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"Corypha" from B & T World Seeds current Botanical name price lists

Corypha umbraculifera
Coryphantha macromeris

Botanical Synonym results for "Corypha":

"Corypha australis" - Livistona australis
"Corypha dulcis" - Brahea dulcis
"Corypha elata" - Corypha utan
"Corypha gebanga" - Corypha utan
"Corypha minor" - Sabal minor
"Corypha miraguama" - Coccothrinax miraguama
"Corypha nana" - Cryosophila nana
"Corypha palmetto" - Sabal palmetto
"Corypha rotundifolia" - Livistona rotundifolia
"Corypha saribus" - Livistona saribus
"Corypha tectorum" - Copernicia tectorum
"Corypha thebaica" - Hyphaene thebaica
"Corypha umbraculifera" - Sabal blackburniana
"Coryphantha andreae" - Coryphantha pycnacantha
"Coryphantha asperispina" - Escobaria missouriensis ssp asperispina
"Coryphantha asterias" - Coryphantha ottonis
"Coryphantha bergeriana" - Coryphantha glanduligera
"Coryphantha calipensis" - Coryphantha pallida ssp calipensis
"Coryphantha cubensis" - Escobaria cubensis
"Coryphantha elephantidens" - Coryphantha elephantidens sulcolanata
"Coryphantha garessii" - Coryphantha elephantidens
"Coryphantha gladiispina" - Coryphantha delaetiana fa gladiispina
"Coryphantha gladiispina" - Coryphantha delaetiana
"Coryphantha greenwoodii" - Coryphantha elephantidens ssp greenwoodii
"Coryphantha henricksonii" - Escobaria chihuahuaensis ssp henricksonii
"Coryphantha laui" - Coryphantha pseudoechinus ssp laui
"Coryphantha macromeris v runyo" - Coryphantha runyonii Starr Co. Tx
"Coryphantha macromeris v runyo" - Coryphantha macromeris ssp runyonii
"Coryphantha minima" - Escobaria minima cit
"Coryphantha miss.." - Escobaria missouriensis
"Coryphantha odorata" - Cumarinia odorata
"Coryphantha palmeri" - Coryphantha delicata
"Coryphantha palmeri A NL" - Coryphantha compacta ne Aramberri NL
"Coryphantha palmeri A NL" - Coryphantha compacta Ascencion NL
"Coryphantha palmeri H SLP" - Coryphantha compacta Huizache SLP
"Coryphantha palmeri R A" - Coryphantha compacta Ramos Arispe
"Coryphantha palmeri R A C" - Coryphantha compacta Ramos Arispe Coah.
"Coryphantha palmeri S S" - Coryphantha compacta SLP SLP
"Coryphantha palmeri S V T" - Coryphantha compacta San Vicente Tam.
"Coryphantha pectinata" - Coryphantha echinus Pecos Co. Tx
"Coryphantha potosina" - Coryphantha potosiana
"Coryphantha pseudoradians B O" - Coryphantha pallida Buenavista Oax.
"Coryphantha pusilliflora" - Coryphantha pseudoechinus ssp pseudoechinus Sra de
"Coryphantha radians" - Coryphantha cornifera
"Coryphantha radians" - Coryphantha cornifera radians
"Coryphantha radians" - Coryphantha cornifera El Puente Hgo.
"Coryphantha recunduspina" - Coryphantha pallida
"Coryphantha robbinsorum" - Escobaria robbinsorum
"Coryphantha robustispina subsp" - Coryphantha robustispina
"Coryphantha roederiana" - Coryphantha sulcata Ojo Caliente Coah.
"Coryphantha salm-dyckiana" - Coryphantha delaetiana
"Coryphantha scheeri" - Coryphantha robustispina
"Coryphantha scheeri v valida" - Coryphantha poselgeriana
"Coryphantha scheeri var. robus" - Coryphantha robustispina
"Coryphantha schwarziana" - Coryphantha cornifera
"Coryphantha schwarziana" - Coryphantha cornifera b
"Coryphantha scolymoides" - Coryphantha cornifera
"Coryphantha sneedii" - Escobaria sneedii cit
"Coryphantha sulcata v nickel." - Coryphantha nickelsae typ. Cuesta la Muralla Coah.
"Coryphantha sulcolanata" - Coryphantha sulcolanata
"Coryphantha sulcolanata" - Coryphantha elephantidens
"Coryphantha vivipara" - Escobaria vivipara
"Coryphantha vivipara" - Escobaria vivipara Guadelupe Mts. NM
"Coryphantha vivipara G C" - Escobaria vivipara Grand Canyon
"Coryphanthus palmeri" - Coryphantha compacta
"Rhododendron coryphaeum" - Rhododendron praestans
All the "Corypha" from our database

including currently available Corypha, and Corypha for which we do not have a current source.

Corypha martianus
Corypha nana
Corypha repens
Corypha taliera
Corypha tectorum
Corypha umbraculifera
Corypha utan
Coryphantha chihuahuensis
Coryphantha chihuahuensis Chihuahua
Coryphantha clavata
Coryphantha compacta
Coryphantha compacta Ascencion NL
Coryphantha compacta Balleza Chih.
Coryphantha compacta Cosihuiuriachi Chih.
Coryphantha compacta Huizache SLP
Coryphantha compacta Mazatlan-Durango
Coryphantha compacta ne Aramberri NL
Coryphantha compacta Ramos Arispe
Coryphantha compacta Ramos Arispe Coah.
Coryphantha compacta San Vicente Tam.
Coryphantha compacta SLP SLP
Coryphantha compacta Sra. Papurin Chih.
Coryphantha cornifera
Coryphantha cornifera b
Coryphantha cornifera El Puente Hgo.
Coryphantha cornifera Ixmiquilpan
Coryphantha cornifera Pachuca Hgo.
Coryphantha cornifera Pena Miller Qro.
Coryphantha cornifera radians
Coryphantha delaetiana
Coryphantha delaetiana e Caballos Dur.
Coryphantha delaetiana fa gladiispina
Coryphantha delaetiana Tlahualilo Dur.
Coryphantha delicata
Coryphantha difficilis
Coryphantha difficilis b
Coryphantha difficilis Camelon Coah.
Coryphantha difficilis El Pilar Coah.
Coryphantha difficilis Hipolito Coah.
Coryphantha durangensis
Coryphantha durangensis Lerdo Dur.
Coryphantha durangensis Nuevo Covadonga
Coryphantha echinoidea
Coryphantha echinoidea El Carizal SLP
Coryphantha echinoidea Huizache SLP
Coryphantha echinoidea Las Cruces SLP
Coryphantha echinoidea Salinas SLP
Coryphantha echinoidea Sandia Victoria NL
Coryphantha echinus
Coryphantha echinus Crane Co. Tx
Coryphantha echinus Howard Co. Tx
Coryphantha echinus Mariscal Mtn. Tx
Coryphantha echinus Pecos Co. Tx
Coryphantha echinus Val Verde Co Tx
Coryphantha elephantidens
Coryphantha elephantidens ssp bumamma
Coryphantha elephantidens ssp greenwoodii
Coryphantha elephantidens ssp greenwoodii Puerto d
Coryphantha elephantidens sulcolanata
Coryphantha elephantidens Xochipala Guer.
Coryphantha erecta Vizarron Qro.
Coryphantha georgii
Coryphantha georgii b
Coryphantha georgii Guadalacazar SLP
Coryphantha georgii Monte Caldera SLP
Coryphantha georgii Siberia NL
Coryphantha gladiispina
Coryphantha gladiispina Paila Coah.
Coryphantha gladiispina Parras Coah.
Coryphantha glanduligera
Coryphantha glanduligera KKR20
Coryphantha glassii Mineral de Pozos
Coryphantha hintoniorum ssp geofreyii San Pablo NL
Coryphantha kracikii La Zarca Durango
Coryphantha longicornis
Coryphantha macromeris
Coryphantha macromeris e Portrillo Mts. NM
Coryphantha macromeris Eddy Co. NM
Coryphantha macromeris San Pedro del Gallo
Coryphantha macromeris SB666
Coryphantha macromeris ssp runyonii
Coryphantha maiz-tablasensis
Coryphantha maiz-tablasensis Cerritos Las Tablas
Coryphantha maiz-tablasensis La Muraya SLP
Coryphantha maiz-tablasensis Santa Rita SLP
Coryphantha nellieae
Coryphantha nickelsae La Babia Coah.
Coryphantha nickelsae Monclova Coah.
Coryphantha nickelsae typ. Cuesta la Muralla Coah.
Coryphantha obscura Sabinas Hidalgo NL
Coryphantha octacantha Izmiquilpan Hgo.
Coryphantha odorata
Coryphantha ottonis
Coryphantha pallida
Coryphantha pallida Buenavista Oax.
Coryphantha pallida recunduspina
Coryphantha pallida ssp calipensis
Coryphantha pallida ssp calipensis Coxcatlan Pue.
Coryphantha pallida ssp calipensis Teotitlan del C
Coryphantha pallida ssp pseudoradians
Coryphantha pallida Tehuacan Pue.
Coryphantha pallida Zapotitlan de Salinas
Coryphantha poselgeriana
Coryphantha poselgeriana Las Cruces NM
Coryphantha poselgeriana Ocampo Coah.
Coryphantha potosiana
Coryphantha pseudoechinus
Coryphantha pseudoechinus San Pedro Coah.
Coryphantha pseudoechinus Sra Australia Coah.
Coryphantha pseudoechinus ssp laui
Coryphantha pseudoechinus ssp pseudoechinus Sra de
Coryphantha pseudonickelsae
Coryphantha pseudonickelsae w Mapimi Dur.
Coryphantha pulleineana
Coryphantha pycnacantha
Coryphantha radians Vista Hermosa Qro.
Coryphantha radians Vizarron Qro.
Coryphantha ramillosa
Coryphantha ramillosa DJF 65
Coryphantha recurvata Santa Cruz Co. Az
Coryphantha retusa
Coryphantha robustispina
Coryphantha robustispina ssp scheeri Eddy Co. NM
Coryphantha robustispina ssp scheeri Pecos Co. Tx
Coryphantha robustispina ssp scheeri Pima Co. Az
Coryphantha robustispina ssp scheeri s Marathon Tx
Coryphantha robustispina ssp scheeri Sierrita Mts.
Coryphantha runyonii monstrose form
Coryphantha runyonii Starr Co. Tx
Coryphantha salinensis
Coryphantha salinensis Higueras
Coryphantha salinensis Ojo Caliente
Coryphantha salm-dyckiana
Coryphantha schwarziana Puentes NL
Coryphantha sp unident San Luis de la Paz
Coryphantha spp. mix
Coryphantha sulcata
Coryphantha sulcata Kimble Co. Tx
Coryphantha sulcata ne Del Rio Tx
Coryphantha sulcata Ojo Caliente Coah.
Coryphantha sulcata Travis Co. Tx
Coryphantha sulcata Val Verde Co. Tx
Coryphantha sulcolanata
Coryphantha tripugionacantha Huejuquilla Zac.
Coryphantha vaupeliana San Vicente Tam.
Coryphantha vogtherriana
Coryphantha werdermannii cit app 1
Coryphantha werdermannii Cuatrocienegas cit app 1
Coryphantha werdermannii Hundido Coah. cit app 1
Coryphantha werdermannii Sra Paila cit app 1
Coryphantha wohlschlageri Capulin SLP
Coryphantha wohlschlageri Rio Verde SLP
Paspalum coryphaeum
Rhododendron coryphaeum
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