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Plumbaginaceae (567)
Currently available Plumbaginaceae: Species for which we have prices.

Click here for the complete Plumbaginaceae including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Plumbaginaceae Photos

Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Acantholimon sp unident. br pink fl bluish fol
Aconitum carmichaelii v carmichaelii
Armeria alliacea
Armeria alliacea white form
Armeria alpina
Armeria Armada Pink
Armeria Armada Rose
Armeria Armada White
Armeria Bees Ruby
Armeria juniperifolia
Armeria juniperifolia Alba
Armeria juniperifolia Bevans Variety b.s.
Armeria maritima Alba b.s.
Armeria maritima Alba c.s.
Armeria maritima b.s.
Armeria maritima c.s.
Armeria maritima Dusseldorfer Stolz b.s.
Armeria maritima f1 hybrid Ornament white to deep
Armeria maritima hybrids mix large fld.
Armeria maritima Laucheana
Armeria maritima Morning Star Deep Rose
Armeria maritima Morning Star White
Armeria maritima Pink Lusitanica c.s.
Armeria maritima Pink Lusitanica r.s.
Armeria maritima Rubrifolia b.s.
Armeria maritima Splendens b.s.
Armeria maritima Splendens c.s.
Armeria maritima Splendens r.s.
Armeria maritima ssp elongata
Armeria pseudarmeria
Armeria pseudarmeria Ballerina Red
Armeria pseudarmeria Ballerina White
Armeria pseudarmeria hybs white to red mix c.s.
Armeria pseudarmeria hybs white to red mix r.s.
Armeria pseudarmeria Joystick Mixed c.s.
Goniolimon collinum Sea Spray
Goniolimon speciosum
Goniolimon tataricum b.s.
Goniolimon tataricum c.s.
Helleborus hybridus Mrs Betty Ranicar
Limonium bellidifolium
Limonium caspium Dazzling Blue (sp. name unresolve
Limonium gmelinii ssp hungaricum
Limonium gougetianum
Limonium latifolium
Limonium longifolium
Limonium minutum hort.
Limonium perezii Atlantis cs
Limonium perezii cs
Limonium sinuatum Apricot Beauty
Limonium sinuatum Apricot Shades
Limonium sinuatum Art Shades Mixed
Limonium sinuatum Blue River
Limonium sinuatum Forever Blue cs
Limonium sinuatum Forever Gold cs
Limonium sinuatum Forever Mixed formula cs
Limonium sinuatum Forever Rose cs
Limonium sinuatum Forever Silver cs
Limonium sinuatum Fortress Dark Blue
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Dark Blue
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Deep Rose
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Mixed o p
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Pastel Shades Mix
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Purple
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Rose Red
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Salmon Rose
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Sky Blue
Limonium sinuatum Fortune White
Limonium sinuatum Fortune Yellow
Limonium sinuatum Iceberg
Limonium sinuatum Lavandin deep lavender
Limonium sinuatum Pacific mixed
Limonium sinuatum Pacific white
Limonium sinuatum Pastel Blue
Limonium sinuatum Pastel Shades
Limonium sinuatum Purple Attraction
Limonium sinuatum QIS Apricot
Limonium sinuatum QIS Dark Blue
Limonium sinuatum QIS Lavender
Limonium sinuatum QIS Mix Soft Pastel Shades
Limonium sinuatum QIS Mixed
Limonium sinuatum QIS Pale Blue
Limonium sinuatum QIS Purple
Limonium sinuatum QIS Rose
Limonium sinuatum QIS White
Limonium sinuatum QIS Yellow
Limonium sinuatum Roselight
Limonium sinuatum Standard Mix o p
Limonium sinuatum Sunset Shades Mix
Limonium sinuatum Supreme Mixture formula cs
Limonium vulgare
Plumbago auriculata
Plumbago europaea
Psylliostachys suworowii cs
Psylliostachys suworowii Pink Pokers cs
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