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Plants for Windy Conditions
Seed price-list: 132

Currently available Plants for Windy Conditions: Species for which we have prices.
Plants for Windy Conditions Photos

Click here for the complete Plants for Windy Conditions including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

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Common Name

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Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Acacia acanthoclada ssp acanthoclada

Acacia amoena

Acacia argyrophylla

Acacia baileyana

Acacia baileyana Aurea

Acacia baileyana hardy N Z

Acacia baileyana Purpurea

Acacia baileyana Purpurea hardy N Z

Acacia binervata

Acacia bivenosa

Acacia bivenosa ssp. wayii

Acacia blakelyi

Acacia boormanii

Acacia brachybotrya

Acacia burkittii

Acacia chrysella

Acacia cochlearis

Acacia covenyi

Acacia cyclops

Acacia dawsonii

Acacia dealbata

Acacia deanei

Acacia decora

Acacia decurrens

Acacia decurrens hardy N Z

Acacia dodonaeifolia

Acacia doratoxylon

Acacia falciformis

Acacia falciformis hardy N Z

Acacia fauntleroyi

Acacia flexifolia

Acacia floribunda

Acacia floribunda hardy N Z

Acacia hakeoides

Acacia hemiteles wheatbelt form

Acacia heteroclita

Acacia howittii

Acacia imbricata

Acacia implexa

Acacia implexa hardy N Z

Acacia irrorata

Acacia iteaphylla

Acacia jennerae

Acacia kybeanensis

Acacia lanigera

Acacia lasiocalyx

Acacia leptoneura

Acacia longifolia

Acacia longifolia ssp. sophorae

Acacia meisneri

Acacia microbotrya

Acacia microcarpa

Acacia montana

Acacia mucronata

Acacia multispicata

Acacia murrayana

Acacia myrtifolia

Acacia notabilis

Acacia obliquinervia

Acacia obtusifolia

Acacia omalophylla

Acacia oxycedrus

Acacia penninervis

Acacia penninervis hardy N Z

Acacia pravissima

Acacia pravissima hardy N Z

Acacia prominens

Acacia retinodes

Acacia rigens

Acacia rubida

Acacia rubida hardy N Z

Acacia salicina

Acacia scirpifolia

Acacia spathulifolia

Acacia stricta

Acacia stricta hardy N Z

Acacia suaveolens

Acacia subcaerulea

Acacia sulcata

Acacia trineura

Acacia verniciflua

Acacia vestita

Acacia victoriae

Acacia wilhelmiana

Acacia xiphophylla

Actinostrobus arenarius

Actinostrobus pyramidalis

Agave americana

Agonis baxteri (A. obtusissima)

Agonis flexuosa

Agonis hypericifolia

Allocasuarina acutivalvis

Allocasuarina corniculata

Allocasuarina decussata

Allocasuarina helmsii

Allocasuarina huegeliana

Allocasuarina humilis

Allocasuarina lehmanniana c.s.

Allocasuarina luehmannii

Allocasuarina thuyoides

Amorpha fruticosa c.s.

Amorpha fruticosa pods

Angophora bakeri

Angophora costata

Angophora floribunda

Angophora hispida

Angophora subvelutina c.s.

Arbutus unedo c.s. svs

Astartea ambigua

Astartea fascicularis pink form

Atriplex lentiformis

Banksia attenuata

Banksia burdettii

Banksia caleyi

Banksia candolleana

Banksia dryandroides

Banksia elderiana

Banksia hookeriana

Banksia ilicifolia

Banksia integrifolia

Banksia laevigata v fuscolutea

Banksia laevigata v laevigata

Banksia laricina

Banksia lehmanniana Meisner

Banksia leptophylla

Banksia littoralis

Banksia lullfitzii

Banksia marginata

Banksia menziesii

Banksia occidentalis

Banksia pilostylis

Banksia praemorsa red or yellow

Banksia pulchella

Banksia quercifolia

Banksia scabrella

Banksia sceptrum

Banksia speciosa

Banksia sphaerocarpa v sphaerocarpa

Banksia verticillata

Beaufortia elegans c.s.

Beaufortia incana c.s.

Beaufortia macrostemon c.s.

Beaufortia orbifolia c.s.

Beaufortia sparsa c.s.

Beaufortia squarrosa

Bupleurum fruticosum

Bursera simaruba

Callistemon montanus

Callistemon pallidus

Callistemon paludosus

Callistemon phoeniceus

Callistemon pityoides

Callistemon viridiflorus

Callitris preissii fa. verrucosa

Callitris verrucosa prov. eastern states

Calothamnus gilesii

Calothamnus homalophyllus

Calothamnus quadrifidus

Calothamnus validus

Calytrix tetragona pink form

Calytrix tetragona white - pink

Calytrix tetragona white form

Caragana arborescens

Caragana jubata

Celtis occidentalis northern prov.

Chrysanthemoides monilifera

Codonocarpus cotinifolius svs

Coprosma repens

Cordia dichotoma

Corokia virgata x

Corymbia ficifolia b.s.

Corymbia ficifolia c.s.

Corymbia ficifolia hardy N Z

Corymbia torelliana

Corymbia zygophylla

Cupressus arizonica

Darwinia diosmoides

Daviesia latifolia

Daviesia longifolia

Dictyosperma album svs

Dodonaea ceratocarpa

Dodonaea viscosa

Dodonaea viscosa Purpurea prov. New Zealand

Dodonaea viscosa ssp angustissima (ssp D)

Dodonaea viscosa ssp. angustifolia (ssp C)

Duranta erecta

Elaeagnus angustifolia

Eremophila bignoniiflora

Eremophila duttonii

Eremophila oldfieldii

Eucalyptus agglomerata

Eucalyptus aggregata

Eucalyptus aggregata hardy N Z

Eucalyptus albens

Eucalyptus albida b.s.

Eucalyptus anceps

Eucalyptus angulosa c.s.

Eucalyptus archeri

Eucalyptus archeri hardy N Z

Eucalyptus astringens

Eucalyptus barberi hardy N Z

Eucalyptus behriana

Eucalyptus blakelyi

Eucalyptus blaxlandii hardy NZ

Eucalyptus bosistoana

Eucalyptus bosistoana hardy NZ

Eucalyptus botryoides

Eucalyptus botryoides hardy NZ

Eucalyptus brachycalyx

Eucalyptus brachycorys

Eucalyptus brownii

Eucalyptus buprestium

Eucalyptus burdettiana

Eucalyptus burracoppinensis

Eucalyptus calycogona

Eucalyptus cameronii

Eucalyptus campaspe

Eucalyptus cladocalyx Nana

Eucalyptus clelandii

Eucalyptus cneorifolia

Eucalyptus coccifera

Eucalyptus coccifera hardy NZ

Eucalyptus concinna

Eucalyptus conferruminata

Eucalyptus conglobata

Eucalyptus coronata

Eucalyptus corrugata

Eucalyptus crebra

Eucalyptus crucis

Eucalyptus cylindriflora

Eucalyptus dealbata

Eucalyptus decipiens

Eucalyptus decurva

Eucalyptus dielsii

Eucalyptus diversifolia

Eucalyptus dives

Eucalyptus dives hardy N Z

Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha b.s.

Eucalyptus dolichorhyncha c.s.

Eucalyptus doratoxylon

Eucalyptus drummondii

Eucalyptus dumosa

Eucalyptus dundasii

Eucalyptus dunnii

Eucalyptus ebbanoensis

Eucalyptus eremicola

Eucalyptus eremophila b.s.

Eucalyptus eremophila c.s.

Eucalyptus eremophylla red flg. form

Eucalyptus eugenioides

Eucalyptus exserta

Eucalyptus flocktoniae

Eucalyptus foecunda

Eucalyptus formanii

Eucalyptus forrestiana b.s.

Eucalyptus forrestiana c.s.

Eucalyptus fraseri

Eucalyptus gamophylla

Eucalyptus gillii

Eucalyptus gittinsii

Eucalyptus glaucescens hardy NZ

Eucalyptus glaucescens tree form

Eucalyptus glaucescens tree form c.s.

Eucalyptus goniantha

Eucalyptus gracilis

Eucalyptus griffithsii

Eucalyptus halophila

Eucalyptus incrassata

Eucalyptus johnstonii

Eucalyptus johnstonii hardy NZ

Eucalyptus kartzoffiana

Eucalyptus kessellii

Eucalyptus kitsoniana

Eucalyptus kitsoniana hardy N Z

Eucalyptus kochii

Eucalyptus kochii ssp. plenissima

Eucalyptus kybeanensis

Eucalyptus largiflorens

Eucalyptus lehmannii

Eucalyptus leptocalyx

Eucalyptus leptophylla

Eucalyptus lesouefii

Eucalyptus leucasii (name unresolved)

Eucalyptus leucoxylon

Eucalyptus leucoxylon hardy NZ

Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. macrocarpa

Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. megalocarpa

Eucalyptus ligustrina hardy NZ

Eucalyptus longifolia

Eucalyptus loxophleba

Eucalyptus macrandra

Eucalyptus megacarpa

Eucalyptus megacornuta b.s.

Eucalyptus melanoxylon

Eucalyptus merrickiae

Eucalyptus microcarpa

Eucalyptus microcorys

Eucalyptus microcorys hardy NZ

Eucalyptus microtheca

Eucalyptus miniata c.s.

Eucalyptus moluccana

Eucalyptus morrisbyi hardy NZ

Eucalyptus myriadena

Eucalyptus neglecta

Eucalyptus neglecta hardy NZ

Eucalyptus nicholii

Eucalyptus nicholii hardy NZ

Eucalyptus nitida

Eucalyptus nova-anglica

Eucalyptus nova-anglica hardy NZ

Eucalyptus nutans

Eucalyptus oblonga

Eucalyptus obtusiflora

Eucalyptus ochrophloia

Eucalyptus oldfieldii

Eucalyptus oreades

Eucalyptus oreades hardy NZ

Eucalyptus paniculata

Eucalyptus parvula b.s.

Eucalyptus parvula c.s.

Eucalyptus parvula hardy NZ

Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp. debeuzevillei

Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp. debeuzevillei hardy NZ

Eucalyptus perriniana b.s.

Eucalyptus perriniana c.s.

Eucalyptus perriniana hardy NZ

Eucalyptus petiolaris

Eucalyptus pileata

Eucalyptus pilularis

Eucalyptus pilularis hardy NZ

Eucalyptus platycorys

Eucalyptus platypus

Eucalyptus polybractea

Eucalyptus populnea

Eucalyptus porosa

Eucalyptus pulchella

Eucalyptus pulchella hardy NZ

Eucalyptus quadrangulata

Eucalyptus ravida

Eucalyptus redunca

Eucalyptus rhodantha

Eucalyptus risdonii

Eucalyptus risdonii hardy NZ

Eucalyptus roycei

Eucalyptus rubida

Eucalyptus rubida hardy NZ

Eucalyptus rugosa

Eucalyptus salubris

Eucalyptus sargentii

Eucalyptus scoparia

Eucalyptus sessilis

Eucalyptus sideroxylon

Eucalyptus sideroxylon hardy NZ

Eucalyptus sideroxylon Rosea

Eucalyptus sideroxylon Rosea hardy NZ

Eucalyptus sieberi

Eucalyptus sieberi hardy NZ

Eucalyptus socialis

Eucalyptus spathulata

Eucalyptus spathulata ssp. grandiflora

Eucalyptus staeri

Eucalyptus steedmanii

Eucalyptus stoatei b.s.

Eucalyptus stoatei c.s.

Eucalyptus stricklandii

Eucalyptus stricta

Eucalyptus stricta hardy NZ

Eucalyptus subcrenulata

Eucalyptus subcrenulata hardy NZ

Eucalyptus talyuberlup

Eucalyptus tereticornis

Eucalyptus todtiana

Eucalyptus torquata

Eucalyptus transcontinentalis

Eucalyptus uncinata

Eucalyptus utilis

Eucalyptus viridis

Eucalyptus wandoo

Eucalyptus woollsiana

Eucalyptus xanthonema

Eucalyptus youmanii

Eucalyptus youmanii hardy NZ

Eucalyptus youngiana

Ficus macrophylla

Ficus virens

Flindersia australis

Game cover Panicum miliaceum Poacher Millet Mix

Game cover Panicum miliaceum Tanka Millet Mix

Game cover Sorghum bicolor Sorghum Mix

Grevillea candelabroides

Hakea adnata

Hakea brooksiana

Hakea dactyloides

Hakea florida

Hakea laurina

Hakea linearis

Hakea pandanicarpa ssp pandanicarpa

Hakea petiolaris

Hakea ruscifolia

Hakea salicifolia

Hakea scoparia

Hakea suaveolens

Hakea trifurcata

Hakea varia

Hakea verrucosa

Hebe elliptica

Hibiscus tiliaceus

Koelreuteria paniculata

Koelreuteria paniculata Nana

Kunzea ambigua

Labichea lanceolata ssp brevifolia

Labichea lanceolata ssp lanceolata

Lagunaria patersonia

Lamarchea hakeifolia

Lasiopetalum baueri

Leptospermum coriaceum

Leptospermum laevigatum

Leptospermum myrtifolium

Leptospermum petersonii

Leptospermum polygalifolium

Leucadendron argenteum

Melaleuca acuminata

Melaleuca adnata

Melaleuca armillaris

Melaleuca diosmifolia

Melaleuca elleryana (name unresolved)

Melaleuca elliptica

Melaleuca filifolia

Melaleuca gibbosa

Melaleuca glaberrima

Melaleuca halmaturorum

Melaleuca huegelii

Melaleuca hypericifolia

Melaleuca lanceolata

Melaleuca lanceolata ssp. occidentalis

Melaleuca lateriflora

Melaleuca laxiflora

Melaleuca linariifolia

Melaleuca macronychia

Melaleuca megacephala

Melaleuca oldfieldii

Melaleuca pustulata

Melaleuca quinquenervia

Melaleuca radula

Melaleuca sheathiana

Melaleuca spicigera

Melaleuca styphelioides

Melaleuca subfalcata

Melaleuca teretifolia

Melaleuca thyoides

Melaleuca uncinata prov. NSW

Melaleuca uncinata prov. WA

Melaleuca undulata

Melaleuca viminea

Myoporum caprarioides

Myoporum insulare

Myoporum laetum

Myoporum laetum v decumbens

Myoporum montanum

Myoporum platycarpum

Pinus mugo hort.

Pinus thunbergii

Pittosporum tenuifolium

Plagianthus regius

Pseudopanax crassifolius

Pseudopanax ferox

Pseudopanax laetus

Pseudopanax lessonii

Rhagodia baccata

Rhagodia candolleana

Rhamnus californicus

Searsia crenata

Sideroxylon inerme

Tarchonanthus camphoratus

Taxandria marginata

Taxandria parviceps c.s.

Taxandria spathulata

Tephrosia candida

Botanical name
Common Name

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