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"Lasia" from B & T World Seeds current Botanical name price lists

Clematis lasiantha
Erythrophleum lasianthum
Iris douglasiana
Lasianthus hirsutus
Metalasia aurea
Metalasia densa
Metalasia fastigiata
Metalasia muricata
Prostanthera lasianthos

Botanical Synonym results for "Lasia":

"Agropyron lasianthum" - Eremopyrum distans
"Agropyron orientale var. lasia" - Eremopyrum distans
"Artemisia douglasiana ValerieF" - Artemisia ludoviciana Valerie Finnis
"Calligonum pallasia" - Calligonum aphyllum
"Douglasia laevigata" - Androsace laevigata
"Douglasia vitaliana" - Vitaliana primuliflora
"Eragrostis lasiantha" - Eragrostis olivacea
"Lasia aculeata" - Lasia spinosa
"Lasiagrostis bromoides" - Achnatherum bromoides
"Lasiagrostis caragana" - Achnatherum caragana
"Lasiandra martialis" - Tibouchina martialis
"Lasiandra multiceps" - Tibouchina multiceps
"Lasiandra pulchra" - Tibouchina pulchra
"Lasiandra sellowiana" - Tibouchina sellowiana
"Lasiandra stenocarpa" - Tibouchina stenocarpa
"Lasiandra ursina" - Tibouchina ursina
"Lasiandra weddellii" - Tibouchina weddellii
"Lasianthus hirsutus" - Lasianthus chinensis
"Pachystigma lasianthum" - Lagynias lasiantha
"Vangueria lasiantha" - Lagynias lasiantha
All the "Lasia" from our database

including currently available Lasia, and Lasia for which we do not have a current source.

Agropyron lasianthum
Ajania pallasiana
Amsinckia douglasiana
Artemisia douglasiana
Asterolasia astericophora
Calligonum pallasia
Capparis lasiantha
Cistus lasianthus
Clematis lasiandra
Clematis lasiantha
Dalea lasiathera
Dendrobium lasianthera
Douglasia idahoensis
Douglasia montana
Drosera lasiantha Porongurup
Entolasia imbricata
Entolasia marginata
Eragrostis lasiantha
Erythrophleum lasianthum
Gentiana douglasiana
Gordonia lasianthus
Hakea lasiantha
Hakea lasianthoides
Halimium lasianthum
Helianthemum lasianthum
Hoya hypolasia
Hoya lasiantha
Iris douglasiana
Iris douglasiana hybrids mix
Iris douglasiana prov. California
Iris douglasiana v watsoniana
Iris douglasiana white form
Lagynias lasiantha
Lasia spinosa
Lasiacis divaricata
Lasiacis oaxacensis
Lasiagrostis bromoides
Lasiagrostis caragana
Lasiandra martialis
Lasiandra multiceps
Lasiandra pulchra
Lasiandra semidecandra
Lasiandra stenocarpa
Lasiandra ursina
Lasiandra urvilleana
Lasiandra weddellii
Lasianthus biermannii
Lasianthus chinensis
Lasianthus cyanocarpus
Lasianthus fordii
Lasianthus hartii
Lasianthus hirsutus
Lasianthus japonicus
Lasianthus plagiophyllus
Lasianthus satsumensis
Mammillaria lasiacantha
Mammillaria lasiacantha Alamo Hueco Mts. NM
Mammillaria lasiacantha b
Mammillaria lasiacantha Brewster Co. TX
Mammillaria lasiacantha Brewster Co. TX SB398
Mammillaria lasiacantha Brewster Co. TX SB431
Mammillaria lasiacantha Candelaria
Mammillaria lasiacantha Cerro Bola Coah.
Mammillaria lasiacantha Eddy Co. NM
Mammillaria lasiacantha Franklin Mts. TX
Mammillaria lasiacantha Hipolito
Mammillaria lasiacantha Jarilla Mts. NM
Mammillaria lasiacantha Lerdo
Mammillaria lasiacantha Maravillas Canyon. TX
Mammillaria lasiacantha Monclova Coah.
Mammillaria lasiacantha Parras Hotel
Mammillaria lasiacantha Presidio Co. TX
Mammillaria lasiacantha Sacramento Mts. NM
Mammillaria lasiacantha San Pedro de las Colonias
Mammillaria lasiacantha Sierra Viejo Son.
Mammillaria lasiacantha ssp egregia El Porvenir
Mammillaria lasiacantha ssp egregia Sta Eulalia Ch
Mammillaria lasiacantha ssp egregia w Jimenez Chih
Mammillaria lasiacantha Tacubaya Coah.
Mammillaria lasiacantha v hamatispina
Mammillaria lasiacantha v hamatispina w Paila
Mammillaria lasiacantha v magallanii
Mammillaria lasiacantha v roseocentra
Mammillaria lasiacantha v wohlschlageri
Mammillaria lasiacantha v wohlschlageri S R Calaba
Mammillaria lasiacantha very few pink spines
Mammillaria lasiacantha Viesca Coah.
Mammillaria lasiacantha wohlschlageri Ign. Allende
Melaleuca lasiandra
Metalasia aurea
Metalasia densa
Metalasia fastigiata
Metalasia muricata
Metalasia sp. unident. RSA
Olearia adenolasia
Oxalis lasiandra
Pinus douglasiana
Pinus nigra ssp pallasiana
Pinus nigra ssp pallasiana Pyramidalis
Piptochaetium lasianthum
Polygonatum lasianthum
Prostanthera lasianthos
Prostanthera lasianthos prov. Tasmania
Salix lasiandra
Salvia lasiantha
Solanum salasianum
Tristellateia australasiae
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