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"Agave" from B & T World Seeds current Botanical name price lists

Agave americana
Agave angustifolia
Agave angustifolia Marginata
Agave angustifolia Presa de los Serna AGS
Agave asperrima
Agave attenuata
Agave bracteosa
Agave cupreata
Agave deserti
Agave funkiana
Agave geminiflora
Agave gigantensis
Agave guiengola
Agave havardiana
Agave horrida
Agave hurteri Zunil Guat.
Agave karwinskii Teotitlan
Agave lechuguilla
Agave macroacantha Teotihuacan
Agave macroculmis Conception del Oro
Agave montana
Agave neomexicana
Agave ornithobroma
Agave pachycentra El Progresso Guat.
Agave parryi ssp parryi
Agave parryi v couesii
Agave parviflora cit
Agave parviflora Ruby Az cit
Agave polyanthiflora Nacori Chico Son.
Agave potatorum
Agave salmiana
Agave schidigera Durango-Mazatlan
Agave shrevei v magna Batopilas Chih.
Agave sisalana
Agave sp. unident.
Agave spp. mix
Agave stricta nana Minas Asbestos
Agave tenuifolia v glauca
Agave tequilana
Agave toumeyana Apache Trail Az
Agave triangularis Tehuacan
Agave utahensis
Agave victoriae-reginae
Agave vizcainoensis Vizcaino BCS
Agave xylonacantha

Botanical Synonym results for "Agave":

"Agave atrovirens" - Agave salmiana
"Agave bulliana" - Prochnianthes mexicana
"Agave caeciliana" - Agave asperrima
"Agave cubensis" - Furcraea hexapetala
"Agave eduardii" - Agave vilmoriniana
"Agave elongata" - Agave angustifolia
"Agave ferdinandi-regis" - Agave victoriae-reginae
"Agave filifera ssp multifilife" - Agave multifilifera
"Agave filifera v colimana" - Agave colimana
"Agave foetida" - Furcraea foetida
"Agave heteracantha" - Agave univitatta
"Agave hexapetala" - Furcraea hexapetala
"Agave lespinassei" - Agave angustifolia
"Agave lophantha" - Agave univitatta
"Agave maculosa" - Manfreda maculosa
"Agave mayoensis" - Agave vilmoriniana
"Agave mitriformis" - Agave salmiana
"Agave morrisii" - Agave sobolifera
"Agave potatorum v verschaffelt" - Agave potatorum
"Agave potosina" - Manfreda potosina
"Agave rasconensis" - Agave americana
"Agave roezliana" - Agave ghiesbreghtii
"Agave roezliana var. gilbeyi" - Agave ghiesbreghtii
"Agave scabra" - Agave asperrima
"Agave tortispina" - Agave seemanniana
"Agave tuberosa" - Furcraea tuberosa
"Agave variegata" - Manfreda variegata
"Agave vestita" - Agave schidigera
"Agave victosiae-reginae fa com" - Agave victoriae-reginae dwarf form
"Agave virginica" - Manfreda virginica
"Agave virginica var. tigrina" - Manfreda virginica
"Agave vivipara" - Agave angustifolia
"Agave wightii" - Agave angustifolia
"Agave wislizeni" - Agave asperrima
"Agave wrightii" - Agave angustifolia
"Agave yaquiana" - Agave angustifolia
"Agave zapupe" - Agave angustifolia
"Agave zonata" - Agave americana
All the "Agave" from our database

including currently available Agave, and Agave for which we do not have a current source.

Agave acklinicola
Agave affinis
Agave aktites San Carlos Son.
Agave albicans
Agave albomarginata
Agave americana
Agave americana Marginata
Agave americana Mediopicta
Agave americana Variegata
Agave angustiarum
Agave angustifolia
Agave angustifolia Marginata
Agave angustifolia Presa de los Serna AGS
Agave applanata
Agave arizonica
Agave asperrima
Agave atrovirens
Agave attenuata
Agave aurea
Agave avellanidens
Agave bahamana
Agave bovicornuta
Agave brachystachys
Agave bracteosa
Agave brandegeei
Agave brevispina
Agave caeciliana
Agave caespitosa
Agave cantula
Agave capensis Cabo San Lucas
Agave carminis
Agave celsii
Agave celsii Los Duraznos Hgo.
Agave celsii Maguey Verde Qro.
Agave celsii v albicans
Agave cerulata Catavina
Agave cerulata Sta. Catarina BCN
Agave cerulata v nelsonii
Agave chiapensis San Cristobal de las Casas
Agave chisosensis
Agave chloracantha
Agave chrysantha Mayer Az
Agave chrysantha n Black Canyon City Az
Agave chrysantha New River Mts. Az
Agave chrysoglossa
Agave chrysothele
Agave colimana
Agave colorata
Agave colorata San Carlos Bay
Agave congesta Comitan Chiapas
Agave connochaetodon
Agave couesii
Agave cubensis
Agave cupreata
Agave dasyliriodes Sta. Catarina Mor.
Agave datylio
Agave deserti
Agave deserti v simplex
Agave deserti v simplex Harcuvar Mts.
Agave deweyana
Agave difformis El Tephe Hid.
Agave difformis Victoria Gto.
Agave durangensis Sombrerete Zac.
Agave eduardii
Agave eggersiana
Agave ellemeetiana
Agave expansa
Agave falcata
Agave felgeri San Carlos Son.
Agave ferox
Agave filifera
Agave flexispina Parral Chih.
Agave fourcroydes
Agave franzosinii
Agave funkiana
Agave geminiflora
Agave geminiflora Ocotillo Nyar
Agave ghiesbreghtii
Agave gigantensis
Agave glomerulifera nat. hyb. S J d l Nuncios
Agave glomeruliflora
Agave goldmaniana
Agave gracilipes
Agave guadalarajana
Agave guiengola
Agave gypsophila
Agave harrisii
Agave hartmannii
Agave havardiana
Agave havardiana Davis Mts. Tx
Agave heteracantha
Agave hexapetala
Agave hiemiflora Salama Guat.
Agave hookeri
Agave horrida
Agave huachucensis
Agave hurteri Zunil Guat.
Agave hybrid
Agave impressa Escuinapa
Agave inaequidens
Agave indagatorum
Agave intrepida
Agave isthmensis
Agave karwinskii Teotitlan
Agave karwinskii Tlacolula Oax.
Agave kerchovei
Agave kerchovei Penamiller Qro.
Agave kewensis
Agave lechuguilla
Agave lechuguilla Franklin Mts. Tx
Agave lechuguilla Sra de la Paila Coah.
Agave lechuguilla Zimapan Hid.
Agave letonae
Agave lophantha
Agave lurida
Agave macracantha
Agave macroacantha
Agave macroacantha Con Buenavista Oax.
Agave macroacantha Teotihuacan
Agave macroculmis Carneros Coah.
Agave macroculmis Conception del Oro
Agave mapisaga
Agave margaritae Isla Magdalena
Agave marmorata Sierra Mixteca
Agave mckelveyana
Agave mckelveyana e Yava Az
Agave mckelveyana Hualapai Mts. Az
Agave mckelveyana sw Bagdad Az
Agave mescal
Agave mirabilis
Agave mitriformis
Agave montana
Agave morrisii
Agave multifilifera
Agave murpheyi
Agave nelsonii
Agave neomexicana
Agave neomexicana Guadalupe Mt Range NM LZ 2081
Agave neomexicana Sacramento Mts. NM
Agave neomexicana w Artesia
Agave nivea
Agave nizandensis Nizanda Oax.
Agave oblongata
Agave obscura Perote VC
Agave ocahui Guasabas Son.
Agave ocahui v longifolia
Agave orcuttiana
Agave ornithobroma
Agave oroensis Est Margarita Zac.
Agave ousselghemiana
Agave ovatifolia
Agave pachycentra El Progresso Guat.
Agave palmeri
Agave palmeri e Divisadero Son.
Agave palmeri e Douglas Az
Agave palmeri e Sonoita Az
Agave palmeri Huachuca Mts. Az
Agave palmeri Pinal Mts Az
Agave palmeri Ruby Az
Agave pampaniniana
Agave parrasana Sra Parras
Agave parryi s Alpine Az
Agave parryi ssp huachucensis
Agave parryi ssp huachucensis s Patagonia Az
Agave parryi ssp parryi
Agave parryi ssp parryi bright red teeth
Agave parryi ssp parryi ne Globe Az
Agave parryi ssp parryi sw Prescott
Agave parryi v couesii
Agave parryi v cousei s Camp Verde Az
Agave parryi v truncata
Agave parvidentata Volc. Santa Ana El Salvador
Agave parviflora cit
Agave parviflora Ruby Az cit
Agave parviflora v flexiflora
Agave patonii
Agave peacockii Tehuacan
Agave pedunculifera w Durango in Sierras
Agave pelona
Agave pendula Jalapa VC
Agave picta
Agave polyacantha v xalapensis Las Vigas
Agave polyanthiflora
Agave polyanthiflora Nacori Chico Son.
Agave potatorum
Agave potatorum dwarf Nativitas Oax.
Agave potatorum se Tehuacan
Agave pringlei
Agave promontori Sra. Laguna Baja
Agave promontorii
Agave pumila
Agave pygmaea Comitas Chiapas
Agave rigida
Agave roezliana
Agave roseana
Agave rupicola
Agave salmiana
Agave salmiana v ferox huge wavy teeth
Agave salmiana v ferox Tlacotepec Pue.
Agave sartorii
Agave scabra
Agave scabra Baluarte Zac.
Agave scabra Hundido Coah.
Agave scabra v zarcensis La Zarca
Agave schidigera
Agave schidigera Durango-Mazatlan
Agave schidigera La Congoja Ags.
Agave schottii
Agave schottii Guadelupe Canyon
Agave schottii Santa Catalina Mts. Az
Agave schottii Santa Cruz Co. Az
Agave schottii Santa Rita Mts.
Agave schottii Whetstone Mts. Az
Agave sebastiana
Agave seemanniana
Agave shawii
Agave shawii v goldmanniana San Borja BCN
Agave shawii v goldmannii Punta Prieta
Agave shrevei v magna Batopilas Chih.
Agave shrevei v matapensis
Agave sisalana
Agave sobolifera
Agave sobria Santa Rosalie BCS
Agave sobria ssp frailensis
Agave sobria ssp roseana
Agave sp. unident.
Agave spp. mix
Agave striata Escondido NL
Agave striata Ixmiquilpan
Agave striata long slender silver-grey lvs.
Agave striata Providencia SLP
Agave striata Tula Tam
Agave striata v falcata la Hedionda Coah.
Agave striata Vista Hermosa Qro.
Agave striata w Zimapan
Agave striata Zaragosa NL
Agave stricta
Agave stricta Iquitlan Plumas Oaxa.
Agave stricta Minor
Agave stricta nana Minas Asbestos
Agave stringens Rio Blanco
Agave subsimplex
Agave tenuifolia v glauca
Agave tequilana
Agave terraccianoi
Agave titanota Tamazulapan
Agave tortispina
Agave toumeyana Apache Trail Az
Agave toumeyana s Globe Az
Agave toumeyana ssp toumeyana Az
Agave toumeyana Sunflower Az
Agave toumeyana v bella Az
Agave toumeyana v bella Gila Co Az
Agave treleasei
Agave triangularis smooth Tehuacan
Agave triangularis Tehuacan
Agave tuberosa
Agave univitatta
Agave utahensis
Agave utahensis Littlefield Az
Agave utahensis Peach Springs Az
Agave utahensis ssp eborispina
Agave utahensis ssp eborispina n Las Vegas Nv Lz 2
Agave utahensis ssp kaibabensis Az
Agave utahensis ssp kaibabensis Coconino Co Az
Agave utahensis ssp kaibabensis Echo Cliffs Az
Agave utahensis ssp kaibabensis Meadview Az
Agave utahensis ssp kaibabensis w Cameron Az
Agave utahensis v eborispina Charleston Peak Nv
Agave utahensis v eborispina Kingston Mt. Ca
Agave utahensis v nevadensis Nv
Agave utahensis v nevadensis Shiwitt Plateau Nv
Agave variegata
Agave vexans
Agave victoriae-reginae
Agave victoriae-reginae dwarf form
Agave victoriae-reginae Huasteca Canyon
Agave victoriae-reginae Sra. Parras
Agave vilmoriniana
Agave vizcainoensis Vizcaino BCS
Agave wercklei
Agave wislizeni
Agave wocomahi
Agave xalapensis
Agave xylonacantha
Agave xylonacantha aff.
Agave zebra
Knautia saragavensis Pink Stars
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