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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

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Oxalidaceae Photos

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Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Acetosella vulgaris
Averrhoa bilimbi
Averrhoa carambola
Averrhoa carambola Sri Kembangan
Biophytum dendroides
Biophytum sensitivum
Biophytum sp
Ionoxalis vallicola
Oxalis acetosella
Oxalis adenophylla
Oxalis arenaria
Oxalis articulata Festival
Oxalis atroglandulosa
Oxalis barrelieri
Oxalis Birgit
Oxalis bowieana
Oxalis bowiei Amaranth
Oxalis brasiliensis
Oxalis bulbocastanum
Oxalis bupleurifolia
Oxalis cernua
Oxalis cinerea
Oxalis compacta
Oxalis compressa
Oxalis corniculata roots
Oxalis corymbosa
Oxalis debilis
Oxalis depressa
Oxalis dillenii
Oxalis enneaphylla
Oxalis enneaphylla Alba (Sheffield Swan)
Oxalis enneaphylla Ione Hecker
Oxalis falcatula
Oxalis flava
Oxalis fruticosa
Oxalis gigantea
Oxalis glabra
Oxalis grahamiana
Oxalis grandis
Oxalis hedysaroides Rubra
Oxalis herrerae
Oxalis hirta
Oxalis hirta Gothenburg
Oxalis incarnata
Oxalis japonica
Oxalis lasiandra
Oxalis latifolia
Oxalis laxa
Oxalis lineata
Oxalis lobata
Oxalis lotoides
Oxalis luteola v marginata
Oxalis magellanica
Oxalis magellanica Nelson
Oxalis maritima
Oxalis Marmer
Oxalis megalorrhiza
Oxalis melilotoides
Oxalis micrantha
Oxalis namaquensis
Oxalis obtusa
Oxalis oregana
Oxalis ortgiesii
Oxalis peduncularis
Oxalis pes-caprae
Oxalis platypila
Oxalis punctata
Oxalis purpurea
Oxalis purpurea Ken Aslet
Oxalis purpurea yellow form
Oxalis regnellii
Oxalis regnellii Atropurpurea
Oxalis rosea
Oxalis rubra
Oxalis serpens
Oxalis sp pink
Oxalis sp unident
Oxalis sp unident 1187 Chile
Oxalis sp unident 2770 Chile
Oxalis squamata
Oxalis stipularis
Oxalis stipulata
Oxalis stricta roots
Oxalis Sunny
Oxalis tenuifolia
Oxalis tetraphylla
Oxalis tetraphylla Alba
Oxalis tetraphylla Iron Cross
Oxalis tomentosa
Oxalis tortuosa
Oxalis triangularis Mijke
Oxalis triangularis ssp papilionacea green
Oxalis triangularis ssp triangularis purple
Oxalis tropaeoloides
Oxalis tuberosa
Oxalis valdiviensis
Oxalis vallicola
Oxalis versicolor
Oxalis violacea
Oxalis virgosa
Oxalis vulcanicola
Phytolacca bogotensis
Phytolacca chilensis
Sarcotheca griffithii
Sarcotheca monophylla

Renseignements et Modalités de Vente - Codes-Prix - Couriel - Catalogues des semances

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