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tab separated .txt "printable" version of Scrophulariaceae, flower seed price-list

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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Click here for the currently available Scrophulariaceae: species for which we have prices.

Scrophulariaceae Photos
Click on a species name to see the web-page for that species,
with price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Adenosma glutinosum
Adenostegia palmata
Agalinis acuta
Agalinis auriculata
Agalinis besseyana
Agalinis fasciculata
Agalinis linearoides
Agalinis navasotensis
Agalinis purpurea
Agalinis skinneriana
Agalinis tenuifolia
Alectra capensis
Alectra chitrakutensis
Alectra parasitica
Alectra sessiliflora
Alectra vogelii
Alonsoa acutifolia
Alonsoa acutifolia v candida
Alonsoa incisifolia
Alonsoa meridionalis
Alonsoa meridionalis Firestone Jewels Mix
Alonsoa meridionalis Rebel
Alonsoa meridionalis Salmon Beauty
Alonsoa meridionalis Salmon Beauty - Shell Pink
Alonsoa meridionalis scarlet
Alonsoa meridionalis Starlets mix
Alonsoa meridionalis Sweetheart
Alonsoa spp. and vars. mixed
Alonsoa unilabiata
Alonsoa warscewiczii Suttons Scarlet
Ambulia aromatica
Amphianthus pusillus
Anagalloides procumbens
Anarrhina bellidifolium
Anarrhinum bellidifolium
Anastrabe integgerrima
Angelonia angustifolia
Angelonia angustifolia Alba
Angelonia angustifolia Blue Pacific
Angelonia angustifolia pink
Angelonia cubensis
Angelonia gardneri
Angelonia integerrima
Angelonia pilosella
Angelonia salicariifolia
Angelonia Stella Gem
Antirrhinum Angel Towers
Antirrhinum barrelieri
Antirrhinum bipartitum
Antirrhinum braun-blanquetii
Antirrhinum calycinum
Antirrhinum canadense
Antirrhinum charidemi
Antirrhinum chrysothales
Antirrhinum coulterianum
Antirrhinum crassifolium
Antirrhinum cymbalaria
Antirrhinum f1 Admiral Mixed
Antirrhinum f1 Admiral White tall cut-flower
Antirrhinum f1 Antiquity Mixed
Antirrhinum f1 Arrow Mix
Antirrhinum f1 Bells Mixed dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 Bright Butterflies
Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Mixed trailing multi-
Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Orange trailing multi
Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Purple trailing multi
Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Red trailing multi-pe
Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Rose trailing multi-p
Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers White trailing multi-
Antirrhinum f1 Candy Showers Yellow trailing multi
Antirrhinum f1 Chimes Mixed compact dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 Coronette Bronze
Antirrhinum f1 Coronette Cherry
Antirrhinum f1 Coronette Crimson
Antirrhinum f1 Coronette Mixed
Antirrhinum f1 Coronette Orchid
Antirrhinum f1 Coronette Pink
Antirrhinum f1 Coronette Rose
Antirrhinum f1 Coronette Scarlet
Antirrhinum f1 Coronette White
Antirrhinum f1 Coronette Yellow
Antirrhinum f1 Floral Carpet Mixed dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 Floral Showers Bi-colour Mix ayr
Antirrhinum f1 Floral Showers Crimson ayr
Antirrhinum f1 Floral Showers Mixed ayr
Antirrhinum f1 Florist Mixture
Antirrhinum f1 Forerunner Mixed
Antirrhinum f1 Freesong mix
Antirrhinum f1 Giant Forcing Mix
Antirrhinum f1 La Bella Red and White semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 La Bella Rose semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 La Bella White semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 Liberty Classic Bronze
Antirrhinum f1 Liberty Classic Crimson
Antirrhinum f1 Liberty Classic Formula Mix
Antirrhinum f1 Liberty Classic Lavender
Antirrhinum f1 Liberty Classic Rose Pink
Antirrhinum f1 Liberty Classic Scarlet
Antirrhinum f1 Liberty Classic White
Antirrhinum f1 Liberty Classic Yellow
Antirrhinum f1 Madame Butterfly double mix
Antirrhinum f1 Maryland Appleblossom bicolor
Antirrhinum f1 Maryland Bright Yellow
Antirrhinum f1 Maryland Lavender
Antirrhinum f1 Maryland Mixed
Antirrhinum f1 Maryland Royal deep purple
Antirrhinum f1 Maryland True Pink
Antirrhinum f1 Maryland White
Antirrhinum f1 Pendula Multi Lampion Mix basket
Antirrhinum f1 Pixie Mixed
Antirrhinum f1 Potomac Appleblossom bicolor
Antirrhinum f1 Potomac Ivory
Antirrhinum f1 Potomac Mixed
Antirrhinum f1 Potomac Orange
Antirrhinum f1 Potomac Plumblossom bicolor
Antirrhinum f1 Potomac Rose
Antirrhinum f1 Potomac Yellow
Antirrhinum f1 Princess yellow - red centre
Antirrhinum f1 Ribbon Bronze semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 Ribbon Crimson semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 Ribbon Lavender semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 Ribbon Mixed pelleted seed
Antirrhinum f1 Ribbon Mixed semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 Ribbon Purple semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 Ribbon Rose semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 Ribbon White semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 Ribbon Yellow semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum f1 Rocket Mixed cut flowers
Antirrhinum f1 Snappy Mixed
Antirrhinum f1 Sonnet Burgundy
Antirrhinum f1 Sonnet Carmine
Antirrhinum f1 Sonnet Crimson
Antirrhinum f1 Sonnet Mixed
Antirrhinum f1 Sonnet Orange-Scarlet
Antirrhinum f1 Sonnet Pink
Antirrhinum f1 Sonnet Rose
Antirrhinum f1 Sonnet White
Antirrhinum f1 Sonnet Yellow
Antirrhinum f1 Twinny Appleblossom
Antirrhinum f1 Twinny Mixed
Antirrhinum f1 Twinny Peach
Antirrhinum f2 Cheerio Mixed
Antirrhinum f2 Corona Mixed
Antirrhinum f2 Jamaican Mist
Antirrhinum f2 Peaches and Cream dwarf
Antirrhinum f2 Rust Resistant Giant Mix
Antirrhinum f2 Vanity Fayre
Antirrhinum graniticum
Antirrhinum hispanicum
Antirrhinum hispanicum Roseum
Antirrhinum incarnatum
Antirrhinum kelloggii
Antirrhinum latifolium
Antirrhinum linkianum
Antirrhinum litigiosum
Antirrhinum Lucky Lips
Antirrhinum majus
Antirrhinum majus Bizarre Mix
Antirrhinum majus Blanco
Antirrhinum majus Brighton Rock Mix semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Bronze Dragon
Antirrhinum majus Butterfly Type Mixture Trumpet S
Antirrhinum majus Crimson King
Antirrhinum majus Dwarf Hobbit Mixed
Antirrhinum majus f1 Axiom Deep Orange
Antirrhinum majus f1 Axiom Deep Rose
Antirrhinum majus f1 Axiom Orange
Antirrhinum majus f1 Axiom Paper White
Antirrhinum majus f1 Axiom Pink
Antirrhinum majus f1 Axiom Rose
Antirrhinum majus f1 Axiom White
Antirrhinum majus f1 Axiom Yellow
Antirrhinum majus f1 Axiom Yellow Improved
Antirrhinum majus f1 Connexion Pink
Antirrhinum majus f1 Connexion Red
Antirrhinum majus f1 Connexion Rose
Antirrhinum majus f1 Connexion White
Antirrhinum majus f1 Connexion Yellow
Antirrhinum majus f1 Legend Pink
Antirrhinum majus f1 Legend White
Antirrhinum majus f1 Legend Yellow
Antirrhinum majus f1 Liberty Classic Bronze
Antirrhinum majus f1 Liberty Classic Crimson
Antirrhinum majus f1 Liberty Classic Formula Mix
Antirrhinum majus f1 Liberty Classic Lavender
Antirrhinum majus f1 Liberty Classic Rose Pink
Antirrhinum majus f1 Liberty Classic Scarlet
Antirrhinum majus f1 Liberty Classic White
Antirrhinum majus f1 Liberty Classic Yellow
Antirrhinum majus f1 Magic Formula Mix
Antirrhinum majus f1 Paxia Bronze
Antirrhinum majus f1 Paxia Orange
Antirrhinum majus f1 Paxia Rose
Antirrhinum majus f1 Paxia Scarlet
Antirrhinum majus f1 Paxia Yellow
Antirrhinum majus f2 Cheerio Mixed semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum majus f2 Magic Carpet Mixed dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Formula Mixture mid height
Antirrhinum majus Kimosy Crimson dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Kimosy Delicate Rose dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Kimosy Mid Rose dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Kimosy Mixed dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Kimosy Orange dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Kimosy Orange-Red dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Kimosy Scarlet dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Kimosy White dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Kimosy Yellow dwarf
Antirrhinum majus King Amber semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum majus King Carmine
Antirrhinum majus King Coral
Antirrhinum majus King Crimson
Antirrhinum majus King Lavender
Antirrhinum majus King Mixture formula semi-dw.
Antirrhinum majus King Mixture semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum majus King Orange semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum majus King Scarlet
Antirrhinum majus King White semi-dwarf
Antirrhinum majus King Yellow
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Appleblossom
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Brazilian Carnival Mix
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Canary Bird
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Copper Queen
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Defiance orange scarlet
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Helen Weibull
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Lilac Time
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Mixture o p
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Old Gold
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Orange Wonder
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Rosenskimmer
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Ruby
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Scarlet Giant
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Snowflake
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Tetra Giants Mixture
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Tetra Ruffled Giants Mix
Antirrhinum majus Maximum The Rose
Antirrhinum majus Maximum Uni of California Mix
Antirrhinum majus Midnight Mixture dark reds
Antirrhinum majus Mixture mid height o p
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Black Prince
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Bronze Dragon
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Chimes Mixed
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Circus Clowns bicolour mix
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Crimson Velvet
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Crown Mixture
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Dark Leaved Mix o p
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Dazzler orange-scarlet
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Eldorado
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Frosted Dawn
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Frosted Flames
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Golden Monarch
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Jamaican Mist
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Lipstick Gold
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Lipstick Silver
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Majestic Mix
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Mixed - Rainbow
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Monarch Mixed
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Nelrose
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Night and Day
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Oriental Lanterns
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Rembrandt
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Royal Rose
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Tequila Sunrise
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Twilight Mix
Antirrhinum majus Nanum Welcome dark red
Antirrhinum majus Nanum White Wonder
Antirrhinum majus Orange Wonder
Antirrhinum majus Peaches and Cream dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Pendulum Magic Lanterns
Antirrhinum majus Pendulum Magic Lanterns Peach
Antirrhinum majus prov. Portugal
Antirrhinum majus Pumilum Mini-Snap Mixed dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Sawyers Mixed
Antirrhinum majus Snappy Tongue
Antirrhinum majus Sonnet
Antirrhinum majus ssp. linkianum
Antirrhinum majus Tom Thumb Mixed dwarf
Antirrhinum majus Tom Thumb Mixed formula
Antirrhinum meonanthum
Antirrhinum minus
Antirrhinum molle
Antirrhinum multiflorum
Antirrhinum nuttallianum
Antirrhinum pinifolium
Antirrhinum Powys Pride
Antirrhinum pulverulentum
Antirrhinum reticulatum
Antirrhinum sempervirens
Antirrhinum siculum
Antirrhinum valentinum
Antirrhinum virga
Aptosimum eriocephalum aff.
Aptosimum indivisum
Aptosimum lineare
Aptosimum procumbens
Aptosimum sp. unident. 50cm. shrublet
Aptosimum sp. unident. compact plant long leaves
Aptosimum sp. unident. deep blue fl.
Aptosimum sp. unident. lovely blue
Aptosimum sp. unident. very spiny deep blue fl.
Aptosimum spinescens
Aptosimum spp. mix unident.
Artanema longifolium
Artanema sesamoides
Asarina procumbens
Asarina procumbens compact form
Asarina procumbens Sierra Nevada - Iberian Trail
Asarina purpusii Victoria Falls (sp. name unresolv
Aureolaria flava
Aureolaria grandiflora
Aureolaria pedicularis
Aureolaria sp (Gerardia aureolaria)
Aureolaria virginica
Bacopa Blutopia multi-pellets
Bacopa caroliniana
Bacopa monnieri
Bacopa procumbens
Bacopa Snowflake
Bacopa Snowtopia multi-pellets
Bartsia alpina
Bartsia cinerea
Bartsia densiflora
Bartsia hispida
Bartsia sp. unident. 2151
Bartsia tenuifolia
Bartsia thiantha
Bartsia trixago
Besseya alpina
Besseya bullii
Besseya plantaginea
Besseya wyomingensis
Bontia daphnoides
Botryopleuron axillare
Bowkeria citrina
Bowkeria cymosa
Bowkeria neglecta
Bowkeria verticillata
Brachystigma wrightii
Buchnera angustifolia
Buchnera canadensis
Buchnera coccinea
Buchnera gesnerioides
Buchnera hermonthica
Buchnera masuria
Buchnera simplex
Buddleja albiflora
Buddleja alternifolia
Buddleja americana
Buddleja araucana
Buddleja asiatica
Buddleja auriculata
Buddleja brasiliensis
Buddleja bullata
Buddleja candida
Buddleja colvilei
Buddleja cordata
Buddleja coriacea
Buddleja crispa
Buddleja curviflora
Buddleja davidii
Buddleja davidii Butterfly Hybrid Mix pellets
Buddleja davidii Butterfly Hybrid Mixture
Buddleja davidii Butterfly Violet
Buddleja davidii Butterfly Violet pellets
Buddleja davidii Butterfly White
Buddleja davidii cvs mixed
Buddleja davidii Harlequin
Buddleja davidii Magnifica
Buddleja davidii Nanho Blue
Buddleja davidii Nanho Purple
Buddleja davidii Peace
Buddleja davidii Pink Delight
Buddleja davidii Royal Red
Buddleja davidii select purples
Buddleja davidii v. nanhoensis Alba
Buddleja davidii White Cloud
Buddleja delavayi
Buddleja fallowiana
Buddleja fallowiana Lochinch
Buddleja farreri
Buddleja forrestii
Buddleja glabrata
Buddleja glabrescens
Buddleja globosa
Buddleja glomerata
Buddleja grandiflora
Buddleja hybrids dark blue mixture
Buddleja hybrids mixture
Buddleja incana
Buddleja japonica
Buddleja lindleyana
Buddleja longiflora
Buddleja loricata
Buddleja macrostachya
Buddleja madagascariensis x Nicodemia
Buddleja marrubiifolia
Buddleja myriantha
Buddleja nappii
Buddleja nivea
Buddleja officinalis
Buddleja ovandensis
Buddleja paniculata
Buddleja perfoliata
Buddleja pikei
Buddleja saligna
Buddleja salviifolia
Buddleja sessiliflora
Buddleja skutchii
Buddleja suaveolens
Buddleja taliensis
Buddleja tomentella
Buddleja tubiflora
Buddleja tucumanensis BK10512.2.
Buddleja utahensis
Buddleja weyerana x
Buddleja weyeriana
Buttonia superba
Calceolaria alba
Calceolaria arachnoidea
Calceolaria arbustiva
Calceolaria Avalon Hybrids Mix
Calceolaria bicolor
Calceolaria biflora
Calceolaria biflora Goldcap
Calceolaria biflora Goldcrest
Calceolaria Camden Hero
Calceolaria cana
Calceolaria cavanillesii
Calceolaria chelidonioides
Calceolaria clibranii x
Calceolaria collina ssp collina
Calceolaria corymbosa ssp corymbosa
Calceolaria corymbosa ssp floccosa
Calceolaria corymbosa ssp montana
Calceolaria crenatiflora Goldcut
Calceolaria cymbiflora
Calceolaria dentata ssp araucana
Calceolaria f1 Anytime Mixed
Calceolaria f1 Cinderella Mixed
Calceolaria f1 Dainty Mixed dwarf
Calceolaria f1 Dainty Mixed dwarf pellets
Calceolaria f1 Sunset Mixed pellets
Calceolaria f1 Sunset Orange Bicolour
Calceolaria f1 Sunset Red
Calceolaria f1 Sunset Yellow Bicolour
Calceolaria f2 Fascination mixed Herbeohybrida gro
Calceolaria falklandica
Calceolaria fiebrigiana
Calceolaria filicaulis
Calceolaria glandulosa
Calceolaria grandiflora Nana Fashion Mixed
Calceolaria hypericina
Calceolaria inamoena
Calceolaria integrifolia
Calceolaria integrifolia f1 Gold Bunch
Calceolaria integrifolia f1 Gold Bunch pellets
Calceolaria integrifolia f1 Goldari
Calceolaria integrifolia f1 Goldari pellets
Calceolaria integrifolia f1 Mini-bubbles Mix
Calceolaria integrifolia f1 Sunshine
Calceolaria integrifolia f1 Sunshine a
Calceolaria integrifolia ssp angustifolia
Calceolaria John Innes
Calceolaria laetivirens
Calceolaria lanigera
Calceolaria mexicana
Calceolaria mexicana Gold Purse
Calceolaria meyeniana
Calceolaria morisii
Calceolaria Multiflora Nana mixed
Calceolaria Multiflora Nana Tigrina Mix
Calceolaria nitida
Calceolaria nudicaulis
Calceolaria pallida
Calceolaria paralia
Calceolaria Pehuenche
Calceolaria petiolaris
Calceolaria picta
Calceolaria pinifolia
Calceolaria pinnata
Calceolaria polifolia
Calceolaria purpurea
Calceolaria sessilis
Calceolaria sp. unident.
Calceolaria sp. unident. nr 1 Chile
Calceolaria sp. unident. San Rafael
Calceolaria tenella
Calceolaria thyrsiflora
Calceolaria umbellata
Calceolaria uniflora
Calceolaria valdiviana
Calceolaria Walter Shrimpton
Calceolaria williamsii
Calorhabdos cauloptera
Capraria crustacea
Castilleja affinis
Castilleja ambigua
Castilleja angustifolia
Castilleja applegatei
Castilleja arvensis
Castilleja attenuata
Castilleja austromontana
Castilleja campestris
Castilleja canescens
Castilleja christii
Castilleja chromosa
Castilleja cinerea
Castilleja coccinea
Castilleja covilleana
Castilleja cusickii
Castilleja elongata
Castilleja exserta
Castilleja exserta ssp exserta
Castilleja fissifolia
Castilleja flava
Castilleja foliolosa
Castilleja gleasonii
Castilleja grisea
Castilleja haydenii
Castilleja indivisa
Castilleja integra
Castilleja jepsonii
Castilleja latifolia
Castilleja levisecta
Castilleja lineariifolia
Castilleja martinii
Castilleja miniata
Castilleja miniata v dixonii
Castilleja minor
Castilleja mollis
Castilleja neglecta
Castilleja nubigena
Castilleja occidentalis
Castilleja occidentalis rose pink form
Castilleja parvula v. parvula
Castilleja pilosa v longispica
Castilleja pilosa v steenensis
Castilleja plagiotoma
Castilleja pruinosa
Castilleja pulchella
Castilleja pumila
Castilleja rhexifolia red
Castilleja rhexifolia rose
Castilleja rhexiifolia
Castilleja scabrida
Castilleja sessiliflora
Castilleja sp. unident. Rockies
Castilleja stenantha
Castilleja subinclusa
Castilleja sulphurea
Castilleja tenuiflora
Castilleja tenuis
Castilleja thompsonii
Castilleja unalaschcensis
Castilleja visidula
Celsia battandieri
Celsia faurei
Celsia orientalis
Celsia pyroliformis
Chaenorhinum calycinum
Chaenorhinum crassifolium
Chaenorhinum glareosum
Chaenorhinum minus
Chaenorhinum origanifolium
Chaenorhinum origanifolium Arista pellets
Chaenorhinum origanifolium Blue Dreams
Chaenorhinum origanifolium Blue Eyes
Chaenorhinum origanifolium Cadevallii
Chaenorhinum origanifolium ssp crassifolium
Chaenorhinum origanifolium Summer Skies
Chaenorhinum villosum
Chaenostoma aethiopicum
Chaenostoma caeruleum
Chaenostoma leve
Chaenostoma revolutum
Chaenostoma uncinatum
Chelone cuthbertii
Chelone gentianoides
Chelone glabra
Chelone lyonii
Chelone nemorosa
Chelone obliqua
Chelone obliqua Alba
Chionohebe pulvinaris
Chloropyron palustre
Collinsia bartsiifolia v davidsonii
Collinsia grandiflora
Collinsia heterophylla Bicolor
Collinsia heterophylla bicolor Blue Surprise
Collinsia heterophylla bicolor mix o p
Collinsia heterophylla bicolor pale lavender strai
Collinsia heterophylla bicolor Pink Surprise
Collinsia heterophylla bicolor White Surprise
Collinsia heterophylla Sierra form
Collinsia heterophyulla bicolor Surprise Mix formu
Collinsia linearis
Collinsia parviflora
Collinsia sp. unident. aff bicolor deep purple
Collinsia tinctoria
Colpias mollis
Cordylanthus laxiflorus
Craterostigma plantaginea
Craterostigma plantagineum
Craterostigma pumilum
Craterostigma wilmsii
Cycnium racemosum
Cycnium sylvestris
Cycnium tubulosum
Cymbalaria aequitriloba
Cymbalaria muralis
Cymbalaria muralis Globosa
Cymbalaria muralis Nana Alba
Cymbalaria pallida Alba
Cymbalaria pallida Albiflora
Dermatobotrys saundersii
Derwentia derwentiana
Diascia anastrepta aff.
Diascia barberae
Diascia barberae Asca Apricot
Diascia barberae Asca Pink
Diascia barberae Asca White Blush
Diascia barberae Blackthorn Apricot
Diascia barberae Diamonte Apricot pellets
Diascia barberae Diamonte Coral Rose
Diascia barberae Diamonte Lavender Pink
Diascia barberae Diamonte Mixed pellets
Diascia barberae Queen Apricot
Diascia barberae Queen Pink
Diascia barberae Ruby Field
Diascia bicolor
Diascia capensis
Diascia cardiosepala
Diascia Coral Belle
Diascia cordata
Diascia diffusa
Diascia dimorpha (name unresolved)
Diascia fetcaniensis
Diascia humilis
Diascia Icecracker
Diascia integerrima
Diascia Joyces Choice
Diascia Lilac Belle
Diascia longicornis
Diascia mollis
Diascia namaquensis
Diascia nana
Diascia purpurea
Diascia Red Start
Diascia Rupert Lambert
Diascia Salmon Supreme
Diascia sp. unident. annual
Diascia sp. unident. large pink fl.
Diascia sp. unident. pink perennial
Diascia spp. unident. mix
Diascia Twinkle
Diascia veronicoides
Diascia vigilans aff.
Diclis reptans
Digitalis amandiana
Digitalis Anne Redetzky
Digitalis cariensis
Digitalis Carousel mix
Digitalis ciliata
Digitalis davisiana
Digitalis dubia
Digitalis eriostachya
Digitalis ferruginea
Digitalis ferruginea Gigantea
Digitalis ferruginea Gigantea Yellow Herald
Digitalis ferruginea ssp schischkinii
Digitalis Flashing Spires variegated
Digitalis fontanesii
Digitalis Giant Primrose
Digitalis glutinosa
Digitalis grandiflora
Digitalis grandiflora Carillon dwarf
Digitalis grandiflora Cream Bell (tm)
Digitalis grandiflora organic seed
Digitalis isabelliana
Digitalis laevigata
Digitalis lamarckii
Digitalis lanata
Digitalis lanata Cafe Creme
Digitalis lanata Cafe Creme organic seed
Digitalis lanata Krajovy
Digitalis lanata organic seed
Digitalis lanata x John Innes Tetra
Digitalis lutea
Digitalis lutea ssp australis
Digitalis lutea Variegata
Digitalis mariana
Digitalis mertonensis x
Digitalis miniana
Digitalis minor Majorca
Digitalis nervosa
Digitalis nevadensis
Digitalis obscura
Digitalis parviflora
Digitalis Polkadot Petra
Digitalis Polkadot Pippa
Digitalis Polkadot Polly
Digitalis Polkadot Princess
Digitalis purpurascens
Digitalis purpurea - albiflora mixed
Digitalis purpurea Apricot
Digitalis purpurea BellaBelle Mixed
Digitalis purpurea Berggold high digitalin organic
Digitalis purpurea Bondana Mix annual
Digitalis purpurea Candy Mountain mixed
Digitalis purpurea Candy Mountain peach
Digitalis purpurea Candy Mountain rose
Digitalis purpurea Candy Mountain white
Digitalis purpurea Candy Mountain yellow
Digitalis purpurea Carousel Cream
Digitalis purpurea Carousel Lavender
Digitalis purpurea Carousel Mixed
Digitalis purpurea Carousel Primrose
Digitalis purpurea Carousel Purple
Digitalis purpurea Carousel White
Digitalis purpurea Chedglow variegated
Digitalis purpurea crinkled leaf aberrant
Digitalis purpurea Dwarf Red
Digitalis purpurea Dwarf Vanilla
Digitalis purpurea Excelsior Dwarf Mixture
Digitalis purpurea Excelsior mixed
Digitalis purpurea Excelsior purple
Digitalis purpurea Excelsior red
Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Cream pellets
Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Lavender
Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Lavender pellets
Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Mix
Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Mixed pellets
Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Rose
Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot Rose pellets
Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot White
Digitalis purpurea f1 Camelot White pellets
Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Cream
Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Peach
Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Peach pellets
Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Purple
Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian Rose
Digitalis purpurea f1 Dalmatian White
Digitalis purpurea fa albiflora
Digitalis purpurea fa albiflora unspotted form
Digitalis purpurea Foxy semi-dwarf mix
Digitalis purpurea Giant Spotted Lilac
Digitalis purpurea Giant Spotted Mix
Digitalis purpurea Giant Spotted White
Digitalis purpurea hybrids mixed
Digitalis purpurea Isabellina
Digitalis purpurea light orange
Digitalis purpurea Light Pink
Digitalis purpurea Mirabelle Mix
Digitalis purpurea Monstruosa - Peloric
Digitalis purpurea Monstruosa Alba
Digitalis purpurea Pams Choice - Elsie Kelsey
Digitalis purpurea Pams Split
Digitalis purpurea Peloric Mixed
Digitalis purpurea pink form
Digitalis purpurea Pink Gin
Digitalis purpurea prov. Chile
Digitalis purpurea prov. Oregon organic
Digitalis purpurea prov. Segovia Spain
Digitalis purpurea Purple Dwarf
Digitalis purpurea Snow Thimble
Digitalis purpurea ssp heywoodii
Digitalis purpurea ssp heywoodii Silver Fox Improv
Digitalis purpurea ssp mariana
Digitalis purpurea ssp purpurea
Digitalis purpurea ssp purpurea organic seed
Digitalis purpurea ssp. and vars. mixed
Digitalis purpurea Sugar Plum
Digitalis purpurea Suttons Apricot
Digitalis purpurea v gloxiniiflora mixed
Digitalis purpurea v gloxiniiflora The Shirley Mix
Digitalis purpurea Walt Cnat fol. nearly yellow
Digitalis purpurea Yellow - Suttons Primrose
Digitalis Red Skin
Digitalis sibirica
Digitalis spp. and hybs. mixed
Digitalis Sprite dwarf
Digitalis stewartii
Digitalis thapsi L.
Digitalis tomentosa
Digitalis trojana
Digitalis viridiflora
Diplophyllum cardiocarpum
Dischisma ciliatum
Dischisma sp. unident.
Disparago ericoides
Disparago tortilis
Dopatrium junceum
Epixiphium wislizeni
Eremophila alternifolia
Eremophila bignoniiflora
Eremophila bignoniiflora mauve fld. form
Eremophila bowmanii
Eremophila crassifolia
Eremophila crenulata
Eremophila cuneifolia
Eremophila debilis
Eremophila delisseri
Eremophila densifolia
Eremophila deserti
Eremophila dielsiana
Eremophila divertifolia
Eremophila duttonii
Eremophila exilifolia
Eremophila foliosissima
Eremophila forrestii
Eremophila fraseri
Eremophila freelingii
Eremophila georgei
Eremophila gilesii
Eremophila glabra
Eremophila glabra prov. WA west coast
Eremophila granitica
Eremophila ionantha
Eremophila laanii
Eremophila latrobei
Eremophila linearis
Eremophila longifolia
Eremophila macdonnellii
Eremophila maculata
Eremophila maculata prostrate form
Eremophila maculata v brevifolia
Eremophila miniata
Eremophila mitchellii
Eremophila nivea
Eremophila oldfieldii
Eremophila oppositifolia
Eremophila pantonii
Eremophila polyclada
Eremophila psilocalyx
Eremophila pterocarpa
Eremophila racemosa
Eremophila rotundifolia
Eremophila scoparia
Eremophila serrulata
Eremophila spectabilis
Eremophila sturtii
Eremophila subfloccosa
Eremophila youngii
Erinus alpinus
Erinus alpinus Dr Haehnle
Erinus alpinus Mrs Chas Boyle
Erinus alpinus Pikos de Europa
Erinus alpinus pink form
Erinus alpinus v albus
Erinus alpinus v hirsutus
Erinus alpinus vars mixed
Erinus laciniatus
Erinus peruvianus
Erinus procumbens
Erysimum marshallii x formula mixture
Escobedia scabrifolia
Euphrasia andicola
Euphrasia cockayniana
Euphrasia collina
Euphrasia flavicans
Euphrasia glacialis
Euphrasia monroi
Euphrasia nemorosa
Euphrasia officinalis
Euphrasia rostkoviana sp name unresolved
Euphrasia speciosa
Euphrasia stricta
Euphrasia subexserta
Euphrasia zelandica
Freylinia crispa
Freylinia densiflora
Freylinia lanceolata
Freylinia undulata
Galvezia ballii
Galvezia fruticosa
Galvezia juncea
Galvezia speciosa
Gerardia auriculata
Gerardia glutinosa
Gerardia lanceolata
Gerardia linarioides
Gerardia skinneriana
Gerardia tuberosa
Globifera umbrosa
Globularia salicina
Glossostigma sp sensitive plant
Glumicalyx flanaganii
Glumicalyx goseloides
Glumicalyx lesuticus
Glumicalyx montanus
Glumicalyx nutans
Gomphostigma virgatum
Gomphostigma virgatum White Candy
Gratiola anagallidea
Gratiola dubia
Gratiola ebracteata
Gratiola neglecta
Gratiola officinalis hort.
Gymnandra bullii
Halleria elliptica
Halleria lucida
Halleria lucida white fld. form
Harveya speciosa
Hebe acutiflora
Hebe affinis
Hebe albicans
Hebe albicans Red Edge
Hebe allanii
Hebe amabilis
Hebe amplexicaulis
Hebe Amy
Hebe andersonii x Variegata
Hebe angustifolia
Hebe annulata
Hebe armstrongii
Hebe balfouriana
Hebe barkeri
Hebe biggarii
Hebe blanda
Hebe bollonsii
Hebe Boscawenii
Hebe buchananii
Hebe canterburiensis
Hebe carnea
Hebe carnosula
Hebe carsei
Hebe cassinioides
Hebe chathamica
Hebe ciliolata
Hebe coarctata
Hebe colensoi
Hebe corriganii
Hebe cupressoides
Hebe dartonii
Hebe decumbens
Hebe dieffenbachii
Hebe diosmifolia
Hebe divaricata
Hebe divergens
Hebe elliptica
Hebe epacridea
Hebe erecta
Hebe evenosa
Hebe formosa
Hebe franciscana x
Hebe gibbsii
Hebe glaucophylla
Hebe godefroyana
Hebe Great Orme
Hebe haastii
Hebe Hagley Park
Hebe Headfortii
Hebe hectorii
Hebe hectoris
Hebe hulkeana name unresolved
Hebe imbricata
Hebe imperialis
Hebe kirkii
Hebe laingii
Hebe leiophylla
Hebe lewisii
Hebe ligustrifolia
Hebe longiracemosa
Hebe lycopodioides
Hebe macrantha
Hebe macrocarpa
Hebe macroura
Hebe Margaret
Hebe matthewsii
Hebe menziesii
Hebe myrtifolia
Hebe obovata
Hebe obtusata
Hebe ochracea
Hebe odora
Hebe Pageboy
Hebe parkinsoniana
Hebe parviflora
Hebe parviflora v angustifolia
Hebe parviflora v arborea
Hebe pauciramosa
Hebe pimeleoides
Hebe pimeleoides v glauco-caerulea
Hebe pimeleoides v minor
Hebe pinguifolia
Hebe pinguifolia Pagei
Hebe propinqua
Hebe Prostrata
Hebe pubescens
Hebe rakaiensis
Hebe raoulii
Hebe recurva
Hebe rigidula
Hebe rotundata
Hebe rupicola
Hebe salicifolia
Hebe salicornioides
Hebe speciosa
Hebe spp. mix
Hebe stenophylla
Hebe stricta v atkinsonii
Hebe stricta v macrocarpa
Hebe stricta v stricta
Hebe subalpina
Hebe subsimilis
Hebe sutherlandii
Hebe tetrasticha
Hebe topiaria
Hebe townsonii
Hebe traversii
Hebe trisepala
Hebe venustula
Hebe vernicosa
Hebe Youngii
Hebenstretia angolensis
Hebenstretia comosa Attraction
Hebenstretia cordata
Hebenstretia dentata
Hebenstretia dura
Hebenstretia fastigiosa
Hebenstretia integrifolia
Hebenstretia paarlensis (name unresolved)
Hebenstretia rehmannii aff.
Hebenstretia repens
Hebenstretia sp. unident. alpine South Africa
Hebenstretia sp. unident. low compact trailing
Hebenstretia sp. unident. white and orange fls.
Heliohebe hulkeana
Heliohebe lavaudiana
Heliohebe pentasepala
Heliohebe raoulii
Heliohebe raoulii ssp macgaskillii
Hemimeris gracilis
Hemimeris racemosa
Hemiphragma heterophylla
Hemiphragma heterophyllum
Ilysanthes antipoda
Ilysanthes dubia
Isoplexis canariensis
Isoplexis fluitans
Isoplexis isabelliana
Isoplexis sceptrum
Jamesbrittenia atropurpurea
Jamesbrittenia aurantiaca
Jamesbrittenia breviflora
Jamesbrittenia carvalhoi
Jamesbrittenia fleckii aff.
Jamesbrittenia foliolosa
Jamesbrittenia fruticosa
Jamesbrittenia grandiflora
Jamesbrittenia macrantha
Jamesbrittenia microphylla
Jamesbrittenia phlogiflora
Jamesbrittenia stellata
Jamesbrittenia thunbergii
Jamesbrittenia tortuosa
Jovellana punctata
Jovellana sinclairii
Jovellana violacea
Keckiella antirrhinoides ssp antirrhinoides
Keckiella antirrhinoides ssp microphylla
Keckiella breviflora
Keckiella cordifolia
Keckiella ternata
Kickxia commutata
Kickxia elatine
Kickxia sieberi
Kickxia spuria
Lathraea clandestina
Lathraea squamaria
Leucophyllum candidum
Leucophyllum frutescens
Leucophyllum minus
Limnophila aromatica
Limnophila chinensis
Limnophila indica
Limnophila sessiliflora
Limosella diandra
Limosella grandiflora
Linaria aeruginea
Linaria aeruginea Lindeza Violet
Linaria aeruginea Neon Lights
Linaria aeruginea ssp nevadensis Gemstones
Linaria aeruginea ssp nevadensis Grenada Sol
Linaria aeruginea ssp nevadensis mixed
Linaria alpina
Linaria amethystea
Linaria anticaria
Linaria arvensis
Linaria bipartita
Linaria buriatica
Linaria canadensis
Linaria dalmatica
Linaria Dartmoor Sunset
Linaria Fantasy Mixed annual dwarf
Linaria faucicola
Linaria genistifolia
Linaria hybrids mix
Linaria incarnata
Linaria japonica
Linaria Lace Series Mixed cut-flower
Linaria maroccana
Linaria maroccana Confetti dwarf
Linaria maroccana Fairy Bouquet Mixed dwarf
Linaria maroccana Northern Lights Mixed
Linaria maroccana Pretty in Pink mix
Linaria maroccana Sweeties
Linaria origanifolia
Linaria pinifolia
Linaria purpurea
Linaria purpurea Alba - Springside White
Linaria purpurea Bowles Mauve
Linaria purpurea Browns White
Linaria purpurea Canon J Went
Linaria purpurea Rev C E Bowring
Linaria purpurea Vicars Mixture
Linaria repens
Linaria repens x purpurea nat hyb
Linaria reticulata Aureopurpurea - Flamenco - Cord
Linaria reticulata Flaming Passion
Linaria saxatilis
Linaria sepium x
Linaria sp. unident. 20cm.
Linaria supina
Linaria texana
Linaria tonzigii
Linaria tricornutum
Linaria triornithophora
Linaria triornithophora mixed
Linaria triornithophora Pink Budgies
Linaria triphylla
Linaria tristis
Linaria vulgaris
Lindenbergia hookeri
Lindernia anagallidea
Lindernia antipoda
Lindernia crustacea
Lindernia dubia
Lindernia japonica
Lindernia nummulariifolia
Lindernia procumbens proteg.
Lindernia pyxidaria
Linum leonii
Lophospermum erubescens Alba
Lophospermum erubescens Bridal Bouquet
Lophospermum erubescens Magic Dragon Mix
Lophospermum erubescens Red Snapper
Lophospermum scandens mixed op
Lophospermum scandens Violet
Lyperia breviflora
Lyperia foliolosa
Lyperia grandiflora
Lyperia lychnidea
Lyperia tristis
Manulea adenocalyx
Manulea altissima
Manulea benthamiana
Manulea caledonica (name unresolved)
Manulea cheiranthus
Manulea corymbosa
Manulea crassifolia
Manulea diandra
Manulea heterophylla
Manulea nervosa
Manulea obovata
Manulea sp. unident.
Manuleopsis dinteri
Maurandella and Lophospermum spp. and vars. mix
Maurandella antirrhiniflora purple
Maurandella antirrhiniflora red form
Maurandya barclaiana
Maurandya erubescens
Maurandya erubescens Magic Dragon
Maurandya scandens
Maurandya scandens Joan Loraine violet blue
Maurandya scandens mixture formula
Maurandya scandens Mystic Purple
Maurandya scandens Mystic Rose
Maurandya scandens Rose
Maurandya scandens Snowwhite - Summer Snow
Maurandya wislizensis Red Dragon
Mazus radicans
Mazus reptans
Mazus reptans Albus
Mecardonia ovata
Mecardonia procumbens
Melampyrum arvense
Melampyrum barbatum
Melampyrum cristatum
Melampyrum lineare
Melampyrum nemorosum
Melampyrum setaceum
Melampyrum sylvaticum
Melasma scabrum
Micranthemum umbrosum
Microdon capitatus
Microdon orbicularis
Mimulus alsinoides
Mimulus aridus
Mimulus aurantiacus
Mimulus aurantiacus Buff
Mimulus aurantiacus v grandiflorus
Mimulus biflorus Verity Magenta
Mimulus Bounty Orange
Mimulus Bounty Orange pellets
Mimulus Bounty Red
Mimulus Bounty Red pellets
Mimulus Bounty Rose
Mimulus Bounty Rose pellets
Mimulus Bounty Yellow
Mimulus Bounty Yellow pellets
Mimulus brevipes
Mimulus cardinalis
Mimulus cardinalis golden form
Mimulus cardinalis Siskiyou Gold
Mimulus cusickii
Mimulus f1 Andean Nymph
Mimulus f1 Calypso Mixed
Mimulus f1 Magic Cream
Mimulus f1 Magic Crimson
Mimulus f1 Magic Ivory and Pink
Mimulus f1 Magic Ivory pellets
Mimulus f1 Magic Mixed formula
Mimulus f1 Magic Mixed formula pellets
Mimulus f1 Magic Orange pellets
Mimulus f1 Magic Pastel Pink Shades
Mimulus f1 Magic Pastel Shades Mixed
Mimulus f1 Magic Pastel Yellow
Mimulus f1 Magic Peach
Mimulus f1 Magic Red pellets
Mimulus f1 Magic White Flame pellets
Mimulus f1 Magic White with Blotch pellets
Mimulus f1 Magic Wine pellets
Mimulus f1 Magic Yellow and Red
Mimulus f1 Magic Yellow Blotch pellets
Mimulus f1 Magic Yellow Flame pellets
Mimulus f1 Magic Yellow pellets
Mimulus f1 Maximus Mixed
Mimulus f1 Maximus Mixed pellets
Mimulus f1 Mystic Mix pellets
Mimulus f2 Twinkle Ivory White
Mimulus f2 Twinkle Mixed formula
Mimulus f2 Twinkle Orange
Mimulus f2 Twinkle Red
Mimulus f2 Twinkle Yellow
Mimulus glabradatus
Mimulus gracilis
Mimulus guttatus
Mimulus guttatus low form
Mimulus guttatus prov. Alaska
Mimulus guttatus Variegatus
Mimulus Highland Mixed
Mimulus Highland Orange
Mimulus Highland Pink
Mimulus Highland Red
Mimulus Highland Scarlet
Mimulus Highland Yellow
Mimulus hybridus x Grandiflorus Mixture - Tigrinus
Mimulus hybridus x Highland Formula Mixture
Mimulus hybridus x Queens Prize Mixed
Mimulus hybridus x Red Emperor
Mimulus jungermannoides
Mimulus lewisii
Mimulus longiflorus
Mimulus longiflorus Santa Barbara
Mimulus longiflorus v calycinus
Mimulus luteus
Mimulus luteus Variegatus
Mimulus minimus
Mimulus moschatus
Mimulus pictus
Mimulus pilosiusculus
Mimulus Popacatapetl
Mimulus primuloides
Mimulus puniceus
Mimulus Quetzalcoatl
Mimulus ringens
Mimulus sp. unident. ex JBA 64
Mimulus tilingii
Mimulus Viva yellow and red
Mimulus Whitecroft Scarlet
Misopates orontium
Mohavea confertiflora
Morgania floribunda (unresolved)
Myoporum acuminatum
Myoporum caprarioides
Myoporum deserti
Myoporum insulare
Myoporum laetum
Myoporum laetum v decumbens
Myoporum montanum
Myoporum parvifolium
Myoporum platycarpum
Myoporum sandwicense
Myoporum serratum
Myoporum tetrandrum
Myoporum viscosum
Nemesia affinis
Nemesia anisocarpa aff.
Nemesia barbata
Nemesia bicornis
Nemesia caerulea
Nemesia caerulea hybs mix
Nemesia caerulea Joan Wilder
Nemesia caerulea Sugar and Spice
Nemesia caerulea Sugar and Spice Improved
Nemesia cheiranthus
Nemesia cheiranthus Masquerade
Nemesia cheiranthus Shooting Stars
Nemesia denticulata
Nemesia floribunda
Nemesia foetens Pallida
Nemesia Fragrant Cloud
Nemesia Fragrant Gem
Nemesia fruticans
Nemesia fruticans Fragrant Gem
Nemesia fruticans Karoo Pink
Nemesia fruticans Sugar Girl
Nemesia Georgina
Nemesia Innocence
Nemesia Karoo Pink
Nemesia karooensis
Nemesia ligulata
Nemesia macrocarpa
Nemesia melissifolia
Nemesia pagae
Nemesia pinnata
Nemesia silvatica aff.
Nemesia Snowflakes
Nemesia sp. unident. ann. 30cm. white
Nemesia sp. unident. ann. 60cm. white and yellow
Nemesia sp. unident. dark mauve fl.
Nemesia sp. unident. mix
Nemesia strumosa
Nemesia strumosa Blaze of Glory mixture c.s.
Nemesia strumosa Blue Gem c.s.
Nemesia strumosa Blue Gem Superior
Nemesia strumosa Butterscotch c.s.
Nemesia strumosa carmine cs
Nemesia strumosa Carnival Mixture c.s.
Nemesia strumosa Carnival Mixture r.s.
Nemesia strumosa Danish Flag
Nemesia strumosa f1 Nebula Mixed
Nemesia strumosa Fire King cs
Nemesia strumosa Galaxy Mixed bicolour c.s.
Nemesia strumosa Galaxy Mixed bicolours r.s.
Nemesia strumosa K L M
Nemesia strumosa National Ensign red and white
Nemesia strumosa Paintbox mix
Nemesia strumosa Poetry Blue pellets
Nemesia strumosa Poetry Deep Pink pellets
Nemesia strumosa Poetry Lavender Pink pellets
Nemesia strumosa Poetry White pellets
Nemesia strumosa Prince of Orange c.s.
Nemesia strumosa Red Icing mixed
Nemesia strumosa Seventh Heaven Lavender bicolour
Nemesia strumosa Snow Princess
Nemesia strumosa St. George
Nemesia strumosa Sundrops Mixture
Nemesia strumosa Triumph Choice Mix c.s.
Nemesia strumosa Triumph Choice Mix r.s.
Nemesia strumosa White Knight cs
Nemesia strumosa yellow prov. RSA
Nemesia Sugar Girl (Pensug)
Nemesia Twinkle bicolor mixed bs
Nemesia Twinkle bicolor mixed cs
Nemesia versicolor
Nemesia versicolor Aegean Sea
Nemesia versicolor Blue Bird cs
Nemesia versicolor Dark Blue Gem
Nemesia versicolor Pastel Mixture
Neopicrorhiza scrophulariiflora
Nothochelone nemorosa
Nuttallanthus canadensis
Nuttallanthus texanus
Odontites lutea
Odontites serotinus
Odontites vernus
Odontites vulgaris
Oftia africana
Orthocarpus attenuatus
Orthocarpus bracteosus
Orthocarpus cuspidatus
Orthocarpus hispidus
Orthocarpus pilosus
Orthocarpus purpurascens
Orthocarpus pusillus
Orthocarpus tenuifolius
Orthocarpus tenuis
Orthocarpus tolmiei
Otacanthus caeruleus
Ourisia caespitosa
Ourisia coccinea
Ourisia crosbyi
Ourisia glandulosa
Ourisia macrocarpa
Ourisia macrophylla Snowflake
Ourisia microphylla
Ourisia miltopsis
Ourisia poeppigii
Ourisia serpyllifolia
Paederota axillaris
Paederotella teberdensis
Panicum marginatum
Panicum scoparium
Parahebe bidwillii
Parahebe birleyi
Parahebe canescens
Parahebe catarractae
Parahebe decora
Parahebe derwentiana
Parahebe formosa
Parahebe hookeriana
Parahebe linifolia
Parahebe lyallii
Parahebe nivea
Parahebe perfoliata
Parahebe planopetiolata
Parentucellia viscosa
Paulownia catalpifolia
Paulownia elongata
Paulownia fargesii
Paulownia fortunei
Paulownia tomentosa
Paulownia tomentosa organic
Pedicularis adunca
Pedicularis attollens
Pedicularis bicornuta
Pedicularis bracteata v flavida
Pedicularis bracteosa
Pedicularis canadensis
Pedicularis centranthera
Pedicularis chamissonis v japonica
Pedicularis clarkei
Pedicularis comosa
Pedicularis contorta v ctenophora
Pedicularis crenulata
Pedicularis cystopteridifolia
Pedicularis densiflora
Pedicularis dolichorrhiza
Pedicularis flava
Pedicularis flexuosa
Pedicularis foliosa
Pedicularis fritzii
Pedicularis furbishiae
Pedicularis gracilis
Pedicularis grayii
Pedicularis groenlandica
Pedicularis integrifolia
Pedicularis kaufmanii
Pedicularis kusnetzovii
Pedicularis lachnoglossa
Pedicularis lanceolata
Pedicularis langsdorffii
Pedicularis longiflora
Pedicularis megalantha
Pedicularis mollis
Pedicularis myriophylla
Pedicularis palustris
Pedicularis parryi ssp. parryi
Pedicularis pectinata
Pedicularis procera
Pedicularis racemosa
Pedicularis resupinata
Pedicularis rhodotricha
Pedicularis roylei
Pedicularis sceptrum-carolinum
Pedicularis schizorrhyncha
Pedicularis siphonantha
Pedicularis sylvatica
Pedicularis trichoglossa
Pedicularis tuberosa
Pedicularis uliginosa
Pedicularis venusta
Pedicularis verticillata
Peliostemon viscosum
Pennellia micrantha
Pennellianthus frutescens
Penstemon acuminatus
Penstemon alamosensis
Penstemon albertinus
Penstemon albomarginatus
Penstemon ambiguus
Penstemon Andenken an Friedrich Hahn - Garnet
Penstemon angustifolius
Penstemon angustifolius v caudatus
Penstemon antirrhinoides
Penstemon apateticus
Penstemon Apple Blossom
Penstemon arenicola
Penstemon aridus
Penstemon attenuatus ssp attenuatus
Penstemon attenuatus ssp militaris
Penstemon austinii
Penstemon australis
Penstemon azureus
Penstemon azureus ssp angustissimus
Penstemon baccharifolius
Penstemon barbatus
Penstemon barbatus Cambridge Mixture
Penstemon barbatus Coccineus Jingle Bells
Penstemon barbatus dwarf form
Penstemon barbatus Humming Bells
Penstemon barbatus Iron Maiden
Penstemon barbatus Navigator
Penstemon barbatus Petite Bouquet mix
Penstemon barbatus Petite Bouquet Salmon
Penstemon barbatus pink form
Penstemon barbatus Praecox
Penstemon barbatus Praecox Nanus - Rondo mix
Penstemon barbatus Roseus
Penstemon barbatus ssp. torreyi
Penstemon barbatus Twizzle Coral Pink
Penstemon barbatus Twizzle Purple
Penstemon barbatus Twizzle Scarlet
Penstemon barrettiae
Penstemon bicolor
Penstemon Blackbird
Penstemon Blue Foam
Penstemon brandegeei
Penstemon breviculus
Penstemon breviflorus
Penstemon bridgesii
Penstemon buckleyi
Penstemon caespitosus
Penstemon caespitosus ssp suffruticosus
Penstemon caespitosus white form
Penstemon californicus
Penstemon calycosus
Penstemon campanulatus
Penstemon campanulatus PC and H 148 - Lilac Frost
Penstemon campanulatus v chihuahuaensis
Penstemon canescens
Penstemon cardinalis
Penstemon cardinalis v regalis
Penstemon cardwellii
Penstemon carnosus aff
Penstemon caryi
Penstemon caudatus
Penstemon centranthifolius
Penstemon Chester Scarlet
Penstemon cinicola
Penstemon clevelandii
Penstemon clutei
Penstemon cobaea
Penstemon cobaea Wedding Bells
Penstemon cobaea white form
Penstemon comarrhenus
Penstemon confertus
Penstemon connatifolius
Penstemon Countess of Dalkeith
Penstemon crandallii
Penstemon crandallii ssp glabrescens
Penstemon crandallii ssp procumbens
Penstemon cusickii
Penstemon cyananthus
Penstemon cyaneus
Penstemon cyaneus darker blue form
Penstemon cyaneus light blue
Penstemon cyanocaulis
Penstemon cyathophorus
Penstemon dasyphyllus
Penstemon davidsonii ssp praeteritus
Penstemon davidsonii v menziesii
Penstemon davidsonii v menziesii Microphyllus b.s.
Penstemon degeneri
Penstemon deustus
Penstemon digitalis
Penstemon digitalis Albus
Penstemon digitalis Gold Foil
Penstemon digitalis Huskers Red
Penstemon digitalis Huskers Red Improved
Penstemon digitalis Mystica
Penstemon diphyllus
Penstemon dissectus
Penstemon Dwarf Mixed
Penstemon Dwarf Salmon Red
Penstemon eatonii
Penstemon Elfin Pink
Penstemon ellipticus
Penstemon eriantherus v eriantherus
Penstemon eriantherus v redactus
Penstemon euglaucus
Penstemon exilifolius
Penstemon fendleri
Penstemon floridus
Penstemon fremontii
Penstemon frutescens
Penstemon fruticiformis
Penstemon fruticosus dwarf form
Penstemon fruticosus Purple Haze
Penstemon fruticosus ssp fruticosus
Penstemon fruticosus ssp serratus
Penstemon fruticosus v scouleri
Penstemon fruticosus v scouleri Albus
Penstemon fruticosus v scouleri Six Hills
Penstemon gairdneri
Penstemon gentianoides
Penstemon gibbensii
Penstemon glaber
Penstemon glaber v alpinus
Penstemon glabrescens
Penstemon Glacier
Penstemon glandulosus v chelanensis
Penstemon globosus
Penstemon gloxinioides Sensation mixed
Penstemon gormanii
Penstemon gracilentus
Penstemon gracilis
Penstemon grahamii
Penstemon grandiflorus
Penstemon grandiflorus Albus
Penstemon grandiflorus Prairie Snow
Penstemon grandiflorus War Axe mix
Penstemon griffinii (name unresolved)
Penstemon grinnellii ssp grinnellii
Penstemon grinnellii ssp scrophularoides
Penstemon hallii
Penstemon harbourii
Penstemon harringtonii
Penstemon hartwegii
Penstemon hartwegii Earlibird
Penstemon hartwegii Giant Mix
Penstemon hartwegii Scarlet Queen
Penstemon hartwegii Sensation Mixed
Penstemon hartwegii Sensation Scarlet
Penstemon hartwegii Tubular Bells Mix
Penstemon hartwegii Tubular Bells Red
Penstemon hartwegii Tubular Bells Rose
Penstemon havardii
Penstemon haydenii
Penstemon heterophyllus
Penstemon heterophyllus Blue Springs
Penstemon heterophyllus Electric Blue
Penstemon Hewell Pink Bedder
Penstemon hirsutus
Penstemon hirsutus Dwarf Snowbells
Penstemon hirsutus fa albiflorus
Penstemon hirsutus v pygmaeus
Penstemon hirsutus v pygmaeus fa albus
Penstemon humilis
Penstemon humilis aff
Penstemon hybrid
Penstemon hybridus
Penstemon incertus
Penstemon isophyllus
Penstemon jamesii
Penstemon jamesii form no 3
Penstemon janishiae
Penstemon King George
Penstemon kunthii
Penstemon kunthii purple form
Penstemon labrosus
Penstemon laetus
Penstemon laevigatus
Penstemon laricifolius ssp exilifolius
Penstemon laricifolius ssp laricifolius
Penstemon laxifolius
Penstemon leiophyllus
Penstemon Lilac Frost
Penstemon linarioides
Penstemon linarioides ssp coloradoensis
Penstemon lyallii
Penstemon mensarum
Penstemon menziesii (name unresolved)
Penstemon Mesa
Penstemon Mexicali x
Penstemon Mexicali x Carillo Purple
Penstemon Mexicali x Carillo Red
Penstemon Mexicali x Carillo Rose
Penstemon Mexicali x mix
Penstemon Mexicali x Pikes Peak Purple
Penstemon Mexicali x Red Rocks
Penstemon Mexicali x Sunburst Amethyst
Penstemon Mexicali x Sunburst Colours Mix
Penstemon Mexicali x Sunburst Ruby
Penstemon microphyllus
Penstemon Midnight
Penstemon monoensis
Penstemon montanus ssp montanus
Penstemon mucronatus aff
Penstemon neomexicanus
Penstemon neotericus
Penstemon New Hybrids Mix
Penstemon newberryi
Penstemon nitidus
Penstemon nudiflorus
Penstemon oliganthus
Penstemon ophianthus
Penstemon osterhoutii
Penstemon ovatus
Penstemon pachyphyllus
Penstemon pallidus
Penstemon palmeri
Penstemon Panita
Penstemon Papal Purple
Penstemon parryi
Penstemon parryi x superbus
Penstemon payettensis
Penstemon paysoniorum
Penstemon peckii
Penstemon penlandii
Penstemon perfoliatus
Penstemon petiolatus
Penstemon pinifolius
Penstemon pinifolius Mersea Yellow
Penstemon Pink Holly seeds ex
Penstemon platyphyllus
Penstemon procerus
Penstemon procerus Roy Davidson
Penstemon procerus v brachyanthus
Penstemon procerus v formosus
Penstemon procerus v procerus
Penstemon procerus v tolmiei
Penstemon pruinosus
Penstemon pseudospectabilis
Penstemon pseudospectabilis organic seed
Penstemon purpusii (name unresolved)
Penstemon Rainbow Mixed
Penstemon ramosus
Penstemon Raspberry Ripple
Penstemon rattanii
Penstemon Rich Ruby
Penstemon richardsonii
Penstemon richardsonii v dentata
Penstemon roezlii
Penstemon rostriflorus
Penstemon rubicundus
Penstemon rupicola
Penstemon russicus
Penstemon rydbergii ssp rydbergii
Penstemon scariosus
Penstemon Schoenholzeri - Firebird
Penstemon secundiflorus
Penstemon sepalulus
Penstemon serrulatus
Penstemon serrulatus aff.
Penstemon serrulatus Albus
Penstemon serrulatus prov. Washington Cascades
Penstemon smallii
Penstemon Sour Grapes
Penstemon sp. aff. leonensis Mexican alpine
Penstemon sp. unident.
Penstemon sp. unident. Idaho alpine
Penstemon sp. unident. Purple Dragon prov. Mexico
Penstemon sp. unident. red
Penstemon sp. unident. white
Penstemon spatulatus
Penstemon speciosus
Penstemon speciosus v kennedyi
Penstemon spectabilis
Penstemon spp. and vars. Mix
Penstemon Stapleford Gem
Penstemon stenophyllus
Penstemon stephensii
Penstemon strictiformis
Penstemon strictus
Penstemon subglaber
Penstemon subserratus
Penstemon subulatus
Penstemon superbus
Penstemon tenuiflorus
Penstemon tenuis
Penstemon teucrioides
Penstemon teucrioides grey leaf
Penstemon thompsoniae
Penstemon thurberi
Penstemon tolmiei
Penstemon torreyi
Penstemon tubaeflorus
Penstemon unilateralis
Penstemon utahensis
Penstemon utahensis Alba
Penstemon venustus
Penstemon venustus Alba
Penstemon versicolor
Penstemon virens
Penstemon virgatus Blue Buckle
Penstemon virgatus ssp arizonicus
Penstemon virgatus ssp asa-grayi
Penstemon virgatus ssp putus
Penstemon virgatus ssp virgatus
Penstemon watsonii
Penstemon whippleanus
Penstemon whippleanus Albus
Penstemon whippleanus prov NM
Penstemon White Bedder
Penstemon whitedii
Penstemon wilcoxii
Penstemon wislizenii
Philcoxia bahiensis
Philcoxia goiasensis
Philcoxia minensis
Pholidia santalina
Pholidiopsis santalina
Phygelius aequalis
Phygelius aequalis Yellow Star
Phygelius aequalis Yellow Trumpet
Phygelius capensis
Phygelius capensis orange
Phygelius capensis pink
Phygelius capensis red
Phygelius rectus African Queen
Phygelius rectus Trewidden Pink
Phygelius rectus Winchester Fanfare
Phygelius rectus x
Phygelius x Mixed Hybrids
Phyllopodium capense
Phyllopodium cephalophorum lilac
Phyllopodium cephalophyllum mauve to white
Phyllopodium cordatum
Phyllopodium cuneifolium
Phyllopodium heterophyllum
Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora
Plectranthus scutellarioides Salmon Lace
Polycarena cephalophora
Polycarena formosa
Polycarena heterophylla
Polycarena leipoldtii
Polycarena rariflora
Polypremum procumbens
Pseudolaysimachion longifolium Roseum
Pseudolysimachion linariifolium
Pseudolysimachion rotundum
Pseudoselago ascendens
Pseudoselago serrata
Pseudoselago sp. unident.
Pseudoselago spuria
Pseudoselago subglabra
Rehmannia elata
Rehmannia glutinosa
Rehmannia glutinosa v hueichingensis
Rehmannia piasezki Rufus
Rehmannia piasezkii
Rhamphicarpa fistulosa
Rhamphicarpa medwedewii
Rhinanthus alectorolophus
Rhinanthus angustifolius
Rhinanthus borbasii
Rhinanthus crista-galli
Rhinanthus glacialis
Rhinanthus minor
Rhinanthus serotinus
Rhinanthus serotinus ssp grandiflorus
Rhinanthus songaricus
Rhinanthus vernalis
Rhodochiton atrosanguineum
Russelia equisetiformis Alba
Russelia sarmentosa
Schmidtia subtilis
Schwalbea americana
Scoparia dulcis
Scrophularia alata
Scrophularia atrata
Scrophularia auriculata
Scrophularia bicolor
Scrophularia buergeriana
Scrophularia californica chartreuse form
Scrophularia californica ssp californica
Scrophularia canina ssp hoppei
Scrophularia chrysantha
Scrophularia cretacea
Scrophularia decomposita
Scrophularia deserti
Scrophularia elatior
Scrophularia glabrata
Scrophularia grandiflora
Scrophularia grayana
Scrophularia hierochuntina
Scrophularia hoppii
Scrophularia incisa
Scrophularia juratensis
Scrophularia kakudensis
Scrophularia koraiensis
Scrophularia lanceolata
Scrophularia macrantha
Scrophularia marilandica
Scrophularia michoniana
Scrophularia ningpoensis
Scrophularia nodosa
Scrophularia nudata
Scrophularia oldhamii
Scrophularia orientalis
Scrophularia pauciflora
Scrophularia pyrenaica proteg.
Scrophularia rubricaulis
Scrophularia rupestris
Scrophularia sambucifolia
Scrophularia scopolia
Scrophularia scorodonia
Scrophularia striata
Scrophularia telavivensis
Scrophularia umbrosa
Scrophularia variegata
Scrophularia vernalis
Scrophularia villosa
Scrophularia xanthoglossa
Scrophularia xylorrhiza
Scrophulariaceae sp unident 1178
Selago albida
Selago corymbosa
Selago dolosa
Selago fourcadei
Selago galpinii
Selago glomerata
Selago melliodora
Selago scabrida
Selago serrata
Selago speciosa
Selago spuria
Selago thunbergii
Seymeria cassioides
Seymeria pectinata
Siphonostegia chinensis
Sopubia angolensis
Sopubia cana
Sopubia delphinifolia
Sopubia mannii v tenuifolia
Sopubia simplex
Stemodia florulenta
Stemodia glabella
Stemodia viscosa
Striga angustifolia
Striga densiflora
Striga euphrasioides
Striga forbesii
Striga gesnerioides
Striga hermonthica
Striga masuria
Strobilopsis wrightii
Sutera affinis
Sutera aurantiaca
Sutera breviflora
Sutera caerulea aff.
Sutera campanulata
Sutera carvalhoi
Sutera cordata Blutopia Blue multi-pellets
Sutera cordata Lilac Pearls
Sutera cordata Snowflake
Sutera cordata Snowtopia White multi-pellets
Sutera floribunda
Sutera fruticosa aff.
Sutera halimifolia
Sutera microphylla
Sutera mollis
Sutera neglecta
Sutera palustris
Sutera pinnatifida
Sutera sp. unident. aromatic white fl.
Sutera titanophila
Sutera tristis
Synthyris missurica v magna
Synthyris pinnatifida
Synthyris reniformis
Tetranema alba
Tetranema roseum
Tetraselago nelsonii
Tetraselago wilmsii
Torenia benthamiana
Torenia concolor v. formosana
Torenia cyanea
Torenia flava Suzie Wong
Torenia fournieri
Torenia fournieri Clown Mix pellets
Torenia fournieri Duchess Mixed
Torenia fournieri f2 hybrids mixed
Torenia fournieri Nana Compacta Blue
Torenia fournieri Pink Panda
Torenia glabra
Triphysaria pusilla
Trixago versicolor
Vandellia crustacea
Vandellia nummulariifolia
Verbascum acaule
Verbascum arcturus
Verbascum atroviolaceum
Verbascum atroviolaceum name unresolved
Verbascum blattaria
Verbascum blattaria fa. albiflorum
Verbascum blattaria pink form
Verbascum boerhavii
Verbascum bombyciferum
Verbascum bombyciferum Arctic Snow
Verbascum bombyciferum b.s.
Verbascum bombyciferum Polarsommer
Verbascum bugulifolium
Verbascum chaixii
Verbascum chaixii Album
Verbascum chaixii Sixteen Candles
Verbascum Cotswold King
Verbascum Cottage Garden mix
Verbascum densiflorum
Verbascum densiflorum organic seed
Verbascum densiflorum Polyverb
Verbascum dumulosum
Verbascum epixanthinum
Verbascum eriophorum
Verbascum f1 Copper Rose
Verbascum f1 Copper Rose pellets
Verbascum fontqueri
Verbascum Gainsborough
Verbascum Golden Wings
Verbascum graecum
Verbascum longifolium
Verbascum lychnitis
Verbascum mixed hybrids
Verbascum Mullein range 4 species unmixed
Verbascum nigrum
Verbascum nigrum Album
Verbascum nigrum organic seed
Verbascum olympicum
Verbascum olympicum Album
Verbascum oreophilum
Verbascum phlomoides
Verbascum phlomoides Spica
Verbascum phlomoides Wega
Verbascum phoeniceum
Verbascum phoeniceum Antique Rose
Verbascum phoeniceum Flush of White - White Bride
Verbascum phoeniceum New Hybrids mix
Verbascum phoeniceum Rosetta
Verbascum phoeniceum Temptress Purple pellets
Verbascum phoeniceum Temptress White pellets
Verbascum phoeniceum Violetta
Verbascum phoeniceum wild form
Verbascum phoenicium Pink Domino
Verbascum Pink Domino
Verbascum pyramidatum
Verbascum roripifolium
Verbascum rotundifolium v. haenseleri
Verbascum Silver Candelabrum
Verbascum sinuatum
Verbascum Snow Maiden
Verbascum songaricum
Verbascum Southern Charm
Verbascum Southern Charm pellets
Verbascum sp
Verbascum sp. unident. Electric Yellow
Verbascum sp. unident. prov Uzbekistan
Verbascum sp. unident. tall pale yellow
Verbascum sp. unident. white fl.
Verbascum speciosum
Verbascum thapsus
Verbascum thapsus organic
Verbascum turkestanicum
Verbascum undulatum name unresolved
Verbascum White Bride
Verbascum wiedemannianum
Veronica abyssinica
Veronica acinifolia
Veronica acrotheca
Veronica acutiflora
Veronica agrestis
Veronica alatavica
Veronica albanica
Veronica aleppica
Veronica allionii
Veronica alpina
Veronica amabilis
Veronica americana
Veronica amoena
Veronica anagallidiformis
Veronica anagalloides
Veronica andersonii
Veronica angustifolia
Veronica annulata
Veronica antalyensis
Veronica aphylla
Veronica aragonensis
Veronica arceutobia
Veronica arenosa
Veronica argute-serrata
Veronica armena
Veronica armstrongii
Veronica arvensis
Veronica arvensis Chedglow
Veronica astonii
Veronica aucheri
Veronica austriaca
Veronica austriaca Knallblau
Veronica austriaca ssp. teucrium
Veronica austriaca ssp. teucrium Royal Blue
Veronica avromanica
Veronica aznavourii
Veronica bachofenii
Veronica balansae
Veronica balfouriana
Veronica baranetzkii
Veronica baumgartenii
Veronica beccabunga
Veronica bellidioides
Veronica bidwillii
Veronica biggarii
Veronica biloba
Veronica birleyi
Veronica bobrovii
Veronica bogosensis
Veronica bollonsii
Veronica bombycina
Veronica borissovae
Veronica bornmuelleri
Veronica bozakmanii
Veronica brevistyla name unresolved
Veronica brownii
Veronica bucharica
Veronica bullii
Veronica bungei
Veronica caespitosa
Veronica caespitosa ssp. caespitosa pale blue
Veronica callitrichoides
Veronica calycina
Veronica campylopoda
Veronica cana
Veronica capillipes
Veronica capitata
Veronica capsellicarpa
Veronica cardiocarpa
Veronica carnea
Veronica carnosula
Veronica carsei
Veronica cassinioides
Veronica catarractae
Veronica catenata
Veronica caucasica
Veronica cephaloides
Veronica cerasifolia
Veronica ceratocarpa
Veronica cetikiana
Veronica chamaedrys
Veronica chamaepithyoides
Veronica chantavica
Veronica chartonii
Veronica chayuensis
Veronica chinoalpina
Veronica chionantha
Veronica ciliata
Veronica cinerea
Veronica coarctata
Veronica colchica
Veronica colensoi
Veronica contandriopouli name unresolved
Veronica copelandii
Veronica cretacea
Veronica crinata
Veronica crista-galli
Veronica cuneifolia
Veronica cusickii
Veronica cymbalaria
Veronica czerniakowskiana
Veronica dabneyi
Veronica dahurica
Veronica daranica
Veronica dartonii
Veronica davisii
Veronica debilis
Veronica decumbens
Veronica deltigera
Veronica densiflora
Veronica dentata
Veronica denudata
Veronica derwentiana
Veronica dichrus
Veronica didyma
Veronica dillenii
Veronica diosmifolia
Veronica divergens
Veronica donetzica
Veronica donii
Veronica elmaliensis
Veronica emodi
Veronica erecta
Veronica erinoides
Veronica eriogyne
Veronica euphrasiifolia
Veronica euxina
Veronica evenosa
Veronica fargesii
Veronica farinosa
Veronica fedtschenkoi
Veronica ferganica
Veronica filicaulis
Veronica filifolia
Veronica filipes
Veronica formosa
Veronica forrestii
Veronica fragilis
Veronica fridericae
Veronica fruticans
Veronica fruticulosa
Veronica fuchsii
Veronica galathica
Veronica gaubae
Veronica gentianoides
Veronica gentianoides Little Blues
Veronica gibbsii
Veronica glaberrima
Veronica glabrifolia
Veronica glandulosa
Veronica glauca
Veronica glaucophylla
Veronica godefroyana
Veronica gorbunovii
Veronica gracilis
Veronica grahamii
Veronica grandiflora
Veronica grandis
Veronica grisebachii
Veronica guthrieana x
Veronica hectorii
Veronica hederifolia
Veronica henryi
Veronica hillebrandii
Veronica himalensis
Veronica hispidula
Veronica hookeriana
Veronica humifusa
Veronica imbricata
Veronica imerethica
Veronica intercedens
Veronica ixodes
Veronica jacquinii
Veronica japonensis
Veronica javanica
Veronica kaiseri
Veronica kavusica
Veronica kellereri
Veronica kermesina
Veronica khorossanica
Veronica kindlii
Veronica kirkii
Veronica kiusiana
Veronica kiusiana v maxima
Veronica komarovii
Veronica kopetdaghensis
Veronica kopgecidiensis
Veronica kotschyana
Veronica krylovii
Veronica kurdica
Veronica laeta
Veronica laingii
Veronica langei
Veronica lanosa
Veronica lanuginosa
Veronica latisepala
Veronica laxa
Veronica laxissima
Veronica leiocarpa
Veronica leiophylla
Veronica lewisii
Veronica ligustrifolia
Veronica lilacina
Veronica linariifolia
Veronica lineariifolia
Veronica liwanensis
Veronica loganioides
Veronica longifolia
Veronica longifolia Alba
Veronica longifolia Blue Shades
Veronica longifolia Rosea - Pink Shades - Rosa Ton
Veronica longipetiolata
Veronica longiracemosa
Veronica luetkeana
Veronica lycica
Veronica lysimachioides
Veronica macrocarpa
Veronica macropoda
Veronica macrostachya
Veronica macrostemon
Veronica macrostemonoides
Veronica macroura
Veronica magna
Veronica mannii
Veronica martini
Veronica matthewsii
Veronica maximowicziana
Veronica mazanderanae
Veronica melissifolia
Veronica menziesii
Veronica michauxii
Veronica micrantha
Veronica microcarpa
Veronica micromera
Veronica minima
Veronica minuta
Veronica miqueliana
Veronica mirabilis
Veronica monantha
Veronica montana
Veronica montbretii
Veronica montioides
Veronica morrisonicola
Veronica muelleri
Veronica multifida
Veronica muratae
Veronica myrsinoides
Veronica myrtifolia
Veronica nanella
Veronica nevadensis
Veronica nevskii
Veronica nimrodi
Veronica nipponica
Veronica nivalis
Veronica nivea
Veronica notabilis
Veronica nummularia
Veronica nutans
Veronica obovata
Veronica officinalis
Veronica olgensis
Veronica oligosperma
Veronica olsenii
Veronica oltensis
Veronica onoei
Veronica opaca
Veronica orbiculata (name unresolved)
Veronica orchidea Blue Fingers
Veronica orientalis
Veronica ornata
Veronica orsiniana ssp orsiniana
Veronica oxycarpa
Veronica paederotae
Veronica paniculata
Veronica panormitana
Veronica parkinsoniana
Veronica pectinata
Veronica peduncularis
Veronica peregrina
Veronica perpusilla
Veronica persica
Veronica petraea
Veronica pinnata Blue Feathers
Veronica piroliformis
Veronica plebeia
Veronica polifolia
Veronica polita
Veronica polium
Veronica poljensis
Veronica polozhiae
Veronica ponae
Veronica pontica
Veronica porphyriana
Veronica praecox
Veronica propinqua
Veronica prostrata
Veronica prostrata Nestor
Veronica prostrata ssp. scheereri
Veronica pubescens
Veronica pusilla
Veronica quezelii
Veronica rakaiensis
Veronica ramosissima
Veronica raoulii
Veronica rechingeri
Veronica reidii
Veronica repens
Veronica reuterana
Veronica rhodopaea
Veronica riae
Veronica riederiana
Veronica robusta
Veronica rockii
Veronica rosea
Veronica rotunda
Veronica rotundata
Veronica rubrifolia
Veronica rupicola
Veronica ruprechtii
Veronica sachalinensis Blue Pyramid
Veronica sajanensis
Veronica salicornioides
Veronica salina
Veronica samuelssonii
Veronica saturejoides
Veronica scardica
Veronica schistosa
Veronica schizocalyx
Veronica schmidtiana
Veronica schmidtiana Nana
Veronica schmidtiana pink form
Veronica scutellata
Veronica semiglabrata
Veronica sennenii
Veronica serpyllifolia
Veronica serpylloides
Veronica sessiliflora
Veronica Shirley Blue
Veronica siaretensis
Veronica sibthorpioides
Veronica spicata
Veronica spicata Alba
Veronica spicata Blue Bouquet
Veronica spicata Blue Bouquet pelleted seed
Veronica spicata Blue Carpet
Veronica spicata Blue Streak
Veronica spicata Caeruleum
Veronica spicata Erika (Roseum - Rosenrot - Pink G
Veronica spicata Hybrids
Veronica spicata Nana Blue Carpet
Veronica spicata ssp incana Nana
Veronica spicata ssp. incana
Veronica spicata ssp. incana Silbersee
Veronica spicata ssp. orchidea
Veronica spicata x Sightseeing Mixed
Veronica spp. mix
Veronica spuria
Veronica stamatiadae
Veronica stelleri
Veronica stenocarpa
Veronica stewartii
Veronica stricta
Veronica stylophora
Veronica sublobata
Veronica subsimilis
Veronica surculosa
Veronica sutchuenensis
Veronica syriaca
Veronica szechuanica
Veronica taiwanica
Veronica taurica
Veronica tauricola
Veronica teberdensis
Veronica telephiifolia
Veronica tenuifolia
Veronica tenuissima
Veronica teucrioides
Veronica thessalica
Veronica thymifolia
Veronica thymoides
Veronica tianschanica
Veronica tibetica
Veronica townsonii
Veronica trichadena
Veronica triloba
Veronica tripartita
Veronica triphyllos
Veronica trisepala
Veronica tsinglingensis
Veronica tubiflora
Veronica tumadzhanovii
Veronica turrilliana
Veronica umbelliformis
Veronica umbrosa
Veronica undulata
Veronica uralensis
Veronica urticifolia
Veronica urumovii
Veronica vandellioides
Veronica vanensis
Veronica verna
Veronica violaefolia
Veronica viscosa
Veronica wormskjoldii
Veronica xalapensis
Veronica yildirimlii
Veronica yunnanensis
Veronicastrum axillare
Veronicastrum brunonianum
Veronicastrum caulopterum
Veronicastrum cerasifolium
Veronicastrum sachalinense
Veronicastrum sibiricum
Veronicastrum sibiricum v. japonicum
Veronicastrum sibiricum v. japonicum Album
Veronicastrum sp. unident.
Veronicastrum stenostachyum
Veronicastrum tubiflorum
Veronicastrum virginicum
Veronicastrum virginicum Albo-roseum
Veronicastrum virginicum Album
Veronicastrum virginicum Lilac Carina
Walafrida densiflora
Walafrida geniculata
Walafrida paniculata aff.
Wightia speciosissima
Wrightia tinctoria
Wulfenia amherstiana
Wulfenia baldaccii
Wulfenia baldacii
Wulfenia bullii
Wulfenia carinthiaca
Wulfenia carinthiaca Alba
Wulfenia notoniana
Zaluzianskya capensis
Zaluzianskya capensis Midnight Candy
Zaluzianskya crocea
Zaluzianskya elongata
Zaluzianskya glareosa aff.
Zaluzianskya katherinae
Zaluzianskya maritima
Zaluzianskya microsiphon
Zaluzianskya natalensis
Zaluzianskya oreophila
Zaluzianskya ovata
Zaluzianskya pulvinata
Zaluzianskya rubrostellata
Zaluzianskya spathacea
Zaluzianskya spp. various unidentif.
Zaluzianskya vallispiscis
Zaluzianskya villosa
Zaluzianskya violaceae

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