 100g132 250g483 450g531
Larix decidua v sudetica	5221	 5g37 250g953
Larix gmelinii	1561	 5g16 28g30 113g82
Larix kaempferi	1562	 1p4 10g17 28g40 112g111 250g178 450g211
Larix laricina	1563	 1p8 1g13 28g132 112g372 450g693
Larix mastersiana	458674	 5g16 28g47 112g131 450g248
Larix occidentalis	1564	 5g20 28g44 112g123 450g234
Larix russica	1567	 10g17 28g31 112g85 450g142
Lespedeza bicolor	24557	 100s8 28g18 113g49 454g98
Leycesteria formosa	4985	 1p8 30s8 250s8 2g11 2.50g21 10g33 100g868
Leycesteria formosa Gold Leaf	454644	 1p8 1g30
Ligularia stenocephala hybrids	81000	 1p12 1g19 10g158 100g1,247
Ligustrum japonicum cs	402512	 25g18 28g28 112g64 250g84 450g148
Ligustrum obtusifolium	31016	 25g22 250g107
Ligustrum sinense	1587	 25g18 250g96
Ligustrum vulgare	1588	 1p4 9g9 10g10 25g15 100g39 250g72 1,000g122
Lindera benzoin	31017	 28g17 112g45 450g88
Lindera obtusiloba	34605	 5g20
Lingnania distegia vsvs	47483	 100g81 1,000g452
Liquidambar formosana	1591	 1p17 10g17 25g30 28g33 113g90 454g175 1,000g627
Liquidambar styraciflua	1592	 1p8 50s8 100s11 10g13 25g36 28g50 100g100 113g127 454g264 1,000g760
Liriodendron chinense vsvs	1593	 10g14 1p15 25g24 28g30 113g81 454g158 1,000g518
Liriodendron tulipifera bs vsvs	1594	 10g14 30g14 1p17 28g17 100g35 113g46 454g93 1,000g243
Liriodendron tulipifera dw vsvs	80792	 1g8 10g9 28g31 100g45 113g72 454g165
Liriodendron tulipifera wings vsvs	458938	 28g17 113g46 454g93
Lonicera alpigena	25342	 1p8 2g8 10g18 25g21 250g114
Lonicera caerulea	435980	 1g19
Lonicera chrysantha	435981	 1g20
Lonicera ciliosa	77450	 30s8 5g32
Lonicera ferdinandi	527869	 1g8 10g36
Lonicera fragrantissima	441099	 1p4 5g8 10g16 28g29 113g79 454g154
Lonicera involucrata	77451	 100s8
Lonicera syringantha	441118	 1p10
Lonicera tatarica	1607	 1p9 25g21 250g102
Lonicera tatarica Arnold Red	450662	 1p4
Lycium barbarum Shanghai Express db	461662	 1p11 100s12 250s23.15 1,000s58 10,000s306
Lycium barbarum db	66134	 1p9 100s10 28g39 113g107 454g205 1,000g662
Lyonia ligustrina	440456	 1p23 1.75g156
Maackia amurensis	27555	 1p4 50s8 10g17 28g26 113g75 250g143 454g147
Maackia chinensis	71937	 25g22 28g24 113g66 250g119 454g129
Maclura pomifera vsvs	400205	 1p8 1g12 25g14 28g18 113g48 250g65 454g95
Magnolia kobus	1635	 1p11 10g11 28g42 100g94 113g114 454g254 900g410 1,000g705
Magnolia soulangeana x	1639	 1p13 20g14 28g35 100g60 113g97 454g188 1,000g440
Magnolia virginiana	1643	 10g30 28g50 113g138 454g264
Mahonia japonica	1649	 20g11 100g42 250g166 1,000g298
Mahonia lomariifolia	1646	 1p9 100s15 1,000s28
Malus baccata cs	27556	 10g14 28g40 113g109 250g145 454g207
Malus baccata v mandshurica cs	1653	 28g45 113g126 454g238
Malus coronaria	65779	 28g51 112g143 450g270
Malus domestica Antonovka	1651	 1p4 10g12 25g25 100g62 250g100 450g139
Malus domestica Fuji	1654	 25g15 28g20 112g52 250g72 450g102
Malus hupehensis	27558	 1p8 10g14 250g145
Malus mandshurica	448716	 10g21 250g225
Malus prunifolia	1662	 10g17 250g164
Malus pumila	1663	 28g14 112g37 250g60 450g74
Malus robusta x	440457	 1p8 25g22 28g55 112g107 250g119 450g204
Malus sargentii (name unresolved)	529024	 5g20 28g75 112g211 450g396
Malus spp + cvs mix	460354	 1p9
Malus sylvestris	1667	 20g12 25g22 28g27 100g49 112g74 250g143 450g143 500g147 1,000g255
Malus sylvestris prov U K	448749	 10g10 100g84 1,000g640
Metasequoia glyptostroboides	74	 10g15 1p17 1g22 28g73 100g119 113g208 454g392 1,000g908
Metasequoia glyptostroboides select 80pc	46527	 28g177 113g500 454g933
Morus alba	1716	 1p8 10g13 20g13 25g22 28g24 100g53 113g64 454g127 1,000g291
Morus alba v tartarica	1717	 10g24 28g39 113g107 454g183
Morus australis	78904	 1,000g129
Morus nigra	401131	 1p8 100s8 10g13 25g22 28g57 100g87 113g159 250g201 1,000g291
Morus rubra	1719	 1p8 5g16 28g103 113g290 250g366 454g544
Myrica pensylvanica db svs	1774	 1p8 28g16 113g41 454g82
Nothofagus cunninghamii	24578	 1p15 100s20 10g44 1,000s79 25g84
Nothofagus gunnii	404388	 1p15 25g34
Nyssa ogeche	27176	 10g30 250g251
Nyssa sinensis	51013	 1p16 10g18 28g18 113g47 454g95
Nyssa sylvatica	1816	 1p16 25g18 28g19 113g50 250g84 454g100
Oemleria cerasiformis	67694	 30s10 25g25 250g143
Ostrya carpinifolia	1863	 10g8 100g62 1,000g457
Ostrya carpinifolia bs	436421	 28g14 113g36 454g74
Ostrya japonica cs (dw)	81548	 1p8 28g16 113g42 454g86
Ostrya virginiana bs	1864	 28g16 113g42 454g85
Ostrya virginiana cs	46528	 28g40 113g110 454g212
Oxydendrum arboreum	1867	 1p8 1g13 28g92 112g258 450g483
Paliurus ramosissimus	450709	 10g17 250g166
Parrotia persica	34319	 1p4 3.50g9 7g12 28g30 113g81 454g157
Paulownia catalpaefolia	404428	 1p15 10g17 25g30 1,000g605
Paulownia elongata	35705	 1p4 1,000g634
Paulownia fortunei	1902	 1p4 1,000g605
Paulownia tomentosa	30952	 1p4 1,000s8 125g26 250g46 454g126 1,000g605
Phellodendron amurense	1938	 1p8 20g12 25g22 100g53 250g107 1,000g387
Phellodendron chinense	28868	 5g20
Phellodendron lavallei	51014	 5g23
Phellodendron sachalinense	5298	 5g23
Phillyrea angustifolia	431363	 10g19 250g213 1,000g352
Phillyrea latifolia	431882	 10g19 250g213 1,000g352
Phyllostachys heteroclada	447736	 100s26 1,000s165
Physocarpus opulifolius	24594	 200s8 1p9 3.50g11 7g14 14g20 25g20 28g22 113g54 250g96 454g110
Picea abies	2005	 1p8 2g11 10g15 25g56 100g141 250g192 1,000g1,090
Picea abies prov New England	552815	 28g20 112g53 450g103
Picea abies prov southern Europe	31268	 28g51 112g140 450g267
Picea abies prov. Boehmerwald	27177	 28g45 113g126 454g241
Picea abies prov. Lake States	552814	 28g40 113g112 454g214
Picea abies select Germany	445639	 10g16 100g144 1,000g1,107
Picea albertiana	24595	 10g30 28g66 113g184 454g348
Picea asperata	2004	 25s8 10g21 28g32 113g89 454g173
Picea breweriana	535360	 1p4 5g16 28g56 112g158 450g298 1,000g1,505
Picea crassifolia	446516	 500s8 28g22 113g44
Picea engelmannii	2007	 10g17 25g25 28g25 112g67 450g130 1,000g1,161
Picea glauca prov. New England	443019	 28g27 113g69 454g138
Picea glauca prov. New York	552281	 10g29 100g285 1,000g2,600
Picea glauca typ. prov. Lake States	2008	 28g54 113g151 454g286
Picea glehnii	27178	 1g67
Picea jezoensis	2012	 10g17 28g29 112g80 450g153
Picea koraiensis	2014	 100s8 10g14 28g29 112g80 450g154
Picea koyamae	406704	 5g23
Picea lutzii x	73463	 1g13
Picea mariana	2015	 5g23 10g30 28g69 112g195 450g366 1,000g2,200
Picea meyeri	2016	 20g17 28g28 112g78 450g150 1,000g589
Picea obovata	3152	 10g14 28g39 112g107 250g131 450g204
Picea obovata v caerulea	73461	 10g21 28g32 112g88 450g169
Picea omorika	2017	 1p10 10g21 28g110 100g191 112g311 450g580 1,000g1,487
Picea omorika prov. Yugoslavia	552818	 28g152 113g438 454g817
Picea orientalis	2018	 10g12 1p15 28g32 113g87 454g169 1,000g239
Picea pungens	25011	 28g93 113g209 454g495
Picea pungens Glauca Arizona Apache	454829	 1p8.20 10g11 28g71 100g85 113g199 454g376 1,000g646
Picea pungens Glauca Arizona Kaibab	448727	 10g18 28g86 100g147 113g241 454g454 1,000g1,126
Picea pungens Glauca San Juan	402873	 28g80 113g223 454g420
Picea pungens Glauca prov. Colorado	2019	 20g16 100g64 113g199 454g376 1,000g475
Picea pungens Glauca prov. Rio Grande	448726	 10g13 100g106 1,000g796
Picea purpurea	73460	 10g27 28g50 113g139 454g265
Picea retroflexa	85424	 10g21 28g27 113g74 454g145
Picea rubens	24596	 5g13 28g84 113g237 250g295 454g446
Picea sitchensis	2022	 1p8 2g11 10g17 20g21 28g28 113g76 454g147 1,000g680
Picea sitchensis prov. Scotland	448728	 10g11 100g82 1,000g620
Picea sitchensis prov. Washington	448729	 10g13 100g100 1,000g752
Picea smithiana	2023	 1p4 10g15 25g20 28g25 113g68 454g134 1,000g158
Picea wilsonii	2024	 100s9 28g33 113g91 454g175
Pinus aristata	2031	 1p4 25s8 5g9 10g12 25g22 100g68 1,000g507
Pinus attenuata	2033	 25s8 7g18 28g43
Pinus banksiana	2034	 1,000g2,537
Pinus cembra	2037	 20g15 100g63 1,000g465
Pinus contorta v contorta	2039	 10g23 100g215 1,000g1,673
Pinus contorta v contorta Xmas tree select	432354	 1p4 10g15 25g133 50g260 100g514 250g1,025 500g2,043 750g3,063 850g3,470 950g3,87
Pinus contorta v contorta prov. north Canada	448731	 10g23 100g211 1,000g1,651
Pinus densiflora	74946	 1p4 20g15 100g65 1,000g474
Pinus edulis	400418	 454g65
Pinus flexilis v reflexa	461731	 28g22 113g58 454g114
Pinus koraiensis	2057	 1p4 56g16 113g25 227g45 454g84 1,000g665
Pinus lambertiana	2058	 15s10 28g30
Pinus monticola	2063	 75s12 250g366
Pinus mugo ssp mugo	5223	 10g17 100g153 1,000g1,180
Pinus mugo v pumilio	400429	 1p10 10g17 100g143 1,000g1,106
Pinus nigra ssp dalmatica	461732	 28g67 113g173 454g335
Pinus nigra ssp laricio	400431	 10g17 100g138 1,000g1,060
Pinus nigra ssp laricio prov UK	445641	 10g11 100g88 1,000g665
Pinus nigra ssp laricio prov. Corsica	459657	 1p4 10g34 1,000g1,578
Pinus nigra ssp nigra	400430	 30g12 100g28 1,000g178
Pinus nigra ssp nigra select German	445640	 10g15 100g117 1,000g900
Pinus nigra ssp salzmannii	408201	 10g27 250g281
Pinus palustris	246	 15s8 10g26 100g222 1,000g1,740
Pinus parviflora	2071	 10g37 100g337 1,000g2,652
Pinus peuce	2073	 1p4 7g8 20g20 100g162 1,000g1,253
Pinus ponderosa	401656	 1p8 20g19 100g81 1,000g605
Pinus radiata	2082	 1p8 10g14 100g103 1,000g250
Pinus radiata prov. Australia	445647	 1p15 10g32 25g59
Pinus sibirica	67167	 20s9 28g23 113g60
Pinus strobus	2088	 10g30 28g36 113g100 454g192 1,000g2,000
Pinus sylvestris	400556	 1p9 10g24 100g77 1,000g224 5,000g2,634
Pinus sylvestris prov. Scotland select	448733	 10g78 1,000g1,650
Pinus sylvestris prov. UK source 403	447888	 10g48 100g450
Pinus tabuliformis	2093	 50s9 28g28
Pinus taeda coastal form	551812	 500g870 1,000g1,730
Pinus thunbergii	30954	 1p4 3.50g8 108s8 7g10 14g13 28g20 56g34 113g62 1,000g520
Pinus uncinata	41495	 10g12 100g95 500g446 1,000g723
Pinus uncinata v rotundata (name unresolved)	535509	 10g17 100g138 1,000g1,060
Pinus yunnanensis	2101	 100s9 28g32
Piper peltatum	535538	 1,000s104.50
Platanus occidentalis	2115	 10g13 1p15 25g19 28g20 113g54 250g89 454g108 1,000g335
Platanus orientalis	23692	 1p4 28g18 113g45 250g89 454g94
Platycladus orientalis	35575	 20g12 1p16 25g22 28g22 100g45 113g58 1,000s79 250g89 454g114 1,000g122 5,000g590
Platycladus orientalis Aurea	2722	 10g14 1p15 28g23 113g52 454g122
Platycladus orientalis Nana	446371	 10g14 25g23 1,000g120
Platycladus orientalis Sieboldii	2724	 1p17 28g20 25g36 113g69 454g135
Podocarpus macrophyllus Maki prov. Ca vsvs	2144	 28g40 113g92 454g215
Podocarpus nivalis vsvs	17893	 5g30
Poliothyrsis sinensis	80464	 28g20 112g52 450g102
Populus alba svs	37532	 5g34
Populus canescens x svs	408025	 10g256
Populus nigra svs	408026	 5g34
Populus tremula svs	33092	 10g256
Populus tremuloides	75403	 28g274 112g776 450g1,441
Prinsepia uniflora	442396	 25g18 250g84
Prunus St Julien	86164	 30g11 100g24 1,000g154
Prunus armeniaca	407388	 250g32
Prunus avium	27363	 12s8 30g10 100g22 250g84 1,000g126
Prunus avium prov U K eu	436422	 30g11 100g24 1,000g156
Prunus cerasifera	2255	 100g12 1,000g60
Prunus dulcis	402012	 250g35
Prunus insititia	86165	 30g10 100g22 250g96 1,000g144
Prunus laurocerasus	2267	 30g13 100g31 250g37 1,000g212
Prunus laurocerasus stratified seed	47014	 100g36 1,000g255
Prunus lusitanica hort.	86163	 10g19 100g40 250g201 1,000g280
Prunus mahaleb	2268	 1g8 10g8 50g9 100g16 1,000g91
Prunus mahaleb virus free cert	448700	 10g17 250g178
Prunus padus	2272	 10g9 50g16 100g29 1,000g84
Prunus padus stratified seed	552271	 100g64 1,000g475
Prunus persica	2274	 100g14 250g37 1,000g68
Prunus serotina	2277	 50g9 100g15 250g60 1,000g78
Prunus spinosa	2279	 1p8 10g8 50g12 100g12 500g51 1,000g70
Prunus spinosa prov U K	436424	 30g13 100g33 1,000g220
Prunus spinosa stratified seed	552272	 1p8 100g17 1,000g103
Prunus triloba	435288	 1p10
Pseudocydonia sinensis	814	 1p4 25s8 30s9 28g14 113g37 454g76
Pseudotsuga menziesii	2292	 1g8 1p8 10g14 100s14 5g37 25g55 28g70 100g120 112g156 450g366 1,000g918
Pseudotsuga menziesii N.Washington Cascades	553560	 10g14 100g120 1,000g918
Pseudotsuga menziesii prov EEC stands	448735	 10g16 100g143 1,000g1,107
Pseudotsuga menziesii prov. S.Washington Cascades	553559	 10g14 100g120 1,000g918
Pseudotsuga sinensis	39893	 25s8
Ptelea trifoliata	2303	 1p8 50s8 3.50g12 7g13 14g14 28g16 113g54 454g99
Pterocarya fraxinifolia	400610	 1p8 10g9 20g10 100g41 1,000g275
Pterocarya rhoifolia	431373	 1p10
Pterocarya stenoptera	2305	 1p4 5g13 10g25
Pteroceltis tatarinowii	68075	 5g18 250g366
Pterostyrax hispida bs	28876	 10g19 250g225
Pyracantha coccinea cs	408028	 20g9 100g33 112g98 450g186 1,000g222
Pyrus calleryana	24623	 20g12 1p15 25g23 28g37 100g49 113g178 250g192 454g196 1,000g349
Pyrus calleryana prov. USA	458942	 454g422
Pyrus communis	2321	 20g14 100g59 1,000g148
Pyrus communis Bartlett	2322	 28g17 112g46 450g90
Pyrus decora	551813	 5g20
Quercus acutissima	2327	 454g54
Quercus acutissima Gobbler	553718	 454g55
Quercus alba	2328	 1p17 454g53 1,000s391
Quercus aliena	80842	 250g104
Quercus bicolor	24744	 113g28 454g57
Quercus buckleyii	553651	 250g74
Quercus canariensis	33138	 250g133
Quercus chenii	448703	 250g133
Quercus chrysolepis	2331	 113g36 250g74 454g74
Quercus coccinea	2333	 1p16 113g27 454g57 1,000g178 1,000s682
Quercus dentata	2335	 250g133
Quercus douglasii	2336	 113g27 454g57
Quercus durata	68102	 250g119
Quercus ellipsoidalis	73397	 250g74
Quercus faginea	431430	 250g39
Quercus garryana	51482	 113g31 454g65
Quercus garryana v breweri	401657	 250g74
Quercus gilva	448704	 250g133
Quercus glauca	82218	 250g89
Quercus hemispherica	31021	 250g89
Quercus ilex	2342	 100g16 1p17 250g33 1,000g85 1,000s343
Quercus ilicifolia	68103	 113g44 454g85
Quercus imbricaria	41762	 113g29 454g62
Quercus lanata	448705	 250g89
Quercus laurifolia	3111	 250g74 454g84
Quercus libani	403813	 250g104
Quercus lobata	25014	 250g60 454g66
Quercus lyrata	38244	 454g55
Quercus macrocarpa	24625	 113g29 250g60 454g60
Quercus macrocarpa x gambelii	458955	 113g31 454g65
Quercus marilandica	74149	 250g119
Quercus michauxii	2345	 454g55
Quercus mongolica	431437	 113g36 454g74
Quercus muehlenbergii	31022	 113g27 454g58
Quercus nigra	2347	 454g53
Quercus nuttallii	2348	 113g27 454g57
Quercus pagoda	537855	 113g26 454g55
Quercus palustris	2349	 1p17 100g28 250g39 454g53 1,000g182 1,000s360
Quercus petraea	27186	 100g11 250g30 1,000g54
Quercus phellos	2351	 454g57
Quercus polymorphus	442408	 113g37 250g74 454g75
Quercus prinoides	73398	 250g133 454g236
Quercus prinus	3108	 454g54
Quercus pubescens	25362	 250g36
Quercus pyrenaica	431441	 250g45
Quercus robur	27187	 100g11 250g30 1,000g50
Quercus robur Fastigiata	2354	 454g55
Quercus robur prov. Australia	453720	 1p17 1,000s604
Quercus robur prov. Holland	448752	 100g11 1,000g52
Quercus rubra	2353	 250g33 450g51 454g73
Quercus rubra southernmost prov.	553719	 454g54
Quercus shumardii	400476	 454g57
Quercus stellata	31023	 113g31 454g65
Quercus variabilis	39897	 250g133
Quercus velutina	2357	 454g54
Quercus virginiana	2358	 454g56
Quercus virginiana prov. Ca	450339	 454g74
Rhamnus alaternus	86249	 5g16 250g319
Rhamnus californica	538122	 10g14 28g59 112g133 250g154 450g313
Rhamnus caroliniana	38245	 28g18 112g48 450g94
Rhamnus cathartica	2399	 10g9 20g9 50g15 100g27 500g83 1,000g169
Rhododendron arborescens	538285	 1.75g114
Rhododendron ferrugineum name unresolved	14639	 1p9 1g18 10g131 100g1,040
Rhododendron ponticum	14663	 1g20
Rhododendron ririei	435295	 1.75g36 7g97
Rhodotypos scandens	2405	 1p4 1g8 10g8 28g19 113g50 454g100
Rhus aromatica	2411	 1p8 25g25 28g28 113g76 250g131 454g148
Rhus aromatica v simplicifolia	551837	 1p8 3.50g13 7g16 28g24
Rhus chinensis	51843	 25g22 250g119
Rhus copallina	2412	 25g20 250g107
Rhus glabra	2413	 1p4 28g16 112g41 250g75 450g82
Rhus glabra v cismontana	443015	 28g20 112g52 450g102
Rhus trilobata	2418	 1p8 7g13 25g18 28g18 112g46 250g75 450g91
Rhus typhina	33128	 1p8 30g11 28g15 100g25 112g38 250g60 450g75 1,000g164
Ribes alpinum	2426	 1p9 1g20 10g212
Ribes cereum	448021	 1p4 28g28
Ribes orientale	448707	 1p4
Ribes sanguineum	452421	 100s8
Ribes sanguineum Albescens	46320	 1p4
Robinia hispida v fertilis	2435	 10g18 28g26 113g72 454g142
Robinia pseudoacacia	2437	 1p8 100s9 10g13 28g14 100g20 113g29 454g62 500g68 1,000g80 5,000g298 10,000g445
Robinia slavinii x	539009	 5g30
Rosa xanthina fa hugonis db	73974	 10g14 28g18 112g50 450g139
Salix caprea svs	33093	 10g192
Salix cinerea svs	67109	 10g192
Salix fragilis svs	37536	 10g192
Salix helvetica svs hort.	83886	 1p8 1g20
Salix viminalis svs	77420	 10g192
Sambucus nigra Black Frills	551574	 1p8
Sambucus nigra Laciniata	80289	 5g23
Sambucus nigra cs	27364	 1g8 1p8 10g8 20g10 25g14 28g15 50g19 100g35 113g39 250g60 454g77 500g115 1,000g2
Sambucus nigra db	460874	 1p4
Sambucus nigra ssp caerulea cs	3054	 1p8 28g15 113g39 454g80
Sambucus nigra ssp canadensis	540445	 1p4 10g17 28g26 113g71 454g138
Sambucus racemosa cs	2512	 10g9 20g10 50g13 28g18 100g20 113g46 500g64 454g93 1,000g117
Sarcococca confusa cs	459652	 100s38 1,000s271
Sarcococca confusa db	2522	 1,000s127
Sassafras albidum cs	2524	 10g21 250g237
Schizostachyum funghomii vsvs	540872	 50g50 100g95 1,000g505
Schizostachyum sinense	47484	 50g50 100g95 1,000g505
Sciadopitys verticillata	2536	 10g74 100g716 1,000g5,686
Sequoia sempervirens	401180	 1p4 80s8 1.75g11 5g11 7g23 14g40 28g73 56g140 113g274 454g515 1,000g1,800
Sequoiadendron giganteum	72	 1p4 2.50g9 5g11 100s12 7g15 14g24 28g42 56g77 113g147 227g287 454g568 1,000g2,06
Shepherdia argentea	24339	 1p4 5g8 10g12 113g107 454g184
Shepherdia canadensis	34933	 5g16 28g49 112g135 450g255
Sinowilsonia henryi	431447	 5g25
Sorbaria sorbifolia	404601	 28g24 113g70 454g137
Sorbaria tomentosa	404600	 1p4 10g22
Sorbus Joseph Rock	451968	 1p8
Sorbus alnifolia	2595	 10g20 28g49 113g135 250g234 454g257
Sorbus americana	2596	 5g20 28g57 112g158 450g298
Sorbus aria cs	2597	 1p8 10g18 28g67 113g188 454g356 1,000g1,562
Sorbus aria db	462500	 2g12 10g16
Sorbus aucuparia cs	27365	 1p4 10g9 113g62 454g122 1,000g169
Sorbus aucuparia db	462499	 1p8 2g11 10g15
Sorbus chamaemespilus db	85079	 1p4 2g11 10g14 100g99
Sorbus discolor	51829	 28g26 113g72 454g140
Sorbus domestica vsvs	27588	 10g21 25g37 50g67 100g127 250g309 500g502 1,000g998
Sorbus intermedia	73977	 1p4 5g8 20g25 50g65 100g147 250g369 1,000g1,135
Sorbus koehneana db	458837	 1p4 1g8 2.50g14
Sorbus mougeotii	400495	 5g38
Sorbus pohuashanensis	2602	 10g17 250g161
Sorbus randaiensis	542752	 1p10
Sorbus scopulina	34263	 5g20 28g46 113g128 454g244
Sorbus torminalis	2603	 1p10 10g29 50g88 100g161 500g651 1,000g1,278
Spiraea tomentosa	38657	 1,000s8 3.50g20 7g29 14g45 28g68
Staphylea bumalda	435303	 100s9
Staphylea trifolia	51811	 30s8 3.50g11 7g14 14g20 25g22 28g30 113g83 250g107 454g161
Stewartia gemmata	82467	 28g52 113g142 454g271
Stewartia monadelpha	2629	 100s17 28g65
Stewartia ovata v grandiflora	2631	 28g76 113g215 454g400
Stewartia pseodocamellia (name unresolved)	2628	 28g62 113g176 454g511
Stewartia pseudocamellia v koreana	2632	 28g52
Stewartia rostrata	431454	 28g62 113g122 454g233
Stewartia serrata	543356	 1g18
Stewartia sinensis v shensienensis	39840	 28g58 113g163 454g309
Styphnolobium japonicum	445057	 1p4 10g8 25g12 30g12 100g29 113g46 454g92 1,000g192
Styrax americanus	5306	 25g22 250g119
Styrax japonicus	2643	 1p8 20g11 28g17 112g43 450g86 1,000g336
Styrax japonicus v rubricalyx	458791	 1p8
Styrax obassia	2644	 10g17 28g22 112g59 450g115
Symplocos sawafutagi	73987	 5g13
Syringa josikaea	2658	 100s8 10g19 28g38 112g104 450g197
Syringa microphylla	408068	 1p12 10g14 28g25 112g57 450g98
Syringa oblata	24709	 10g14 28g26 112g72 250g131 450g139
Syringa reticulata	2656	 5g13 10g17 28g28 112g75 250g131 450g145
Syringa reticulata ssp amurensis	2657	 10g14 28g25 112g69 250g131 450g132
Syringa villosa	400538	 10g14 28g24 112g64 450g125
Syringa wolfii	70154	 50s8 10g14 28g26 112g68 250g131 450g134
Taxodium distichum northern provs. bs	46535	 28g15 113g37 454g75
Taxodium distichum northern provs. cs	46536	 28g30 113g81 454g157
Taxodium distichum southern provs. bs	448864	 28g14 113g33 454g68
Taxodium distichum southern provs. cs	448865	 28g25 113g67 454g132
Taxodium distichum v imbricatum bs	46534	 28g23 113g62 454g122
Taxodium distichum v imbricatum cs	27561	 1p4 10g18 28g23 113g62 454g122
Taxus chinensis	2687	 10g17 28g20 112g52 450g103
Taxus cuspidata	400550	 1p8 100s9 10g24 500s30 28g33 1,000s51 112g90 450g173
Taxus mairei	408207	 10g24 250g272
Taxus media x	400552	 10g24 250g272
Thuja occidentalis	2719	 1p4 7g8 20g15 28g28 100g62 1,000s70 113g76 454g148 1,000g452 100,000s4,968
Thuja plicata	2727	 1p9 100s14 10g17 25g40 28g41 113g113 454g217 1,000g1,060
Thuja plicata prov. UK	448737	 10g22 100g193 1,000g1,500
Thuja plicata prov. Washington	448736	 10g23 100g203 1,000g1,580
Tilia americana dry seed	2739	 28g15 112g40 450g80
Tilia amurensis	31031	 25g18 28g19 112g49 250g84 450g97
Tilia caucasica	436415	 25g18 250g84
Tilia cordata	400563	 1p8 50g11 100g19 112g43 250g84 450g85 1,000g118
Tilia cordata green seed svs	445626	 28g18 112g46 450g91
Tilia cordata select EU	553556	 10g10 100g84 1,000g640
Tilia mandshurica	85441	 28g17 112g44 450g86
Tilia platyphyllos	2742	 50g9 100g14 112g30 250g53 450g62 1,000g78
Tilia platyphyllos select Germany	553557	 10g11 100g93 1,000g703
Tilia tomentosa	2743	 50g9 1p10 28g13 100g15 112g33 250g53 450g67 1,000g83
Trochodendron aralioides	404099	 1p18
Tsuga canadensis	38246	 5g23 28g61 112g166 450g312
Tsuga caroliniana	400566	 5g27
Tsuga chinensis	2756	 5g18 28g50 113g138 250g248 454g261
Tsuga heterophylla	2758	 10g34 28g47 112g131 450g248 1,000g2,650
Tsuga mertensiana	2759	 5g23 28g55 112g154 450g291
Ulmus americana dw	38239	 25g18 28g19 113g52 250g72 454g103
Ulmus carpinifolia	86162	 5g16
Ulmus glabra	2769	 10g14 100g106 1,000g796
Ulmus parvifolia	400572	 1p15 10g19 28g22 113g58 454g115
Ulmus pumila	2772	 28g16 113g42 454g85
Umbellularia californica	25015	 112g47 250g96 450g108
Vaccinium corymbosum	27195	 1g8 1p8 30s8.50 10g38
Vaccinium myrtilloides	74495	 7g99 28g180
Viburnum acerifolium	2795	 28g24 113g66 454g129
Viburnum betulifolium	80883	 25g25 250g154
Viburnum cassinoides cs	2796	 25g25 28g25 113g67 250g131 454g132
Viburnum cylindricum	446527	 25g18 250g72
Viburnum dentatum	2798	 25g15 28g15 113g38 250g72 454g78
Viburnum dilatatum	2799	 25g20 28g20 113g48 250g84 454g97
Viburnum ichangense	24723	 25g15 28g15 113g28 454g59
Viburnum japonicum	443020	 28g26 113g72
Viburnum lantana	29904	 20g9 100s9 10g12 28g14 50g17 100g31 113g33 250g69 454g69 500g102 1,000g192
Viburnum lantana prov. UK	448755	 20g10 100g41 1,000g294
Viburnum lentago	2802	 28g16 113g48 454g96
Viburnum opulus	51793	 1g8 1p8 10g9 20g9 25g15 28g19 50g20 100g29 113g51 250g70 454g101 500g114 1,000g1
Viburnum opulus Xanthocarpum	31034	 1g8 10g10 100g70
Viburnum prunifolium	2804	 28g17 113g45 454g90
Viburnum rhytidophyllum	27196	 30g10 28g19 100g24 113g49 250g72 454g98 1,000g150
Viburnum sargentii	2806	 25g18 28g19 113g52 250g84 454g103
Viburnum sieboldii db	27197	 25g15 28g15 113g40 250g72 454g82
Viburnum tinus	281	 1p8 10g8 30g12 28g18 100g30 112g47 250g72 454g96 1,000g200
Viburnum trilobum	2812	 15s8 100s8 25g18 28g20 7g40 113g49 250g89 454g123
Viburnum wrightii	2813	 1p9
Weigela florida	31037	 28g37 112g101 450g192
Xanthoceras sorbifolia southern prov.	548438	 28g20 113g54 454g198
Xanthoceras sorbifolium	67868	 25g20 28g20 113g54 250g96 454g105
Zelkova serrata	2867	 1p4 5g9 10g11 100s13 25g19 50g31 100g68 113g116 454g222 1,000g508
Zelkova sinica	31419	 25g25 28g28 113g75 250g131 454g146
Ziziphus jujuba	2868	 3s8 1p12 10s12 25g19 28g22 113g55 1,000g77 1,000s80 250g104 454g110 5,000g212 10
Ziziphus jujuba v spinosus de-hulled seed	450868	 28g36 113g100 454g193

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