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"Dolichos" from B & T World Seeds current Botanical name price lists

Dolichos sp. unident.

Botanical Synonym results for "Dolichos":

"Chloris dolichostachya" - Enteropogon dolichostachyus
"Dolichos africanus" - Macrotyloma africanum
"Dolichos ahipa" - Pachyrhizus ahipa
"Dolichos argenteus" - Pseudovigna argentea
"Dolichos baumannii" - Macrotyloma tenuiflorum
"Dolichos bicolor" - Dioclea bicolor
"Dolichos biflorus" - Macrotyloma uniflorum
"Dolichos bulbosus" - Pachyrhizus erosus
"Dolichos capensis" - Dipogon lignosus
"Dolichos daltonii" - Macrotyloma daltonii
"Dolichos ellipticus" - Macrotyloma ellipticum
"Dolichos ensiformis" - Canavalia ensiformis
"Dolichos erectus" - Sphenostylis erecta
"Dolichos erosus" - Pachyrhizus erosus
"Dolichos errabundus" - Austrodolichos errabundus
"Dolichos falcatus" - Dolichos trilobus
"Dolichos gibbosus" - Dipogon lignosus
"Dolichos giganteus" - Mucuna gigantea
"Dolichos gracilis" - Vigna gracilis
"Dolichos hosei" - Vigna hosei
"Dolichos jacquinii" - Vigna lasiocarpa
"Dolichos lablab" - Lablab purpureus
"Dolichos lablab Antaque Rouge" - Lablab purpureus Antaque Rouge
"Dolichos lablab R M" - Lablab purpureus Ruby Moon
"Dolichos lablab white" - Lablab purpureus white fls. green leaves + pod
"Dolichos lignosus" - Dipogon lignosus
"Dolichos lineatus" - Canavalia lineata
"Dolichos luteolus" - Vigna luteola
"Dolichos luteus" - Vigna marina
"Dolichos maritimus" - Canavalia rosea
"Dolichos melanophthalmus" - Vigna unguiculata
"Dolichos melanophthalmus" - Vigna unguiculata Fagiolo dell occhio
"Dolichos melanopthalmus" - Vigna unguiculata ssp unguiculata dell ochio
"Dolichos niloticus" - Vigna luteola
"Dolichos obtusifolius" - Canavalia rosea
"Dolichos ornatus" - Cajanus goensis
"Dolichos palmatilobus" - Pachyrhizus erosus
"Dolichos pilosus" - Vigna pilosa
"Dolichos pruriens" - Mucuna pruriens
"Dolichos psoraloides" - Cyamopsis tetragonoloba
"Dolichos punctatus" - Dunbaria punctata
"Dolichos purpureus Rongai" - Lablab purpureus red leaved form
"Dolichos pyramidalis" - Rhynchosia pyramidalis
"Dolichos repens" - Vigna luteola
"Dolichos roseus" - Canavalia rosea
"Dolichos scarabaeoides" - Cajanus scarabaeoides
"Dolichos soja" - Glycine max
"Dolichos stenocarpus" - Sphenostylis stenocarpa
"Dolichos stenophyllum" - Macrotyloma stenophyllum
"Dolichos taubertii" - Macrotyloma maranguense
"Dolichos trilobatus" - Vigna trilobata
"Dolichos tuberosus" - Pachyrhizus tuberosus
"Dolichos umbellatus" - Vigna umbellata
"Dolichos urens" - Mucuna urens
"Dolichos virgatus" - Dioclea virgata
"Dolichos virosus" - Canavalia cathartica
All the "Dolichos" from our database

including currently available Dolichos, and Dolichos for which we do not have a current source.

Acacia dolichostachya
Adenodolichos punctatus
Anthurium dolichostachyum
Austrocephalocereus dolichospermaticus
Austrodolichos errabundus
Banksia sphaerocarpa v dolichostyla
Chloris subdolichostachya
Croton dolichostachyus
Dolichos africanus
Dolichos ahipa
Dolichos angularis
Dolichos angustifolius
Dolichos argenteus
Dolichos axillaris
Dolichos baumannii
Dolichos benadirianus
Dolichos bicolor
Dolichos bulbosus
Dolichos catiang
Dolichos daltonii
Dolichos debilis
Dolichos dinklagei
Dolichos ellipticus
Dolichos erectus
Dolichos erosus
Dolichos errabundus
Dolichos fabiiformis (sic)
Dolichos falcatus
Dolichos falciformis
Dolichos formosus
Dolichos galeatus
Dolichos glabratus
Dolichos gladiatus
Dolichos gracilis
Dolichos gululu
Dolichos hastaeformis
Dolichos hirsutus
Dolichos hosei
Dolichos jacquinii
Dolichos junghuhnianus
Dolichos kilimandscharicus
Dolichos lactea
Dolichos linearis
Dolichos lineatus
Dolichos lobatus
Dolichos luteus
Dolichos maranguensis
Dolichos maritimus
Dolichos minimus
Dolichos montanus
Dolichos nimbaensis
Dolichos obtusifolius
Dolichos oliveri
Dolichos ornatus
Dolichos palmatilobus
Dolichos phaseoloides
Dolichos pilosus
Dolichos polystachios
Dolichos psoraloides
Dolichos punctatus
Dolichos reticulatus
Dolichos roseus
Dolichos scarabaeoides
Dolichos sericeus
Dolichos sesquipedalis
Dolichos sinensis
Dolichos sp. unident.
Dolichos stenocarpus
Dolichos stenophyllum
Dolichos taubertii
Dolichos tetragonolobus
Dolichos tonkouiensis
Dolichos trilobatus
Dolichos trilobus
Dolichos trinervatus
Dolichos uncinatus
Dolichos unguiculatus
Dolichos uniflorus
Dolichos urens
Dolichos violaceus
Dolichos virgatus
Dolichos virosus
Enteropogon dolichostachyus
Epimedium dolichostemon
Iris dolichosiphon v orientalis
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