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"Lychnis" from B & T World Seeds current Botanical name price lists

Lychnis arkwrightii x Orange Dwarf
Lychnis arkwrightii x Vesuvius
Lychnis coronata Angels Blush
Lychnis haageana Lumina Mix
Lychnis haageana x Molten Lava
Lychnis haageana x new hybrids
Lychnis salicaria Rosy Gem
Lychnis sieboldii

Botanical Synonym results for "Lychnis":

"Lychnis alba" - Silene latifolia ssp alba
"Lychnis alpina" - Silene suecica
"Lychnis alpina" - Silene suecica dup 2
"Lychnis alpina D F" - Silene suecica Drakes Form
"Lychnis alpina L D R" - Silene suecica Lely Deep Rose
"Lychnis alpina Rosea" - Silene suecica Rosea
"Lychnis alpina S F" - Silene suecica Snow Flurry
"Lychnis alpina v o." - Silene suecica v oelandica
"Lychnis brachypetala" - Silene brachypetala
"Lychnis cashmeriana" - Silene cashmeriana
"Lychnis ch." - Silene chalcedonica Dusty Pink
"Lychnis chalcedonica" - Silene chalcedonica
"Lychnis chalcedonica B L" - Silene chalcedonica Burning Love
"Lychnis chalcedonica C." - Silene chalcedonica Carnea
"Lychnis chalcedonica D S" - Silene chalcedonica Dusky Salmon
"Lychnis chalcedonica P." - Silene chalcedonica Pinkie
"Lychnis chalcedonica R." - Silene chalcedonica Rauhreif
"Lychnis chalcedonica v alb." - Silene chalcedonica v albiflora
"Lychnis coeli-rosa" - Silene coeli-rosa mixture o. p.
"Lychnis coeli-rosa" - Silene coeli-rosa
"Lychnis coronaria" - Silene coronaria mixed
"Lychnis coronaria" - Silene coronaria
"Lychnis coronaria A G" - Silene coronaria Atrosanguinea Group
"Lychnis coronaria Alba" - Silene coronaria Alba
"Lychnis coronaria Atrosanguine" - Silene coronaria
"Lychnis coronaria Cerise" - Silene coronaria Cerise
"Lychnis coronaria D L mix" - Silene coronaria Dancing Ladies mix
"Lychnis coronaria O G" - Silene coronaria Oculata Group
"Lychnis coronaria O R A" - Silene coronaria Oculata Rose Angel
"Lychnis coronaria Oculata" - Silene coronaria Oculata Angels Blush
"Lychnis coronata" - Silene banksia
"Lychnis dioica" - Silene dioica
"Lychnis f-j H V" - Silene flos-jovis Horts Variety
"Lychnis flos-cuculi" - Silene flos-cuculi
"Lychnis flos-cuculi organic s" - Silene flos-cuculi organic seed
"Lychnis flos-cuculi Nana" - Silene flos-cuculi Nana
"Lychnis flos-jovis" - Silene flos-jovis
"Lychnis flos-jovis 'Minor'" - Silene flos-jovis Nana
"Lychnis flos-jovis Nana" - Silene flos-jovis Nana
"Lychnis flos-jovis Peggy" - Silene flos-jovis Peggy
"Lychnis fls-cuculi White Robin" - Silene flos-cuculi White Robin
"Lychnis fulgens" - Silene banksia
"Lychnis githago" - Agrostemma githago
"Lychnis kingii" - Lychnis apetala
"Lychnis lagascae" - Petrocoptis pyrenaica ssp glaucifolia
"Lychnis nigrescens" - Silene nigrescens
"Lychnis nutans" - Silene indica
"Lychnis patagonica" - Silene patagonica
"Lychnis senno" - Silene banksia
"Lychnis v." - Viscaria viscosa
"Lychnis vicaria S R" - Silene viscaria Splendens Rosett
"Lychnis viscaria" - Silene viscaria
"Lychnis viscaria 'Feuer'" - Silene viscaria Firebird
"Lychnis viscaria 'Firebird'" - Silene viscaria Firebird
"Lychnis viscaria 'Viscafire'" - Silene viscaria Firebird
"Lychnis viscaria Alba" - Silene viscaria Alba
"Lychnis viscaria Rosea" - Silene viscaria Rosea
"Lychnis viscaria Splendens" - Silene viscaria Splendens
"Lychnis viscaria Splendens Ple" - Silene viscaria Splendens Plena
"Lychnis viscaria ssp atropurpu" - Silene atropurpurea
"Lychnis viscosa" - Silene viscaria
"Lychnis x haageana" - Silene banksia
All the "Lychnis" from our database

including currently available Lychnis, and Lychnis for which we do not have a current source.

Gastrolychnis brachypetala
Gastrolychnis sp unident
Gastrolychnis uralensis
Guzmania lychnis
Lychnis apetala
Lychnis arkwrightii x
Lychnis arkwrightii x Orange Dwarf
Lychnis arkwrightii x Vesuvius
Lychnis atropurpurea
Lychnis brachypetala
Lychnis cashmeriana
Lychnis cognata
Lychnis coronata Angels Blush
Lychnis drummondii
Lychnis fortunei
Lychnis fulgens
Lychnis haageana Lumina Dark Leaved Red
Lychnis haageana Lumina Mix
Lychnis haageana Lumina Orange
Lychnis haageana Lumina Salmon
Lychnis haageana x
Lychnis haageana x Molten Lava
Lychnis haageana x new hybrids
Lychnis miqueliana
Lychnis nigrescens
Lychnis nutans
Lychnis patagonica
Lychnis salicaria Rosy Gem
Lychnis senno
Lychnis sieboldii
Lychnis sp. unident. red
Lychnis spp. mix
Lychnis Terrys Pink
Lychnis vulgaris
Lychnis walkeri x Abbotswood Rose
Lychnis wilfordii
Lychnis yunnanensis
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