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"Andropogon" from B & T World Seeds current Botanical name price lists

Andropogon appendiculatus
Andropogon gerardii
Andropogon glomeratus
Andropogon hallii
Andropogon ternarius
Andropogon virginicus

Botanical Synonym results for "Andropogon":

"Andropogon" - Sorghum halepense
"Andropogon acicularis" - Chrysopogon aciculatus
"Andropogon aciculatus" - Chrysopogon aciculatus
"Andropogon afer" - Ischaemum afrum
"Andropogon affinis" - Dichanthium sericeum b.s.
"Andropogon alopecuroides" - Saccharum alopecuroides
"Andropogon altus" - Bothriochloa alta
"Andropogon amaurus" - Polytrias indica
"Andropogon annulatus" - Dichanthium annulatum
"Andropogon anthistirioides" - Hyparrhenia anthistirioides
"Andropogon aristatus" - Dichanthium aristatum
"Andropogon arundinaceus" - Sorghum arundinaceum
"Andropogon aucheri" - Chrysopogon aucheri
"Andropogon aureus" - Eulalia aurea
"Andropogon australis" - Sorghum plumosum
"Andropogon australis subsp. le" - Sorghum leiocladum
"Andropogon avenaceus" - Sorghastrum nutans
"Andropogon barbatus" - Chloris barbata
"Andropogon barbatus" - Chloris dandyana
"Andropogon barbinodis" - Bothriochloa barbinodis
"Andropogon barbinodis var. per" - Bothriochloa barbinodis
"Andropogon barteri" - Hyparrhenia barteri
"Andropogon binatus" - Eulaliopsis binata
"Andropogon bipennatus" - Sorghastrum bipennatum
"Andropogon bladhii" - Bothriochloa bladhii
"Andropogon bombycinus" - Cymbopogon bombycinus
"Andropogon brachyatherus" - Ischaemum afrum
"Andropogon bracteatus" - Hyparrhenia bracteata
"Andropogon buchananii" - Hyparrhenia poecilotricha
"Andropogon caesius" - Cymbopogon caesius
"Andropogon capensis" - Eustachys paspaloides
"Andropogon caricosus" - Dichanthium caricosum
"Andropogon caucasicus" - Bothriochloa bladhii
"Andropogon ceresiiformis" - Monocymbium ceresiiforme
"Andropogon chloridiformis" - Dimeria chloridiformis
"Andropogon cirratus" - Schizachyrium cirratum
"Andropogon citratus" - Cymbopogon citratus b.s.
"Andropogon condensatus" - Schizachyrium condensatum
"Andropogon condylotrichus" - Euclasta condylotricha
"Andropogon confinis" - Hyparrhenia confinis
"Andropogon contortus" - Heteropogon contortus hort.
"Andropogon cotulifer" - Spodiopogon cotulifer
"Andropogon crassipes" - Ischaemum aristatum
"Andropogon cymbarius" - Hyparrhenia cymbaria
"Andropogon diplandrus" - Hyparrhenia diplandra
"Andropogon diversiflorus" - Polytrias indica
"Andropogon dregeanus" - Hyparrhenia dregeana
"Andropogon dulcis" - Eleocharis dulcis
"Andropogon edwardsianus" - Bothriochloa edwardsiana
"Andropogon elliottii" - Andropogon gyrans
"Andropogon emersus" - Bothriochloa barbinodis
"Andropogon erianthoides" - Bothriochloa erianthoides
"Andropogon ewartianus" - Bothriochloa ewartiana
"Andropogon exaristatus" - Bothriochloa exaristata
"Andropogon excavatus" - Cymbopogon caesius
"Andropogon filipendulus" - Hyparrhenia filipendula
"Andropogon finitimus" - Hyparrhenia finitima
"Andropogon flexuosus" - Cymbopogon flexuosus
"Andropogon foveolatus" - Dichanthium foveolatum
"Andropogon furcatus" - Andropogon gerardii
"Andropogon giganteus" - Cymbopogon giganteus
"Andropogon goeringii" - Cymbopogon goeringii
"Andropogon hackelii" - Chrysopogon hackelii
"Andropogon hassleri" - Bothriochloa hassleri
"Andropogon hirtiflorus" - Schizachyrium sanguineum
"Andropogon hirtus" - Hyparrhenia hirta
"Andropogon hispidus" - Arundinella hispida
"Andropogon insculptus" - Bothriochloa insculpta
"Andropogon insularis" - Digitaria insularis
"Andropogon intermedius" - Bothriochloa bladhii
"Andropogon intermedius var. ca" - Bothriochloa bladhii
"Andropogon ischaemum" - Bothriochloa ischaemum
"Andropogon jwarancusa" - Cymbopogon jwarancusa
"Andropogon kelleri" - Schizachyrium kelleri
"Andropogon lanceolatus" - Arthraxon lanceolatus
"Andropogon latifolius" - Ischaemum latifolium
"Andropogon macer" - Bothriochloa macra pellets
"Andropogon melanocarpus" - Heteropogon melanocarpus
"Andropogon micranthus" - Capillipedium parviflorum
"Andropogon microstachyus" - Schizachyrium microstachyum
"Andropogon minarum" - Sorghastrum minarum
"Andropogon monticola" - Andropogon monticola
"Andropogon monticola" - Chrysopogon fulvus
"Andropogon montufari" - Trachypogon montufari
"Andropogon muricatus" - Chrysopogon zizanoides
"Andropogon nardus" - Cymbopogon nardus
"Andropogon nardus var. colorat" - Cymbopogon coloratus
"Andropogon nardus var. flexuos" - Cymbopogon flexuosus
"Andropogon nervatus" - Cymbopogon nervatus
"Andropogon nervosus" - Sehima nervosa
"Andropogon nigritanus" - Chrysopogon nigritanus
"Andropogon nodosus" - Dichanthium aristatum
"Andropogon nodulibarbis" - Chrysopogon nodulibarbis
"Andropogon nutans" - Sorghastrum nutans
"Andropogon nutans var. avenace" - Sorghastrum nutans
"Andropogon obliquiberbis" - Schizachyrium fragile
"Andropogon odoratus" - Bothriochloa odorata
"Andropogon oliganthus" - Dichanthium oliganthum
"Andropogon papillipes" - Hyparrhenia papillipes
"Andropogon pendulus" - Cymbopogon pendulus
"Andropogon perforatus" - Bothriochloa barbinodis
"Andropogon pertusus" - Bothriochloa pertusa
"Andropogon pertusus var. decip" - Bothriochloa decipiens
"Andropogon pertusus var. inscu" - Bothriochloa insculpta
"Andropogon pertusus var. veget" - Bothriochloa bladhii
"Andropogon pilosus" - Ischaemum afrum
"Andropogon pleiarthron" - Hyparrhenia poecilotricha
"Andropogon plumosus" - Trachypogon spicatus
"Andropogon poecilotricha" - Hyparrhenia poecilotricha
"Andropogon polydactylos" - Chloris dandyana
"Andropogon polyneuros" - Cymbopogon polyneuros
"Andropogon pratensis" - Andropogon amethystinus
"Andropogon prionodes" - Arthraxon prionodes
"Andropogon procerus" - Cymbopogon procerus
"Andropogon propinquus" - Sorghum propinquum
"Andropogon prostratus" - Iseilema prostratum
"Andropogon pubescens" - Hyparrhenia hirta
"Andropogon purpureosericeus" - Sorghum purpureosericeum
"Andropogon quadrivalvis" - Themeda quadrivalvis
"Andropogon radicans" - Bothriochloa radicans
"Andropogon ravennae" - Saccharum ravennae
"Andropogon refractus" - Cymbopogon refractus
"Andropogon rhizomatus" - Schizachyrium rhizomatum
"Andropogon rottboellioides" - Mnesithea rottboellioides
"Andropogon rufus" - Hyparrhenia rufa
"Andropogon ruprechtii" - Hyperthelia dissoluta
"Andropogon salzmannii" - Schizachyrium imberbe
"Andropogon schoenanthus" - Cymbopogon citratus b.s.
"Andropogon scoparius" - Schizachyrium scoparium
"Andropogon sericeus" - Dichanthium sericeum b.s.
"Andropogon serratus" - Sorghum nitidum
"Andropogon setosus" - Sorghastrum setosum
"Andropogon sorghum" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum subsp. voge" - Sorghum arundinaceum
"Andropogon sorghum subvar. rub" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. agrico" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. arduin" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. caudat" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. compac" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. effusu" - Sorghum arundinaceum
"Andropogon sorghum var. ehrenb" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. elegan" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. hians" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. miliif" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. splend" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. subglo" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. techni" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon sorghum var. virgat" - Sorghum arundinaceum
"Andropogon spathiflorus" - Andropogon virgatus
"Andropogon speciosus" - Phacelurus speciosus
"Andropogon springfieldii" - Bothriochloa springfieldii
"Andropogon stapfii" - Sorghum arundinaceum
"Andropogon stipoides" - Sorghastrum stipoides
"Andropogon strictus" - Saccharum strictum
"Andropogon subglabrescens" - Sorghum bicolor
"Andropogon tener" - Schizachyrium tenerum
"Andropogon tremulus" - Chrysopogon serrulatus
"Andropogon trichopus" - Sorghastrum stipoides
"Andropogon trinii" - Chrysopogon serrulatus
"Andropogon trispicatus" - Eulalia trispicata
"Andropogon triticeus" - Heteropogon triticeus
"Andropogon tropicus var. timor" - Sorghum timorense
"Andropogon verticillatus" - Chrysopogon verticillatus
"Andropogon verticilliflorus" - Sorghum arundinaceum
"Andropogon villosus" - Eulalia villosa
"Andropogon wrightii" - Bothriochloa wrightii
"Andropogon zeylanicus" - Chrysopogon nodulibarbis
"Andropogon zizanioides" - Chrysopogon zizanoides
All the "Andropogon" from our database

including currently available Andropogon, and Andropogon for which we do not have a current source.

Andropogon abyssinicus
Andropogon acicularis
Andropogon aciculatus
Andropogon afer
Andropogon alopecuroides
Andropogon altus
Andropogon amaurus
Andropogon amboinicus
Andropogon amethystinus
Andropogon anthistirioides
Andropogon appendiculatus
Andropogon arundinaceus
Andropogon aucheri
Andropogon aureus
Andropogon australis
Andropogon barbatus
Andropogon barbinodis
Andropogon barteri
Andropogon berteronianus
Andropogon bicornis
Andropogon binatus
Andropogon bipennatus
Andropogon bisquamulatus
Andropogon bladhii
Andropogon brachyatherus
Andropogon brachystachyus
Andropogon bracteatus
Andropogon buchananii
Andropogon cabanisii
Andropogon caesius
Andropogon campestris
Andropogon campii
Andropogon canaliculatus
Andropogon capensis
Andropogon caricosus
Andropogon caucasicus
Andropogon ceresiiformis
Andropogon chinensis
Andropogon chloridiformis
Andropogon chrysostachyus
Andropogon cirratus
Andropogon condensatus
Andropogon condylotrichus
Andropogon confertiflorus
Andropogon confinis
Andropogon consanguineus
Andropogon controversus
Andropogon cotulifer
Andropogon crassipes
Andropogon cymbarius
Andropogon diplandrus
Andropogon distachyos
Andropogon divergens
Andropogon diversiflorus
Andropogon dregeanus
Andropogon drummondii
Andropogon dulcis
Andropogon edwardsianus
Andropogon elliottii
Andropogon emersus
Andropogon erianthoides
Andropogon eucomis
Andropogon ewartianus
Andropogon exaristatus
Andropogon excavatus
Andropogon fastigiatus
Andropogon filipendulus
Andropogon finitimus
Andropogon foveolatus
Andropogon gabonensis
Andropogon gayanus
Andropogon gerardii
Andropogon gerardii Niagara
Andropogon gerardii Rountree
Andropogon giganteus
Andropogon glaber
Andropogon glaucus
Andropogon glomeratus
Andropogon glomeratus v glaucopsis
Andropogon goeringii
Andropogon gryllus
Andropogon gyrans
Andropogon hackelii
Andropogon halepensis
Andropogon hallii
Andropogon hassleri
Andropogon hirtiflorus
Andropogon hirtus
Andropogon hispidus
Andropogon huillensis
Andropogon incanus
Andropogon inermis
Andropogon insularis
Andropogon intermedius
Andropogon jwarancusa
Andropogon kelleri
Andropogon laguroides
Andropogon lanceolatus
Andropogon lateralis
Andropogon latifolius
Andropogon lawsonii
Andropogon leucostachyus
Andropogon liebmannii
Andropogon littoralis
Andropogon lividus
Andropogon macrourus
Andropogon martini
Andropogon melanocarpus
Andropogon micranthus
Andropogon microstachyus
Andropogon miliaceus
Andropogon miliformis
Andropogon minarum
Andropogon mohrii
Andropogon monticola
Andropogon montufari
Andropogon munroi
Andropogon murinus
Andropogon neomexicanus
Andropogon nervatus
Andropogon nervosus
Andropogon nigritanus
Andropogon nodulibarbis
Andropogon obliquiberbis
Andropogon odoratus
Andropogon oliganthus
Andropogon olivieri
Andropogon palmeri
Andropogon paniculatus
Andropogon papillipes
Andropogon papillosus
Andropogon pendulus
Andropogon perforatus
Andropogon pilosus
Andropogon pleiarthron
Andropogon plumosus
Andropogon plurinodis
Andropogon poecilotricha
Andropogon polydactylos
Andropogon polyneuros
Andropogon pospischilii
Andropogon pratensis
Andropogon prionodes
Andropogon propinquus
Andropogon prostratus
Andropogon pseudapricus
Andropogon pubescens
Andropogon pumilus
Andropogon purpureosericeus
Andropogon quadrivalvis
Andropogon radicans
Andropogon reevesii
Andropogon rhizomatus
Andropogon riparium
Andropogon rottboellioides
Andropogon rufus
Andropogon ruprechtii
Andropogon saccharoides
Andropogon salzmannii
Andropogon schirensis
Andropogon schottii
Andropogon selloanus
Andropogon serratus
Andropogon setosus
Andropogon shimadae
Andropogon spathiflorus
Andropogon speciosus
Andropogon springfieldii
Andropogon squamulatus
Andropogon squarrosus
Andropogon stapfii
Andropogon stipoides
Andropogon strictus
Andropogon tectorum
Andropogon tener
Andropogon tenuiberbis
Andropogon ternarius
Andropogon ternatus
Andropogon torreyanus
Andropogon tracyi
Andropogon tremulus
Andropogon trichopus
Andropogon trinii
Andropogon trispicatus
Andropogon triticeus
Andropogon tropicus
Andropogon verticillatus
Andropogon verticilliflorus
Andropogon villosus
Andropogon virgatus
Andropogon virginicus
Andropogon wrightii
Andropogon yunnanensis
Andropogon zeylanicus
Andropogon zizanioides
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