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Bruyères du Cap (Ericas Africaines) (14)
Currently available Bruyères du Cap (Ericas Africaines): Species for which we have prices.

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(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Bruyères du Cap (Ericas Africaines) Photos

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Bruckenthalia spiculifolia
Calluna vulgaris b.s.
Calluna vulgaris c.s.
Calluna vulgaris cs organic seed
Calluna vulgaris stratified seed
Erica abietina ssp atrorosea
Erica abietina ssp constantiana
Erica aestiva
Erica alopecurus
Erica articularis
Erica baccans
Erica baueri ssp baueri name unresolved
Erica baueri ssp gouriquae sp name unresolved
Erica blandfordia
Erica brachialis
Erica bruniades
Erica caffra
Erica canaliculata
Erica carnea
Erica cerinthoides
Erica cernua
Erica chamissonis
Erica clavisepala
Erica coccinea
Erica cooperi
Erica copiosa
Erica cruenta
Erica curviflora
Erica curvifolia
Erica curvirostris
Erica daphniflora
Erica demissa
Erica densifolia
Erica diaphana
Erica discolor
Erica drakensbergensis
Erica eriocodon
Erica fontana
Erica formosa
Erica glandulosa
Erica glandulosa ssp fourcadei
Erica glauca v glauca
Erica glomiflora
Erica haematocodon
Erica halicacaba
Erica incarnata
Erica jacksoniana aff.
Erica junonia
Erica leucantha
Erica lucida
Erica lutea
Erica maderi
Erica mammosa
Erica mammosa white form
Erica mauritanica
Erica monsoniana
Erica nabea
Erica natalitia
Erica oatesii
Erica oblongiflora
Erica onosmiflora
Erica oresigena
Erica parilis
Erica pectinifolia
Erica petraea aff.
Erica phillipsii
Erica placentiflora
Erica plukenetii
Erica pubescens
Erica pyxidiflora
Erica quadrangularis
Erica scabriuscula
Erica sessiliflora
Erica sp. unident. masses of small pink fls.
Erica sparmannii
Erica sparsa
Erica speciosa
Erica spp. mix Cape Heaths
Erica straussiana
Erica taxifolia
Erica tenuis
Erica triflora
Erica tumida
Erica unicolor ssp georgensis
Erica unicolor ssp mutica
Erica urna-viridis
Erica verecunda
Erica versicolor
Erica verticillata
Erica verticillata African Phoenix form
Erica verticillata Tresco Abbey
Erica viridiflora
Erica woodii
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