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Palms (7)
Currently available Palms: Species for which we have prices.

Click here for the complete Palms including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Palms Photos

Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Acanthophoenix rubra v crinita
Acoelorrhaphe wrightii
Acrocomia aculeata svs
Acrocomia aculeata v mexicana
Adonidia merrillii
Aiphanes aculeata
Aiphanes caryotifolia
Aiphanes eggersii
Areca catechu dwarf form svs
Areca catechu svs
Areca triandra
Arenga caudata svs
Arenga hookeriana
Arenga pinnata
Arenga tremula
Asterogyne martiana
Astrocaryum mexicanum
Astrocaryum standleyanum
Astrocaryum vulgare
Attalea cohune
Attalea dubia
Attalea maripa
Bactris gasipaes
Bactris major
Bactris mexicana svs
Bactris mexicana v trichophylla svs
Beccariophoenix madagascariensis
Bismarckia nobilis
Brahea armata
Brahea edulis
Butia capitata
Butia yatay
Calamus erectus
Calamus latifolius
Calyptrogyne ghiesbreghtiana svs
Caryota himalayana (name unresolved)
Caryota mitis svs
Caryota mitis Variegata svs
Caryota urens svs
Chamaedorea adscendens
Chamaedorea arenbergiana
Chamaedorea atrovirens Wendl.
Chamaedorea brachypoda svs
Chamaedorea cataractarum svs
Chamaedorea costaricana
Chamaedorea elegans vsvs
Chamaedorea geonomiformis
Chamaedorea glaucifolia
Chamaedorea metallica
Chamaedorea microspadix
Chamaedorea oblongata
Chamaedorea pinnatifrons ecotype neurochlamys
Chamaedorea radicalis
Chamaedorea seifrizii
Chamaedorea tepejilote svs
Chamaerops humilis v cerifera vsvs
Chamaerops humilis vsvs
Chrysalidocarpus lutescens vsvs
Chuniophoenix hainanensis
Coccothrinax alta
Coccothrinax argentata
Coccothrinax argentea
Coccothrinax miraguama
Collivia elegans Parlour Palm
Colpothrinax cookii
Corypha umbraculifera
Crysophila stauracantha
Crysophila stauracantha fa argentea
Cyrtostachys renda
Desmoncus orthacanthos
Desmoncus orthacanthos fa schippii
Dictyosperma album svs
Dypsis baronii
Dypsis cabadae
Dypsis decaryi
Dypsis decipiens
Dypsis leptocheilos
Dypsis lutescens
Dypsis rivularis
Elaeis guineensis
Elaeis oleifera
Euterpe oleracea vsvs
Euterpe precatoria vsvs
Gaussia maya
Geonoma deversa aff.
Geonoma interrupta
Guihaia argyrata
Heterospathe elata
Howea forsteriana
Hyophorbe indica
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis svs
Hyophorbe verschaffeltii
Hyphaene coriacea
Jubaea chilensis
Latania loddigesii
Latania lontaroides
Latania verschaffeltii
Licuala dasyantha
Licuala grandis
Licuala spinosa
Linospadix monostachya
Livistona chinensis vsvs
Livistona decipiens svs
Livistona jenkinsiana
Livistona rotundifolia
Livistona saribus
Manicaria saccifera
Mauritia flexuosa
Nannorrhops ritchiana
Orbignya cohune
Phoenix acaulis
Phoenix canariensis
Phoenix dactylifera
Phoenix loureiroi
Phoenix loureiroi v pedunculata
Phoenix reclinata
Phoenix roebelenii
Phoenix rupicola
Phoenix sylvestris
Pinanga coronata
Pinanga gracilis
Pinanga javana
Plectocomia himalayana
Pritchardia grandis
Pritchardia pacifica
Pseudophoenix sargentii
Ptychosperma elegans
Ptychosperma lineare
Ptychosperma macarthurii
Ptychosperma salomonense
Ptychosperma schefferi
Ptychosperma waitianum
Ravenea rivularis
Ravenea sambiranensis
Reinhardtia gracilis
Reinhardtia latisecta
Reinhardtia simplex
Rhapis excelsa svs
Rhapis humilis svs
Roystonea oleracea svs
Roystonea regia svs
Sabal causiarum
Sabal guatemalensis
Sabal mauritiiformis
Sabal mexicana
Sabal minor
Sabal minor prov. McCurtain County, Ok
Sabal palmetto
Sabal yapa
Salacca wallichiana
Schippia concolor
Serenoa repens green fol.
Syagrus romanzoffiana
Syagrus romanzoffiana Dumpy Form
Synechanthus fibrosus
Thrinax excelsa
Thrinax morrisii
Thrinax parviflora
Thrinax radiata
Trachycarpus fortunei
Trachycarpus fortunei Darjeeling
Trachycarpus fortunei Nainital
Trachycarpus latisectus
Trachycarpus martianus
Trachycarpus martianus Khasia Hills form
Trachycarpus nova narrow leaved form
Trachycarpus nova wide leaved form
Trachycarpus princeps
Trachycarpus ukhrulensis
Trachycarpus wagnerianus
Veitchia arecina
Veitchia joannis
Veitchia merrillii
Veitchia montgomeryana
Veitchia winin
Wallichia disticha
Wallichia oblongifolia
Wallichia sp unident prov Jawa
Washingtonia filifera
Washingtonia robusta
Washingtonia robusta select form
Wodyetia bifurcata
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