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List 8 - Tree Seeds (World Classic) - 11/30/2015


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Abies pinsapo	117	 1p17 25g22 28g25 113g66 250g119 454g128 1,000g1,265
Abies procera	119	 1p9 20g10 100g36 113g104 250g178 454g199 1,000g255
Abies veitchii	121	 5g25 28g93 113g254 454g491
Acca sellowiana	1089	 50s8 100s9 1p10 1g26 1,000s32
Acer palmatum Atropurpureum dw dry seed	148	 1p14 10g17 25g30 28g55 100g120 113g152 454g289 500g462 1,000g751
Acer saccharum northern prov. dw	159	 28g17 113g45 454g91
Acer saccharum northern prov. ww	73907	 1p11 113g33 454g69
Acer saccharum southern prov. dw	73908	 10g10 28g16 113g42 454g85 500g162 1,000g310
Adenanthera pavonina v pavonina	191	 1p4 22g8 25g9 50g11 100g15 100s27 250g30 500g54 1,000g100 1,000s200 7,000s200
Agathis australis svs	13095	 5g26
Ailanthus altissima	400464	 1p8 100g16 1,000g83
Ailanthus altissima bs wings	443018	 1p10
Albizia julibrissin	28259	 1p9 10g13 100s14 28g18 113g47 454g94 1,000g300
Albizia odoratissima	84630	 1p4 375s8 25g9 50g12 100g17 250g28 9,000s56 1,000g90
Araucaria araucana svs cit	286	 5s18
Araucaria heterophylla svs	13096	 1p17 1,000s227
Arbutus unedo bs svs	287	 1p10
Arbutus unedo cs svs	83685	 1p9 100s9 10g20 1,000s26 25g36 50g174 100g331 1,000g515
Azadirachta indica vsvs	28069	 10g22 1,000g100 1,000s147 250g200
Bauhinia variegata	377	 5g8 1p10 10g11 10s13 25g15 100g25 250g40 1,000g90 1,000s99 5,000g312
Bauhinia variegata v candida	378	 1p17 28g19 25g35 113g50 454g100 1,000g121
Betula pendula bs	91	 1p8 20g14 28g24 100g27 113g64 500g98 1,000g183 5,000g714
Betula pendula cs	46288	 100s9 28g33 113g90 454g175
Betula utilis	417	 5g16 28g63 113g175 454g332
Bolusanthus speciosus	22868	 1p10 100s16 10g19 25g33 250g507 1,000g751
Bombax ceiba	425	 1p10 100s18 10g20 25g29 1,000s54 1,000g90 5,000g350 10,000s449 10,000g550 100,00
Brachychiton acerifolius	15004	 1p11 10g26 25g28 28g35 113g78 250g133 1,000g158
Buxus sempervirens	448	 10g8 28g23 113g55 454g112 500g253 1,000g435
Carpinus betulus	29901	 1p8 28g13 100g19 113g32 500g49 454g67 1,000g92 5,000g319 25,000g1,260
Carpinus betulus green seed svs	445625	 28g14 113g37 454g77
Carpinus betulus prov UK	448742	 30g12 100g27 1,000g179
Carpinus betulus select EU	553555	 20g8 100g29 1,000g197
Carya illinoinensis	518	 250g49 454g55
Castanea sativa	525	 1p4 100g12 200g24 250g25 500g60 700g70
Castanospermum australe svs	25274	 1p20 100s293 1,000s666
Catalpa bignonioides	527	 20g9 1p17 25g26 100g28 250g123 1,000g188
Cedrus atlantica	545	 1p4 10g19 28g24 56g42 113g78 454g152 250g225 1,000g1,228
Cedrus atlantica Glauca bs	547	 10g17 500g203
Cedrus atlantica prov. France	450920	 10g18 100g159 1,000g1,228
Cedrus deodara	2901	 1g8 1p10 20g11 28g18 100g41 113g47 1,000g84 5,000g305
Cedrus deodara prov. India	450921	 1,000g129
Cedrus libani	29009	 1p4 1g9 10g15 25g29 28g29 56g52 113g98 250g138 454g190 1,000g920
Ceiba pentandra	548	 1p10 50g13 100g20 250g35 100s53 500g60 1,000s67 1,000g90 5,000g333
Ceratonia siliqua	400894	 1p4 25g8 45s8 14g9 28g12 56g17 100s18 113g28 227g50 100g68 454g94 1,000g364
Chorisia speciosa	625	 1p16 100s18 10g19 25g81 1,000s89 250g169 1,000g178
Chrysophyllum cainito	511897	 5g12 20s15 10g20 25g40 50s96 1,000s176
Cocos nucifera	12997	 10,000g401
Cordyline australis	400188	 1p4 1g8 1,000s11 5g13 2,500s19 10g25 5,000s32 3g40 25g44 50g205 100g450 1,000g3,
Corymbia gunnii New Zealand orchard	461602	 10g258 100g2,555
Corymbia gunnii bs	13094	 1p4 2g12 5g18 10g30 25g55 1,000g1,506
Corymbia gunnii cs pure seed	439961	 1p4 1,000s17 1g32 10g130 25g255
Crescentia cujete	5141	 5s11 20s11 1p12 100s43 1,000s129.50
Cryptomeria japonica	788	 10g8 250s8 1p9 25g20 28g24 1,000s41 100g57 113g65 250g93 1,000g100 5,000g349 100
Cunninghamia lanceolata	792	 100s8 10g14 28g19 113g50 454g100
Cupressus arizonica	71565	 1p8 2g11 10g14 20g14 100s14 25g23 28g31 100g52 113g83 454g162 1,000g368
Cupressus arizonica v glabra	249	 10g14 1p15 25g23 1,000g445
Cupressus cashmeriana	27475	 1p4 14g9 28g12 56g17 113g27 227g48 454g90
Cupressus macrocarpa	452392	 1p8 10g14 100s14 20g15 25g23 28g23 1,000s42 100g59 113g62 1,000g67 100,000s1,800
Cupressus sempervirens	806	 1g6 1p8 10g15 28g26 1,000s46 100g59 113g69 1,000g96 100,000s2,003
Cupressus sempervirens Stricta Group	5333	 1p4 10g17 25g26 28g26 113g72 1,000g121 454g140
Cupressus sempervirens fa horizontalis	805	 25g26 28g42 113g94 250g123 454g219
Cupressus torulosa	807	 750s10 25g23 28g23 1,000s45 113g50 1,000g88 5,000g337 100,000s2,000
Cyclocarya paliurus	80749	 10g19 250g225
Dalbergia latifolia	5254	 10g13 1p17 25g22 250g184 1,000g278
Dalbergia sissoo bs	5091	 10g25 28g33 113g70 1,000g90
Davidia involucrata	401250	 5s10 1p16 10g17 28g22 100g46 113g61 454g120 1,000g328
Dillenia indica	893	 10s9 1p10 1,000s23.50 25g32 1,000g62 5,000g298 10,000g368 100,000s892
Eucalyptus regnans	13116	 1p8 10g68 25g88 1,000g251
Eucalyptus regnans hardy NZ	430573	 1p4 2g14 100s14 10g22 25g34
Fagus sylvatica	1084	 28g17 112g46 450g90 1,000g148
Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea	1085	 28g22 112g59 450g115
Fagus sylvatica UK source 1d	459659	 100g16 1,000g93
Ficus benghalensis	1129	 1p10 100s10 10g24 1,000s29 25g36 1,000g75 10,000s198
Ficus religiosa svs	1143	 1p8 500s8 1,000s13 10g15 25g26 1,000g72 10,000s107 5,000g260 100,000s748
Fraxinus americana dw	1165	 28g14 1p15 10g19 113g33 454g69
Fraxinus americana ww	46556	 113g30 454g64
Fraxinus excelsior	27359	 10g13 28g14 1p15 25g22 113g33 454g69 1,000g315
Fraxinus pennsylvanica dw	1172	 10g13 1p15 28g15 113g39 454g81 1,000g315
Fraxinus pennsylvanica ww	447995	 113g30 454g63 1,000g139
Ginkgo biloba	39790	 1p8 10g11 50g13 10s15 25g19 100g22 113g41 250g74 454g91 1,000g138 1,000s258
Gleditsia triacanthos	1109	 1p4 30g9 100g20 250g42 450g72 1,000g124
Gmelina leichardtii	13102	 1p17 1,000s395
Hevea brasiliensis vsvs	5159	 10s15 25s30 50s54 100s75
Idria columnaris Kellogg	5114	 5s14 100s85 1,000s158
Juglans cinerea	1495	 112g24 250g42 450g50
Juglans nigra northern prov.	23689	 3s8 6s15 200g26 1,000g46
Juglans nigra southern prov.	24629	 454g53
Juglans regia	1498	 250g23 1,000g50
Juniperus deppeana - pachyphloea	400142	 1p4 7g9 14g12 28g18 113g45 454g92
Juniperus virginiana	1513	 1p4 100s8 10g10 28g19 113g58 250g107 454g115
Khaya anthotheca	76853	 1p4 30s15 100s28 1,000g158 1,000s207
Khaya madagascariensis	71837	 1g63
Khaya senegalensis	5234	 1p16 10g19 25g33 250g457 1,000g751
Koelreuteria paniculata	1545	 1p4 15g10 28g16 100g22 113g41 250g60 454g86 1,000g128 5,000g584
Laurus nobilis cs svs	24556	 1p4 50g11 28g16 100g20 113g40 250g46 454g79 1,000g121 10,000g2,773
Ligustrum lucidum cs	448003	 50s8 28g28 112g64 450g148 1,000g177
Ligustrum lucidum db	400180	 1,000g132
Liquidambar styraciflua	1592	 1p8 50s8 100s11 10g13 25g36 28g50 100g100 113g127 454g264 1,000g760
Liriodendron chinense vsvs	1593	 10g14 1p15 25g24 28g30 113g81 454g158 1,000g518
Liriodendron tulipifera bs vsvs	1594	 10g14 30g14 1p17 28g17 100g35 113g46 454g93 1,000g243
Liriodendron tulipifera dw vsvs	80792	 1g8 10g9 28g31 100g45 113g72 454g165
Liriodendron tulipifera wings vsvs	458938	 28g17 113g46 454g93
Magnolia grandiflora	1632	 1p4 5g8 10g10 100s15 25g25 28g28 50g50 113g76 454g148 1,000s237
Malus hupehensis	27558	 1p8 10g14 250g145
Mangifera indica	1672	 5s22 25g28 1,000g100 1,000s604
Melia azedarach	1689	 1p4 28g20 113g27 250g37 454g57 1,000g96
Mespilus germanica vsvs	1695	 20g9 28g22 100g33 113g59 454g117 1,000g222 5,000g1,987
Metasequoia glyptostroboides	74	 10g15 1p17 1g22 28g73 100g119 113g208 454g392 1,000g908
Metasequoia glyptostroboides select 80pc	46527	 28g177 113g500 454g933
Moringa oleifera	29274	 1p4 10s9 10g13 25g22 28g26 250g30 100s30.60 500g50 1,000g90 1,000s160
Morus alba	1716	 1p8 10g13 20g13 25g22 28g24 100g53 113g64 454g127 1,000g291
Morus nigra	401131	 1p8 100s8 10g13 25g22 28g57 100g87 113g159 250g201 1,000g291
Nyssa aquatica	1815	 28g15 113g38 250g74 454g79
Olea europaea	27563	 1p9 10g12 28g17 113g46 454g92 1,000g337
Paulownia tomentosa	30952	 1g4 1p4 1,000s8 10g17 28g23 125g26 113g64 454g126 1,000g605
Phoenix dactylifera	12949	 28g16 100s31 113g40 1,000g70 1,000s77 5,000g235 10,000g360 5,000s362 100,000s1,8
Picea abies	2005	 1p8 2g11 10g15 25g56 100g141 250g192 1,000g1,090
Picea breweriana	535360	 1p4 5g16 28g56 112g158 450g298 1,000g1,505
Picea orientalis	2018	 10g12 1p15 28g32 113g87 454g169 1,000g239
Picea sitchensis	2022	 1p8 2g11 10g17 20g21 28g28 113g76 454g147 1,000g680
Picea sitchensis prov. Scotland	448728	 10g11 100g82 1,000g620
Picea sitchensis prov. Washington	448729	 10g13 100g100 1,000g752
Pinus aristata	2031	 1p4 25s8 20g15 100g68 1,000g507
Pinus cembra	2037	 20g15 100g63 1,000g465
Pinus ponderosa	401656	 1p4 20g19 100g81 1,000g605
Pinus radiata	2082	 1p8 10g14 100g103 1,000g250
Pinus sylvestris	400556	 1p9 10g24 100g77 1,000g224 5,000g2,634
Pinus sylvestris prov. Scotland select	448733	 10g78 1,000g1,650
Pinus thunbergii	30954	 1p4 20g17 28g20 56g34 113g62 1,000g520
Pinus wallichiana	24603	 30g15 100g35 1,000s37 1,000g93 5,000g351 100,000s1,087
Pistacia atlantica	2107	 1p10 25g27 250g161
Platanus orientalis	23692	 1p4 28g18 113g45 250g89 454g94
Platycladus orientalis	35575	 20g12 1p16 25g22 28g22 100g45 113g58 1,000s79 250g89 454g114 1,000g122 5,000g590
Podocarpus macrophyllus smaller (med.) leaf vsvs	450699	 1p11
Polyalthia longifolia Pendula vsvs	26987	 10g14 1p17 25g24 100g25 1,000g110
Polyalthia longifolia vsvs	82915	 1,000g107
Prunus dulcis	402012	 250g35
Prunus mahaleb	2268	 1g8 10g8 50g9 100g16 1,000g91
Prunus mahaleb virus free cert	448700	 10g17 250g178
Pseudotsuga menziesii	2292	 1g8 1p8 10g14 100s14 5g37 25g55 28g70 100g120 112g156 450g366 1,000g918
Pterocarpus indicus	2304	 1p10 10g13 25g22 250g236 1,000g344
Pterocarya fraxinifolia	400610	 1p8 10g9 20g10 100g41 1,000g275
Punica granatum	2308	 1p4 15s8 100s9 10g14 25g24 28g26 1,000s28 113g80 1,000g88 5,000g305 10,000g460 1
Quercus alba	2328	 1p17 454g53 1,000s391
Quercus cerris	2329	 100g11 250g33 1,000g50
Quercus palustris	2349	 1p17 100g28 250g39 454g53 1,000g182 1,000s360
Quercus robur	27187	 100g11 250g30 1,000g50
Quercus robur prov. Holland	448752	 100g11 1,000g52
Quercus rubra	2353	 250g33 450g51 454g73
Quercus rubra southernmost prov.	553719	 454g54
Quercus suber	5217	 113g37 250g39 454g65
Ravenala madagascariensis	5582	 1p17 100s34.10 1,000s89
Robinia pseudoacacia	2437	 1p8 100s9 10g13 28g14 100g20 113g29 454g62 500g68 1,000g80 5,000g298 10,000g445
Santalum album svs	2519	 1p17 10g21 25g30 1,000g102 5,000g366
Santalum spicatum	5108	 1p15 10g19 25g22 250g119 1,000g277
Saraca indica svs	402722	 1,000g110
Schefflera actinophylla	27216	 1p4 1,000s26 10g27 28g55 5,000s90.50 113g127 250g295 454g298
Sciadopitys verticillata	2536	 10g74 100g716 1,000g5,686
Sequoia sempervirens	401180	 1p4 5g11 10g25 28g73 56g140 100g229 113g274 454g515 1,000g1,800
Sequoiadendron giganteum	72	 1p4 2.50g9 5g11 100s12 7g15 14g24 25g37 28g42 56g77 113g147 227g287 454g568 1,00
Sorbus domestica vsvs	27588	 100g237 500g782
Spathodea campanulata	2608	 15s8 1p9 100s13 25g26 28g55 100g79 1,000g99 1,000s150.50 454g292 5,000g316
Swietenia macrophylla	2875	 1p10 25g10 100s22 100g34 250g74 500g116 1,000s219 1,000g801
Swietenia mahagoni	131	 1p10 10s11 100s18 500s68 1,000g100 1,000s105 2,000g180 5,000g396
Tabebuia aurea svs	2675	 1,000s82 10,000s498
Tamarindus indica	24711	 1p4 5g9 25g10 18s13 30g14 100g31 250g58 1,000g77 5,000g212 10,000g321
Taxodium distichum cs	27366	 1p10 10g12 25g25 113g59 250g119 454g135 1,000g726
Taxodium distichum southern provs. bs	448864	 28g14 113g33 454g68
Taxodium distichum southern provs. cs	448865	 28g25 113g67 454g132
Taxodium huegelii	2685	 1p4 25g8 50g12 100g19 100s19 250g40 1,000s121 1,000g135
Taxus baccata	29903	 1p9 20g11 28g21 100g40 113g56 1,000s97 454g111 1,000g280
Tectona grandis	5113	 10g14 1p17 100s20 25g23 1,000s90 1,000g104 5,000g396 10,000g602 100,000s3,096
Theobroma cacao vsvs	2718	 10s15 25s35 100s53 1,000s247
Thevetia peruviana	21391	 1p4 4s8.50 10g13 28g16 25s35 113g42 250s50 454g85 1,000g137 1,000s272
Thuja plicata	2727	 1p9 100s14 10g17 25g40 28g41 113g113 454g217 1,000g1,060
Thuja plicata prov. UK	448737	 10g22 100g193 1,000g1,500
Thuja plicata prov. Washington	448736	 10g23 100g203 1,000g1,580
Toona ciliata cs	13113	 1p15 10g49 25g93
Tsuga canadensis	38246	 5g23 28g61 112g166 450g312
Zelkova serrata	2867	 1p4 10g8 100s13 25g19 50g31 100g68 113g116 454g222 1,000g508

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