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Asphodelaceae (242)
Currently available Asphodelaceae: Species for which we have prices.

Click here for the complete Asphodelaceae including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Asphodelaceae Photos

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Aloe aculeata
Aloe aculeata x cryptyopoda nat hybrid
Aloe affinis
Aloe africana
Aloe alooides
Aloe arborescens cit II
Aloe arborescens red form
Aloe asperifolia
Aloe barberae
Aloe barbertoniae
Aloe boylei
Aloe branddraaiensis
Aloe brevifolia
Aloe broomii Aliwal North cit
Aloe burgerfortensis
Aloe castanea
Aloe chabaudii
Aloe claviflora
Aloe comosa
Aloe cooperi
Aloe cryptopoda
Aloe dewetii
Aloe dichotoma cit
Aloe dyeri
Aloe ecklonis yellow form
Aloe ecklonis yellow to red typ.
Aloe excelsa
Aloe falcata
Aloe ferox candelabrum form cit II
Aloe ferox cit II
Aloe ferox white form
Aloe fosteri
Aloe glauca
Aloe globuligemma
Aloe greatheadii v davyana
Aloe greatheadii v greatheadii
Aloe hahnii
Aloe hereroensis cit
Aloe humilis
Aloe khamiesensis
Aloe lettyae
Aloe lineata
Aloe lineata v muirii
Aloe littoralis
Aloe longibracteata
Aloe longistyla
Aloe lutescens
Aloe lutescens orange fld. form
Aloe maculata
Aloe marlothii
Aloe marlothii x vryheidensis nat. hybrid
Aloe melanacantha
Aloe microstigma
Aloe mitriformis
Aloe modesta
Aloe mudenensis
Aloe mutabilis
Aloe myriacantha
Aloe peglerae
Aloe petricola
Aloe pienaarii
Aloe pluridens
Aloe pretoriensis
Aloe pruinosa
Aloe reitzii
Aloe sabaea At Turbah
Aloe saponaria
Aloe simii
Aloe speciosa
Aloe spectabilis
Aloe spicata
Aloe striata
Aloe striata v stricta
Aloe striatula
Aloe suprafoliata
Aloe thraskii
Aloe tomentosa
Aloe transvaalensis
Aloe umfoloziensis
Aloe vanbalenii
Aloe variegata
Aloe vera
Aloe viguieri
Aloe volkensii ssp multicaulis (ssp not resolved)
Aloe vryheidensis
Aloe wickensii
Aloe wickensii v lutea
Aloe zebrina
Asphodeline liburnica
Asphodeline lutea
Asphodeline taurica
Asphodelus aestivus
Asphodelus albus
Asphodelus fistulosus
Asphodelus ramosus
Astroloba spiralis
Bulbine abyssinica
Bulbine alooides
Bulbine angustifolia
Bulbine asphodeloides
Bulbine bulbosa
Bulbine cepacea
Bulbine favosa
Bulbine frutescens
Bulbine frutescens orange form
Bulbine frutescens white form
Bulbine frutescens yellow form
Bulbine lagopus
Bulbine latifolia
Bulbine latifolia Natalensis
Bulbine narcissifolia
Bulbine praemorsa
Bulbine semibarbata
Bulbinella angustifolia
Bulbinella barkerae
Bulbinella cauda-felis
Bulbinella eburniflora
Bulbinella elata
Bulbinella elegans
Bulbinella gibbsii v balanifera
Bulbinella graminifolia
Bulbinella hookeri
Bulbinella latifolia ssp latifolia
Bulbinella nutans white form
Bulbinella nutans yellow form
Bulbinella punctulata
Bulbinella sp. unident. from Nieuwoudtville
Bulbinella triquetra
Eremurus aitchisonii
Eremurus isabellinus x Erfo Hybrids Mixed
Eremurus robustus
Eremurus stenophyllus
Gasteria acinacifolia
Gasteria baylissiana
Gasteria bicolor
Gasteria brachyphylla
Gasteria disticha
Gasteria ellaphiae
Gasteria excelsa
Gasteria glomerata
Gasteria nitida v nitida
Gasteria pulchra
Gasteria spp. mix
Gasteria vlokii
Gladiolus grandiflorus
Haworthia fasciata
Haworthia pumila
Haworthia scabra v lateganiae
Haworthia semiviva
Haworthia truncata
Haworthia viscosa
Kniphofia caulescens
Kniphofia citrina
Kniphofia galpinii
Kniphofia hirsuta
Kniphofia hirsuta Traffic Lights dwarf
Kniphofia hirsuta Traffic Lights treated seed
Kniphofia hybrida x New Hybrids mix
Kniphofia ichopensis orange or yellow form
Kniphofia linearifolia
Kniphofia multiflora cream fld. form
Kniphofia northiae
Kniphofia rooperi
Kniphofia spp. mix
Kniphofia stricta
Kniphofia triangularis
Kniphofia typhoides
Kniphofia tysonii
Kniphofia uvaria
Kniphofia uvaria Flamenco
Kniphofia uvaria Grandiflora mix
Kniphofia uvaria mix
Kniphofia uvaria New Hybrids
Kniphofia uvaria Royal Castle hybrids
Trachyandra ciliata
Trachyandra divaricata
Trachyandra falcata
Trachyandra hirsuta
Trachyandra hirsutiflora
Trachyandra muricata
Trachyandra smalliana
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