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Including plants for which we do not have seed sources
some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

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Valerianaceae Photos

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Some species have photographs and germination instructions, as well as general information.

Astrephia chaerophylloides
Centranthus angustifolius
Centranthus calyptrata
Centranthus longiflorus
Centranthus longiflorus ssp kellereri
Centranthus macrosiphon
Centranthus ruber
Centranthus ruber Albus
Centranthus ruber mixture
Centranthus ruber Pretty Betsy
Centranthus ruber Roseus
Fedia cornucopiae
Fedia graciliflora
Fedia pallescens
Fedia scabiosifolia
Lomandra brittanii
Nardostachys chinensis
Nardostachys grandiflora
Patrinia gibbosa
Patrinia heterophylla ssp angustifolia
Patrinia rupestris
Patrinia scabiosifolia
Patrinia sibirica
Patrinia sp. unident. prov. Japan
Patrinia triloba
Patrinia villosa
Plectritis congesta
Valeriana alliariifolia
Valeriana amurensis
Valeriana bridgesii
Valeriana celtica
Valeriana chaerophylloides
Valeriana dageletiana
Valeriana dioica
Valeriana dioica ssp. simplicifolia
Valeriana echinata
Valeriana edulis
Valeriana hardwickii
Valeriana interrupta
Valeriana jatamansi
Valeriana kassarica
Valeriana kilimandscharica
Valeriana macrorhiza
Valeriana montana
Valeriana ocreana
Valeriana officinalis
Valeriana officinalis Anthos
Valeriana officinalis Arterner Zuchtung
Valeriana officinalis BLBP 19
Valeriana officinalis BLBP 19 organic seed
Valeriana officinalis BLBP 20
Valeriana officinalis Lubelski
Valeriana officinalis organic seed
Valeriana officinalis Stamm Phasa
Valeriana officinalis wild form
Valeriana phu
Valeriana phu Aurea
Valeriana procera
Valeriana procurrens
Valeriana pseudofficinalis
Valeriana pyrenaica
Valeriana saliunca
Valeriana scouleri
Valeriana sitchensis
Valeriana sp. unident. 1254 Chile
Valeriana sp. unident. 1312 Chile
Valeriana stubendorfii
Valeriana tripteris
Valeriana tuberosa
Valeriana villosa
Valeriana wallrothii
Valerianella carinata
Valerianella dentata
Valerianella echinata
Valerianella eriocarpa
Valerianella locusta
Valerianella locusta a grosse grain - Dutch
Valerianella locusta Broadleaf Dutch
Valerianella locusta Coquille de Louviers
Valerianella locusta d Italie
Valerianella locusta d Olanda organic seed
Valerianella locusta Match
Valerianella locusta organic
Valerianella locusta Trophy
Valerianella locusta Valgros a seme grosso
Valerianella locusta Verte a coeur plein - Volhart
Valerianella locusta Verte d Etamps
Valerianella locusta Verte de Cambrai
Valerianella locusta Verte de Cambrai organic seed
Valerianella locusta Vit ayr
Valerianella locusta Vit organic seed
Valerianella rimosa
Valerianella texana
Vateriana celtica name unresolved

Renseignements et Modalités de Vente - Codes-Prix - Couriel - Catalogues des semances

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