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"Albuca" from B & T World Seeds current Botanical name price lists

Albuca abyssinica
Albuca acuminata
Albuca bracteata
Albuca canadensis
Albuca clanwilliamigloria
Albuca cooperi
Albuca decipiens
Albuca fastigiata
Albuca flaccida
Albuca glauca
Albuca humilis
Albuca juncifolia
Albuca kirstenii
Albuca longibracteata
Albuca longifolia
Albuca nelsonii
Albuca pachychlamys
Albuca setosa
Albuca setosa large form
Albuca shawii

Botanical Synonym results for "Albuca":

"Albuca aurea" - Ornithogalum auratum
"Albuca bainesii" - Albuca abyssinica
"Albuca canadensis" - Albuca maxima
"Albuca flaccida" - Ornithogalum flaccidum
"Albuca juncifolia" - Albuca imbricata
"Albuca major" - Albuca maxima
"Albuca maxima" - Albuca canadensis
"Albuca maxima" - Ornithogalum maximum
"Albuca minor" - Albuca maxima
"Albuca nelsonii" - Ornithogalum nelsonii
"Albuca pachychlamys" - Ornithogalum setosum
"Albuca setosa" - Ornithogalum setosum
All the "Albuca" from our database

including currently available Albuca, and Albuca for which we do not have a current source.

Albuca abyssinica
Albuca acuminata
Albuca africana
Albuca altissima
Albuca altissima Baviaanskloof nr Port Elizabeth
Albuca altissima Cambria s w Port Elizabeth
Albuca altissima Fairview Port Elizabeth
Albuca angolensis
Albuca aurea
Albuca batteniana
Albuca bracteata
Albuca canadensis
Albuca circinata
Albuca clanwilliamigloria
Albuca cooperi
Albuca cooperi yellow - green veined
Albuca decipiens
Albuca echinosperma aff
Albuca exuviata Coega e Port Elizabeth
Albuca fastigiata
Albuca fastigiata v floribunda
Albuca flaccida
Albuca foetida aff.
Albuca fragrans
Albuca glandulosa
Albuca glauca
Albuca grandis (name not approved)
Albuca humilis
Albuca imbricata
Albuca juncifolia
Albuca kirstenii
Albuca leucantha
Albuca longibracteata
Albuca longifolia
Albuca maxima
Albuca namaquensis
Albuca nelsonii
Albuca nelsonii aff. undescribed
Albuca nyikensis
Albuca pachychlamys
Albuca polyphylla
Albuca pulchra
Albuca pumila
Albuca rupestris
Albuca scabrocostata
Albuca schonlandii
Albuca schonlandii aff. Colchester nr. Port Eliz.
Albuca secunda
Albuca seineri
Albuca seineri Bulge River area
Albuca setosa
Albuca setosa aff.
Albuca setosa large form
Albuca setosa short form
Albuca setosa silvery leaf
Albuca shawii
Albuca sp. unident. 15 cm. flat lvs.
Albuca sp. unident. 15cm. tall white fl.
Albuca sp. unident. Alexander Bay
Albuca sp. unident. Anenous Pass
Albuca sp. unident. Augrabie Hills
Albuca sp. unident. Baviaanskloof nr. Port Elizabe
Albuca sp. unident. Blue Water Bay area e Port Eli
Albuca sp. unident. bright yellow fl.
Albuca sp. unident. bright yellow-green fl.
Albuca sp. unident. Carletoneville area Gauteng
Albuca sp. unident. Dirkiesdorp Escarpment
Albuca sp. unident. dwarf nr. Karringmelkspruit ne
Albuca sp. unident. dwarf small spikes Port Eliz.
Albuca sp. unident. ex JCA 15856
Albuca sp. unident. green and yellow fl.
Albuca sp. unident. in pebbly fynbos Port Elizabet
Albuca sp. unident. Kosies
Albuca sp. unident. large upright yellow fl.
Albuca sp. unident. Leandra Mpumalanga
Albuca sp. unident. Marico dist. nw Province
Albuca sp. unident. narrow canaliculate lvs.
Albuca sp. unident. ornamental Port Elizabeth area
Albuca sp. unident. s Oudtshoorn Little Karoo
Albuca sp. unident. s Port Elizabeth e Cape
Albuca sp. unident. se Moolman Mpumalanga
Albuca sp. unident. Witteberge ne Cape
Albuca sp. unident. yellow, green stripes
Albuca spiralis
Albuca spiralis aff.
Albuca stapffii
Albuca suaveolens
Albuca tortuosa
Albuca tortuosa aff. Port Elizabeth
Albuca tortuosa white fld. form
Albuca tricophylla
Albuca unifolia
Albuca virens
Albuca viridiflora
Albuca xanthocodon
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Herbal Medicinal names frequently refer to the part of the plant used and a version of the Latin name, for example "Belladonnae Radix", are the roots of Atropa belladonna ( the botanical name is sometimes written Atropa bella-donna )

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