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Lamiaceae (454)
Currently available Lamiaceae: Species for which we have prices.

Click here for the complete Lamiaceae including plants for which we do not have seed sources
(some unavailable plants do not produce viable seed that comes true)

Lamiaceae Photos

Clicking on a species name opens a new web-page with information for that species.
Species' web-pages have price buttons for adding seeds to your shopping-cart.
Some species have photographs and germination instructions.

Acinos alpinus
Acinos arvensis
Aeollanthus parvifolius
Agastache Arcado Pink
Agastache Arizona Sandstone
Agastache Arizona Sun
Agastache Arizona Sunset
Agastache Astello Indigo
Agastache astromontana
Agastache aurantiaca
Agastache aurantiaca Apricot Sprite
Agastache aurantiaca Apricot Sprite organic seed
Agastache aurantiaca Fragrant Carpet mixed
Agastache aurantiaca Fragrant Delight mixed
Agastache aurantiaca Lavender Martini
Agastache aurantiaca Navajo Sunset
Agastache aurantiaca Peach Margarita
Agastache aurantiaca Raspberry Daiquiri
Agastache aurantiaca Sprite Apricot
Agastache aurantiaca Sprite Lilac
Agastache aurantiaca Sunset Yellow
Agastache aurantiaca x Tango
Agastache cana
Agastache cana Heather Queen
Agastache cana x Bolero
Agastache Canariensis
Agastache foeniculum
Agastache foeniculum Golden Jubilee
Agastache mexicana Alba
Agastache mexicana blue form
Agastache mexicana Champagne
Agastache mexicana Mix Blue + White
Agastache nepetoides
Agastache nepetoides Green Candles
Agastache pallida x rugosa Globetrotter
Agastache pallidiflora ssp neomexicana Lavender Ma
Agastache pallidiflora ssp neomexicana Rose Mint
Agastache Pink Pop
Agastache Rose Mint
Agastache rugosa
Agastache rugosa fa albiflora
Agastache rugosa Golden Jubilee
Agastache rugosa Korean Zest
Agastache rugosa Liquorice Blue
Agastache rugosa Liquorice Blue organic
Agastache rugosa Liquorice White
Agastache rugosa organic
Agastache rugosa Spike Blue
Agastache rugosa Spike Snow
Agastache rupestris
Agastache rupestris Apache Sunset
Agastache rupestris organic seed
Agastache scrophulariifolia
Agastache urticifolia
Ajuga genevensis
Ajuga reptans
Ajuga reptans organic seed
Alvesia rosmarinifolia
Ballota africana
Ballota nigra
Becium grandiflorum v obovatum
Blephilia ciliata
Blephilia hirsuta
Calamintha menthifolia
Callicarpa americana cs
Callicarpa americana Lactea
Callicarpa bodinieri
Callicarpa bodinieri v giraldii Profusion
Callicarpa dichotoma cs
Callicarpa dichotoma db
Caryopteris incana Blue Myth
Cedronella canariensis
Chlorophytum transvaalense
Clerodendrum capitatum
Clerodendrum glabrum
Clerodendrum pleiosciadium
Clerodendrum speciosissimum
Clerodendrum trichotomum db
Clinopodium creticum
Clinopodium grandiflorum
Clinopodium nepeta
Clinopodium nepeta Marvelette Blue
Clinopodium nepeta Marvelette White
Clinopodium nepeta organic seeds
Clinopodium nepeta ssp glandulosum
Clinopodium nepeta ssp nepeta Blue Cloud
Clinopodium nepeta ssp nepeta White Cloud
Coridothymus capitatus
Dracocephalum argunense
Dracocephalum argunense Fuji Blue
Dracocephalum argunense Fuji White
Dracocephalum austriacum hort.
Dracocephalum botryoides
Dracocephalum forrestii
Dracocephalum grandiflorum
Dracocephalum moldavicum Arat high oil organic
Dracocephalum moldavicum Blue Dragon
Dracocephalum moldavicum Dragon Mixture
Dracocephalum moldavicum organic
Dracocephalum moldavicum Snow Dragon
Dracocephalum peregrinum Blue Dragon
Dracocephalum renatii
Dracocephalum rupestre
Dracocephalum ruyschianum Blue Moon
Dracocephalum sp. unident.
Drimia zambesiaca
Elsholtzia ciliata
Elsholtzia stauntonii
Galeopsis segetum
Galeopsis tetrahit
Glechoma hederacea
Glechoma hederacea organic seed
Gmelina arborea
Gmelina leichardtii
Helenium aromaticum
Hemiandra pungens
Hemizygia bracteosa
Hemizygia pretoriae
Horminum pyrenaicum
Horminum pyrenaicum Album
Horminum pyrenaicum Rubrum
Hoslundia opposita
Hyssopus ambiguus
Hyssopus canescens
Hyssopus officinalis
Hyssopus officinalis Albus
Hyssopus officinalis Caeruleus
Hyssopus officinalis Nectar Blue
Hyssopus officinalis Nectar Rose
Hyssopus officinalis Nectar Tricolour Mix formula
Hyssopus officinalis Nectar Tricolour Mix o p
Hyssopus officinalis Nectar White
Hyssopus officinalis organic seeds
Hyssopus officinalis Roseus
Hyssopus officinalis Sprite Blue
Isodon japonicus
Kalaharia uncinatum
Karomia speciosa
Lallemantia canescens
Lamium album
Lamium amplexicaule
Lamium galeobdolon
Lamium maculatum
Lamium purpureum
Lavandula angustifolia
Lavandula angustifolia Blue River
Lavandula angustifolia dwarf
Lavandula angustifolia Ellagance Pink
Lavandula angustifolia Ellagance Purple
Lavandula angustifolia Ellagance Sky
Lavandula angustifolia Ellagance Snow
Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Blue
Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Promise compact
Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote Superior select
Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote treated seed
Lavandula angustifolia Lady
Lavandula angustifolia Lavance Purple
Lavandula angustifolia Mini Blue Lavender
Lavandula angustifolia Muffets Children dwarf comp
Lavandula angustifolia Munstead
Lavandula angustifolia Munstead organic seed
Lavandula angustifolia organic seed
Lavandula angustifolia Pink Perfume
Lavandula angustifolia Provence Blue
Lavandula angustifolia Rosea
Lavandula cvs dwarf mixed
Lavandula dentata
Lavandula intermedia x Grosso
Lavandula lanata
Lavandula latifolia
Lavandula latifolia organic seed
Lavandula multifida
Lavandula multifida Spanish Eyes
Lavandula pedunculata Fragrant Butterfly
Lavandula pedunculata ssp pedunculata
Lavandula stoechas
Lavandula stoechas Bandera Purple
Lavandula stoechas Castiliano Violet
Lavandula stoechas Purple Ribbon
Lavandula stoechas Sancho Panza
Lavandula viridis
Leonotis intermedia
Leonotis leonurus
Leonotis leonurus white form
Leonotis nepetifolia
Leonotis nepetifolia Shrimp Cocktail
Leonotis nepetifolia Staircase
Leonotis ocymifolia
Leonurus artemisia
Leonurus cardiaca
Leonurus cardiaca Crispa Grobbebol
Leonurus cardiaca organic seeds
Leonurus glaucescens
Leonurus japonicus
Leonurus japonicus Alba
Leonurus japonicus BLBP 02
Leonurus sibiricus
Lepechinia bella
Lepechinia chamaedryoides
Lepechinia hastata
Lepechinia salviae
Leucas lanata
Leucas martinicensis
Leucosceptrum japonicum fa aureum
Lycopus americanus
Lycopus asper
Lycopus europaeus
Lycopus europaeus organic
Marrubium friwaldskyanum
Marrubium incanum
Marrubium supinum
Marrubium vulgare
Marrubium vulgare organic seed
Marrubium vulgare Pompon
Marrubium vulgare Pompon organic seeds
Melissa officinalis
Melissa officinalis Aurea
Melissa officinalis Citronella
Melissa officinalis Gold Leaf - All Gold
Melissa officinalis Lemona
Melissa officinalis Lemona organic
Melissa officinalis Lemonella
Melissa officinalis organic seed
Melissa officinalis Quedlinburger Niederliegende
Melissa officinalis Quedlinburger Niederliegende o
Melissa officinalis ssp altissima
Melissa officinalis ssp altissima organic seed
Melittis melissophyllum
Mentha aquatica
Mentha aquatica organic seed
Mentha longifolia
Mentha longifolia ssp capensis
Mentha piperita x
Mentha piperita x Crispa
Mentha piperita x organic
Mentha pulegium
Mentha requienii
Mentha rotundifolia
Mentha spicata
Mentha spicata organic seed
Mentha suaveolens Bowles Applemint
Micromeria Emperors Mint
Micromeria thymifolia
Moluccella laevis
Monarda bradburiana
Monarda citriodora
Monarda citriodora x Bergamo
Monarda didyma
Monarda didyma Horizon Mix
Monarda didyma Milano Mix
Monarda didyma mixture
Monarda didyma Panorama mix
Monarda fistulosa
Monarda fistulosa organic seeds
Monarda fistulosa v menthifolia
Monarda Lambada
Monarda menthifolia
Monarda pectinata
Monarda punctata
Monardella odoratissima
Monardella villosa ssp obispoensis
Nepeta cataria
Nepeta cataria Citriodora
Nepeta cataria Citriodora Lemony
Nepeta cataria Citriodora organic seeds
Nepeta cataria organic seed
Nepeta clarkei
Nepeta faassenii
Nepeta govaniana
Nepeta nervosa
Nepeta nervosa Blue Carpet
Nepeta nervosa Blue Moon
Nepeta nervosa Pink Cat
Nepeta nuda
Nepeta parnassica
Nepeta racemosa
Nepeta racemosa Alba
Nepeta racemosa Felix
Nepeta racemosa organic seeds
Nepeta racemosa Select deeper blue
Nepeta stewartiana
Nepeta subsessilis
Nepeta subsessilis Blue Dreams
Nepeta subsessilis Grand View
Nepeta subsessilis Pink Dreams
Nepeta tuberosa
Newcastelia cephalantha
Newcastelia cladotricha
Nolina matapensis
Ocimum americanum African Basil
Ocimum americanum African Spice
Ocimum americanum Lemon Basil
Ocimum americanum Lemon Basil - Kemangie
Ocimum americanum Lemon Basil organic seed
Ocimum americanum Lemonette
Ocimum americanum Lime Basil
Ocimum americanum Lime Basil organic seed
Ocimum americanum Malawi Camphor
Ocimum americanum Mrs Burns Lime - Lemon Basil
Ocimum americanum organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Amethyst
Ocimum basilicum Anise Basil
Ocimum basilicum Ararat
Ocimum basilicum Aristotle
Ocimum basilicum Aromatto organic
Ocimum basilicum Ashalim super sweet organic
Ocimum basilicum Aton organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Bush fine leaved
Ocimum basilicum Bush fine leaved organic seeds
Ocimum basilicum Cardinal organic
Ocimum basilicum Chen super sweet organic
Ocimum basilicum Christmas
Ocimum basilicum Cinnamon Basil
Ocimum basilicum Cinnamon Basil organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Dolce Fresca Basil
Ocimum basilicum Dolly organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Elidia organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Emerito
Ocimum basilicum Emily organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Envigor (tm)
Ocimum basilicum f1 Adi organic seed
Ocimum basilicum f1 Adi pot basil
Ocimum basilicum f1 GB5003
Ocimum basilicum f1 Genovese Aroma 2
Ocimum basilicum f1 Genovese Aroma 2 organic seed
Ocimum basilicum f1 Nufar
Ocimum basilicum f1 Nufar organic
Ocimum basilicum f1 Salvo
Ocimum basilicum Fine Leaved - Fino Verde
Ocimum basilicum Fino Verde organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Floral Spires Lavender
Ocimum basilicum Freddy red Genovese
Ocimum basilicum Gecofure
Ocimum basilicum Genovese
Ocimum basilicum Genovese multiseeded pellets
Ocimum basilicum Genovese organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Genua Star ft
Ocimum basilicum Globette
Ocimum basilicum Green Globe Basil
Ocimum basilicum Gustosa
Ocimum basilicum Jolina Basil organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Large Leaved Sweet
Ocimum basilicum Large Leaved Sweet for pots
Ocimum basilicum Lettuce Leaved
Ocimum basilicum Lettuce Leaved Red
Ocimum basilicum Maggie
Ocimum basilicum Magical Michael ornamental + herb
Ocimum basilicum Mammoth
Ocimum basilicum Marseillais
Ocimum basilicum Mayo - Yoeme Basil Mexico - Zimt
Ocimum basilicum Medinette
Ocimum basilicum Micrette extra small + compact
Ocimum basilicum Minette v compact and fine leaved
Ocimum basilicum Monica
Ocimum basilicum Napolitano
Ocimum basilicum Napolitano organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Osmin - Red Boza
Ocimum basilicum Persian Basil organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Petra organic
Ocimum basilicum Pistou
Ocimum basilicum Provence
Ocimum basilicum Purple Delight
Ocimum basilicum Purpureum - Dark Opal
Ocimum basilicum Purpureum - Dark Opal organic see
Ocimum basilicum Purpureum Red Dark Opal
Ocimum basilicum Queen of Sheba
Ocimum basilicum Red Genovese
Ocimum basilicum Red Rubin
Ocimum basilicum Romanesco organic seeds
Ocimum basilicum Rosie organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Ruffles Green
Ocimum basilicum Ruffles Purple
Ocimum basilicum Shiraz
Ocimum basilicum Spice Basil
Ocimum basilicum Spice Boys Mixture named vars
Ocimum basilicum Spicy Globe
Ocimum basilicum sprouting seeds
Ocimum basilicum sprouting seeds organic
Ocimum basilicum Subja Indian Basil
Ocimum basilicum Sweet Basil
Ocimum basilicum Sweet Basil organic
Ocimum basilicum Sweet Basils Mixed
Ocimum basilicum Sweet Dani Lemon Basil
Ocimum basilicum Sweet Genovese
Ocimum basilicum Sweet Genovese Compatto
Ocimum basilicum Sweet Genovese fusarium tested
Ocimum basilicum Sweet Genovese organic
Ocimum basilicum Sweet Genovese pellets
Ocimum basilicum Thai Basil
Ocimum basilicum Thai Basil Horapha Rau Que
Ocimum basilicum Thai Basil organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Thai Basil Queenette
Ocimum basilicum Thai Basil Siam Queen
Ocimum basilicum Thai Magic
Ocimum basilicum Thai Sweet organic seed
Ocimum basilicum Toscano
Ocimum basilicum v purpurascens Red Rubin
Ocimum basilicum v purpurascens Red Rubin organic
Ocimum basilicum x
Ocimum basilicum Yiotis dwarf dense plant
Ocimum basilicum Zanzibar
Ocimum campechianum
Ocimum carnosum Madeiran Basil
Ocimum gratissimum
Ocimum gratissimum Green Pepper
Ocimum gratissimum Vana Tulsi tree basil
Ocimum kilimandscharicum
Ocimum minimum
Ocimum minimum Bascuro Greek dark
Ocimum minimum Greek Basil
Ocimum minimum Greek Basil organic
Ocimum minimum organic seed
Ocimum sp. unident. New Guinea
Ocimum tenuiflorum Holy Basil purple and green lvs
Ocimum tenuiflorum Holy Basil Rama Tulsi
Ocimum tenuiflorum Holy Red Basil Krishna Tulsi
Ocimum x africanum Lour.
Ocvimum basilicum f1 Nufar organic
Origanum majorana
Origanum majorana organic seed
Origanum majorana Tetrata
Origanum onites organic seed
Origanum rotundifolium
Origanum syriacum
Origanum syriacum Zaatar Cleopatra
Origanum vulgare
Origanum vulgare Album
Origanum vulgare Aureum
Origanum vulgare organic seeds
Origanum vulgare Purple Lady
Origanum vulgare ssp hirtum Greek Oregano
Origanum vulgare ssp hirtum organic seeds
Orthosiphon serratus
Perilla frutescens Bi-coloured Hojiso
Perilla frutescens Britton bicoloured
Perilla frutescens Kaori green Shiso
Perilla frutescens Korean Perilla
Perilla frutescens v crispa Shiso Green
Perilla frutescens v crispa Shiso Red
Perilla frutescens v crispa Shiso Red organic seed
Perilla frutescens v hirtella bs
Perilla nankinensis
Perovskia atriplicifolia
Perovskia atriplicifolia Taiga
Phlomis alpina
Phlomis armeniaca
Phlomis chrysophylla
Phlomis fruticosa
Phlomis herba-venti
Phlomis italica
Phlomis lychnitis
Phlomis purpurea
Phlomis russeliana
Phlomis samia
Phlomis tuberosa
Phlomis tuberosa Amazone
Phlomis viscosa
Phlomoides spectabilis aff.
Physostegia angustifolia
Physostegia virginiana
Physostegia virginiana Alba
Physostegia virginiana Rose Crown
Physostegia virginiana Rose Queen
Physostegia virginiana Snow Crown
Physostegia virginiana White Queen
Platostoma rotundifolium
Plectranthus ambiguus
Plectranthus argentatus
Plectranthus ciliatus
Plectranthus cylindraceus
Plectranthus dolichopodus
Plectranthus ecklonii
Plectranthus ecklonii Erma pink
Plectranthus ecklonii Medleywood blue
Plectranthus fruticosus
Plectranthus fruticosus James
Plectranthus hadiensis v tomentosus Carnegie
Plectranthus oertendahlii
Plectranthus rubropunctatus aff.
Plectranthus scutellarioides Black Dragon
Plectranthus scutellarioides Carefree Mixed
Plectranthus scutellarioides Chocolate Mint pellet
Plectranthus scutellarioides Dark Chocolate pellet
Plectranthus scutellarioides Everest Mixed compact
Plectranthus scutellarioides Fairway dwarf mix
Plectranthus scutellarioides Giant Exhibition mixt
Plectranthus scutellarioides Kong Empire Mixed pel
Plectranthus scutellarioides Kong Mosaic pellets
Plectranthus scutellarioides Palisandra Black
Plectranthus scutellarioides Rainbow Masterblend
Plectranthus scutellarioides Red Velvet
Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Coral Sunrise
Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Golden
Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Jade
Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Mixed
Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Mosaic
Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Pastel
Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Pineapple
Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Scarlet
Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Sunset
Plectranthus scutellarioides Wizard Velvet Red
Plectranthus scutellaroides Pinto Mix
Plectranthus Silver Shield pellets
Plectranthus spp. mixed
Plectranthus venteri
Plectranthus verticillatus
Plectranthus zuluensis
Pogostemon cablin Indian Patchouli
Pogostemon heyneanus
Premna maxima
Premna mooiensis
Prostanthera lasianthos
Prostanthera nivea
Prostanthera rotundifolia
Prunella grandiflora
Prunella grandiflora Alba
Prunella grandiflora Bella Blue
Prunella grandiflora Bella Deep Pink
Prunella grandiflora Freelander Blue
Prunella grandiflora Freelander Mixed
Prunella grandiflora Light Blue
Prunella grandiflora Pagoda Mixture
Prunella grandiflora Rubra
Prunella laciniata
Prunella vulgaris
Prunella vulgaris BLBP 01
Prunella vulgaris BLBP 01 organic seed
Prunella vulgaris white fld. form
Pycnanthemum muticum
Pycnanthemum pilosum
Pycnanthemum pilosum organic seed
Pycnanthemum tenuifolium
Pycnanthemum virginianum
Pycnostachys reticulata
Pycnostachys stuhlmannii
Pycnostachys urticifolia
Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosmarinus officinalis organic seeds
Rosmarinus officinalis Rosita
Rotheca quadrangulata aff.
Salvia africana-caerulea
Salvia africana-lutea
Salvia amplexicaulis
Salvia apiana
Salvia argentea
Salvia azurea
Salvia barrelieri
Salvia broussonetii
Salvia bulleyana
Salvia candelabrum
Salvia candidissima
Salvia carduacea
Salvia chamelaeagnea
Salvia clevelandii hybrids seed ex Winnifred Gilma
Salvia coccinea
Salvia coccinea Brenthurst
Salvia coccinea Cherry Blossom
Salvia coccinea fa albiflora
Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Coral Nymph dwarf
Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Forest Fire
Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Lady in Red
Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Sage Mixture
Salvia coccinea Hummingbird Snow Nymph
Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel Lavender
Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel Pink
Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel Red
Salvia coccinea Summer Jewel White
Salvia coccinea x Adora Blue
Salvia coccinea x Blue-Violet Princess-Queen
Salvia coccinea x Rose Queen
Salvia columbariae
Salvia cyanescens
Salvia daghestanica
Salvia dentata
Salvia desoleana
Salvia disermas
Salvia disermas pink form
Salvia disermas white form
Salvia dolichantha
Salvia dolomitica
Salvia farinacea
Salvia farinacea Bedder Blue
Salvia farinacea Blue + White mixture
Salvia farinacea Cirrus (companion to Strata)
Salvia farinacea Evolution deep violet
Salvia farinacea Evolution white form
Salvia farinacea Fairy Queen
Salvia farinacea Reference blue bicolour
Salvia farinacea Rhea
Salvia farinacea Signum dark blue
Salvia farinacea Strata (companion to Cirrus)
Salvia farinacea Victoria Blue
Salvia farinacea Victoria White
Salvia forsskaolei
Salvia glutinosa
Salvia haenkei BK10511.2.
Salvia hians
Salvia hierosolymitana
Salvia hispanica Chia
Salvia judaica Jerusalem Purple organic
Salvia jurisicii
Salvia lanceolata
Salvia lyrata
Salvia lyrata Purple Knockout
Salvia lyrata Purple Volcano
Salvia macrophylla low form prov. Peru
Salvia macrophylla purple under leaf
Salvia macrophylla upright form
Salvia mellifera
Salvia miltiorrhiza
Salvia moorcroftiana
Salvia namaensis
Salvia napifolia
Salvia napifolia Baby Blue
Salvia nemorosa
Salvia nemorosa Blaukonigin
Salvia nemorosa Merleau Blue
Salvia nemorosa Merleau Rose
Salvia nemorosa Merleau White
Salvia nemorosa Rosakonigin
Salvia nemorosa Rosenwein
Salvia nemorosa West Friesland
Salvia New Dimension Blue
Salvia nubicola
Salvia nutans
Salvia officinalis
Salvia officinalis Albiflora
Salvia officinalis Extrakta high oil
Salvia officinalis Extrakta high oil organic seeds
Salvia officinalis organic seeds
Salvia officinalis ssp lavandulifolia
Salvia pachyphylla
Salvia patens
Salvia patens Blue Angel
Salvia patens Cambridge Blue
Salvia patens Lavender
Salvia patens mixed varieties
Salvia patens Oxford Blue
Salvia patens Patio Deep Blue
Salvia patens Patio Sky Blue
Salvia patens Pink Ice
Salvia patens White
Salvia pratensis
Salvia pratensis Ballet Meadow Blend
Salvia pratensis Ballet Rose Rhapsody
Salvia pratensis Ballet Sky Dance
Salvia pratensis Ballet Swan Lake
Salvia pratensis Ballet Twilight Serenade
Salvia pratensis Haematodes
Salvia przewalskii
Salvia recognita
Salvia repens
Salvia ringens
Salvia roemeriana Hot Trumpets - Arriba
Salvia roemeriana Red Dwarf
Salvia scabra
Salvia scabra Good Hope
Salvia scabra Saffina
Salvia sclarea Clary
Salvia sclarea dwarf form Turkey
Salvia sclarea Euphoria
Salvia sclarea organic seed
Salvia sclarea Trakysta high oil var.
Salvia sclarea v turkestanica
Salvia sclarea v turkestanica Piemont
Salvia sclarea Vatican White
Salvia semiatrata
Salvia sp. unident. macrocarpum
Salvia sp. unident. Nepal
Salvia spathacea
Salvia splendens
Salvia splendens Blaze of Fire
Salvia splendens Carabiniere dwarf
Salvia splendens Cleopatra mixed
Salvia splendens Early Bird
Salvia splendens Early Bonfire
Salvia splendens Farao Lavender
Salvia splendens Farao Mixed formula
Salvia splendens Farao Plum
Salvia splendens Farao Rose
Salvia splendens Farao Salmon
Salvia splendens Farao Scarlet
Salvia splendens Farao Scarlet Bicolor
Salvia splendens Fizz Strawberry
Salvia splendens Lumina
Salvia splendens Maestro early
Salvia splendens Piccolo Scarlet dwarf
Salvia splendens pink fld. form Brazil
Salvia splendens Rocket
Salvia splendens Sahara Red
Salvia splendens Salsa Burgundy
Salvia splendens Salsa Mixed formula
Salvia splendens Salsa Purple
Salvia splendens Salsa Rose
Salvia splendens Salsa Scarlet
Salvia splendens Salsa Scarlet Bi-colour
Salvia splendens Salsa White
Salvia splendens Salvation
Salvia splendens Sancho Mixed
Salvia splendens Sancho Purple
Salvia splendens Sancho Red
Salvia splendens Sancho Salmon
Salvia splendens Sancho White
Salvia splendens Sancho White Splash
Salvia splendens Sangria
Salvia splendens Scarlet Flare
Salvia splendens Scarlet King day neutral
Salvia splendens Scarlet O Hara
Salvia splendens Sizzler Mixed dwarf ayr
Salvia splendens St Johns Fire
Salvia splendens Tango
Salvia splendens Vanguard dwarf early
Salvia splendens Vista Red
Salvia taraxacifolia
Salvia texana
Salvia tingitana
Salvia tomentosa
Salvia transsylvanica
Salvia valentina
Salvia verbenaca
Salvia verticillata
Salvia verticillata Alba
Salvia verticillata Purple Fairy Tale
Salvia verticillata Purple Rain
Salvia virgata
Salvia viridis
Salvia viridis Blue Monday - Oxford Blue
Salvia viridis Marble Arch Mix
Salvia viridis Pink Sundae - Sunday
Salvia viridis Say So Blue
Salvia viridis Say So Rose
Salvia viridis Say So White
Salvia viridis Streaker Blue dwarf
Salvia viridis Streaker formula mixed dwarf
Salvia viridis Streaker Rose dwarf
Salvia viridis Streaker White dwarf
Salvia viridis tricolor mix o p
Salvia viridis White Swan - Mist
Satureja biflora
Satureja couturea
Satureja hortensis Shortie
Satureja hortensis Summer Savory
Satureja hortensis Summer Savory Aromata
Satureja hortensis Summer Savory Midget
Satureja hortensis Summer Savory organic seed
Satureja hortensis Summer Savory Saturn
Satureja montana Citriodora
Satureja montana Winter Savory
Satureja montana Winter Savory organic seed
Satureja multiflora
Satureja spicigera
Satureja spinosa
Satureja subspicata
Schizonepeta tenuifolia
Scutellaria albida
Scutellaria alpina
Scutellaria alpina Arcobaleno mix
Scutellaria alpina Moonbeam
Scutellaria altissima
Scutellaria baicalensis
Scutellaria baicalensis BLBP 02
Scutellaria baicalensis organic seeds
Scutellaria baicalensis Oriental Blue
Scutellaria barbata
Scutellaria galericulata
Scutellaria integrifolia
Scutellaria lateriflora
Scutellaria orientalis
Scutellaria orientalis ssp pinnatifida
Scutellaria ovata
Scutellaria pontica
Scutellaria resinosa Smokey Hills
Scutellaria sp. unident. Nepal
Sideritis cypria
Sideritis glacialis
Sideritis hyssopifolia
Sideritis syriaca
Sideritis syriaca organic seed
Solenostemon Giant Exhibition Formula Mix
Solenostemon Giant Exhibition Limelight
Solenostemon Giant Exhibition Magma
Solenostemon Giant Exhibition Marble
Solenostemon Giant Exhibition Palisandra
Solenostemon Giant Exhibition Rustic Red
Stachys albens
Stachys annua
Stachys arvensis
Stachys balcanica
Stachys citrina
Stachys coccinea
Stachys cretica
Stachys cretica ssp salviifolia
Stachys discolor
Stachys germanica
Stachys macrantha
Stachys macrantha Morning Blush
Stachys macrantha Superba
Stachys macrantha Violacea
Stachys natalensis
Stachys officinalis
Stachys officinalis dwarf form
Stachys officinalis organic seed
Stachys palaestina
Stachys palaestina Olympica
Stachys palustris
Stachys recta
Stachys rugosa
Stachys sylvatica
Stachys thirkei
Stureja hortensis
Tectona grandis
Tetradenia barberae
Tetradenia riparia
Teucrium africanum
Teucrium asiaticum
Teucrium canadense
Teucrium chamaedrys
Teucrium chamaedrys wild form
Teucrium divaricatum
Teucrium dunense
Teucrium flavum
Teucrium hircanicum
Teucrium lucidrys x (name unresolved)
Teucrium lucidum
Teucrium marum
Teucrium montanum
Teucrium orientale
Teucrium polium
Teucrium racemosum v racemosum
Teucrium scorodonia
Thorncroftia lotteri
Thymbra spicata
Thymus capitatus
Thymus citriodorus Fragrantissimus
Thymus mastichina
Thymus orospedanus
Thymus praecox
Thymus praecox ssp ligusticus
Thymus pulegioides
Thymus pulegioides organic seed
Thymus serpyllum
Thymus serpyllum Magic Carpet lemon thyme
Thymus serpyllum organic seed
Thymus vulgaris organic seed
Thymus vulgaris Thyme - English-German Winter
Thymus vulgaris Thyme-English-German Winter organi
Thymus vulgaris Thyme-French Summer - de Provence
Thymus vulgaris Thyme-French Summer - Provence org
Thymus zygis
Tinnea barbata
Tinnea rhodesiana
Tinnea vestita
Tinnea viscosa
Trichostema lanatum
Trifolium angustifolium
Vitex agnus-castus hort. cs
Vitex agnus-castus organic hort
Vitex harveyana
Vitex lucens
Vitex mombassae prov. Kisolanza Tanzania
Vitex negundo
Vitex obovata
Vitex patula
Vitex payos
Vitex rehmannii
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