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List 189 - Vegetables and Culinary Herbs (French) - 12/12/2018


Plant name 'Variety' (Synonym)	reference no.	Price-Codes	sub-catalogues
Allium cepa Vaugirard blanc	452625	 100g32 250g72 1000g184 2500g348 10000g1000 25000g2166
Allium porrum Bleu de Solaize	448443	 25g12 50g17 100g27 250g59 500g111 1000g157 2500g287 10000g812 25000g1763 1p9 200
Allium porrum Geant de Suisse early autumn	460753	 6g8 10g10 12g9 25g11 50g16 100g25 250g55 500g104 1000g145 2500g267 10000g750 250
Allium porrum Monstrueux de Carentan	51129	 50g24 100g40 250g59 500g111 1000g153 2500g287 10000g812 25000g1763 1p8
Anthriscus cerefolium Vertissimo d hiver vert	437467	 25g15 250g72 500g25 1000g41 2500g89 5000g164 10000g225 25000g473
Anthriscus cerefolium d hiver de Bruxelles Massa	401139	 100g21 250g42 500g23 1000g40 2500g89 3000g112 10000g225 25000g473
Apium graveolens Celery d Elne	437923	 1g6 5g8 50g29 100g42 250g51 500g96 1000g133 2500g247 10000g689 25000g1494 1p4
Artemisia dracunculus Russian Tarragon	23401	 100g78 250g129 500g246 1000g482 2500g916 5000g2206 10000g2780 25000g6600 1p8
Artemisia dracunculus Russian Tarragon organic	47583	 1g8 10g50 100g378 1p8
Asparagus officinalis Precoce d Argenteuil	65517	 25g16 50g25 100g36 250g73 500g120 1000g224 2500g522 10000g1253 25000g2838
Beta vulgaris ssp vulgaris Beetroot Crapaudine	450997	 1g8 25g14 50g20 100g33 250g70 1000g236
Brassica rapa Turnip Marteau	437926	 1000g40 2000g74 3000g106 5000g155 10000g212 25000g446
Brassica rapa Turnip Rond de Nancy	448582	 2500g78 5000g147 10000g200 25000g419
Brassica rapa Turnip Samson stubble turnip	448585	 100g15
Capsicum annuum Pepperoncini	551238	 7g18 1p8
Capsicum annuum Rouge de la Bresse	441137	 5g30 1p8 50s9
Chenopodium foliosum Strawberry Sticks	66691	 1g9 2g16 3g23 5g33 10g61 25g18 50g30 100g54 250g110 500g208 1000g405 5000g1744 1
Chenopodium foliosum organic seed	551083	 1g27 10g184 100g1256 1p8
Cichorium endivia Anjou Escarole organic seed	462179	 100s8
Cichorium endivia Batavian yellow green organic	406050	 100g49 250g114 500g222 1000g309 2500g587
Cichorium endivia Blond Full Heart organic	453598	 5g8 10g10 20g15 25g23 30g22 50g31 100g56 250g160
Cichorium endivia Encornet de Bordeaux broad endive	66033	 25g14 50g24 75g35 100g44 250g93 1p8 400s8
Cichorium endivia Fine Maraichere	406049	 400s8
Cichorium endivia Scarole blonde a coeur plein	78231	 250g26 500g46 1000g86 2500g154 10000g405 25000g876
Cichorium endivia Scarole blonde a coeur plein organic seed	462981	 100g37 250g85 500g160 1000g224
Cichorium endivia Wallonne	81614	 2g8 5g9 10g11 25g20 50g34 100g62 250g148 500g289 1p4
Cichorium intybus Chicory Barbe du Capucin	78244	 50g16 100g29 250g26 500g46 1000g86 2500g154 10000g405 25000g876
Cichorium intybus Chicory Pain de Sucre	73692	 25g12 50g19 75g29 100g36 250g75
Cichorium intybus Chicory Pain de Sucre organic seed	463937	 10g12 20g18 30g28 50g39 100g71
Cichorium intybus Italico a Costa Rossa v Greco	551218	 250g26 500g46 1000g86 2500g154 10000g378 25000g876
Cichorium intybus Italiko Rosso red ribs	440421	 10g9 25g14 50g23 100g40 250g84 500g136
Cichorium intybus Pain de Sucre / Zuckerhut	551217	 25g13 50g22 100g41 1000g53 2500g126 10000g318 25000g688 1p8
Cichorium intybus Pan di Zucchero	66393	 25g13 50g22 75g33 100g12 250g23 500g40 1000g72 2500g123 10000g318 25000g688
Citrullus lanatus f1 Champagne	552001	 50s16 100s27 250s60 500s43 1000s78 2500s193 5000s378 10000s747 25000s1837 50000s
Cucumis melo Charentais	81299	 10g15 25g27 50g29 100g48 250g29 500g51 1000g96 2500g195 10000g466 25000g1010 1p8
Cucumis melo Delice de la Table	460951	 7g21 40s9
Cucumis melo Noir des Carmes	451235	 10s8 100s28 250s55 1000s169
Cucumis melo Petit Gris de Rennes	444672	 5g14 7g22 10g21 25g40 100g122 10s8 20s9
Cucumis sativus Cornichon vert petit de Paris	405057	 10g12 25g21 100g20 250g41 500g75 1000g107 2500g177 10000g492 25000g1064
Cucumis sativus Parisian Pickle	553617	 28g24 50s8
Cucumis sativus Vert long maraicher	438998	 25g27 28g18 50g48 100g90 250g131 500g252 1000g350 2500g449 50s9
Cucurbita maxima Jaune de Paris	438029	 28g18 100g13 113g42 250g24 500g42 1000g78 2500g197 10000g504 25000g1090 20s10
Cucurbita maxima Potiron vert-olive	86103	 4g10
Cucurbita maxima Rouge vif d Etampes / Cinderella	80240	 10g15 28g23 50g26 100g39 250g25 500g44 1000g82 2500g207 10000g504 25000g1090 1p8
Cucurbita moschata Musquee de Provence	86090	 5g10 25g13 28g24 50g19 75g36 100g32 113g60 250g73 500g142 1000g188 2500g355 1000
Cucurbita moschata Musquee de Provence organic seed	462989	 25g16 50g25 100g43 250g76 500g141 1000g194 2500g497 10000g1490 25000g3376
Cucurbita moschata Pleine de Naples	86088	 250g58 500g113 1000g215
Cucurbita moschata f1 Autumn Crown winter squash	550846	 25s8 50s11 75s18 100s18 250s37 500s69
Cucurbita pepo Australian Butter	553645	 28g23 113g60 25s9
Cucurbita pepo Gourds ornamental mix	452440	 50g27 100g41 250g22 500g36 1000g64 2500g117 10000g341 25000g795 1p8 30s8
Cucurbita pepo Gourds ornamental mix large fruited	553663	 100g12 250g21 500g36 1000g64 2500g117 10000g341 25000g785
Cucurbita pepo Verte des Maraichers courgette	437924	 100g16 250g32 500g57 1000g81 2500g139 10000g368 25000g795
Cucurbita pepo Verte et Jaune patisson	444678	 28g23 113g63 25s11
Cucurbita pepo de Nice courgette ronde	39694	 10g8 50g11 100g15 100g18 250g28 500g49 1000g92 2500g166 10000g440 25000g957 1p4
Cucurbita pepo f1 Safari courgette	550844	 25s13 50s15 100s26 250s56 500s98
Cynara cardunculus Bianco Avorio	551958	 50g12 100g21 150g30 200g35 250g41
Cynara cardunculus Blanc Inerme Argente Ameliore	69566	 3g13
Cynara cardunculus Blanco Spineless	65815	 4g10 100g16 250g32 500g57 1000g85 2500g146 10000g392 25000g849
Cynara cardunculus Epineux argente de Plainpalais	401142	 3g11 25g25 100g74 500g291 1000g556
Cynara cardunculus Epineux argente de Plainpalais organic seeds	462140	 100g85 500g404 1000g631
Cynara cardunculus Porto Spineless	29143	 100g47 250g110 500g210 1000g370 1p8
Cynara cardunculus Vert de Vaulx en Velin	401140	 4g10 10g13 25g26 100g79 500g303 1p4
Cynara scolymus Vert de Laon / de Provence	83972	 5g8 10g9 50g22 100g38 250g87 1000g225 2500g428 10000g1245 25000g2704 1p4 70s8
Cynara scolymus Violet hatif de Provence	401575	 5g8 10g11 25g15 50g23 100g40 250g92 1000g210 2500g459 10000g1371 25000g3107
Cynara scolymus f1 Amethyste	551862	 10s28
Cynara scolymus f1 Loma	461475	 10s31 30s88 50s143 100s261 250s595
Cynara scolymus f1 Pyrenees	551863	 10s28
Daucus carota ssp sativa Chantenay 2 Red Cored	65019	 6g8 25g10 50g16 100g28 150g43 250g27 500g48 1000g89 2500g154 10000g418 25000g900
Daucus carota ssp sativa Chantenay 3	462961	 100g17 250g35 500g63 1000g89 2500g154 10000g418 25000g900
Daucus carota ssp sativa Colmar / Flakkee	437919	 10g8 100g17 250g35 500g63 1000g89 2500g154 10000g418 25000g900
Daucus carota ssp sativa Nantaise amelioree	437920	 50g16 100g30 250g28 500g49 1000g89 2500g154 10000g418 25000g900 1p8
Daucus carota ssp sativa Nantes 2 organic seed	46984	 10g14 50g20 100g33 250g75 500g136 1000g201 2000g335 2500g626 10000g1929 25000g41
Daucus carota ssp sativa Ronde hative de Paris	437922	 10g8
Daucus carota ssp sativa Touchon	65032	 6g8 100g17 250g36 500g66 1000g93 2500g162 10000g442 25000g957 1p9
Ipomoea tricolor Blue Jay	459825	 2g9 10g18 15g24 25g35 1p4
Lactuca sativa Blonde a Couper	404367	 250g28 500g50 1000g94 2500g170 10000g453 25000g984
Lactuca sativa Brune d Hiver	438910	 250g28 500g50 1000g94 2500g170 10000g453 25000g984
Lactuca sativa Cocarde large red oakleaf	403907	 50g28 100g45 250g72 500g104 1000g183 1p8
Lactuca sativa Kagraner 2 d ete pommee	437925	 50g26 100g42 250g41 500g76 1000g106 2500g195 10000g527 25000g1145
Lactuca sativa Merveille d Hiver	438911	 10g10 12g8 25g10 25g34 50g13 100g19 250g40 500g76 1000g108 2500g195 10000g527 25
Lactuca sativa Merveille d Hiver organic seed	552371	 100g102 500g382 1000g713
Lactuca sativa Merveille des Quatre Saisons	68742	 10g10 25g15 50g26 100g13 250g24 500g42 1000g75 2500g170 10000g452 25000g984 1p8
Lactuca sativa Rougette du Midi / de Montpellier	438908	 25g20 50g28 100g25 250g55 500g104 1000g181 500s8
Lens culinaris Lentillon Rose de Champagne	86105	 250g13
Lycopersicon esculentum Rose de Berne	438261	 1g8 2g11 5g15 10g23 25g49 50g92 100g120 500g862 1000g1659 1p4 450s8
Lycopersicon esculentum Rose de Berne organic seed	552373	 50g103 100g199 500g974 1000g1809
Lycopersicon esculentum St. Pierre	76833	 1g11 2g19 3g28 4g35 5g41 250g84 500g158 1000g214 2500g404 10000g1183 25000g2569
Mesclun / Misticanza / Saladini	448470	 10g21 50g16 100g26 250g57 500g86 1000g122 2500g268 10000g757 25000g1629 1p8
Mesclun Classic French Mix	453616	 10g10 25g20 50g36 100g64 250g142 500g259 1000g474
Mesclun organic seed	462985	 50g76 100g145 250g208 500g410 1000g568
Mesclun select sprouting mix organic seed	462993	 100g21 250g44 500g81 1000g114 2500g200 10000g566 25000g1226
Mesclun select sprouting seed mix	462992	 250g23 500g40 1000g72 2500g123 10000g318 25000g688
Ocimum basilicum Green Globe Basil	73885	 10g14 20g25 25g23 30g33 50g40 100g74 1000g519 1p8 500s8
Pastinaca sativa Panais de Guernesey	437938	 25g10 250g174 1000g54 1500g97 2500g126 10000g318 25000g688
Petroselinum crispum Hortense large plain leaved	33633	 25g11 28g18 50g16 75g24 100g27 250g64 500g101 1000g37 1500g108 2500g83 5000g208
Phaseolus coccineus La Vigneronne runner bean organic seed	552368	 250g27 500g48 1000g86 5000g307
Phaseolus vulgaris Alaric prov. Tarbais	448258	 500g42 1000g92 7500g371 10000g416 25000g754 100000g2549 250000g5035
Phaseolus vulgaris Clarion / Allure	66475	 100g15 200g23 500g38 1000g58 6000g230 26000g820
Phaseolus vulgaris Corona	66467	 1000g60 2500g140 5000g249 10000g361 25000g658 100000g1980 250000g4363
Phaseolus vulgaris Fasold French climbing bean	453456	 250g28 500g40 1000g62 2500g113 5000g185 10000g276
Phaseolus vulgaris Fin de Bagnols bush filet	65083	 50s9
Phaseolus vulgaris Flajoly flageolet vert	39281	 500g42 1000g75 10000g446
Phaseolus vulgaris Hatif de Limbourg (Saxa)	551318	 500g26 1000g45 2500g103 5000g175 10000g231 25000g460 100000g1357 250000g2885
Phaseolus vulgaris La Victoire dwarf mangetout	457745	 1000g45 2500g103 10000g231 25000g460 100000g1357 250000g2885
Phaseolus vulgaris La Victoire dwarf mangetout organic seed	552367	 250g25 500g43 1000g79 5000g266
Phaseolus vulgaris Mrs. T s Ukrainian bean	553612	 30s13
Phaseolus vulgaris Nassau dwarf French bean	439039	 100g11 250g19 500g32 1000g57 2500g102 5000g166 10000g334 25000g658 100000g1980 2
Phaseolus vulgaris Purpiat / Sequoia	401319	 150g31
Phaseolus vulgaris Purple Queen French dwarf bean	82608	 250g25 500g25 1000g43 2000g85 2500g99 3000g117 4000g141 5000g159 10000g268 25000
Phaseolus vulgaris Purple Teepee dwarf French bean	401316	 500g28 1000g49 2000g91 3000g126 4000g153 5000g175 1p8
Phaseolus vulgaris Telstar French dwarf bean mangetout	66476	 100g15 200g23 500g38 1000g58 6000g225 26000g825
Phaseolus vulgaris Triomph de Farcy French dwarf bean bush filet	65084	 500g26 1000g45 2500g103 10000g231 25000g460 100000g1357 250000g2885
Pisum sativum Carouby de Maussanne mangetout	407394	 100g12 200g17 250g13 500g19 1000g31 2000g61 2500g70 5000g106 6000g149 10000g155
Pisum sativum Douce Provence	66002	 250g13 500g19 1000g32 2500g70 5000g107 7500g135 10000g155 25000g337 300s10
Portulaca oleracea Aurea Golden Purslane	16702	 10g6 12g8 25g10 50g14 100g22 250g46 500g269 1000g178 2500g336 10000g961 25000g20
Portulaca oleracea Aurea for micro purslane golden	536570	 50g36 100g64 250g141
Raphanus sativus Radish Black Spanish round organic	46993	 25g14 50g21 100g36 150g53 250g79 500g139 1000g243 2500g459 10000g1370
Raphanus sativus Radish Cherry Belle	66126	 50g8 100g9 250g16 500g25 1000g44 2500g101 10000g238 25000g500 1p4
Raphanus sativus Radish Cherry Belle organic seed	550731	 10g14 100g54 500g104 1000g201 1p8 500s8
Raphanus sativus Radish French Breakfast	66118	 10g6 25g8 50g10 100g14 250g27 500g48 1000g90 1p4
Raphanus sativus Radish French Breakfast 3 organic seed	46991	 50g20 100g33 150g58 250g76 500g141 1000g194 2500g368 10000g1060 25000g2300 1p8 5
Raphanus sativus Radish Long White Daikon / Icicle	66117	 25g8 50g10 100g16 200g25 300g37 400g43 500g49 1000g92 1p4 300s8
Raphanus sativus Radish Munchner Bier oval white winter	457702	 500g27 1000g47 2500g110 10000g264 25000g554
Raphanus sativus Radish Pernot Clair	552332	 500g25 1000g44 2500g101 10000g238 25000g500
Raphanus sativus Radish Red Meat	66115	 10g14 20g20 30g31 50g44 100g80 100s8
Raphanus sativus Radish Saxa 2 early round organic seed	46992	 100g27 200g43 250g46 300g65 500g86 1000g160 2500g304 10000g862 25000g1870 500s8
Salad Mix Tasty Mustard	551443	 10g10 25g18 100g47 500g191 1000g330
Spinacia oleracea Spinach Monstreux de Viroflay	458459	 100g13 200g21 500g35 1000g54 2500g48 5000g88 10000g167 25000g352 100000g1205
Taraxacum officinale Thick-leaved Improved	35492	 10g35 100g128 1000g432 2000g765 1p8 1000s8
Taraxacum officinale a coeur plein ameliore	69596	 50g40 100g73 250g177 500g343 1000g482 2500g916 10000g2780 350s8
Valerianella locusta Coquille de Louviers	401059	 25g8 50g10 100g13 250g24 500g39 1000g69 2500g142 1p4
Valerianella locusta Verte a coeur plein / Volhart	434352	 1000g75 2500g142 10000g367 25000g796
Valerianella locusta Verte de Cambrai	35365	 50g14 100g24 150g34 200g41 250g50 500g31 1000g55 2000g101 2500g142 10000g367 250
Valerianella locusta Verte de Cambrai organic seed	550729	 250g55 500g104 1000g201
Valerianella locusta Vit ayr	35366	 25g14 50g22 100g37 150g59 200g73 250g80 500g144 1p8
Valerianella locusta Vit organic seed	448233	 10g8 20g26 25g15 30g39 50g24 100g44 250g97 500g171 350s4
Valerianella locusta a grosse grain / Dutch	68322	 25g14 100g40 500g32 1000g55 2000g101 2500g130 10000g342 25000g742 1p8
Vicia faba Listra early	457712	 1000g53 2500g123 10000g287 25000g567 100000g1700 250000g3691
Vicia faba hilum white	457710	 5000g108 10000g146 25000g314 100000g986 250000g1844

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