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"Agrostis" from B & T World Seeds current Botanical name price lists

Agrostis avenacea bs
Agrostis canina ssp canina
Agrostis castellana comm.
Agrostis gigantea
Agrostis hyemalis
Agrostis nebulosa comm.
Agrostis nebulosa wild form
Agrostis pallens
Agrostis stolonifera comm.
Agrostis stolonifera Penncross
Agrostis stolonifera wild form
Agrostis tenuis
Agrostis tenuis Highland
Agrostis vinealis wild form
Calamagrostis brachytricha
Calamagrostis canadensis
Calamagrostis epigejos
Eragrostis capensis
Eragrostis ciliaris
Eragrostis curvula
Eragrostis elliottii
Eragrostis gummiflua
Eragrostis japonica
Eragrostis spectabilis
Eragrostis tef
Eragrostis tenella
Eragrostis trichodes
Stipa calamagrostis

Botanical Synonym results for "Agrostis":

"Achnatherum calamagrostis" - Stipa calamagrostis
"Agrostis airoides" - Sporobolus airoides
"Agrostis alba" - Poa nemoralis
"Agrostis alba" - Agrostis gigantea
"Agrostis alba" - Agrostis stolonifera comm.
"Agrostis alba subsp. gigantea" - Agrostis gigantea
"Agrostis alba var. gigantea" - Agrostis gigantea
"Agrostis arundinacea" - Calamagrostis arundinacea
"Agrostis aspera" - Sporobolus compositus
"Agrostis avenoides" - Calamagrostis avenoides
"Agrostis bromoides" - Achnatherum bromoides
"Agrostis buchtienii" - Agrostis vidalii
"Agrostis canina var. aequivalv" - Agrostis aequivalvis
"Agrostis capillaris" - Agrostis nebulosa comm.
"Agrostis ciliata" - Arundinella hirta
"Agrostis cryptandra" - Sporobolus cryptandrus
"Agrostis densior" - Zingeria pisidica
"Agrostis holciformis" - Piptatherum holciforme
"Agrostis indica" - Sporobolus indicus
"Agrostis interrupta" - Apera interrupta
"Agrostis karsensis" - Agrostis stolonifera comm.
"Agrostis lessoniana" - Anemanthele lessoniana
"Agrostis matrella" - Zoysia matrella
"Agrostis maxima" - Thysanolaena latifolia
"Agrostis mexicana" - Muhlenbergia mexicana
"Agrostis microphylla var. hend" - Agrostis hendersonii
"Agrostis miliacea" - Piptatherum miliaceum
"Agrostis nigra" - Agrostis gigantea
"Agrostis paradoxa" - Piptatherum paradoxum
"Agrostis pernambucensis" - Panicum pernambucense
"Agrostis procera" - Eriochloa procera
"Agrostis purpurascens" - Sporobolus purpurascens
"Agrostis pyramidata" - Sporobolus pyramidatus
"Agrostis radiata" - Chloris radiata
"Agrostis semiverticillata" - Polypogon viridis
"Agrostis setacea" - Agrostis curtisii
"Agrostis spica-venti" - Apera spica-venti
"Agrostis spicata" - Sporobolus spicatus
"Agrostis stolonifera var. majo" - Agrostis gigantea
"Agrostis torreyi" - Muhlenbergia torreyi
"Agrostis ventricosa" - Gastridium ventricosum
"Agrostis verticillata" - Polypogon viridis
"Agrostis vinealis" - Agrostis canina ssp canina
"Agrostis virginica" - Sporobolus virginicus
"Agrostis viridis" - Polypogon viridis
"Agrostis youngii" - Calamagrostis youngii
"Arundo calamagrostis" - Calamagrostis canescens
"Calamagrostis armata" - Calamagrostis alba
"Calamagrostis arundinacea var." - Calamagrostis brachytricha
"Calamagrostis cinnoides" - Calamagrostis coarctata
"Calamagrostis coarctata" - Calamagrostis fibrovaginata
"Calamagrostis gigantea" - Calamovilfa gigantea
"Calamagrostis lanceolata" - Calamagrostis canescens
"Calamagrostis longifolia" - Calamovilfa longifolia
"Calamagrostis montevidensis va" - Calamagrostis alba
"Calamagrostis plumosa" - Jarava plumosa
"Eragrostis abyssinica" - Eragrostis tef
"Eragrostis acuminata" - Eragrostis maypurensis
"Eragrostis atherstonei" - Eragrostis trichophora
"Eragrostis atrovirens var. hes" - Eragrostis atrovirens
"Eragrostis atroviridis" - Eragrostis atrovirens
"Eragrostis brachyphylla" - Eragrostiella brachyphylla
"Eragrostis brasiliensis" - Eragrostis airoides
"Eragrostis chaetophylla" - Eragrostis setifolia
"Eragrostis chalcantha" - Eragrostis racemosa
"Eragrostis chariis" - Eragrostis nutans
"Eragrostis chloromelas" - Eragrostis curvula
"Eragrostis collocarpa" - Eragrostis tenuifolia
"Eragrostis conferta" - Eragrostis japonica
"Eragrostis curvula var. ampla" - Eragrostis curvula
"Eragrostis curvula var. confer" - Eragrostis curvula
"Eragrostis curvula var. valida" - Eragrostis curvula
"Eragrostis cynosuriodes" - Desmostachya bipinnata
"Eragrostis denudata" - Eragrostis nindensis
"Eragrostis diffusa" - Eragrostis pectinacea
"Eragrostis domingensis" - Eragrostis prolifera
"Eragrostis elegans" - Eragrostis japonica
"Eragrostis elegans" - Eragrostis tenella
"Eragrostis elegantula" - Eragrostis nutans
"Eragrostis elegantula" - Eragrostis gangetica
"Eragrostis expansa" - Eragrostis bahiensis
"Eragrostis fascicularis" - Eragrostis prolifera
"Eragrostis flaccida" - Eragrostis lugens
"Eragrostis flamignii" - Eragrostis gangetica
"Eragrostis glomerata" - Eragrostis japonica
"Eragrostis horizontalis" - Eragrostis cylindriflora
"Eragrostis hygrophila" - Eragrostis homomalla
"Eragrostis interrupta" - Eragrostis tenella
"Eragrostis jeffreysii" - Eragrostis curvula
"Eragrostis karasbergensis" - Eragrostis scopelophila
"Eragrostis lappula var. divari" - Eragrostis lappula
"Eragrostis lasiantha" - Eragrostis olivacea
"Eragrostis lehmanniana var. am" - Eragrostis lehmanniana
"Eragrostis linearis" - Eragrostis prolifera
"Eragrostis major" - Eragrostis cilianensis
"Eragrostis margaritacea" - Eragrostis rotifer
"Eragrostis megastachya" - Eragrostis cilianensis
"Eragrostis namaquensis" - Eragrostis japonica
"Eragrostis piercei" - Coelachyrum piercei
"Eragrostis pilifera" - Eragrostis trichodes
"Eragrostis plumosa" - Eragrostis amabilis
"Eragrostis poaeoides" - Eragrostis minor
"Eragrostis pseudosclerantha" - Eragrostis patentipilosa
"Eragrostis robusta" - Eragrostis curvula
"Eragrostis schimperi" - Harpachne schimperi
"Eragrostis seineri" - Eragrostis rigidior
"Eragrostis stenophylla" - Eragrostis gangetica
"Eragrostis suaveolens" - Eragrostis minor
"Eragrostis subulata" - Eragrostis curvula
"Eragrostis tenella" - Eragrostis amabilis
"Eragrostis trichocolea" - Eragrostis polytricha
"Eragrostis uniolae" - Briza uniolae
"Eragrostis yemenica" - Coelachyrum yemenicum
"Lachnagrostis filiformis" - Agrostis avenacea bs
"Lachnagrostis lyallii" - Agrostis lyallii
"Lachnagrostis phleoides" - Gastridium phleoides
"Lasiagrostis bromoides" - Achnatherum bromoides
"Lasiagrostis caragana" - Achnatherum caragana
"Neeragrostis reptans" - Eragrostis reptans
"Poa eragrostis" - Eragrostis minor
"Podagrostis aequivalvis" - Agrostis aequivalvis
"Podagrostis humilis" - Agrostis humilis
"Podagrostis thurberiana" - Agrostis thurberiana
"Stipagrostis papposa" - Stipagrostis uniplumis
"Stipagrostis purpurea" - Aristida purpurea
"Thysanolaena agrostis" - Thysanolaena latifolia
All the "Agrostis" from our database

including currently available Agrostis, and Agrostis for which we do not have a current source.

Agrostis aequivalvis
Agrostis africana
Agrostis agrostiflora
Agrostis algida
Agrostis alpina
Agrostis anadyrensis
Agrostis aspera
Agrostis avenacea bs
Agrostis avenoides
Agrostis bergiana
Agrostis biebersteiniana
Agrostis borealis
Agrostis breviculmis
Agrostis bromoides
Agrostis buchtienii
Agrostis canina Silver Needles
Agrostis canina ssp canina
Agrostis capensis
Agrostis castellana comm.
Agrostis clavata
Agrostis curtisii
Agrostis densior
Agrostis diandra
Agrostis dyeri
Agrostis elliottiana
Agrostis eriantha
Agrostis exarata
Agrostis fertilis
Agrostis flaccida
Agrostis foliosa
Agrostis gigantea
Agrostis hendersonii
Agrostis holciformis
Agrostis hugoniana
Agrostis humilis
Agrostis hyemalis
Agrostis hygrometrica
Agrostis idahoensis
Agrostis inaequiglumis
Agrostis indica
Agrostis keniensis
Agrostis koelerioides
Agrostis lachnantha
Agrostis lateriflora
Agrostis leptotricha
Agrostis lessoniana
Agrostis limprichtii
Agrostis longiligula
Agrostis lyallii
Agrostis maritima
Agrostis maxima
Agrostis mertensii
Agrostis microphylla
Agrostis miliacea
Agrostis mongolica
Agrostis montevidensis
Agrostis munroana
Agrostis nebulosa comm.
Agrostis nebulosa wild form
Agrostis nervosa
Agrostis nipponensis
Agrostis pallens
Agrostis pallida
Agrostis palustris
Agrostis paradoxa
Agrostis perennans
Agrostis pernambucensis
Agrostis planifolia
Agrostis procera
Agrostis purpurascens
Agrostis pyramidata
Agrostis radiata
Agrostis retrofracta
Agrostis rupestris
Agrostis scabra
Agrostis scabriglumis
Agrostis semiverticillata
Agrostis setacea
Agrostis spicata
Agrostis stolonifera comm.
Agrostis stolonifera Penncross
Agrostis stolonifera Providence
Agrostis stolonifera wild form
Agrostis tandilensis
Agrostis tenuifolia
Agrostis tenuis
Agrostis tenuis Highland
Agrostis thurberiana
Agrostis tolucensis
Agrostis torreyi
Agrostis transcaspica
Agrostis trinii
Agrostis verticillata
Agrostis vidalii
Agrostis vinealis wild form
Agrostis viridis
Agrostis vulgaris
Agrostis youngii
Ammocalamagrostis baltica
Arctagrostis arundinacea
Arctagrostis latifolia
Arctagrostis poaeoides
Calamagrostis acutiflora
Calamagrostis alba
Calamagrostis andina
Calamagrostis angustifolia
Calamagrostis armata
Calamagrostis arundinacea
Calamagrostis avenoides
Calamagrostis brachytricha
Calamagrostis canadensis
Calamagrostis canescens
Calamagrostis cinnoides
Calamagrostis coarctata
Calamagrostis compacta
Calamagrostis emodensis
Calamagrostis epigejos
Calamagrostis epigioides
Calamagrostis fibrovaginata
Calamagrostis foliosa
Calamagrostis gigantea
Calamagrostis hyperborea
Calamagrostis inexpansa
Calamagrostis insperata
Calamagrostis langsdorffii
Calamagrostis lapponica
Calamagrostis leonardii
Calamagrostis longearistata
Calamagrostis macrolepis
Calamagrostis montevidensis
Calamagrostis neglecta
Calamagrostis nepalensis
Calamagrostis nutkaensis
Calamagrostis parsana
Calamagrostis phragmitoides
Calamagrostis plumosa
Calamagrostis porteri
Calamagrostis pseudophragmites
Calamagrostis purpurea
Calamagrostis rubescens
Calamagrostis sciuroides
Calamagrostis stricta
Calamagrostis tolucensis
Calamagrostis varia
Calamagrostis villosa
Calamagrostis viridiflavescens
Calamagrostis youngii
Cyperus eragrostis
Eragrostis acuminata
Eragrostis acutiflora
Eragrostis acutiglumis
Eragrostis aethiopica
Eragrostis airoides
Eragrostis amabilis
Eragrostis annulata
Eragrostis aquatica
Eragrostis articulata
Eragrostis aspera
Eragrostis atherstonei
Eragrostis atrovirens
Eragrostis atroviridis
Eragrostis australasica
Eragrostis bahiensis
Eragrostis barbinodis
Eragrostis barrelieri
Eragrostis bergiana
Eragrostis bicolor
Eragrostis brachyphylla
Eragrostis brizantha
Eragrostis brownii
Eragrostis caesia
Eragrostis caespitosa
Eragrostis capensis
Eragrostis capillaris
Eragrostis chalcantha
Eragrostis chapelieri
Eragrostis chariis
Eragrostis chloromelas
Eragrostis cilianensis
Eragrostis ciliaris
Eragrostis ciliolata
Eragrostis collocarpa
Eragrostis conferta
Eragrostis congesta
Eragrostis curvula
Eragrostis cylindrica
Eragrostis cylindriflora
Eragrostis cynosuriodes
Eragrostis denudata
Eragrostis dielsii
Eragrostis domingensis
Eragrostis echinochloidea
Eragrostis elliottii
Eragrostis elongata
Eragrostis eremea (name unresolved)
Eragrostis eriopoda
Eragrostis expansa
Eragrostis falcata
Eragrostis fascicularis
Eragrostis fendleriana
Eragrostis ferruginea
Eragrostis flaccida
Eragrostis flamignii
Eragrostis fosbergii
Eragrostis gangetica
Eragrostis glomerata
Eragrostis gummiflua
Eragrostis habrantha
Eragrostis heteromera
Eragrostis hispida
Eragrostis homomalla
Eragrostis horizontalis
Eragrostis hosakae
Eragrostis humidicola
Eragrostis hygrophila
Eragrostis hypnoides
Eragrostis intermedia
Eragrostis japonica
Eragrostis karasbergensis
Eragrostis lacunaria
Eragrostis laniflora
Eragrostis lanipes
Eragrostis lappula
Eragrostis lasiantha
Eragrostis lehmanniana
Eragrostis leptocarpa
Eragrostis leptostachya
Eragrostis linearis
Eragrostis lugens
Eragrostis macilenta
Eragrostis margaritacea
Eragrostis maypurensis
Eragrostis megalosperma
Eragrostis megastachya
Eragrostis mexicana
Eragrostis micrantha
Eragrostis minor
Eragrostis namaquensis
Eragrostis neesii
Eragrostis nevinii
Eragrostis nigra
Eragrostis nindensis
Eragrostis nutans
Eragrostis obtusa
Eragrostis olivacea
Eragrostis oxylepis
Eragrostis pallens
Eragrostis paniciformis
Eragrostis papposa
Eragrostis parviflora
Eragrostis patens
Eragrostis patentipilosa
Eragrostis patentissima
Eragrostis pectinacea
Eragrostis peruviana
Eragrostis piercei
Eragrostis pilosa
Eragrostis plana
Eragrostis planiculmis
Eragrostis plumosa
Eragrostis poa
Eragrostis polytricha
Eragrostis porosa
Eragrostis prolifera
Eragrostis pseudo-obtusa
Eragrostis pseudosclerantha
Eragrostis racemosa
Eragrostis reptans
Eragrostis retinens
Eragrostis rigidior
Eragrostis rotifer
Eragrostis rufescens
Eragrostis sarmentosa
Eragrostis scabriflora
Eragrostis schimperi
Eragrostis scopelophila
Eragrostis secundiflora
Eragrostis seineri
Eragrostis setifolia
Eragrostis speciosa
Eragrostis spectabilis
Eragrostis squamata
Eragrostis starosselskyi
Eragrostis stenophylla
Eragrostis stolonifera
Eragrostis superba
Eragrostis tef
Eragrostis tef Ruby Silk
Eragrostis tenella
Eragrostis tenuifolia
Eragrostis tremula
Eragrostis trichocolea
Eragrostis trichodes
Eragrostis trichophora
Eragrostis truncata
Eragrostis uniolae
Eragrostis unioloides
Eragrostis virescens
Eragrostis viscosa
Eragrostis xerophila
Eragrostis yemenica
Lachnagrostis lyallii
Lachnagrostis phleoides
Lasiagrostis bromoides
Lasiagrostis caragana
Neeragrostis reptans
Podagrostis aequivalvis
Podagrostis humilis
Podagrostis thurberiana
Ptilagrostis dichotoma
Ptilagrostis mongholica
Ptilagrostis porteri
Stipa calamagrostis
Stipagrostis amabilis
Stipagrostis arachnoidea
Stipagrostis ciliata
Stipagrostis fastigiata
Stipagrostis hochstetteriana
Stipagrostis karelinii
Stipagrostis lanata
Stipagrostis namaquensis
Stipagrostis obtusa
Stipagrostis papposa
Stipagrostis pennata
Stipagrostis plumosa
Stipagrostis pungens
Stipagrostis raddiana
Stipagrostis scoparia
Stipagrostis uniplumis
Stipagrostis zeyheri
Thysanolaena agrostis
Xiphagrostis condensatus
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